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Battle of Mareth Tunisia MARGARET BOURKE-WHITE SS Strathallan EIGHTH ARMY RAF Squadrons Heraldic Badges KRUPPS ESSEN WORKSHOPS PLAN Sandhurst WAU NEW GUINEA Norway


The Illustrated London News

Original WW2 Vintage Newspaper

DATED 1943


This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, diagrams, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:


Battle of the Mareth Line Tunisia: A Front Line First Aid Post in the Wadi Zigzau - front page showing British medics treating soldiers etc.

Wadi Zigzau: Sappers Blasting Out a Path for Tanks and Armoured Vehicles - full page (fp) showing x5photos.

Tunisia - Four maps on a fp showing the Allied Lines. With caption descriptions of the maps incl: Where The First Army was Attacked at Sejenane; U.S. Advancing on Sidi Bou Zid; Eighth Army Threatened Mareth Line; Rommel Forces; El Hamma and U.S. Army Beyond Sened; Tunisian Heights and Wadi Akarit.

Prelude to Mareth - x2 night-time photographs on a fp showing the flashes of the Eighth Armys Guns, and Heavy Camouflaged British Lines etc.

The Battle of the Mareth Line - double page showing x11photos:

Three Soldiers of the Eighth Army Observing the Enemy from a Captured German Trench.

Men Advancing Cautiously with Fixed Bayonets Through a Trench System.

Sergeant Len Rayon of Beckenham Kent and Sgt Tom Gill of Hull Smile from a Captured Enemy Pill Box.

Some of the Prisoners Taken by the Eighth Army on the Mareth Line, Guarded by a Soldier of the Green Howards.

A Wounded Tommy, Private S. May of St Pancras Smokes with a Wounded German He Capture in the Battle.

Two British Soldiers Watch From a Trench as German Prisoners are Led Away.

Two Smiling Wounded British Soldiers with Bandaged Heads.

Eighth Army Troops Moving Along an Aeumy Anti-tank Ditch.

British Guns Firing on Enemy Points in the Mareth Zone.

British Gtun in Action.

Eighth Army Men Crossing an Anti Tank Ditch.

A Surface Shelter Destroyed in an Enemy Tip and Run Attack in Which Twelve People Died.

Firemen Tackle Flames After Bombs Fell on a Coastal Town Shopping Street.

Plaque Mounted on a Propeller Blade in Memory of 2nd Lt. H. D. Johnson of the United States Army Air Corps - info. he stayed with his spitfire rather than bale out to avoid residents of Edward Rd, area of Walthamstow.

General View of Liverpools Anglican Cathedral Almost Completed.

Keys Made to be Made Into Bombs at the Gas Light and Coke Company - two women with the keys.

Queen Elizabeth Talking to Members of the Catholic Service Womens Club at 11 Chester St, Grosvenor Place.

King and Queen Watch the RAF Take Over Guard Duty at Buckingham Palace for the First Time; with Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles Portal and Sir Archibald Sinclair.

Queen Chatting with the Commander of the RAF Guard.

Men of the RAF Regiment Marching in the Forecourt of Buckingham Palace as They Took Over Guard Duty.

Lord Trenchard Arriving at the Palace.

Sir Charles Portal at the Cenotaph.

Member of RAF Rgt Taking Over a Coldstream Guard at a Palace Sentry Box.

ON the Russian Front:

Map and Russias Winter Conquests Showing Their Gains.

Russian Peasants in the Wake of the German Retreat Return to the Sit of Their Former Village.

A German Driver near Leningrad, Guiding His Horses Through a River Covered in Ice Blocks.

Crew of a Russian Bomber Check Their Maps Beford Taking Off on a Raid Over German Lines.

Dog Teams Harnessed to Wheeled Stretchers with The Red Army Medical Corps.

Lieutenant Valerie Khomyakovo the Russian Fighter Pilot Smiles After Bringing Down a JU. 88 German Plane.

Group of British POWs in the Officers Camp Oflag IVC Germany - info. Colditz.

Bishop Neville Talbot.

Prince Franz II Married Countess Gina Von Wilczek in Leichtenstein.

Mr Ben Davis the Welsh Tenor.]

Lieut. Com. G. R. Colvin of HM Submarine Tigris, Presumed Lost.

Sir Alfred Baker of LCC..

Mister Conrad Veidt the Actor.

Squadron Leader K. W. Truscott the Australina Fighter Pilot and Battle of Britain Hero; Missing.

Terence P. Garraghan Aged 16 of Merchant Navy Awarded DSM.

A Nazi Propaganda Picture: Hitler And Goring in Berlin on heroes Day.

Lord Mayor of Lond Sir Samuel Joseph With Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, at the Mansion House.

Page titled Women are Sharing with Men the Dangers of the Sea showing x3 photos taken by Miss Margaret Bourke-White who was on board:

Men and Women in an Overcrowded Lifeboat Wave as a Rescue Plane is Sighted - hp.

Lifeboats That Saved Their Lives, Abandoned After Rescue.

Margaret Bourke-White Has a Hot Drink on Board the Rescue destroyer with Lord David Herbert the Transport Radio Officer.

Info. The event in the Mediterranean refers to the sinking of the England-Africa bound British troopship SS Strathallan. The caption article (with info provided by Margaret Bourke-White) also mentions others: Sister Violet - Elspeth Duncan one of Eisenhowers clerical staff, Kay Summersby Eisenhowers Irish Driver, Nurse Helen Freckleman from Edinburgh.

The Mareth Line: Victorious Soldiers of Montgomerys Eighth Army After Capturing an Enemy Pill Box - wonderful centre dp.

Page titled Ivan Turgenev: A Biography by J. A T. Lloyd etc: Mr J. A. T. Lloyd the Author - Ivan Turgenev - Count Leo Tolstoy - Feodor Dostoievsky.

The War in New Guinea and Japanese Attacks - fp showing x6photos:

Wau Aerodrome.

Allied Plane Flying Over Thick Jungle Occupied by Japanese.

25 Pound Guns Being Off Loaded from a Plane After the Japanese Attacked from Salamaua.

Australias Manning a 25 Pounder Gun, Assembled and Rushed into Action. The Defeat of Japs at Wau Aerodrome; Allied Shells Bursting on Enemy Positions.

Five Australian Soldiers Take a Well Earned Refreshment and Rest.

The Hated Herrenvolk (master race) - Scenes of Oppression in Norway - fp showing x6photos:

Homes Requisitioned by the Germans: Block of Flats in Oslo Where Tenants were Given Three Days Notice to Vacate.

A Dairy with Sold Out Signs on Windows.

A Police Palcard Offering a Huge Reward for Sabotuers Wanted poster with three men on it.

Main Railway Station in Oslo Hung with Many Swastika Flags; the Platforms Deserted.

Old Farmer Who Brought a Few Odd Parcels of Meat into town for Friends, Arrested by Germans and Quislings.

Little Norwegian Girls Playing in Their Recreation Ground Which Part Has Been Commandeered by the Wehrmacht for Storage of Tanks.

Sandhurst and Training Tank Officers - fp showing x3photos:

Officer Cadets Marching Past College Entrance.sleekburnc.

A Large Mirror Helps Cadets to Correct Their Faults During Arms Drill.

Troop of Officer Cadets Mounted on Convenanter Tanks Lined up in the Tank Park.

Sandhurst Officer Cadets of the Royal Armoured Corps OCTU Training on an Assault Course Training - dp showing x10photos.

A Detailed Plan of All Work Shops in Krupps Essen Works, Recently Devastated by the RAF - a very detailed full page diagram/plan with a key to the areas covered and work places covered; Locomotive and Wagons Section - Railway Wagons - Locomotive Repair Shops - Apprentices Training Shop - Reive - Brass Foundry - Hammer Forge - Surgical Instruments Work - Power Looms - Wire Mill and Press Shop - Coal Mine Salzer and Neuack - Electric Power Station - Spring shop - and much more. See part scan for detail on plan.

The End of the Italian Submarine Asteria in the Mediterranean - fp showing x2photos:

The Crew Lined Up on Deck Waiting for British Navy to Pick Them Up.

Members of Her Crew Swim Towards British Destroyers as The Submarine Plunges to the Bottom.

RAF Squadrons Heraldic Badges and Mottoes; Part 2 - dp showing x32 badges.

Three photographs of Birds and young: Swallows at Nest - Cock Nightingale Feeding Its Family - Meadow Pipit Feeding a Hungry Young Cuckoo - photographs by Eric J. Hoskings FRPS.

The Palpitating Octopod or The 1901 Lanchester of Kiplings motoring story "Steam Tactics" - fp colour advert on back cover (detached) for BSA, Daimler, Lanchester.

Plus other adverts.



This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:


Our Note Book - by Arthur Bryant.

The Great World War: Prospects in Russia by Cyril Falls.

Caption article: Miss Margaret Bourke-White on the survivors of a torpedoed troopship in the Mediterranean - approx 240wds.

A Human Link Between Eastern and Western Europe Ivan Turgenev A Biography by J. A. T. Lloyd - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire.

Science Page - The Way of the Birds in the Air by E. S. Grew.

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles reviewing: Tis I Have Seen by Judith Listowel - Destination Chungking by Han Suyin - China After Five Years of War with Preface by Dr WellingtonKoo - Miel - Understanding china by Harold B. Rattenbury - Horizon Hunter by Harrison Forman. sleekburnc. 1004


This is an original but USED vintage newspaper not a scan and not a later re-print. If there is a particular date you require in regards to this item eg. for a Birthday or anniversary etc please ask. The Illustrated London News was a magazine founded by Herbert Ingram with the first edition of the Illustrated London News appearing on 14 May 1842. The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only.

16 pages (32 sides). It measures 365 x 260 mm (14.25 x 10.25). The outer advertising cover (front and back detached down middle), is detached. The staples are rusty leaving witness marks. There is a little age yellowing. Some of the pages are loose and have handling marks, blemishes etc due to their great age. The images, photos, drawings etc. vary in size. PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are no pages missing, but if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. The process of the page numbering in the ILN run on from previous issues and therefore do not start at number 1.

The above description details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page. "Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text. This item will be packaged in a postal tube. Please note that I don't make any profit on postage and packing; it is done at cost.

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