1943 Vintage Print PERCH Fish NIKLAUS STOECKLIN Colour Lithograph

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A beautiful 1943 lithographic print title PERCH Perca fluviatilis by NIKLAUS STOECKLIN European Perch. Original from the date stated.

1943 Vintage Print PERCH Perca fluviatilis NIKLAUS STOECKLIN Colour Lithograph

Artist/Illustrator: Niklaus Stoecklin
Title: Perch - Perca fluviatilis
Print Method: Lithographic
Dimensions: overall 340 x 243 mm (13.5 x 9.5 inches).
Date of Publication/Production: 1943 - from the date stated and not a later reproduction.
Provenance: Schonheiten Der Natur, Ein Bilderbuch von Niklaus Stoecklin - Beauties of Nature, a Picture Book by Niklaus Stoecklin. 1943

A beautiful colour lithograph of the European perch on good quality paper. From a collection by Niklaus Stoecklin. The title has been pasted to the foot of the print. Info: Niklaus Stoecklin (1896-1982) was a Swiss painter and graphic artist, and was the main representative of the New Objectivity and Magic Realism as well as an important poster designer.

Condition/Dimensions: The print measures overall 340x245 mm (13.5 x 9.75 inches). approx. It is in good condition. It has a blank reverse and is on good quality grade paper. This print would look lovely mounted and framed. This is a genuine old print as the date states and not a modern reprint/reproduction. Info. Our use of the term "original print" is used to describe a pictorial image made in a manner which allows it to be multiplied, and originating from the date stated. This includes examples of various methods of printmaking including engravings, etchings, woodcut, lithograph etc. Many prints/maps inevitably would have been originally bound in a book at some time as was this one.

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