OGILBY Strip Map Cambridge to Coventry, Carlisle to Berwick

A Circa (about) 1939 Double Sided Reproduction Map 61


Cambridge to Coventry, Carlisle to Berwick

These double sided maps were originally produced in around 1675 by John Ogilby - Presented here is a circa 1939 reproduction - so still very old!

The first side is from:

Cambridge to Coventry 

Featuring towns, villages and places of local interest including:

 Cambridge,   St. Peters,   Cotton,   More barns,   The Hall,   Madingley,   Hardwick,   a hedge,   Burne,   a common called Burne Leyes,   Caxton,   the road to London and York,   Boxworth,   Elsley,   Croxton,   Weald only a village,   Wentringham House,   Miels,   St. Neots,   enter Bedfordshire,   Weston,   re enter Huntingdonshire,   Great Stoughton,   Stoughton magna,   Stoughton Hall,   Stoughton parva,   Pertenhill,   Swinhead,   Risley Wood,   Milchbourne,   Yelding,   enter Northamptonshire,   Rushdowne,   Cheston,   Higham ferries,   Willingburrow,   a water mill,   Dorrington,   Wilbye,   the worlds end,   Ecken,   Billing,   Weston,   The Hall,   a warren,   Ablington,   The Hall,   Northampton,   Kingsthrop,   Dallington,   Duston,   Halstone,   Brington,   Althrop Park,   Hornby House or Homby House,   a beacon,   Longbuckby,   the Hall,   Watford,   Watling Street,   the road to London,   the road to Shrewsbury,   Watford Gap,   Rilsby,   enter Warwickshire,   Hilmorton,   the road to Dunchurch,   Rugby,   Bilton,   a farm,   Newbold,   Churchlawford,   Longlawford,   Bredford,   Bromlow,   Comb House,   Comb Park,   Bingley,   Bingley Stone Bridge,   Stoke,   Coventry.




The second side is from:

Carlisle to Barwick ( Berwick ) 

Featuring towns, villages and places of local interest including:

Carlisle,   Scotch Gate,   Stanwicks ?,   Blakeford,   Newtown,   Garriston,   West Leventon alias West Linton,   Kirk Leventon alias Kirk Linton,   Brackneth also Brakenhill,   Nether Hurst,   Kings Field,   Lethell,   Stonegarth alias Stangartick,   enter Scotland,   Kirkby Hill,   Castleton Kirk,   Dunleybire,   St. Gilbert Elliots,   Miels,   Woolley,   the road to Harbottle Castle,   Ledbrough ( could be Jedburgh ),   Craline,   Sackford,   Kelso,   Short But Claw,   Proyston,   Rydam,   enter England,   Carram,   Wark Castle,   to Spilow,   Cornill alias Cornwell,   Tillsley,   Tillmouth,   the river Till,   Grinston ?,   to New biggins ( Newbiggin ),   Thornton,   Lingridge,   Orde,   the road to York,   river Tweed,   Barwick ( Berwick )


It measures overall 300 x 240 mm (12 x 9.5 inches) approx. It is in good condition with a little fading around the edges.You must excuse some of the spelling as parts are written in old English. This map would look wonderful mounted (matted) and framed. ( 61 ).

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