OGILBY Strip Map Carmarthen to Aberystwyth Chelmsford to Saffron Walden

A Circa (about) 1939 Double Sided Reproduction Map 91


Carmarthen to Aberystwyth, Chelmsford to Saffron Walden

These double sided maps were originally produced in around 1675 by John Ogilby - Presented here is a circa 1939 reproduction - so still very old!

The first side is from:

Carmarthen to Aberistwith (Aberystwyth)

Featuring towns, villages and places of local interest including:



Carmarthen, LLanllwith Church, the road to Haverford West, Killrah or Killreaden, Cardigan, St. Manes, Penneralt, Tredrair, Red Owen, Llanwennock, Llanbeder, Sir Francis Lloyds, A wood bridge and River called Avon, Trevilan Velintlra ?, Herberts ?, The Werray brook, Llanyler, Aberistwith. 




The second side is from:

Chelmsford to Saffron Walden

Featuring towns, villages and places of local interest including:

Chelmsford, Brumfeld, Waltham,Leighes pva ?, Leighes magna, Braintry, Blackwater Fluv (river, Holsted, Coln Fluv, Boys hall, Bulmer grene, Bulmer, The Stour Fluv, enter Suffolk, Sudbury, Chilton Park, Acton, Wallingfield magna, Wallingfield parva, Laneham, Cockfield ?, Felsham, Cross green and smiths shopp, Peppers, Bradfield, Munk Bradfield, An ol Ruinous Abby or Pryory, Weltham magna, Nowton or Newton, South gate Elden moor, Bury or St Edmonds Bury or today, Bury St. Edmunds. A continuation on the same map Chelmsford to Saffron Walden taking in Chelmsford, Brumfield, Waltham parva, Langleys, Waltham magna, Black Chaple, Dunmow, Dunmow church, Green Easton or Easton, a hall, Thaxted, Walden or Saffron Walden and much more


It measures overall 300 x 240 mm (12 x 9.5 inches) approx. It is in good condition with a little fading around the edges.You must excuse some of the spelling as parts are written in old English. This map would look wonderful mounted (matted) and framed. ( 91 ).

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