1951 Farming Sporting Magazine SHORTHORN SOCIETY Frank Parkinson Farm NFU (6873)
1951 Farming Sporting Magazine SHORTHORN SOCIETY Frank Parkinson Farm NFU (6873)
1951 Farming Sporting Magazine SHORTHORN SOCIETY Frank Parkinson Farm NFU (6873)
1951 Farming Sporting Magazine SHORTHORN SOCIETY Frank Parkinson Farm NFU (6873)
1951 Farming Sporting Magazine SHORTHORN SOCIETY Frank Parkinson Farm NFU (6873)

1951 Farming Sporting Magazine SHORTHORN SOCIETY Frank Parkinson Farm NFU (6873)

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Illustrated and Dramatic News - Sport and Country

Vintage Magazine

Dated 1951

This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

Threshing In Gloucestershire. front advertising cover

The National Farmers Union Dinner:

Sir James and Lady Turner Welcoming Mister Tom Williams the Minister of Agriculture. front page

The Archbishop of York Dr Cyril Garbett and Viscount ( Christopher ) Addison Looking at the Seating Plan. front page

Lady Turner Greets Sir Henry Turner Director of The Ministry of Food … - front page

Dr Garbett Making His Speech.

Mr Harold Woolley "Proposed The Guests" …

Sir James Turner B.Sc. Agric. And President of the NFU.

Messrs R. H. Tucker – F. M. Shore – T. H. Dart – R. G. Pomeroy – H. J. Bartlett – J. G. Partridge – E. G. Hurford – Devon Delegates.

The Lee Valley Delegates – L. A. Wilton – J. R. Webster – B. Rochford – L. C. Madsen – N. Reive – R. E. Fouracres – G. B .Pollard – B. Meering – I. A. J. Hakansson – H. Drew.

Mr A. H. S. Hinchliffe President of the Association of British Chambers of Commerce.

Mr Allen B. Kline – Representative of the American Farmers Union.

Mr F. R. Scott Deputy Pres of NFU of Rainham in Kent – Mr G. Holland-Martin – Sir Donald Ferguson GCB – Sir Robert Sinclair.

His Excellency Dr F. H. Boland LL.D Ambassador for Eire – Mr G. M. Fulton – Mr H. G. Coe – Major R. G. Proby Chairman of Agricultural Committeee of Conservative party – Mr Ben Hinds Chair of the Milk Marketing Board.

Sir Norman Kipping – Sir Arethur Street – Sir Frank Lee. sleekburnc.

Dr A. L. Geyer the High Commissioner for South Africa.

Count Van Lynden van Sandenburg – Mr G. R. H. Nugent MP of the Poultry Committee.

The Shorthorn Society of the United Kingdom:

Offices of the Shorthorn Society in the Liverpool Victoria Insurance Building, victoria House, Southampton Row London WC1.

MR Arthur Furneaux Sec. of the Shorhorn Society at His Desk.

Comet 155 – The First 1000 Guineas Bull Bred in 1804 by Charles Colling …' from an old print

Clerks Recording The Card Index of Carving …

Clerk Filing Documents Referring to Every Breeder …

The Library of Herd Books.

The conference Room at the HQ.

Clerk Sifting Through Correspondence for Inclusion in Various Catalogues.

The Herd Room of the Shorhorn Society.

First Volume of Coates's Herd Book.

Where the Monthly Journal Is Produced. man and secretary taking notes

General View of the Milk Records Room.

Lady Updating the Card Index of the Milk and Butter Fat Records …'

Final Culminatio of a Days Correspondence.

The Farm of Mister E. F. Smart of Mingenew in Western Australia:

Harvesters and Headers on the Wheatlands.

An Anson Aircraft Used in Aerial Dusting against Infestation of Cutworm on Crops of Lupins at Erregulla Springs .

Settlement Housing.

The Homestead of Mr E. F. Smart – Modern House at Erregulla Springs.

Mr E. F. Smart Originally from Jamestown in South Australia. – info. later Sir Eric Fleming Smart

Livestock Bound for South Africa and The Witwatersrand Easter Show:

An Ayrshire Bing Coaxed into a Crate for the Journey …'

A Large White Gilt, Belonging to Mr P. H. Mercer , Being Moved into its Crate on Board SS Good Hope Castle. – men ushering the pig on the ship

Five of Ten Ayrshire Heifers In Calf Being Unloaded after Their Road Journey at the Victoria and Albert Dock to be Loaded on Board The SS Good Hope Castle.

A British Saanen Goat Owned by Mis Webb Balsham of Cambridge. being led on board to a crate by a handler

Mr John Jamieson Jnr Son of Well Known Ayrshire Breeder is the Official Stockman for the Voyage – With Mr J. Penman and Mr Dingley.

Frank Parkinson Farms near Alresford in Hampshire:

Manor Farm at West Tisted.

The Collecting Yard of Manor Farm – Cows on Their Way to the Milking Parlour.

Milking Byre at Lyeway Farm.

The Milking Conveyer.

The Cooler.

Outside the Byre.

Home Farm.

Manor Farm.

Part of No. 2 Ayrshire Herd on Pasture at Manor Farm …'

Dutch Barn at Manor Farm.

Receiving Hopper.

Drying Equipment.

Grain Storage Silos at West Tisted.

Grass Drying Plant at Home Farm.two photographs

Cubing The Grass.

General View of Layout Showing Grass from the Drier Process. Sleekburnc.

The Manor House of Manor House Farm Used as a Hostel for Trainees and Single Workers …'

Houses for Farm Workers In the Village of West Tisted nr Alresford.

Home Farm house at West Tisted Residence of the General Manager Mr W. Cresswell, Seen Walking up the Path.

Mr Cresswell Pays a Birthday Visit on Mr Bone aged 98, a Long Time Worker of Manor Farm.

Five photographs of Champion Bulls etc

Members of the National Farmers Union at Central Hall Westminster:

Delegates from Shropshire.

Mrs Marsh of Beckbury – Mrs Draper and Daugher from Shropshire.

International Federation of Agricultural Producers – Mr A. Cairns of the USA – Mr R. Savery of France.

Yorkshire Contingent – Mr G. C. Spencer – Colonel A. Robinson and others.

Colonel C. E. Lyne – Giving his Monmouth Motion to Reorganise HQ Committees etc.

Mr C. W. Askew of Suffolk Contingent Speaking.

Mr C. R. Maxted of E. Riding Yorkshire contingent on Pea Pickers Asociation ….'

Mr J. L. Yaters of Hampshire Contingent Speaking on The Rabbit Menace and Building on Farmland.

Mr A. Steedman of West Riding on Milk Producers.

Mr D. N. Low of Suffolk on Sugar, Tin Plate, Fruit in Jam and Foreigh Dumping.

Messers D. J. Davies – D. W. evans – T. L. enkins from Cardigan on Electricity Supplies.

Messrs W. R. Jones – J. J. And A. E. Pritchard – J. G. Graham bro Breconshire and Radnor.

The Grave Rabbit Menace – sixteen photographs of a double page

Rural Craftsmen Competition at Arnside Westmorland -:

Draining – Mister J. Chadwick of LEvens Laying Drains …'

R. N. Hayhurst of New Hutton in the Hedging Competition.

Miss P. Borwn of Woodplumpton in the Hedging Competition.

M. Capstick of Cautley in the Drystone Walling.

Thirteen Year Old G. W. Allan of New Hutton in the Drystone Walling Event.

Ploughing Furrows Competition - Mr L. Dixon of Billingham on Tees.

the Judges and Committee at the Competition.

Mr William Houghton President of the Arnside Silverdla and District Ploughing, Hedging and Walling Association.

Planting Vegetables – Brussels Sprouts – Hearting Broccoli – Tall Scotch Kale – Winnigstadt Cabbage – Rosette Colewort Cabbage – Russian Kale

Kennel Club Championship Field Trials for Spaniels at Blenheim Park -:

Gathering of The Owners.

The Duchess of Marlborough with Her Loader.

Duke of Marlborough Shooting a Rabbit.

Spaniel Meadowcourt Breckonhill Beau – Owned by Mr R. B. Weston Webb.

Meadowcourt With its Handler - Retrieving a Rabbit.

Brackenbank Breckonhill Blackie Retrieving to His Owner Mr R. N. Burton.

Springer Champion – Messrs E. And M. Ainsworth.s Rivington Glensaugh Glean – Bred by Mr G. Curle.

Glennewton Daniel Retrieving to Mr W. Grant Fiske the Owner and Handler – Bred By Mr T. Evans.

The Judges - Major Hugh Peacock – Mr John Forbes.

Mr H. S. Lloyd and Mr Tom Gaunt – Steward and Referee.

The Gamekeeper of Today. photograph of a gamekeeper with gun

Racing –. Land Fort Winning the Star and Garter Handicap At Hurst park for Mr H. Oliver – T. Molony Up.

Racing - Red April with T. Cusack Up Leading Over the Water at Wincanton.


the Ben Hogan Swing.

R. D. Chapman of Pinehurst North Carolina.

H. De Lamaze of France in the Worplesdon Open ..

Frank Stranahan.

Opening of The New Attested Cattle Market at Crewe:

The New Market Buildings – Sales Ring Buildings with Restaurant, Kitchen etc in Background.

The Accomodation for Attested Cattle at Messrs Henry Manley And Sons.

View of the Main Entrance to the Sales Ring.

The Sales Ring.c.keenlyside.

The Earl of Shrewsbury Who Opened the New Market with – Sir Johbn Barlow – Colonel A. Heywood Lonsdale – Mr Ernest Wright of Henry Manley and Sons.

Some of the Guests Outside the Main Entrance of the New Market. group photograph

Templewood Grass Driers. advert

Dunlop Farm Tractor Tyres. advert

Champion Spark Plugs. advert

Poultry – Deep Litter Yard at The N.I.P.H. … info. National Institute of Poultry Husbandry

Early Hatched Pullets from Sterling Chicks. advert

Regent Lubrication for Tractors. advert

The Chick Producers Association Annual Luncheon in London:

Mr Hubert Ashton MC MP Addressing the Association.

At The Top Table – Mr Alan Bell – Mrs Bell – Mr Stanley Street-Porter OBE JP Vice Chairman of NFU Poultry Chairman – Mrs F. H. Grove – Mr J. L. Finney – Mr F. H. Grove – Hubert Ashton Esq MC MP – R. W. Haddon ESq – Mr W. D. Evans – S. Miel – Mr G. R. H. Nugent JP MP – Mr W. J. Welford – Mr C. Hedderwick.

Mr J. L. Finney the Retiring Chairman Responding to the Toast – Mrs F. H. Grove and Others.

Mr R. W. Haddon CBE – Mr G. R.H. Nugent MP – Miss Eunice E. Kidd Founder Chairman of Association – Mr Hubert Ashton MP. Mr And Mrs Roger Hunt – Mr Grove Director of Hall Mark Hatcheries.

Mr Stanley Street Porter OBE JP – Mr Ben Stansfield Director of Thornber Bros of Mytholmroyd.

Phenoxylene 30 from Pest Control UK of Cambridge.

Seelastick Seals the Gap – Expandite Ltd of Cunard Rd London. advert

Fordham Automatic Drinking Bowls. advert

TVO Shell Mex and BP. advert

Mysto Sprayer. advert

Sutcliffes Greenhouses. advert

Mergamma Seed Dressing. advert

Fisons Fertilizers. advert

Barford Atom Way Rotary Cultivator. advert

Wine Experts – The Bouquet is All Important. photograph of a group of wine tasters

Lorexane Dusting Powder from ICI. advert

Dobbies Seeds of Edinburgh. advert

Zug Leather Boots – W. and J. Martin, Tanners of Edinburgh.

Mombasa Who Won Ten Races in the Colours of Mr David L. Miln. a full page colour advert for Milns Seeds showing the racehorse and jockey – inner back page

Du Maurier filtered Cigarettes. full page colour advert – back page

Players Medium Navy Cut Humidor Pack. advert

Sunbeam Talbot 90 Car. advert

The Shire horse Society. small ad.

The Folly at Tetbury. a house, advert for a Hutning Box in the Beaufort hunt

The Greater Horseshoe Bat – Photograph by j. H. D. Hooper.

The Horseshoe Bat Awake – Photograph by Eric hosking.

French Corset from Debenham and Freebody. advert

The Watchmakers of Switzerland. advert

The Sussex Downs. full page advert showing a farm and fields – for Bass and Worthington of Burton upon Trent

Mrs Marion Crook.s Maltese Dog – Rhosneigr Sweetheart.

Chaplins Sherries. advert

Ferguson Tractors. full page advert


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

Shorthorn Society of the UK – A Day in the Life

306,000 Bushels from 15,050 Acres – And Mr Smart of Mingenew Australia

Frank Parkinsons Farms Ltd near Alresford in Hants

The National Farmers Union at Central Hall Westminster – NFU c.keenlyside.

Rural Craftsmen in Competition at Arnside – by Sydney Moorhouse

Gardening Page – Planting Vegetables – with a Sowing and Planting Chart

Gamekeepers – by Our Shooting Correspondent


Golf by Henry Cotton

Poultry – Answers to Some of the Many Problems of Hatching and Rearing – by H. Howes Assistand Director of NIPH

Events of the Year – February through December

Wine Cellar Column by T. A. Layton

Hotel Discoveries by Ashley Courtenay. 0702


The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic was founded in 1874 and published in London. A wonderful insight into farming, sports, hunting, etc and many other activities of the day with a high photographic content.

28 pages (56 sides). This is an original USED magazine not a scan and not a later re-print. It measures 295 x 220 mm (11.5 x 8.5 "). It retains the outer advertising cover. There is a little age yellowing. Some of the pages may be loose, and have minor cuts tears and blemishes due to their age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. The images/photos. vary in size. There are no colour images unless otherwise stated.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are NO pages missing, so if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. If you require information on size of articles (i.e. number of words), sizes of images, please ask before bidding or buying. The process of the page numbering in The Sketch are carried on from the previous issue and therefore do not start at number 1. This item will be packaged in a board backed envelope. The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only.

The description above details the content in my own words and not necessarily what is written on the original page."Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the printed text.

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