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Oliver Leese B-17 FLYING FORTRESSES 385th USAAF Italian Front Letino Mignano CANADIANS TAKE ORTONA Scharenhorst Sinking RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN


The Illustrated London News

14 pages (28 sides) Weekly Newspaper

DATED 1944


This first part of the description features a list of Images i.e. engravings, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

General Sir Bernard Montgomery New CinC of the British Armies Western Front, Taking an Al Fresco Meal With Lt. Gen Sir Oliver Leese KCB His Successor in Command of the Eighth Army - full page (fp) frontispiece.

Present First Sea Lord and Formerly CinC, Mediterranean: Admiral of the Fleet Sir Andrew Cunningham GCB DSO - fp

Young USA Airforce Men of the Day Raiding Forces Who Bomb Nazi Europe - double page (dp) showing thirteen photos:

Major Daniel F. Riva 24 Year Old Commander of a Fortress Squadron with a Waist Gunner, 20 Year Old S/Sgt John Leahy of the Fortress " Vibrant Virgin "

Crews of Flying Fortresses, Just Briefed for a Big Raid, Attend reive a Service in a Hut Chapel.

L. Lt Arnold Levine (age 21) a Group Engineering Officer with U.S. Forces in Britain Working With Others on a Salvaged Aircraft.

Navigator L/Lt. John Durkov Aged Twenty Four At Work in the Nose of His Flying Fortress, Mary Ellen III.

PFC. Otis L. Starnes Sets His Seal on the Rip Cord of a Parachute.

Lt. George E. Webb, age 24, Navigator of the Flying Fortress Fightin Cock Photographed Next to His Aircraft Before A Mission.

Climbing Steadily Above The Clouds, Flying Fortresses Bound for Europe Gain Height After Leaving Their Base in Britain.

Lt. Colonel Vandevanter 26 Year Old Commanding Officer of a Fortress Station in Britain, Photographed on His Return From A Raid.

Lt Mike Eichwald age 27 - Bombardier of the Fightin Cock Gets Ready to Board His Fortress.

Bombardier Eichwald is also a Gunner, As Is Navigator Lt. George E. Webb With Him, Next to the Fightin Cock.

Three Young Officers of Lucky Strike: Lt. N. L. Weider - Lt. J. J. Porvencia - Lt D. Baker.

Sgt and Cpl Reconditioning an A3 Life Raft.

Intelligence Officer Interrogates The Crew of the Fortress Slo Joe on their Return from a Raid on Germany.

Info. Very likely B-17 Flying Fortresses 385th Bombardment Group, RAF Great Ashfield, but not 100%.

Field Marshal Viscount Wavell - Viceroy of India, The Author of Allenby In Egypt.

Lord Allenby with His Pet Stork in the Residency Garden, Cairo.

Saad Zaghlul Pasha.

AN Allenby Bridge - over a stretch of the river Avon near Salisbury

Lord Allenby With His Mother and lady Allenby - Taken At Felixstowe in 1919.

Jet Propulsion Explained: A System Now In Its practical Stage - Diagrammatic Drawings Explaining the Principle Employed in Britains New Jet Propelled Fighter - fp showing eleven diagrams drawn by "Our Special Artist G. H. Davis " redrawn from the work by Mr G. Geoffrey Smith

A Diagram of an Aeroplane of the Future: A Composite Design for a Jet Propelled Aircraft of the Future - dp with inset photographs of The Late Flight Lieut P. E. G. Sayer The Test Pilot Who Flew The First Successful Whittle Aircraft - - Group Captain Frank Whittle The Thirty Six year Old Inventor Who is Responsible for the Allies New Jet propelled Fighter Aircraft.

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The Precarious Situation of the German Army Groups in the Ukraine - Map Showing How Sixty German Divisions Faced Encirclement in the South by Vatutins Miel And Koniev's Armies. Within text

Map - The Italian Front: General Leese, Advancing on Pescara. Within text.

A View of the Camino and Maggiore Mountains From Which The FIfth Army Drove out the Germans.

In the Mignano Sector: Tank Destroyer Firing at Enemy Positions.

Men of the Eighth Army, A British Regiment, Wending Their Way Over The Hills Towards The German Front Line.

General Montgomery's Farewell to His Eighth Army From the Stage of the Garrison Theatre.

Goums of a French Moroccan Division, Now Serving with the Fifth Army, Returning to Billets After Guard Duty in the Letino Sector.

Before Moving Up to The Fighting Line, Canadian Troops outside Ortona Attend a Christmas Service.

General Sir H. Alexander Stops to Chat with An English Private on Mount Camino.

The Canadians Take ortona, Scene fo Fierce Eight Day Battle.

The Canadians Take Ortona - dp showing eleven photo:

The Battle of Ortona: Canadian Troops Probing Enemy Defences 100 Yards From the Town

For Eight Days a Hand to Hand Street Battle Was Fought: Scene in the Town After Its partial occupation.

The Entrance to Ortona Was Heavily Mined And Protected by Machine Gun Nests: Canadians Firing a 3 in Mortar.

Cheery Lads of the Royal Canadian Engineers, Carrying Mine Detectors, With The Infantry West of Ortona.

A Sherman Tank in Action Against Snipers in Ortona's Main Street .

Artillery and Gunner Immobilised After Torrential Rains Caused The River to Overflow its Banks Before Ortona.

How the Enemy Was Expelled House By House: Tanks Ready to Fire on A Snipers Nest.

Men of a Canadian Regiment at the Notorious Cross Roads Outside Ortona Await a German Counter Attack.

AN Aerial View of the Port of Ortona Before its Destruction. Sleekburnc.

After Eight Days of the FIercest Street Fighting: An Aerial View of the Town After Its Capture '

A Tough Looking German Paratroops Warrant Officer With Iron Cross: One of a Bunch of Prisoners Captured Singlehanded by a Canadian private.

The Dramatic Last Moments of Scharnhorst As Last Seen From the Bridge of Duke of York with Internal Fires and Explosions Causing Her Bridge and Superstructure to Become Red Hot; There was Fire Astern - a dramatic centre dp Painted by our Special Artist C. E. Turner from a Personal Description Given Him By Commander T. A. K. Maunsell RN. There are rusty staple witness marks to the centre fold

The Campaign in Russia With The Germans as They Retreat - fp showing x7photos:

A View of the Ground Over Which A Bitter Battle was Fought Somewhere in Russia.

Night Action on the Russian Front: German Machine Gunners Fire Tracer Bullets into a Soviet Position.

Twin Periscopes Mark A Nazi Underground Observation Post; A Ventilation Outlet.

German Tiger Tanks, With Shock Troops, Roll Along a Russian Road in the Nevfel Area.

German Troops Take up Their Positions in a front Line Trench at the Eastern Front.

According to the Nazi Caption This is a Soviet Tank Destroyed in Front of a German Position and Photographed Through a Telescope.

Exhausted Germans Retreat in Russia: Wounded And Wary Men, Pile on a Mud Clogged Armoured Vehicle, Retreat on the Nevel Front.

A Bomb With Wings: a German Radio Controlled Rocket Bomb - Explanatory Drawings of a New Weapon. With Details of tactics Employed in its Use ' Full page diagramatical drawings by G. H. Davis.

A Sabotage Bomb Caused The Destruction of this Danish Armaments Factory, Industri-Syndikatee, in the Free Harbour, Copenhagen.

Another Example of the Effectiveness of Continued Danish Sabotage, The Shattered Appearance of a Shoe Factory in Stensgad, Wrecked by a Bomb.

A Fire, Started By Danish Saboteurs, Raging at the Shipyard of Nordjerg and Wedell, Copenhagen - the Yard Had Been Producing German Motor Torpedo Boats.

Gear And Equipment of US Marines Who Died or Were Wounded in the Assault on Tarawa, in the Gilbert Islands, Being Sorted.

Soldiers Inspecting a Dummy Gun Built by the Japanese With Cocoanut Logs on Makin Island, in the GIlberts, Captured By US Marines.'

Three of the US Marines' Officers Who Directed The Successful But Costly Attack on Tarawa Photographed After The Bloody Battle.

In a Churchill Tank - fp:

The Driver and Gunner Seated at the Controls of A churchill Tank x5photos.

Hughenden Manor, Beaconsfield, Bucks to be Taken Over By The National Trust.

Funeral Procession of Archbishop Caruana of Malta passing Through Kingsgate, Valetta and The Blitzed Theatre Royal.

German Survivors from The Bay of Biscay Battle: A Lifeboat With Men From One of the German Destroyers Sunk by British Cruisers.

The Damaged Foremast of the Battleship Duke of York Following on Her Action Against The Scharnhorst on December 26.

Notable People in the Public Eye

Sir Francis P Armstrong BT - formerly of the RAC

Pte Richard Keliher VC Australian Forces. For Actions atNadzab

Flt. Lt. W. Ellis Newton VC RAAF - Australian Airforce

Mr G. Ridley MP Died In London.

Gen Sir Harold E. Franklyn.

Air Marshal Sir John Slessor.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Sholto Douglas.

Lt. Gen. J. A. H. Gammell Appointed Chief of Staff in the Mediterranean.

Major General W. Bedell Smith Apptd. Chief of Staff to General Eisenhower.

General Ivan Koniev, Who Captured Kirovograd, Commanding Troops of the Second Ukrainian Front.

General N. Vatutin Cin C of the Russian Armies Advancing on a Wide Front.

General Ivan Bagramyan, Commander of the Troops of the First Baltic Front.

Prehistoric Art in Africa: Rock Engraving of the Palaeolithic or Stone Age.

The Abbe Breuil Famous French Archaeologist with Professor C. Van Reit Lowe At An Excavation Site in the Transvaal.

A Rock Painting From Mr Rolf Vorsters Farm, Jamestown, Barkly East.

Haile Selassie Celebrates The Anniversary of His Coronation - fp showing x5photos:

The Liberty Statue in Addis Ababa.

The Emperor in Council With His Chiefs and Ministers.

Haile Selassie With THe Imperial Family. From his Marriage, in 1912 to Woizero Menin, There are Three Sons and one Daughter, The Eldest Son, The Crown Prince, Being Married.

The Emperor on His Throne, Seated With His Ministers and Chiefs with Ras Imrou, Who, After Exile in Italy, Arrived in Addis Ababa in Time for The Celebrations.

The Latest Photograph of Haile Selassie on His Throne.

A Shrine for THose Who Fought in the Battle of Britain - dp:

Carving on the LEft Wall of the Proposed RAF Memorial Chapel in Westminster Abbey.

More Carvings - The Rose, The Portcullis and the Fleur De Lis.

The Carvings Over The Enrance to the Chapel.

The Beautiful Ceiling of the Eastern Apsida.

A Further Example of the Beautiful Stonework of the Chapel.

Eastern Apsidal Chapel in the Henry VII Chapel - fp

The Spiral Nebula in the Constellation of Comae Berenicies.(Coma Berenices)

A Star Cluster in the Constellation of Canum Venatacorum.

A Spiral Nebula Photographed Beyond the Constellation of the Great Bear.

The Daimler Company Calender for 1944 - fp colour of naval officer etc. advert

News of the White Horse - fp colour advert for whisky.


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant.

The Record of a Great Mans Influence - Allenby in Egypt by Field Marshal Viscount Wavell GCB etc - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire.

The Great World War: German Naval Deterioration by Rear Admiral H. G. Thursfield.

The Old Stone Age in South Africa - The Work of the Archaeological Survey of South Africa Investigating The Evidences of Man to About a Millien Years By Professor C. Van Riet Lowe.

The World of Science - Revising the Milky Way by E. S. Grew.

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles.SleekburnC. 1501

This is an original but USED vintage newspaper not a scan and not a later re-print. If there is a particular date you require in regards to this item eg. For a Birthday or anniversary etc please ask. The Illustrated London News was a magazine founded by Herbert Ingram with the first edition of the Illustrated London News appearing on 14 May 1842.

The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only. It measures 365 x 260 mm (14.25 x 10.25). The outer advertising cover is detached down centre fold and loose (I have tucked within the other pages). There is a little age yellowing. Some of the pages have handling marks, blemishes due to their age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. The staples are rusty leaving witness marks. The images vary in size. T. PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are no pages missing, so if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. The process of the page numbering in the ILN run on from previous issues and therefore do not start at number 1. Sometimes the newspaper would have supplements which were numbered specially (eg. roman numerals or such like).

The above description details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page."Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text. This item will be packaged in a tube.

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