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The Illustrated London News

DATED 1950 Christmas Number

This first part of the description features a list of Images i.e. engravings, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

The Thames off Greenwich - From a Painting by George Chambers - a beautiful front outer cover in colour - the subject is of various sailing vessels, Thames Barge, sailing ships etc. the print is outlined in a gold border with the rest of the page being taken up with red and gold decoration. ILN Titles are in Blue with gold border

McVitie and Price Biscuits for Christmastide - full colour page

Beautifully illustrated Contents Page entitled "Deliciarum Vel Scriptarum Vel Pictarum Index" in illumination style - full page in colour artwork unknown

Humber 8 Seater Pullman Limousine - - Humber 8 Seater Imperial Saloon - full page colour advert showing the two cars - artwork unknown

The Reluctant Pet - a Girl with a Pigeon by Jan Van Noordt - full page front page in colour - the print courtesy of Edward Speelman

The Frontispiece of "La Guirlande De Julie" - Zephy6r Scattering Flowers - A Lvoe Gift of Long Ago From a French Duke to His Fiancee - full page in colour with caption article below

La Gvirlande de Ivlie - The Title Page of the Florilegium in Honour of Julie D'Angennes De Rambouillet - full page in colour with caption below - garland of different flowers, tulips, iris etc etc

Pictures Without Paint by Squadron Leader (ret.) H. E. Hervey MC - Made with Seeds, Moss, Thorns, Bark and Twigs:

A Dotterel '

A Study of Wood Mice in a Natural Setting '

A Sparrow and A Robin in a Winters Scene '

Harvest Mice ina Cornfield '

Full page in colour with article

The Donkey Ride by Thomas Gainsborough - full page

Illustration for a short story drawn by Steven Spurrier

How M. Anatole Duplan the Artist Paints His Pictures:

A Microphotograph of a Butterfly's Wing Showing Scales '

M. Duplan a tthe Miromanipulator He Built- working Pig's Eyelash Through a System of Cam Shafts....Phials Containing Butterfly Wing Scales in Foreground -

A Microscope Slide Showing the Actual Size of a Preparation ...'

M. Duplan Inspecting a Preparation through His Home Made Microscope '

A Bouquet of Flowers in Crystal Vase - About 2 Millimetres High - Painted by M. Duplan - in colour

Basket of Flowers by M. Duplan - colour

A Cornucopia Containing Fuchsias and other Flowers - in color Sleekburnc.

One of M. Duplan's Microscopic Paintings - A Bird, Flowers and insects etc - incolour

Blind Mans Buff - Attributed to Hubert Robert 1733- 1808 - full page print in colour - "Reproduced Courtesy of the Musee de Picardie, Amiens "

The Dog's Eduation by Francois Boucher 1703- 70 - full page in colour "Reproduced Courtesy of the Musee de Nimes "

An Eighteenth Century Coquette - Drawing in the Style of the French Court Painter Francois Boucher - full page print in colour

The Story of Ferdinand the Bull - Illustrations Drawn by Robert Lawson formthe Book The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf ( Hamish Hamilton) - over four pages with captions

Cottages Beside a River - Painting by Francois Bouvher - full page in colour with grey borders and text - "Reproduced by Courtesy of the Musee des Beaux- Arts, Orleans "

Domestic Life in 17thC Holland - Present for a Good Girl - From a Painting by Jacob Ochtervelt 1635- 1700 - full age in colour (as above) "Reproduced by Courtesy of Sir Robert Mayer "

Domestic Life 18tyC England - The Visit to Grandmother - From a Painting by John Zoffany 1733- 1810 - full page as above - "Reproduced Courtesy Messrs Arthur Tooth and Sons"

The Effects of Intempereance - From a Painting by Jan Steen - a double page in colour setting out to point out a moral or a story, the consequent on too much eating and drinking showing a family scene - "Reprocuced Courtesy of Mister Percy B. Meyer "

Childrens Toys Give Their Own Christmas Party a Dolls Carnival Between The First and The Last Stroke of Midnight - four colour paintings by Martin Battersby to illustrate this story: A Pack of Cards, The Kings, Queens, Knaves etc Leap Out Reive- - - Miss Angelina Robinson the Musical Doll - - - Two Dolls, Bill and Belle the Acrobats Miel - - - The Chef and The Hare Herbwoman

An Experiment With An Air Pump - Fro a Painting by Joseph Wright of Derby - a half page print showing a study in science - "Reproduced Courtesy of Tate Gallery"

The Orrery - By Joseph Wright 1734- 1797 - half page in colour showing a group of excited little boys a clock work model of the planetary system "Reproducedf by Courtesy of Museum and Art Gallery, Wardwick, Derby"

The Nativity - From a Painting by Federigo Baroci 1528- 1612 - full page in colour "From a Rinascimento Print of Roberto Hoesch, Milan "

Beauties of the Late Georgian Era, An 18thC Quartette:

Duchess of Devonshire - Engraving by Francesco Bartolozzi After an Original Drawing by John Downman - colour - info. Georgiana Cavendish (née Spencer)

Mrs Siddons the Actress - From an Engraving by P. W> Tomkins a Pupil of Bartolozzxi, After a Drawing by Downman ARA - colour

Lady Duncannon - From an Engraving by Bartolozzi After Drawing by Downman Made for the Scenery at Richmond House, Where Amateur Stage Performances Were Held - colour , fashionable lady of the day wearing a bouffant coiffure or hairstyle with a black feathered hat, - info. Henrietta Ponsonby, Countess of Bessborough nee Lady Henrietta Spencer

Miss Farren The Comedienne, Later Countess of Derby - From an Engraving by Mr Collyer From a Drawing by Downman ...- colour

Full page

A Little Instruction From Auntie - From a Water Colour Crawing By John Downman ARA (c1750- 1824) - a full page colour print of Miss D. Hall, sister of Mary Lawrence Nee Hall, and the boy Charles Lawrence son of Richard James Lawrence - info. father of General Sir Arthur LAwrence of Fox Hills

Solomon - By Eugene Kassessinoff the Court Painter to HM The King of Egypt - half page colour print with text caption

Narcotic Dreams - By Eugene Kassessinoff - half page colour print with text

Full page

Full page of adverts incl:

MG TD Midget Car - half page advert

Players - Christmas advert

Grants Whisky - advert

Goblin Teasmade - advert

Full page of adverts incl:

Alvis Car

Red Hackle Whisky by Hepburn and Ross of Glasgow -

Ronson Cigarette Lighters :- Ronson Standard - - Ronson Adonis - - Ronson Whirlwind - - Ronson Princess - - Ronson Queen Anne Table Lighter

Cherry Heering - half page advert

Full page of adverts incl:

Swan Pens

Marsh Hams from Marsh and Baxter of Brierley Hill

Barker and Dobson Sweets

Chanel No. 5 Perfume

Gordons Gin - advert

Dr Barnardo's Homes - advert

Huntley and Palmers Biscuits - full page Christmas advert in colour - Father Christmas or Santa Claus with a sack full xmas presents

Lady Playing Golf - Number Seven - full page colour advert from artwork by P. Monserat - for Abdulla cigarettes

The Paradise Fish Macropodus opercularis from South China - full page colour print painted by Cedric Chater for Cussons Imperial Leather - full page advert

Black and White Scotch Whisky - full page colour print, an advert, showing a snow scene and two West Highland and Scottish terrier dogs travelling in the back of an open topped car with their owners - probably from a painting by M. Gear

McVitie and Price Biscuits - full page colour christmas advert - inner cover.



This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

Pictures Without Paint - Pictures by7 Squadron Leader H. E. Hervey

The Seven Crosses by Georges Simenon - Short Story.

Paintings in Butterfly Wing Scales Enlarged Over 3000 Timnes - M. Anatole Duplan - caption article

Childrens Toys Give Their Own Christmas Party - paintings by Martin Battersby to illustrate his own story

The Story of Ferdinand the Bull by Munro Leaf ( Hamish Hamilton ) caption story. Sleekburnc. 1611

The Illustrated London News was a magazine founded by Herbert Ingram, with the first edition of the Illustrated London News appearing on 14 May 1842.

Twenty three pages (46 sides). It measures 370 x 260mm (14.5 x 10 "). There is a little age yellowing. The staples are rusty leaving witness marks. Some of the pages are loose incl. front cover. The images, photos, sketches etc. vary in size. The images are in black and white unless otherwise stated. It retains its outer cover.PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present As far as I can tell there are two pages missing, so if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. The process of the page numbering in The Illustrated London News issues are applied in a yearly sequence and therefore do not start at number 1.

Quotation or speech marks in the text signifies the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page."Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text. The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only. This item will be packaged in a tube unless otherwise requested.


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