OGILBY Strip Map Salisbury to Campden, Tynemouth to Carlisle

A Circa (about) 1939 Double Sided Reproduction Map 85


Salisbury to Campden, Tynemouth to Carlisle

These double sided maps were originally produced in around 1675 by John Ogilby - Presented here is a circa 1939 reproduction - so still very old!

The first side is from:

  Salisbury to Campden

Featuring towns, villages and places of local interest including:

Salisbury, to the Winterbornes ye place where old farm stood, the roads to Amesbury, Admerston and Durnford, road to Bulford, Wilford and Normanton, (lots of roads off to villages but no towns or villages on route as this is Salisbury Plain), 
Everley, False Stone, Burbich, roads to Andover and Westgate, enter Savernak Forest, Fairbough, Marlborough, Ogborn Massey, Ogborn St. Andrews, Ogborne St. George, Chiselden Church, Liddington possibly Leddington, road to Badbury, Wanborough, Marsham, two houses called Marsham, Hiworth, Inglesham, enter Berkshire, stone bridge and brooks called London bridge, 
Enter Gloucestershire, Letchlade, Little Faringdon, enter Berkshire, Farringdon Common, enter Oxfordshire, Bradwell, road to Broughton, Filkin, this is called the Seven Downes, Bradwell Grove, Sin at Elm or Final Elm, road to Ayton, 
Burford, Barrington, this is called Blackheath, Fifield, Edbury, Rissington, Miels, the beacon, Westcote Church, Icconby Church, Stow, Lowetswell church, to Chipping Norton, Upperswell, Longborough, Blockley, Campden.





The second side is from:

Tynemouth to Carlisle  

Featuring towns, villages and places of local interest including:

Tinmouth, road to Seaton Delaval, road to North Shields and cliffs, to the colepits, Shields church, Chillington, Chirtons, Pikeswel Hall, Biker a village ( Byker ), to Morpeth, Gateshead, Newcastle, West Gate ( Westgate ), to Benwell, 
West Denton, Pigshall, Newborn, Righton ( Ryton ), Wilam ( Wylam ), Prudhoe Castle, Ovingham, Ovington, Corbridge, a water mill, Bestrick, Sandy a village, 
Annick on the hill, Annick Grange, to Newcastle along the other side of the river and in at Gateside, Hexham, Spring Head, Watton, a water mill, 
Hadon ( Haydon ), a bridge over south Tyne River, Mellis, road to Narford, Stow House, Mileriche, Haltwesell ( Haltwhistle ), Redbath, Hole House, Miels, Blenkensop Castle, Goomholt village, Thirlwall Castle, Longbuyer Castle, Furley village, Bolton village, Crook village, 
enter Cumberland, 

part of the Picts Wall, Darrington, Chapelburn, Milton, Corbey, Warwick, Aglionby, Wheelbarrow Hall, the road to Penrith, Lancaster and London, Bother Street, English Gate, Carlisle. 


It measures overall 300 x 240 mm (12 x 9.5 inches) approx. It is in good condition with a little fading around the edges.You must excuse some of the spelling as parts are written in old English. This map would look wonderful mounted (matted) and framed. ( 85 ).

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