1961 THE SPHERE Newspaper BERLIN WALL Tanganyika TRISTAN DA CUNHA Faroe Isles (4023)

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An original vintage illsutrated newspaper.
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Twenty three pages (46 sides) of a weekly issue of:

The Sphere

DATED 1963

This first part of the description features a list of Images i.e. photographs, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

' The Motor Show at Earls Court - Princess Alexandra Talks with Lord Rootes of the Rootes Group - With Mr Donald Stokes of Leyland Motors ' and others behind - full front page photograph - see scan

' Polio OUtbreak - Polio Vaccine Loaded at Manston Kent to by Flown by RAF to Hull '

' Dr Ramsey and The Patriarch of Jerusalem His Beatitude Benedictos - At Lambeth Palace '

' King Hussein of Jordan and a Grateful Farmer Embrace '

' President De Gaulle Embraces General Veziney '

' British Explorers Return from the Amazon .... Mr J. Hemming - Mr C. Lambert Greeted at London Docks on Their Return Home by Mrs Hemming Lieut. Colonel H. H. Hemming - Mrs Service (Hemmings Sister) ' the caption makes ref. to Mr Richard Mason who was killed by Indians on the Amazon

' Dr Verwoerd and His Wife - Prime Minister of the Republic of South Africa at Church Square Pretoria '

' HMS Barmouth Drifting off Yorkshire Coast - - - Her Crew Back on Dry Land Rescued by the RAF Air Sea Rescue Helicopters '

' 600th Anniversary for Magistrates at Guildhall - Queen Elizabeth - Lord Mayor Sir Bernard Waley-Cohen and Wife - Duke of Edinburgh - and others '

' The Duke of Edinburgh at Scotts Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. at Greenock Scotland with Mr M. A. S. Scott ' and crowds - with the Fourah Bay ship in the background

' 48th Dinner of the Society of Yorkshiremen - Princess Royal - Hon. Iris Peake - Lord Ingleby and Wife - Mrs McCulloch ' - info. The then Princess Royal being Princess Mary, and Countess of Harewood, looks just like the Queen does now

' Ice patrol Ship HMS Protector Leaves Portsmouth for the Antarctic - Women Waving the Ship Off in Foreground '

' General du Brigade Bruneaud Piped Aboard HMS Audemer HQ Ship for 76 Squadron RASC at Portsmouth - Captain P. Gooderman ' - and others

' Announcing Russia Will Explode a Nuclear Device of 50 Megatons - Mr Khrushchev Leads The Applause After ' Sleekburnc.

' Syria Re-Admitted to the United Nations - Dr Adeel El Dawoodi - Mist er Farid Chehlaoui at The General Asembly '

' Cairo - President Nasser on Television '

' Standing on a Landrover as they Drive Through The Capital of Tanganyika - Dr Hastings Banda of Nyasaland - Mr Julius Nyerere PM of Tanganyika - Mr Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya '

' Armed Indonesian Guards Wathcing over Some of the Ten Russian Gunboats Just Handed Over in the Russian Indonesian Arms Deal '

Flight from Tristan da Cunha

' Refugees are Rowed in a Longboat to the Dutch Liner Tjisadane ' men women and children

' The Volcano in Action Above one of the Deserted Dwellings '

' Paris - Algerian Demonstrators Squat on the Ground After Being Arrested for Interrogation '

' Stockholm - Protest Against Russias Monster Bomb ' young people sitting on the pavement

' London - Nuclear Disarmers Sit near the Russian Embassy '

' Mr Khrushchev Addresses the Communist Congress in Moscow '

' The Earl of Avon, Anthony Eden with Lord Home, Alec Douglas-Home OUtside th House of Lords for the Foreign Affairs Debate ' full page photograph

' The Rev. James Seth The New Anglican Asst. Bishop in Madagascar '

' SIr David Ormsby-Gore with His Wife - New Ambassador to the United States ' - info. nee Sylvia Thomas

' The Brighton and Storrington Foot Beagles with the Hounds at Devil's Dyuke near Brighton '

' Leopold Sedar Senghor President of Senegal Walks in the French Countryside with His French Wife Colette and Their Son Phillipe '

' The Eton College Steeplechase - Junior Boys '

Six scenes from the Musical " Do Re Mi " at the Prince of Wales Theatre showing Max Bygraves - David Lander - M. Miel - Danny Green - Harry Ross - Jan Waters - Steve Arlen - Maggie Fitzgibbon - and many others - Double page showing six photographs

' Eltham Green Comprehensive School - Mr Nwachuku the Nigerian Minister of Education Talks to London Schoolgirls in the Art Dept '

' A New 66ft Crafishing Boat " Hajduk " Travels by Trailer To Fremantle Australia for Launching '

' Helen Dowager Duchess of Northumberland Receives a Bouquet from a Pakistani Nurse at the London Nursing Exhibition '

' Mr R. N. Dogra Principal of the Delhi Engineering College Trust Meets Representatives of British Industry at Their HEadquarters in London '

' Mr R. S. S. Gunawardene Ceylon Ambassador in Paris - Sir Eric Harrison High Commissioner for Australin - Among the Pall Bearers at the Funeral in Golders Green London of the Late Mr de Soyza High Commissioner for Ceylon ..'

Berlin Wall

' ..."This Vile Wall" - A West Berliner Peers Through a hole in the Barrier Being Continually Heightened by the Communists '

' A Factor Too Close to the East Side of the Wire is Pulled Down '

' East German Soldiers Patrol their Border '

' Wooden Fence Erected on top of the Wall - Shows a German Soldier '

' West Berlin Police and Firemen Equipped with Gas An Oxygen Maskes Go Down a Manhole Into Sewers to Search for Refugees ' on the edge of the wall - Full page photograph

' Feeding the Seagulls at Lambeth Bridge '

The Faroe Island or Faroes - photographs by Tom Weir:

' Quay at Klakksvik on The Faroe Islands - Children Play on an Improvised See Saw ' a wonderful scene showing the town and fishing boats

' A Grass Cutter For Making Hay in Use on Mykines

' Klakksvik - Barrels of Fish Unloaded - A Fisherman and Two Boys '

' A Faroese Student on Vacation Helping with the Fish '

' Mykines - Boats Hauled up a Ramp '

' Danish Gunboats in the Harbour at Thorshavn '

' Mykines Island - The Steep Slopes with the Houses Beneath '

' Klakksvik - The New Concrete Jetty Being Built ...'

' The Museum of Cosaches at Lisbon - Inside the Main Hall '

Public Schools Football - Bradfield v. Aldenham:

' On the Pitch at Bradfield in Berkshire '

' The Captains Toss Up - D. C. Odams (B) and D. H. King (A) - with the Referee '

' R. K. Burch (B) Challenges A. J. Potts ' and others

' I. G. M. Harford (A) Goalkeeper ..' and others

' G. R. J. Roope The Bradfield Goalkeeper ' and others

' I. G. M. Harford Covers His Goal '

' Dame Margot Fonteyn '

Three scenes from Teresa of Avila at the Vaudeville Theatre showing - Dame Sybil Thorndike - Sir Lewis Casson - Rachel Kempson - Richard Pascoe - Simon Oates

' Two Stages in the Maturing of champagne at Moet Chandon at Epernay '

Scenes in Senegal

' A New Textile Factory - Aerial View '

' New Buildings in the Centre of Dakar '

' Harvesting Ground Nuts '

Swiss Watchmaking Industry:

' H. H. Mullens Chairman of A. Reyrolle and Co. Ltd ' full page photograph by Tom Hustler

' A movement Examiner in his Dustproof Glass Cubicle Checks Watch Movements at TheLongines Factory at St Imier '

' An Assembly Shop - Working Near The Windows '

' At Their Well Lit Bench - A Row o fClockmakers Assemble Movements '

' A Corum Watch Without hours in Solid Gold - £70 '

' Corum Ladies Watch in 18carat Gold - £165 '

' A Special Measuring Machine - For Pinion Wheels '

' A Worker Making a Final Adjustment '

' Operators at a Row of Semi Automatic Machines Assembling Pinions '

The Motor Show at Earls Court Sleekburnc.

' The Main Hall Showing Various Stands - Triumph - Austin - Jaguar - MG - Wolseley - etc '

' Princess Alexandra of Kent Looks at a Mark X Jaguar with Sir William Lyons ' and others

' TheAlvis 3 Litre Coupe '

' View of the Rear of the Chrysler Corporations Experimental Car The Turboflite '

' Engines of the Turboflite '

' TheDrivers Seat of the Turboflite '

' The New Rover T4 - Not at the Show '

The Versatile Land-Rover:

' Railway Wheels Fitted Suitable for Track Maintenance and Inspection '

' Landrover Converted into a Mobile Workshop on a Farm '

' Landrover as a Snow Plough '

' A Miles Hydraulic Tipper '

' As an Ambulance '

' A Simon Hydraulic Platform '

' Corum Watch - by Ries, Bannwart of La Chaux de Fonds Switzerland ' full page advert

' Garrard Watches - Longines - Piaget - Eterna Matic - International Watch Co. Schaffhausen - Zenith - Patek Philippe ' double page showing these makes of watch

' Lord Brabazon of Tara Chairman of ACV - Sir William Black Chairman of AEC - Mr A. B. B. Valentine Chairman of London Transport - At the Ceremony in the New AEC Chassis Despatch Building at Southall ' a bus depot

' The 1925 NS Model ( Bus ) ...'

' Ole Bill of The First World War Fame and The Routemaster at the Southall Works ' bus depot

Advertising Cover

' Malta - The MEditerraneans Youngest Resort ' full travel advert

' Martini - The Time of Your Life ' full page colour advert

' Reme Martin ' advert

' du Maurier Cigarettes ' advert

' The Wolsey Story - Turriff ' full page advert

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

News Summary

The Great, Bare Staircase - by John Connell - about Russia etc

Entertainment page - by Jolyon Winhurst

The Voice of the Commonwealth

The Prosperous Faroes

Curious Museums by Gordon Cooper Sleekburnc.2810

Book Review Columns by Richard Edmonds and Vernon Fane - About Yvonne Arnaud

Motoring Column by Courtenay Edwards



The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only. It measures 350 x 258 mm (13.75 x 10 inches). It retains the outer advertising cover. There are binding witness marks to the spine. Some of the pages may be loose, and handling marks due to the age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. The photographs vary in size. The images are in black and white unless otherwise stated. This item will be packaged in a tube unless otherwise requested.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are no pages missing, but if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. If you require information on size of articles (i.e. number of words), sizes of images, please ask before bidding or buying. The process of the page numbering in The Sphere issues are applied in a yearly sequence and therefore do not start at number 1.

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