1949 SPORT FARMING Magazine FARMERS DINNER LONDON Smithfield DISTILLING Prof Winters Minnesota (6573
1949 SPORT FARMING Magazine FARMERS DINNER LONDON Smithfield DISTILLING Prof Winters Minnesota (6573
1949 SPORT FARMING Magazine FARMERS DINNER LONDON Smithfield DISTILLING Prof Winters Minnesota (6573
1949 SPORT FARMING Magazine FARMERS DINNER LONDON Smithfield DISTILLING Prof Winters Minnesota (6573
1949 SPORT FARMING Magazine FARMERS DINNER LONDON Smithfield DISTILLING Prof Winters Minnesota (6573

1949 SPORT FARMING Magazine FARMERS DINNER LONDON Smithfield DISTILLING Prof Winters Minnesota (6573

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Original Vintage Magazine

DATED 1949

A wonderful insight into sport, hunting, farming and other activities of the day relating to the country in general.


This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

Professor L. M. Winters of Minnesota University USA - Speaking at an Informal Dinner Given by The British Oil and Cake Mills Ltd - frontispiece page - speaking on beef cattle breeding etc.

Outer front cover shows a photo of The Coniston Hounds at Kirkstone Pass; plus advertising.

The Hunting Horn Contest at The Torrington Farmer Hunt Ball - Mr A. Harris of the South Devon Hounds - F. Gerry Huntsman at the Lamerton - Major D. F.B. Stucley (judge) - Captain A. W. Budgett (judge).

Field Sports EXhibition at Delft Holland - Sir Philip nichols British Ambasador with Mr L. A. Kesper.

Tractor Engines Exchanged by Ford Motor Co.

St Columb Fat Stock Show - Goonreeve Beauty Shown by Messrs Rodgers of Goonreeve Penryn i Cornwall - cow with handler

Sold to the MMB - Bentapex Viceroy 12th Shown by Mr Gerald C. Bentall of Weybridge and Kingston Surrey - photogo of cow.

At Chicago's "SMithfield" - The Junior Grand Champion Steer - an aberdeen angus with a young lady handler.

Model of "Electricity on the Farm" - Demonstrated with a Model by Messrs Drake and Gorham Lte of Reafding Market.

First Aid on the Farm - First Aid Kit Made by Messrs T. J. Smith and Nepher of Hull.

Mr T. Coombes of Ross on Wye Using Ethylene Gas to Ripen His Pears for Christmas.

Tom Walls - The Celebratedf Actor Rider Racehorse Owner and Trainer Out on a Shoot.

At Hopcrofts Holt on the Banbury Oxford Road - Huntsman P. Durno and Hounds of the Heythrop OUtside the Pub.

Salmon Leaping at Romsey Mill on the Terst i nHampshire.

Annual Show of Handicrafts, Baking anf Farm Produce of the Perthshire Assoc. Junior Agricultural Clubs - Miss Sheila Hay of Easter Rhynd.

NFU Branch Chairman - Lady Nicholson of Little Dodd, Underskiddaw nr Keswick Cumberland.

A Young Porpoise on the Beach at Burnham on Sea in Somerset.

Pruning Fruit Trees - Seven photographs showing Apple tree - Red Currant Bush - Gooseberry - Desert Pears etc.

International Show Jumping in Switzerland:

Mr Brian Butler on Tankard.

Lieutenant Colonel Llewerllyn and Foxhunter.

Mlle Cancre of France.

Coupes Des Nations - Lieutenant Colonel Harry Llewellyn - Mr Bian Butler - Mr Wilfred White.

Lieutenant P. d'Inzeo of Italy on his Horse Destino.

The Capriole Demenstratedf by a Member of the Spanish School of Vienna.

Colonel Mike Ansell Chairman of the BSJA - Mr Kobelt the Swiss Minister.

South Eastern Shorthorn Show at Guildford.

Iford and Norhtease Cup won by Bentapex Barrington King 4th Ownef by Mr Gerald C. Bentall of Oatlands Farm, Weybridge - photograph of bull.

Reserve Best Bull - Swillbrook Lord Waterloo Owned by Lieutenant Colonel And Mrs M. S. Oxley of Wotton under Edge, Gloucestershire - photo of animal.

Winner of the Bishopsutton Cup Mercers Wild Eyes 2nd Owned by Mr J. W. Cook of Sherington, Bletchley in Bucks - photo of animal.

Winner of Woodman Cup - Cherry Owned by Mr H. J. Hansen of Upper Standen, Hawkinge nr Folkestone in Kent - photo of animal.

Washington State College USA - Members of the Washington 4-H Club (Young Farmers Club) Inspecting the Open Window in the Cows Side - plus two other photographs.

English Guernseys Winter Sale at Reading:

President of the Society Major R. W. Cooper - Colonel T. M. Ker Secretary.

Mr W. H. Trigg WHo has the Huntsmead Herd Chats to Major D. MacL. Macmillan.

Stewards - Mr G. Clapham - Mr J. F. Dee Shapland.

Mr John Oldham OBE of the Rookery, Bollington in Cheshire.

Malverleys Dinah 4th Owned by Mr H. B. Turner o fMalverleys, Newbury in Berks - photo of cow and handler.

Gennings Sally 2nd Owned by Dowager Marchioness of Ormonde of Maidstone Kent - photo of cow.

Mr J. Imber Representing Alladin Industries Ltd Who Was a Buyer of Colonel The Hon. J. J. Astor's Hever Mulberry 9th - photo of Mr Imber.

Hever Mulberry Owned by The Hon. J. J. Astor of Hever Castle Estate Office, Edenbridge, Kent - photo of cow and handler.

The Distillers Art - Highland Scotch Whisky:

Typical Highland Malt Distillery.

The Mash and Tun Rooms ... -

Low Wines and Wash Stills.

The Worm Tubs.

Filling the Mash Tun.

Sacks of Barley Emptied in the Granary Conveyer Chute.

In the Granary.


The Wash Backs - Huge Caskes Holding 12,000 Gallons of Wort at 80ºF.

Purified Spirit in Cask.

Noting the Details - Each Casks Number, Proof and Strength are Noted by Customs and Distillery Officials.

Casks Rolled into the Bonded Warehouses.

Double page.

Three photographs showing crops of Mistletoe in the garden of Mr and Mrs Geoffrrey Smith at Radlett Hertfordshire.

Smithfield - Past and Present - engravings and photographs showing Highland Steer Owned by Mr D. M. Steart of Perthshire - Mr W. Stanburys Devon Royal Standard - - - Mr F. W. Walkers Niall Mor of Leys - - - Three Suffolk Lambs Shown Owned by Mr C. Landon - - - Two Berkshires (Pigs) Owned by Mr S. D. Player.

Supreme Champion Beast of 1949 at Smithfield - Douglas Owned by Mr John McKimmie of Culcairn Farm, Alness in Ross-shire - photograph of the animal.

Winner of the Kings Cup - Pride of Maisemore 109th Owned by Mr J. L. Cridlan of Maisemore Park, Gloucester - photo of the animal.

Baby Beef Champion - Cruggleton Langston Owned by Mr A. J. Marshall of Fernbank Stranraer - photo of animal. c.keenlyside.

Champion Yearling Steer - Stype Julian Eric Owned by Sir William Rootes of Stype Estate Office near Hungerford - photo of animal.

Reserve Best Aberdeen Angus - Elise of Derculich Owned by reive Mr R. Wemyss Honeyman of Derculich, Strathtay Perthshire - photo of animal.

Best Shorthorn - Bapton Barrister Owned by Mr J. V. Rank of Delaware, Edenbridge, Kent - photo of animal.

Best Hereford - Free Town Decoratio Owned by Messrs P. E. And T. F. Bradstock of Free Town, Torrington nr hereford - photo of animal.

Best Sussex - Worten SNowfrop 3rd Owned by W. L. Hubble and Son of Worten Farm, Great Chart nr Ashrford Kent - photo of animal.

Best Red Poll - Kirton Ruefulgirl Owned by Mr Stuart paul of Kirton Lodge, Kirton near Ipswich - photo of animal.

First Prize Galloway - Dun James Owned by Messrs W. And A. B. Duncan of Lannhall, Tynron, Dumfies -photo of animal.

Best Highland - 2nd Dragoon Owned by Mr W. P. Brown of Alderley, Market Street, Easingwold nr York - photo of animal.

First Prize Lincoln Red Shorthorn - Barnoldby Koko Owned by Mrs Grace Dawson of Park House, Hatcliffe near Grimsby - photo of animal.

Best First Cross - Frank Bred by Messrs William and James Knight and Shown by Scottish Malt Distillers of Glen Kinchie Distillery East Lothian.

Smithfield Sheep Prizewinners:

Judges of the Championship entries were Mr Robert Patterson and Sir Joshua P. ross-Taylor - men inspecting the sheep.

Supreme Champions Shown by Mr W. P. Bruce of DDrumkilbo Mains, Meigle Perthshire - three sheep and handlers.

Mr W. P. Bruce Exhibitor of the Pen of Supremem Champion Sheep.

Leicesters Inspected by the Judge - Bred by Mr T. A. Stephenson and Sons - photo of sheep handlers and judge.

Hampshire Downs Owned by Mr H. A. Benyon of Englefield House Nr Reading - sheep and handlers.

Cross Bred - Three Fat Lambs Owned by Messrs J. And F. Mudd of Grits Farm, Fridaythorpe, Malton - lambs and three handlers.

Dartmoor 1st Prize Winners - Owned by Mr M. J. Borden of Ford Farm, Manaton near Newton Abbot - photo of three sheep.

Exmoor Horns - Owned by Mr S. J. Rudd of North Radworthy, Hensley Mill, South Molton Devon - photo of three sheep.

Mr Tom Williams Opening the Smithfield Show.

Long Wool Champions - Owned by Messrs T. A. Stephenson of Arras, Sancton, York ...' photo of three sheep.

Mr Leonard Bull Secretary of th Smithfield Club Retired.

Short Wool Champions - Owned by Colonel Sir Robert E. S. Gooch of Benacre Estate Office, Wrentham, Beccles Suffolk - three sheep and handlers.

Suffolks Line Up for Judges Mr Hugh Fraser and Mr H. W. Bishop.

Prize Winning Pigs and Porkers at Smithfield:

Largte Blacks Owned by Mr D. W. P. Gough - two pigs.

Wessex Saddlebacks - Owned by Wilts United Dairies Ltd of Buckingham - photo of two pigs.

Essex - Woned by SMiths Potato Estates Ltd of Nocton in Lincolnshire - photo of two pigs.

Tamworth - Owned by Messrs Copas Bros of Kings Coppice Farm, Cookham Dean Berks - two pigs.

LArge Whites - Ownedc by Mr E. E. Geary of Hightown, Ringwood hants - two pigs.

Middle Whites - Owned by Messrs Chivers and Sons of Histon - two pigs.

National Long White Lop Eared - Owqned by Mr W. A. Whidden o Sowdens, Brampford Speke nr Exeter - two pigs.

Single Pig Champion - Owned by Messrs Chivers of Histon Cambridge - pig.

Berkshire - OPwned by Mister Stephen D. Player - phot of pig.

Any Black Breed - Owned by Messrs A. and C. Playle of Manor Farm, litlington, Royston Herts -photo of pig.

Cross Breed - Owned by Messrs H. And A. Harding of Dorridge near Birmingham - pig.

Under Five Months Miel - Owned by Mr Stephen D. Player of Poulton Fields, Poulton, Fairford, Gloucestershire - two pigs.

Over Five Months - Owned by Messrs Chivers Ltd of Histon - two pigs.

Porkers - Owned by Colonel W. C. Devereux CBE of Roundhill Estate, Kimble, Aylesbury Bucks - two pigs.

Large Blacks - Owned by Mr D. W. P. Gough of LAckford Manor, Bury St Edmunds - two pigs.

Double page.

Supreme Smithfield Carcases - Annual Pre Christmas Dinner in London:

Rev. C. L. Cresswell - Sir Donald Fergusson - Sir Thomas Dugdale - Mr R. Bolton.

Sir Cleveland Fyfe - mr R. H. Franklin - Sir Henry Turner - Mr F. Nevill Matthews.

The Rt. Hon. R. A. Butler - Mr James Mackintosh (chairman) - Lord Oaksey - Mr W. J. Cumber.

Mr Elwyn Jones - Mr Ben Hind - Dr W. r. Woodridge - Mr C. e. Street.

Sir Arthur Street - Mr H. r. Overman - Sir Roland Burke - Maj. R. Proby.

Mr H. L. Parsons with Mr and Mrs T. W. Barnes.

Mr Dennis Passmore - Mr G. M. Brockett - Miss Jill Melford - Mr H. A. Lambert.

Miss Mary Wood - Mr E. J. Lainchbury - Mr G. Wood (miss Wood has a Science Degree).

Mr T. B. Robinson - MR M. E. M. Slade - Mr D. Weatherhead - Mrs W. c. Thorn.

Professor Ling - Mr and Mrs Morley Davies - Mrs Ling.

Mr J. D. Hamilton - Mr R. W. D. Seymour - Miss E. M. Grossmith - Mr David Miller.

Cross Cut of Champion Beef Carcase 531 Lb etc.

Beef Carcase - bed by M. T. Board, Llantwit Major, Glam.

Mutton - Cross Cut of The Chanpion Carcases ....Bred by Fred Holland of 20 High St Battle Sussex.

Cut of Ch. Pig.

Bacon - Bred by Wilts united Dairies Ltd.

Double page

Horse Breeding - The December Sales at Tattersalls Newmarket:

- Mare Owned by M. Marcel Boussac " Palma Rosa " Sold To Major L. b. Holliday - horse being shown around the ring.

Mr R. Van Cutsem - The Marquis of Hartington - Miss Catherine de Trafford - Nr joseph Tree - Major the Hon. J. J. Astor.

The Princess Royal with Mis sjanine Clayton - - Princess Mary.

The hon. Mrs Gerald Wellesleywith Ryan Jarvis the Newmarket Trainer.

Messieurs Pierre Champion (Haras du Manoir de Chemoitau ) and Maxime Foulupt.

Mrs Betty Marsh Who Manages Mr Clifford Nicholson 's St uds - Mr J. Wylie - Mr Nicholson.

Lady Mary Cambridge - The Marchioness of Cambridge - Mr Jack Clayton - Lady Irvin.

Miss B. McCulloch - Mr and Mrs Jack Smith.

Mr and Mrs J. A. C. Lilley.

Two comical cartoons by Jet.

The Pratchitt Modern Grass Dryer - advert.

Ferguson Loader and Spreader - - Ferguso Spring Tine Cultivator - advert.

Teles Power Chain Saws - advert.

Christmas Gift Ideas - Full page.

The Mobilactor fro Gascoignes of Reading - advert.

Grain Storage from George W. King of Hitchin Herts - advert.

Perkins Diesels - advert.

Crewing in Norman Moore's Kabaka The Winner of the Points Cup - small photgraph of a yacht

Overtoun Cherry Fine Owned by W.H. Slater of Eyton Farm, Wellington, Salop - photograph of cow.

Somers Kit Owned by G. c. Goodchild Esq of Flampsteds Farm, Ashley Green, Chesham -cow.

Pakenham Posy 2nd Owned by Messrs S. W> Cross and Sons of Ixworth, Bury St Edmunds.

Churchill Primrose 35th Woned by T. A. Rose Esq of Churchill Heath, Kingham Oxonm

Christmas Gift Ideas - Car Demister - - - Compact Circulator Radiator - - Bag Boy for Golf - - Mirror Clock from Smiths Motors - - Sparking PLugs by KLG - Irritation Suppressor from Belling Lee - - Mary JaneCombination High Stool Chair from Weldall Ltd - - Tecal Teasmade - - Fog Lamp from Lucas - - The Ronson Whirl Lighter - - Inspection Lamp from Lucas.

Robust Universal Cutter anf Chopper from Mitchell Colman Ltd - advert.

ronson Lighters - advert showing four designs of lighters.

One Man and His F. H. hedge Cutter fro Fisher Humphries - advert.

A Range of Outdoor Brooders.

Autumn Hatched Chicks in Outdoor Brooders.

Land rover Station Wagon - advert.

Jack Barclay Rolls Royce and Bentley - small advert.

Rodine Rat Poison from Thomas harley Ltd - advert.

The Clifford Rotary Cultivator - Shows Mr E. King Using a Model A 111 Ploughing Unit - advert

Ski-ing in Australia - Kiandra.

The Chalet at Kiandra.

c1890 - Group of Skiers - Photograph belonging to Charles A. Kerry the Father of Australian Ski-ing.

The Miners and Their Skis.

Highland Queen Whisky - 17th Century Lanter Clock by William Bowyer - advert

Funny Cartoon by Dennis Mallet

Zug Shoes - advert

Don Garcia Cigars - advert

Hotel Phoenicia Malta - advert

Booths Finest Dry Gin - advert

Maltese Dogs Owned by Mrs C. M. hunter of Michaelchurch Court near Abergavenny - photograph showing four dogs

Hawkins Tecal Teasmade - advert

Norwells Shoes - advert

The Advance Cooker No. 1 - The WIzsard in the Kitchen - advert

Army Benevolent Fund - advert

Christmas Gifts from the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co. - Pocket Cigarette Lighter - - Cigarette Case - - CIgarette Box - - -Cufflinks - - Signet Ring - - Gents Stainless Steel Wrist Watch- advert'


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

International Show JUmping in Switzerland by Lieutenant Colonel W. E. Lyon.

TheDistillers Art and How Real Scotch Whisky is Made - By David Innes.

Mistletoe - Golden Bough or Baleful Berry? by Mrs Geoffrey Smith.

Smithfield Past and Present.

Breeders Problems by Rapier - Equestrian Horses etc.

Golf by Henry Cotton.

Preliminary Preparations for the Seasons Chicken Crop by H. Howes Assistand Dir. National Institute of Poultry Husbandry.

Dog Column by A. Croxton Smith with ref. Mrs Hunter of Michaelchurch Court and her maltese dogs and other items.

About Your Cellar - Festival Wine - by T. A. Layton.

Hotel Discoveries by Ashley Courtenay.  sleekburnc. 1412


This is an original but 'USED' Magazine not a scan and not a later re-print. if there is a particular date you require in regards to this item eg. for a birthday or anniversary etc please ask.

The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only. Twenty two pages (44 sides). It measures approximately 305 x 220 mm (12 x 8.5 inches ). There is some age yellowing, some of the pages may have minor cuts tears and blemishes due to their great age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. The images vary in size. The images are in black and white unless otherwise stated. PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are no page missing, but if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. This item will be packaged in a tube unless otherwise requested.

The description of the contents above are in my own words and not necessarily what is written on the original page."Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text.

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