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The Illustrated London News was a magazine founded by Herbert Ingram

With the first edition of the Illustrated London News appearing on 14 May 1842.


Twenty four (48 sides) from a weekly issue of:

The Illustrated London News

……………………. DATED 1958……………………

This first part of the description features a list of images eg. photographic, sketches, drawings, maps etc. (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

Cyprus and Destroying EOKA Mines: A Night Scene of An Expert Holding Up a Detonator from Two Home Made Bombs During a Recent Mine Disposal Operation - full front page.

Sir Winston Churchill Shaking Hands With Mr Harold Macmillan on the Steps of 10 Downing Street.

France: The First Meeting of the First Session of the National Assembly of the Fifth Republic - near full page photograph

Field Marshal Sir Gerald Templer Looking at the Exhibition of Toy Soldiers Which Opened in Park Lane.

An Effigy of Dr Nkrumah the Prime Minister of Ghana in the Wardrobe Department of Madame Tussaud's Before it Was Exhibitied - Miss Mackay of the Overseas BBC Programme.

Colnbrook By-Pass, Slough, Bucks: The Remains of a Car Hit By A Sugar Tanker in Which Three People Were Killed.

The Atomic Research and Power Centre at Dounreay, Caithness.

Weybridge Surrey: The First Vickers Vanguard Prop Jet Airliner at the Vickers Works.

The Engine of an Express Train After It Had Crashed into a Crane Bucket on the Manchester to Wigan Line.

The New Bridge Spanning Auckland Harbour, New Zealand - full page showing three photographs of the bridge in various stages of being built:

Floating a Complete Span out, Pick a Back Fashion in th eHarbour - photograph by White's Aviation Ltd.

The Span Riding Out 30mph Winds on 30 Nov When The Operation was Abandoned.

The Span Being Moved into Position on to the Piers.

Drawing by Francois Boucher - Head of A Young Woman.

Alberta Canada and a Dinosaur Zoo Built By Mr John Kanerva and His Son:

Alberta a Graveyard of Dinosaurs

Dinny the Dinosaur Built by Mr John Kanerva.

The Flesh Eating Ceratosaurus Another of the Life Size Dinosaurs Models in the Calgary Zoo on St George's Island in the Bow River

Corythosaurus a Crested Duck Billed Dinosaur - A Young Woman Posing for a Photographs

West Germany: A Dog Sled Used by ashore Fisherman on His Daily Rounds at Cuxhaven.

Mobile, Alabama, USA: A New Type of Continous Welded Railway Rail.

Mobile USA: The New Type of Rail, Compared with the Old.

China Lake, California, USA: The RAPEC Rocket Assisted Personnel Ejection Catapult Ejection Seat System for US Navy Pilots Being Tested.

Wiscasset, Maine, USA: Visitors at the Tiny Chapel.

Hamburg, West Germany: The First of the Fast Anti Submarine Frigates to be Built by West Germany Since the War: The Koln on the River.

Venice, Italy: A String of Eleephants Walking Alongside the Canals.

Vancouver Canada: Heavy Snows Which Struck Vancouver.

Off Jaffa Israel: The Israeli Police Launch.

Moscow: Delegates Representing the Soviet Writers Opening a Congress Where at the Congress the Nobel Prize Winning Russian Author Boris Pasternak, Was Condemened as a Traitor.

Ghana - The Community Centre in Accra,

Iraq: Supporters of the Present Regime Demanding the Death Sentence on the Former PM General Rafik Arif, and his Deputy Major Gen. Ghazi El Daghastani.

Egyt: President Nasser of the United Arab Republic Offers President Tito of Yugoslavia A Cigarette.

Professor C. P. Fitzgerald the Author of Flood Tide in China Miel.

Young Aborigines of the Ami Tribe of Formosa Wearing Their Ancestral Feathers at a Festival.

Girls of the Ami Tribe, Who Live in Haulien, Eastern Formosa .

A New Swedish Project at Hasselby Strand, Sweden:

Looking Out Across Lake Malaren The Huge Cane at the New Heating and Power Station.

View of the Crane at the Power Station Reive.

The Control Room of the Power Station.

View of the Expensive Machinery Used for Purifying Waste Gases etc.

The Still Incomplete Turbine Hall

The Storage Tanks for Hot Water to Heat 16,000 Homes - full page

Prize Winning Entries in the 1958 Press Picutres of the Year Competition - double page:

Darwin's Theory by Deryek G. Wills of the Leicester Mercury

De Gaulle is Willing - Photograph Taken by F. W. Reed of the Daily Mirror.

G. parker Hitting B. Howletts with a Left Hook in A Boxing Match - By Brian Thomas of The Sport and General Press Agency.

The Little Picasso, A Three Year Old Artist Exhibitied on the Thames Embankment - Photograph by John Pratt of Keystone Press Agency.

Moment of Impact - By Arthur Tanner of The Daily herald

The Price of Fame and Mister Butler Covered in Flour at Glasgow University - By Harry Benson of The Daily Sketch

Unwillingly Back To School, A Little Boy - By Harry Benson of the Daily Sketch Glasgow

An Argument in Football - By Harry Benson.

Jockeying for Position in a Horse Race - By F. W. Reed of the Daily Mirror.

Morton of Darlington Scores Against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge - By R. Burton of The Keystone Press.

The Duke of Edinburgh Refreshing Himself During a Polo Match at Cowdray Park "Chukka Bottle of Water" - by Dennis D. Hart of the Evening News, London.

a Delicate But Colossal Feat of Engineering in the Heart of London: Demolishing the 1800 Ton Roof of Cannon Street Station Half-Way Through the Operation - A Double page Drawn by Our Special Artist Dennis Flanders.

An Olive Tree in the Grove Overlooking Sidera on the Isle of Corfu.

Greenwich: Restorihng the Famous Ceiling of the Painted Hall - three photographs

Collectors Page: Interior of the 16thC Wine Cistern Made for the Duke of Urbino.

Collectors Page: Annunciation Diptych Lent by the V&A Museum in the Detroit Exhibition.

Record Prices for Rare Manuscripts in London@ The Dyson Perrins Collection:

Double page From the Latin Gospels.

Extract from the Vidal Mayor

Portion of a page from a Gradual of the Dominican Nuns.

illustration to the Tractatus de Pastoribur et Ovibis 13thC

Animals The Explorer May Yet Meet: Unknow ANimals Whos Existence Remains to be Proved or Refuted - a double page from Drawings by our Special Artist Neave Parker

The Andean Wolf Compared with th eWolf of the Pampas - from a drawing x2

The ONly Unknown Animal of Which There is a Good Photoraphs: The Ameranthropoides Loysi .

People in the Public Eye - Full page:

Mr Sidney Dye MP Killes in a Road Accident.

Dr John Jackson the Astronomer. Sleekburnc.

A Cross Bred Heifer Diana with Her Owner Mr F. W. Salisbury General Manager of J. Saisbury Ltd.

Lord Digby Elected President of the R.A.S.E.

The Russian General Ivan Serov.

Miss Judy Grinham the Swimmer and Daily Express Sportswoman of the Year.

Mike hawthorn Retires From Motor Racing.

Seated in The New French Parliament: General De Gaulle - M. Mollet - M. Pflimlin - M. Cornut-Gentile - M. Couve de Murville - M. Pinay - M. Buron - M. Soustelle.

Mr E. C. H. Jones Permanent Secretary of the National Savings Committee.

Mr Paul Brokensha of Southern Rhodesia Awarded the George Medal for Rescuing Julia Painting age 15 in a Shark Attack

Herr Willy Brandt the Mayor of West Berlin Shakes Hands With Ernst Lemmer.

Dr Busairi The New Libyan Ambassador.

Sir Charles Wheeler with Sir Edward Maufe

Treasures form Spina and Other Sites in Emilia Exhibited at Bologna - eight photographs

British Innovations:

The Traditional Method of Turning the Germinating Barley Used in Beer Making

A Mechanical Turning Machine for Barley

The Control Deck at Shobnall near Burton on Trent: the New Box Drum Malting Plant.

A New Magnetic Compass: A Kelvin Hughes Non Resonant Reflector

Standard Compass Fitted With the Kelvin Hughes Transmitting System

Bulkhead Repeater of the Kelvin Hughes Transmitting Magnetic Compass.

The New Road Bridge at Conwy, North Wales.

Off Portsmouth: A Helicopter Carrying the Argentine Ambassador Rear Admiral Teodoro Hartung About to Land on the Argentine Aircraft Carrier INdependencia.

TheScedne After A Line Out inthe University Match at Twickenham.

The Crew of the Transatlantic Balloon Small World: Three Men and A Woman.

HMS Scarborough Being Welcomed at Portsmouth After Circumnavigating the Globe.

Theatre and Two Scenes from Moon On a Rainbow at the Royal Court Theatre: John Bouie - Barbara Assoon - Leo Carera - Vinnette Carroll.

Full page showing six photographs - Scenes and Costumes for The Gondoliers in the New London Season, With Costumes by Mr Goffin: John Fryatt - Kenneth Sandford - Jennifer Toye - Peter Pratt - Ann Drummond-Grant - Thomas Round - Alan Styler - Jean Hindmarsh - Joyce Wright.

Tinned Food with a History at the Leatherhead Laboratoris of the British Food Manufacturing Industries Research Association - Three photographs:

A Boer War Christmas Pudding, Two Tins of Mead from 1824, and Gallipoli Chocolate 1915.

Miss Joan McNeel-Caird a Descendant of Captain Sir John Ross Examining the Contents of the Tin of Meat - with two men

Mrs Astebury Tasting on Rear Admiral N. A. Copeman's Invitation a Spoonful of The Christmas Pudding Issued to Her husband Ruing the Boer War.

The Equestrian Statue of Lord Kitchener Which Was Removed from Its Site in Freedom Square Khartoum.

The Statue of General Gordon Now Removed from its Site in Gordon Avenue, Khartoum and Maybe Re-erected in London.

Cyprus and The Types of EOKA Bombs and Containers:

A Tomato Paste Tin Uses as a Bomb With a Length of Wire and Battery.

Pencil Detonator.

Pipe Sections Which Had Been Packed with Explosive.

Coca Cola Bottles Which Were Hurled at Military Vehicles , An Oil Tin and Wooden Box.

Cistern Ball Float Adapted by EOKA for Use as a Bomb.

BP Petrol Users in Canada - Full page advert entitled Candid Canada Speaks its Mind:

Willy Sweet at the BP Garage on the Corner of Ontario and LEclaire Streets Downtown Montreal.

Seventy Four Year Old Sam Diamond of Ottawa.

Donald Morrison of 28 Greenland Road, Don Mills with His Daughter Marilyn.

Vic Ortiz of 4 Hollywell Drive, Toronto City.

William Bernard of f74 Jackman Avenue, Toronto

Double page of adverts:

Esso For Extra - half page advert

Bedford Dormobile Caravan - advert

Anglepoise Lamp - advert

Firestone Tyres - half page advert

Remy Martin Cognac

Canada Travel Adv.

Full page of adverts including: Dr Barnardo's Homes - Hawker's Pedlar Sloe Gin - Marie Brizard Creme De Menthe - Rayners Mango Chutney - etc.

Shell Guide to Life on the Mountain - full page colour advert showing painting by John Leigh Pemberton, with key to the wildlife and plants incl. Gentian Flowers - Mountain Ringlet - Golden Eagle - snow Bunting - Ptarmigan - Pine Marten etc.

Long John Scotch Whisky - full page colour advert back cover

Dowsett Holdings and KVA WIndpower Units Generators - full page colour advert showing a mobile wind turbine - inside front cover.

The Stainless Steel Silver Fox Car - full page advert

Double page of adverts:

Grand Marnier Liqueur a L'Orange Souffle - half page

The Britannia Airliner half page advert for London and Lancashire Insurance Co. Ltd.

Campari - full page advert

Double page of adverts:

Haig Whisky - half page

Wolfschmidt Kummel

Movado Kingmatic Watch

Tricoline Shirts from Hrone Brothers of Oxford Street - half page

Gordons Special Dry London Gin - half page

INd Coope Double Diamond, and Long Life Beer - full page advert.




This second part of the description features items of news articles etc. but hav no images unless listed above. They include:

Note Book Page by Arthur Bryant.
Window on the world by Cyril Falls - Political Tribulations in Greece.
Collectors page by Frank Davis - A Detroit Exhibition at Detroit Institute of Arts.
China Past and Present. Flood Tide in China by C. P. Fitzgerald – An Appreciation by Sir Charles Petrie.
Masterpieces in Gold from Over a Thousand|Years: Treasures from Spina and Other Sites in Emilia, Recectly Exhibited at Bologan - Article by Professor Guido A Mansuelli Superintendent of the Antiquities of Emilia and Romagna.
Gardening page by Clarence Elliott VMH - On Growing a Walking Stick.
Science Page by Maurice Burton - Scoffers Sometimes Remain to Pray.
Theatre Page by J. C. Trewin.
Books by K. John and E. D. O'Brien

Sleekburnc. 2012 Keenlyside.


The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only.

It measures 365 x 260 mm (14.25 x 10.25 "). The spine is worn on the advertising cover, with a split at each end of the spine. There are handling marks to the cover. The front feature page is intact. The inside pages are intact and in good condition with a little age yellowing with some spotting. Some page edges may have minor tears and blemishes due to handling over the years. The images vary in size. The staples are rusty. The images are in black and white unless otherwise stated. This item will be packaged in a tube. The descriptive text in my listing, details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page. "Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are NO pages missing so if you are looking for something in particular in these pages PLEASE ASK. If you require information on size of articles (i.e. number of words), sizes of images, please ask before bidding or buying. The process of the page numbering in The Illustrated London News issues are applied in a yearly sequence and therefore do not start at number 1. P.S. Whilst I try to describe my newspapers and magazines as accurately as possible, these descriptions don't just jump out of the pages onto my computer, I have to describe them, usually in my own words, and type them into a document which is very time consuming; so please be prepared for a few typos etc! smiley emoticon.

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