1969 COUNTRY LIFE Magazine MARY GOFF WHITTY London Planning COVENT GARDEN (3973)

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DATED: 13 Nov 1969

Outer Cover Photograph: South Front of St Pauls Cathedral Floodlit.

Frontispiece Cover Photograph: Miss Mary Goff Daughter of Robert Goff of Heath Cottage, Piltdown, Sussex - photo by Bassano and Vandyk ; announcing forthcoming marriage to Mr Hamlyn Whitty of Gate House, Seaford, Sussex.

Principal Contents and Features on:

The Greater London Development Plan - London From Waterloo Bridge - New Office Blocks in Croydon - Greater London Council's Strategic Development Plan for 1981 (map) - Complex Traffic Interchanges at Brent Cross - Londoners Enjoying the Thames at Strand on the Green. GLC. - Towers of Westminster From Whitehall; High Buildings Might Threaten London's Skyline - New Square, Lincolns Inn - Loading Meat at Smithfield. 8x pictures, and article byMichael Wright.

Ravi Shankar Seen Playing with Alla Rakha at Festival Hall - x photo. By Eric Hayes, and article by Hugo Cole.

Where London's Badgers Thrive - x2 pictures and article by W. G. Teagle.

Covent Garden Through Artists' Eyes:

Wenceslaus Hollar, and Hogarth Tom King's Coffee House 1738 x2 pictures

Market in About 1720 from a Painting attrib. to Pieter Angellis - in colour.

The Piazza in the1750's From a Painting by Samuel Scott - colour.

View of the Piazza c1770 from a Painting by John Collet - colour.

Covent Garden in 1864 from a Painting by Phoebus Levin - colour.

NE Corner of the Piazza in the 1760's by Thomas Sandby - Rowlandsons Drawing of the Market 1811 - Royal Opera House and Floral Hall in 1861 - Evans's Music Hall in 1886 x4 pics., and article by Christopher Neve.

Page entitled A Lost City of South London - Noviomagus part I: Aerial View of Greenwich - Unexplained Mounds in Greenwich Park - Buriel Ground - Map of Greenwich Park With Supposed Route of Waatliung St. Foo of One Tree Hill with Traces of Old Road - Roman Lamp Dredged Up From the Thames at Greenwich - Entrance to One of the Tunnels Under One Tree Hill - x7 pictures, and article by Beryl Platts.

Fruit Growers Heating an Orchard With Wax Cubes - x1 picture, with text.

Newsagents Jubilee: A Country Town Newsagent of 50 Years Ago - x1 picture, and text.

Globe Inkstands - x5 pictures, and article by G. Bernard Hughes.

The Salerooms: Porcelain From Naples - x5 pictures and article by Frank Davis.

Sir Robert Taylors Bank of England Part I:

The Bank by William Marlow - from an old engraving.

Serlio's Woodcut of Bramante's Belvedere Court in the Vatican, a Source of Taylors Design.

Taylor's Court Room, Reconstructed in the 1930's and recently Redecorated - full page colour photograph.

Theodore Jacobsen's Design for th Bank c1731.

Perspective View of Sampson's Buildings.

Taylor's Transfer Offices.

Constanza, Rome, and Gibb's Circular Project for St Maring's in the Fields.

Taylor's Rotunda, Modelled on the Pantheon Rome.

Plan of the Bank at Taylor's Death.

Haycarts Photographed in Whitechapel High Street 1927 - x1 pictures and article by Celia Davies.

Whitechapel Hay Market and Obelisk in 1853 - x1 picture.

Hay Barges o the Thame in 1908. - x1 picture.

Shelburne Birches Along Highway 2, New Hampshire, USA - x1 picture and article by William Seymour.

The Rise of the Luxury Hotel - Mail Coaches in Front of The Gloucester Coffee House, Piccadilly - An Early Print of St James's St. - King Street, St James's - The St James