OGILBY Strip Map Hereford to Leicester, Gloucester to Montgomery

A Circa (about) 1939 Double Sided Reproduction Map 71


Hereford to Leicester, Gloucester to Montgomery 

These double sided maps were originally produced in around 1675 by John Ogilby - Presented here is a circa 1939 reproduction - so still very old!

The first side is from:

 Glocester to Montgomery 

Featuring towns, villages and places of local interest including:


Glocester, Alney Isle, Masemore, Esquire Cooks, Hinam Church, Bird Wood, Huntley, Durley Cross, Lea Laine, neter Herefordsh., Ross, Peterstone, Pitchers Comon, Sellek Hentland, Harods end, Mich Birch, Hereford, Homer church, the road to Crednell , Knappers green, Berley Church, stone bridg and arches called Stratford Bridg and Brook, Pembridge, enter Radnor, Prestaine, Norton, Knighton,  enter Shropshire, Clunn, Bishops Castle, Redcourt, Cherstock, Herborts Park, Montgomery




The second side is from:

 Hereford to Leicester 

Featuring towns, villages and places of local interest including:

 Hereford, Lugwardine, the road to Beggers Weston, Skeknall, Brockeald Loudon, Fromes hill, enter Worcestershire, Aufrick, Sinton, Braunsford, Worcester, Severn fluv,  Marton, Droitwich Vulgo Durtwich, Salwarp Flus (river), Upton or Henbrook, Grafton Park, Bromsgrove, Allchurch, Witho ?, Witho Heath, enter Warwickshire, Dickens eath, Solihull vulgo Sillil, Hampton on y hill, Meriden, Ausley, Spongate bridge, Spongate, Coventry, Bulkington, Sheldon, Woolvey, Woolvey Warren, Smockinton ?, enter Leicestershire, Froulsworth, Sharnford, pasture of fenny ground, Whelston ?,  Elson, Leicester 


It measures overall 300 x 240 mm (12 x 9.5 inches) approx. It is in good condition with a little fading around the edges.You must excuse some of the spelling as parts are written in old English. This map would look wonderful mounted (matted) and framed. ( 71 ).

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