1952 issue ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS (4985) Seretse Khama TRIESTE Curium Cyprus

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The Illustrated London News was a magazine founded by Herbert Ingram

With the first edition of the Illustrated London News appearing on 14 May 1842.


Twenty four (48 sides) from a weekly issue of:

The Illustrated London News

………………. DATED 1952………………

This first part of the description features a list of images eg. photographic, sketches, drawings, maps etc. (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

The Oxford Cambridge University Boat Race:

' Christopher Davidge After the Race – Coming Ashore at a Snow Covered Mortlake ' full front page photograph showing him on the shore with others

' The Start in a Snow Blizzard '

' Nearing Barnes Bridge '

' Approaching Hammersmith Bridge '

' Passing Mortlake Brewery '

' The Finish ' Sleekburnc.

' L'Homme a l'Epie – From the Painting by Jean Honore Fragonard and Formerly in the Collection of King Stanislas Poniatowski '

' Lord Noel Buxton Entering the Thames between St Thomas's Hospital and The Houses of Parliament to Test the Existence of a Roman Ford ' – info. Rufus Alexander Buxton

' Rugby Match and Arctic Conditions at Twickenham – Ireland v. England with Stirling of England Tackling Smith of Ireland ' and others

' The Coronation Chair and Stone in Westminster Abbey '

' The Coronation Stone and Chair in St Edwards Chapel with the Tomb of Richard II, and Edward The Confessor '

' The Westerham Croydon Road in Kent – Cars Caught in a Deep Snowdrift '

' The New Elephant Paddock at London Zoo – Baby Dumbo – African Female Dicksi – Indian Elephant Rusty '

' A US Thunderjet F-84F Swept Wing Fighter Bomber – The Aircraft and Pilot Displayed with Standard Operational Bombs, Napalm, Tanks, Rockets and Fuel Tanks etc '

' Cockatoo Island Sydney Australia – The First Prefabricated All Welded Ship, The Destroyer HMAS Voyager Being Launched '

' The RFD Winged Target Mk. I Trialled at Boscombe Down ' – info.RFD Ltd founded, Reginald Foster Dagnall

' USA - The Expansion of USS Pompon in the Philadelphia Navy Yard '

' The American Rearmament Programme – Sawing Off the Barrel from a Russian Built Tank Captured in Korea '

Ismalia in Egypt -:

' British Troops Removing Barbed Wire Prior to their Withdrawal ...'

' Supervising the Return of Evicted Egyptians to Their Homes after The British Withdrawal - Egyptian and Mounted Police With Crowds of People in the Streets '

' The First Stage of the Egyptians Return to the Homes After the Evacuation from Native Quarter by British Troops '

' At The End of Military Occupation – British Military Police Fixing "Out of Bounds" Notices in the Arab Town '

' The Native Quarter of Ismalia – Egyptian Women and Young Girls Checking Over Their Household Belongings After Returning to Their Homes '

' An Eruption of the New Volcano Seventy Miles Off the Coast of Luzon in the Pacific Ocean – An Aircraft Flying Over the Scene '

' A Representation of Van Reibeeck's Landing in South Africa in 1652 – A Reconstruction of the Ship Dromedaris to Celebrate the Anniversary '

' Seven RAF Volunteers Led by Squadron Leader Terence Brennan – Testing Out Survival Equipment for Air Crash Survivors in the Jungle of a Borneo Island '

' Parcel Containing the Bomb Destined for Dr Adenauer – A Reconstruction After The Explosion, Showing the Address and Name of the "Sender" ..' - info. referring to the assassination attempt on the West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer

' The Crisis in South Africa – Crowds Listening to a Speaker of a United party Protest Meeting at Johannesburg City Hall in Opposition to Dr. Malan 's Policy '

' Group of Men and Women at a Torch Commando Meeting in Johannesburg ...'

The Bamangwato Question and Seretse Khama the Tribal Chief -:

' Seretse Khama being Greeted by Tribesmen of the Bamangwato at Gaberones in Bechuanaland in 1950 '

' Thatched Houses of the Bamangwato at Serowe '

' Serowe – The Bungalow in Which Seretse Khama ahd his White Wife, the Former Miss Ruth Williams, Live '

' Seretse Khama with Mrs Khama and Their Little Daughter Jacqueline Walking in the Garden of Their Surrey Residence '

' Exiled From the Tribal Reserve by the Labour Government and Banned as Chief by the Conservative Government – Seretse Khama Grandson of King Khama III and Son of Sekgoma '

Naval Operations of the Korean War -:

' Ships of British Commonwealth Naview Operating im Ice – HMAS Bataan – HMS Belfast – HMCS Athabaskan – HMS Constance – HMNZS Rotoiti – With Furies and Fireflies from HMS Glory Attacking Enemy Batteris i the Battle for the Islands Off the Coasts of Korea '

' HMS Mounts Bay Commanded by Captain J. B. Fewen Cutting Her Way Through pancake Ice With Shell Fire From Shore Batteries '

' Off The Island of Yang-Do of East Coast of Korea – HMNZS Taupo with Shells Bursting Around Her '

Double page showing three drawings with text – "Drawn by Our Special Artist G. H. Davis S.M.A. Based on Sketches by a Naval Officer"

' The School of Infantry at Warminster in Wiltshire – Among 5000 Students and Spectators Watching the Exercise Showing Armoured Personnel Carrier and Shells Exploding in the Distance '

' School of Infantry at Warminster – Infantry and Armour Assembling Before Regrouping After an Assault '

Italian Rioting - Demanding the Return of Trieste -:

' Demonstrators Throwing Stones at a Police Truck in Trieste ...'

' Police Reinforcements Dispersing the Demonstrators in Trieste ...'

' Rome – Police Using a High Pressure Water Truck Sparaying Student Demonstrators with Red Dye as They Seek Refuge near St mary Major '

' Italian Citizens Throwing Stones at a British Military Vehicle in Trieste '

' Students and Agitators Thronging a Street in Rome Demanding the Return of Trieste to Italy '

' Rome – The Scene in Via Tritone Showing the Demonstrations by Students '

' Gardening – A Dwarfed Redwood Sequoia Sempervirens in its Seventh Year Being Grown in a Bowl ' x2 photographs by P. E. Pritchard

' Libya and The Opening of the First Libyan Parliament - King Idris Sitting on The Throne While The Prime Minister Reads the Speech ' other in photograph

' The Benghazi Parliament house '

' The Royal Swedish State Visit to Denmark – Queen Louise of Sweden – Queen Ingrid of Denmark – En Route to the Amalienborg Castle '

' Copenhagen – The King of Denmark and Sweden Flanked by the Queens of Sweden and Denmark at a State Banquet '

' King Baudouin of The Belgians at a Belgian Army Training Centre '

' King Baudouin Handling a Belgian Made Bazooka at a Training Centre at Arlon '

' Mister John Masefield the Writer and Poet Laureate at his Home Near Oxford with His Cat '

Colour Supplement:

' The Archbishop of Canterbury The Most Rev. The Right Hon. Geoffrey Francis Fisher ' full page photograph in colour by Karsh of Ottawa

' A Selection of Gemstones fro mthe Geological Museum in London ' a double page in colour showing fifty stones

' The Tombs of the Spencer Family in Great Brington Church Northants Recently Restored – Tomb of Sir John Spencer, m. Mary Catelin, By Jasper Holymns of Burton on Trent in Tottenhoe Stone etc - - - Tomb of the First Baron Spencer of Wormleighton, m. Margaret Willoughby, by Holymans - - - Tomb of Sir John Spencer m. Isabel Graunt - - - Tomb of Sir John Spencer m. Katharine Kitson, By Jasper Holymans 'full page in colour

' Art – Souvenir of Gabriel de St Aubin's Farewell Visit to the Crozat Collection – Lightning Sketches of paintings Which It Contained with Van Dyck's Jan Malderus etc '

' Art – Stamford in Lincolnshire by Nathaniel Fielding '

'Art – Jan Malderus Bishop of Antwerp by Sir Anthony Van Dyck '

' Birds – Illustrating an Intention Movement Which Culminated in Flight showing Black Headed Gull's Reactions to the Approach of a Photographer ' photographs by Neave parker

' The Swiss Attempt to Conquer Mount Everest – Rene Aubert Wearing Modern Climbers Clothing, and Raymond Lambert Wearing The Third Lung to Be Used by the Assault Party '

' La Couchette Specially Made for Reive the Climbers by a German Balloon Factory – A Sleeping Bag with Pneumatic Mattress ' two men trying it out

Discoveries at Curium in the Island of Cyprus:

' Plan of the Sanctuary of Apollo at Curium ( Korion ) in Cyprus '

' The Ruins at Curium – NW Corner of SE Building and The Window Niches '

' One of the Exedrae of the South Building at Curium '

' Warrior Statue in Bronze 6th or 7th C BC '

' Bronze Statuette of a Fawn '

' Terracotta Figurine of Archaic Period '

' Equestrian Terracotta Figurine in Phrygian Cap and Bearing Shield '

' Bronze Statuette of a Drinking Satyr '

' Fragment of a Low Relief in Bronze '

' Marble Statue of a Youth or God Playing a Ball Game '

' Obverse of a Bronze Medallion of the 2nd Century AD '

' Goddess or Portrait of A Roman Lady 2nd C AD '

' Terracotta Figurine from an Amathus Workshop '

' White Marble Head Found int he South East Building ...'

' New Anti Submarine Weapon of Great Power, released From the Royal Navy's Secret List – Shown Being Fired From HMS Crossbow During an Exercise "The Squid" ..'

' Recovering a Dummy Bomb from the Sea During Exercises with The Squid Taken on Board HMS Battleaxe ' full page

Cinema and Three Scenes fron the Japanese Film Rashomon – Kichijiro Ueda – Takashi Shimura – Minoru Chiaki – Toshiro Mifune – Machiko Kyo – Masayuko Mori

Events of the Week Page:

' King Farouk of Egypt and His Young Queen Narriman with The Infant Crown Prince '

' M. Baccouche Appointed Premier of Tunisia '

' The Bey of Tunis ' Keenlyside ©

' The Former Premier of Tunisia M. Chenik Arrested by Order of the French Resident General '

' M. De Haute-Cloque the French Resident General Miel in Tunisia '

' General Alfred M. Gruenther with Mr Tom Connally '

' Chairman of British Iron and Steel Federation Sir Andrew Duncan '

' Mr Michael Codner Killed By Terrorists in Malaya ' info. one of the original POW;s in Germany who escaped by means of a vaulting horse

' Sir Robert Witt Former Chairman of the National Art Collections Fund '

' Mr Robert C. S. Stanley Appointed High Commissioner for the Western Pacific '

' The Swiss Mount Everest Expedition – Professor A. Lombard (geologist) – A. Zimmermann (botanist) – Andre Roch (engineer) – Dr E. Wyss-Dunant (physiologist and veteran mountaineer) – Rene Dittert (assault party) – Rene Aubert (guide) – R. Lambert (guide) – Leon Flory – J. J. Asper – Dr G. Chevalley – Ernst Hofstetter '

' The Nizam of Hyderabad with President Prasad and Mr Nehru for the Delhi Conference of Governors and Rajpramukhs of States '

Five Scenes on a full page from "The Tempest" at The Memorial Theatre - Sir Ralph Richardson – Mr Michael Hordern – Miss Margaret Leighton – Alexander Davion – Zena Walker

' The Watchmakers of Switzerland ' full page advert

Daks Town Suit – Simpson tailored ' full page advert

' Fly BEA ' adv.

' Johnson's Car Plate ' advert

' Smiths KLG Sparking Plug ' advert

' Verdone the Selective Weedkiller for Grass ' advert

' Gold Flake Cigarettes ' advert

' Black and White Scotch Whisky ' advert

' Fly Swissair ' advert

' Gordons Gin ' advert

' Rose's for Gin and Lime ' advert

' Apry Liqueur ' advert

' Vapex for Head Colds ' advert

' Italy State Tourist Office ' advert

' Driway Weather Coats ' advert

' Phillips Bicycles of Birmingham ' advert

' Highland Queen Scotch Whisky by Macdonald and Muir of Leith ' advert

' Noilly Prat Vermouth ' advert

' GIlbey Port ' advert

' Barling Smoking Pipe ' advert

' Interflora Flowers by Wire ' advert

' Glayva Scotch Liqueur – Ronald Morrison of Edinburgh 'advert

' Pel Nest Chairs and Tables of Oldbury, Birmingham ' advert

' Salignac Cognac Brandy – B. B> Mason and Co of Tooley st London ' advert

' Banda Master Duplicator for Copying ' advert showing zebra's

' Williams and Humbnert's Dry Sack Sherry ' advert

' Bermaline for Bread and Butter ' small advert

' Silvifix Hair Cream ' advert

' British Seagull Outboard Motor ' advert - two men out fishing in a boat drawn by David Cobb

Mackinlays Scotch Whisky ' advert

' Norwich City Hall ' full page colour advert for Norwich Union Insurance Societies showing a photograph of the City Hall

' The Golden Eagle i Flight ' full page in colour, advert for Goodyear Eagle tyres – Shows a painting of an eagle by J. C. Harrison - John Cyril Harrison – back cover

' Fer4guson Tractor ' full page colour advert

' Senior Service Cigarettes ' full page advert

' Mason Pearson Hair Brush ' advert

' Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company Ltd of 112 Regent St London ' advert

' Horrockses Sheets ' advert

' Chanel Bois des Iles ' advert

' Sanderson of Berners Street Presenting the Courtaulds Sanderson Collection ' advert

' Cherry Heering ' full page advert showing a sketch of an old fashioned family picnic drawn by "Fab"




This second part of the description features items of news articles etc. but hav no images unless listed above. They include:

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant.

Seretse Khama –caption article apprx 700 words.

The Battle of the Islands off Korea.

A Window on the World –The Infantryman of Today – by Cyril Falls.

Gardening Page by Clarence Elliott.

"Far Away and Long Ago" – A Poet Laureate Remembers – "So Long to Learn" by John Masefield – An Appreciation by Sir John Squire.

Gem Collection of the Geological Museum in London – caption article

.Collectors Page by Frank Davis.

Science Page – by Maurice Burton – Birds and The Language of Intention Movements.

The Swiss Mount Everest Expedition – with mention of Dr Edouard Wyss-Dunant – Professor Oscar Wyss – Dr Gabriel Chevalley – Rene Dittert – Jean Jacques Asper – Pierre Charles Bonnant – Leon Flory – Ernst hoffstetter – Mme Lobsinger-Dellenbach – M. Gustav Hasler – Raymond Lambert – Andre Roch – Charles Weber – plus Dr N. Rahul mentioned in another related small caption article.

Works of Art Discovered at Curium, Cyprus – by George H. McFadden University of Pennsylvania Museum Expedition to Surium.

"The Squid" a New Anti Submarine Weapon of the Royal Navy – with mention of Mr Callaghan the Parliamentary Secretary.

Cinema Page by Alan Dent.

Sleekburnc. 2012 Keenlyside.


The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only.

It measures 370 x 260mm (14.5 x 10 "). This copy retains its outer advertising cover and pages which are intact. There is a little age yellowing. The staples are rusty. The photos, sketches etc. vary in size. The images are in black and white unless otherwise stated. Some pages may have handling marks, minor tears and blemishes. The staples are rusty. The images are in black and white unless otherwise stated. This item will be packaged in a tube. The descriptive text in my listing, details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page. "Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are NO pages missing, but if you are looking for something in particular in these pages PLEASE ASK. If you require information on size of articles (i.e. number of words), sizes of images, please ask before bidding or buying. The process of the page numbering in The Illustrated London News issues are applied in a yearly sequence and therefore do not start at number 1. P.S. Whilst I try to describe my newspapers and magazines as accurately as possible, these descriptions don't just jump out of the pages onto my computer, I have to describe them, usually in my own words, and type them into a document which is very time consuming; so please be prepared for a few typos etc! smiley emoticon.

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