OGILBY Strip Map Exeter to Dartmouth, Chelmsford to Dover

A Circa (about) 1939 Double Sided Reproduction Map 93


Exeter to Dartmouth Chelmsford to Dover

These double sided maps were originally produced in around 1675 by John Ogilby - Presented here is a circa 1939 reproduction - so still very old!

The first side is from:

Chelmsford to Dover

Featuring towns, villages and places of local interest including:

  (In five parts)
The first: Chelmsford to Maldon mentioning Chelmsford, Great Baddow, Sandown, Danbury Place, The Park, Danbury, Danbury Common, Ronsell or Bonsell a hamlet, Woodham Water, the Place, Maldon.  

The second, Chelmsford to Raleigh mentioning Chelmsford, Moulsham, the road to West Haningfield, East Haningfield, South Haningfield, Rattenden, Crouch Fluv (river) and Battles bridg, Rawreth or Rawroth,  Raleigh.
The third from  Chelmsford to Gravesend mentioning Chelmsford, Moulsham, Lord Fitzwalters Almshouses, Moulsham Hall, Baxfield House, Stock Common, Stock, Flint House, Billericay, Bursted magna, Nokes bridg, Bursted parma, Langdon, Langdon hills, Horndon, super montom, How Ford, West Tilbury, Tilbury Marsh, Tilbury Fort, Thames Fluv, Gravesend, the Blockhouse.  

The fourth is Canterbury to Deal mentioning  Canterbury,  the road to Beaksborn, Gramlin Street, Wingham, Ash, Sandwich.
The fifth is from Deal to Dover mentioning Deal, The Castle, the road to Old Deal, Walmer, the Castle, Ring ?, St. Margets, Dover and Dover castle





The second side is from:

 Exeter to Dartmouth

Featuring towns, villages and places of local interest including:

Exeter, Hevitree, Bishops Clyst, St Mary Clyst, the road to Honiton Chace, Newton Popler, Cullyford, Scuttum ?, Axmouth, enter Dorsetshire, Lime, Steymag Bridg, Stanton Gabriel, Chidiok, the Castle, the Church, Seaton, Simsborow, Bridport, Waldich, Long Lother, Askatham ?, Lytton, Dorchester. The second continuation taking in Plimouth, ye Priory,  the road to Tavistock,Buckland ?, Sultrum, Plimpton, Burrowton, Plimstock, Brixton, Elford or Esord, Yalmeton bridg and yalme fluv (river), Adsom ?, Armington, to ye cliffs, Modbury, the road to Ivybridge, Yarncomb, Luckbridg, Gary bridg, Morley, Holwell, Dartmouth.


It measures overall 300 x 240 mm (12 x 9.5 inches) approx. It is in good condition with a little fading around the edges.You must excuse some of the spelling as parts are written in old English. This map would look wonderful mounted (matted) and framed. ( 93 ).

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