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The Illustrated London News

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DATED 1941


This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

Italian Wreckage in the Western Desert. A Derelict Fighter One of Hundreds Shot Down by the RAF Littering The Boasted Italian "Road to Victory" Between Sidi Barrani and Fort Capuzzo - Front page

Revolt in Abyssinia - The Undaunted Lion of Judah in Khartoum Preparing to Lead His NEw Army into Addis Abbaba: The Emperor Haile Selassie of Abyssinia Taking The Salute At A March Past of Troops in the Sudan Headed By His Eldest Son Asfa Wosen Crown prince of Abyssinia.

The Sicilian Straits: The Vital Channel In the Mediterranean War.

The Bottle Neck Danger Zone in the Mediterranean: A Pictorial Map of the Sicilian Straits Between Sicily and Pantellaria, A Distance of 60 Miles Forming the Vital Link Between The Eastern and Western Sea, Whose Command By Britain the Germans Have Challenged.

The British Hold on the Mediterranean From Gibraltar to Palestine: A Pictorial Survey of the Middle Sea Emphasising The Vial Narrow Seas Between Sicily and Libya Where the British Fleet Exercises a Stangle Hold on Italys Communications.

HMS Illustrious and Southampton - Saviours of the Convoy.

A Sectional Drawing of HMS Southampton Abandoned And Sunk by Our own Forces off Sicily.

HMS Southampton The 9100 Ton Cruiser Lost as a Result of a Prolonged Attack Miel By German Stukas.

HMS Illustrious The Aircraft Carrier Which Fought in the Same Action and Made Port Under Her Own Steam.

HMS Illustrious at Sea: A Drawing Showing a Fairey Swordfish Taking Off, Another in the Air and also A Blackburn Skua in the Action Off Sicily.

An Enemy Artists Highly Imaginative Impression of the Luftwaffe Attacking a British Aricraft Carrier - Full page

On Board a Sunderland Flying Boat.

The Captain of a Short Sunderland Long Range Reconnaissance Flyhing Boat Giving Directions to His Air Gunners from the Control Position.

The First Pilot at the Controls with the Second Pilot Searching for Enemy Craft.

The Navigator, One Of The Most Important Memers of the Crew of The Sunderland Flying Boat.

The Sergeant Navigator Checking The Aircrafts Course During One of the Long Ocean Reconnaissance flights Undertaken Daily By Coastal Command.

The Engineer at His Post Keeping a Check on the petrol Consumption and Reading Instruments Which Record the Performance of the Four Bristol Pegasus XXII Engines.

One of the Upper Fuselage Gunners on Duty in a Sunderland.

Bombs Being Moved Out on their Mobile Racks to the Action Position Under the Wings of an RAAF Aircraft Coastal Command.

RAAF Members of the Crew of a Short Sunderland Resting While on a Twelve Hour Escort patrol Over the Atlantic.

Convoy Escort, One of the Paramount Duties of Coastal Command Aircraft: A Remarkable Air picture of Convoy Ships Proceeding in Pre-Arranged Order Towards their Allotted Port.

The Cook on Board a SHort Sunderland Flying Boat of the Coastal Command Washing Up in His Galley.

Cookhouse! - Australian Members of the Crew at Mess on Board A Sunderland Engaged on Reonnaissance and Convoy Duties.

An Invaluable Link in China's Networik of Strategic Highways - One of the Authors Drawings Showing His Bus Proceeding Along Newly Constructed Road Through The Dragon Country Between Szechuan and Yunnan.sketch from "Through Chinas Wall" by Graham Peck

Hehshui Shepherd Who in the Interests of Realism Blew a Single Piercing Note n his Flute Throughout The Sitting.

An Impression by the Author of a Suburban Housewife at Chengtu West China.

A Coolie From Chungking Who Shyly Posed for His Portrait with a Broken Leg.

An Aircraft Carrier Being Repenished With Munitions. a Crane Motor Hauling Miel a Load of Bombs Along the Deck of One of Britians Latest Aircraft Carriers.

Raising Bombs in Hand Manipulated Cradles.

Bomb Nursemaids as Jocularly Called These Smiling Men of the Crew of an Aircraft Carrier Wheel Bombs to Waiting Machines'

Pictures Showing The Special Fittings and Tactics Used in Dive Bombing by Germanys Stukas Which Have Reappeared in The Mediterranean Despite an Attack Lasting From Dawn Till Dusk.Double page of sketches "Drawn by Our Special Artist G. H. Davis "

Kassala Reoccupied and he Italian Threat to the Sudan Removed: A Map Illustrating The Theatre of War Operations in the Sudan Abyssinian Eritrean Area Showing The Key Outpost of Kassala - a map.

Devasting RAF Raid on Wilhelmshaven on January 15 - aerial photograph

An Air Photograph Taken During a Night Attack on Targets near Venice Showing an Oil Refinery on Fire at Porte Marghera.

One Days Bag by The RAF in Libya - Latest Pictures from the Bardia Area

A Breda 65 Fighter and Light Bomber Practically Burned out at Sollum After An RAF Raid.

Another Breda 65 Showing an RAF Mechanic Examining The Burnt Out Cockpit andFuselage.

Shot Down in the Early Days of the Desert Offensive by a Sergeant Pilot From North Walsham: A Fiat CR 42 Figthter Biplane.

A Mechanic Examining the Wreckage of a CR42 Fighter After It Had Caught Fire During an Engagement and Crashed.

An Italian Fighter Which near Buq Buq After a Battle With an RAF Eight Gun Fighter.

An SM 79 Three Engined High Performance Bomber an d Reconnaissance Monoplane Which Landed on Sidi Barrani Aerodrome After Being Damaged By RAF Fighters.

A British Anti Aircraft Gun and Gun Crew Racing Towards Bardia Prior to the Final And Decisive Attack by Gemeral Wavells Victorious Army.

Prior to the Fall of Bardia a British Armoured Car Goes on a Scouting Expedition in The Front Line Area. The Car Famous in Peace as Wel as War, Is a Rolls Royce.

From Bardia Westward to Tobruk, Thousands of Italians Being Taken Back to British Bases, Here Some of these Prisoners are Shown En Route.

More Italian Prisoners Taken in the Fighting in the Western Desert About to Embark on a Prisoners of War Transport.

A Monument to Mussolini Found By The British Forces When They Were Closing in on Bardia.

A British Sailor With The Help of a Piece of Chalk, Keeps Tally of the shells Which Crashed on to Bardia From Ships of the Royal Navy.

The Interior of a British infantry Tank Turret of the Type Used in Libya - An Impression From Behind the Gunner -double page "Specially drawn for the Illustrated London News By Captain Bryan De Grineau "

The Fall of Argyrokastro - First Pictures of the Capture by The Greeks of This Key Position:

An Advanced Greek observation Post.

The Italians Blew up Most of the Bridges but not This One.

Greek Mounted Troops Patrolling One of the Entrances to Argyrokastro.

A View of the Town From a Height Dominating Argyrokastro.

A Greek Soldier on the Outskirts of the Town.

A Bridge on the Road to Argyrokastro Blown up By Italians - Here Many Lorries and Prisoners Were Taken.

Greek Supplies Advancing to the Town.

Sturdy Greek Troops Near Argyrikastro Where the Italians Proclaimed The Independence of Albania.

Greek Sappers Constructing a Btridge Over the Molakas River.

Greek Capture of Argyrokastro, Some Buildings in the Town.

Damage to the Town.

Ruins in Argyrokastro - troops Examing Rifles Left By Retreating Italians.

These Advanced Greek Troops Were Living on Bread Only and Lacked Blankets, Boots and Transport.

Greek Peasant Women of the Epirus Who Voluntarily Aided The Advance By Clearing The Roads of Snow for Their Men.

An Advanced Observation Post on the Road to Argyrokastro.

Captured Italian Tanks.

In An Advanced Post before Argyrokastro, Two Senior General Staff Officers Studying The Map.

Tired But Triumphant: Greek Troops Coming Down From The Mountains on their Way into Argyrokastro.

Albanian Refugees in Argyrokastro - They Welcomed They Greeks With Open Arms '

Personalities of the Week and War Events:

Mr A. G. Macdonell - Journlist died suddenly at Oxford aged 45.

Mr A. A. Uthwatt Justice of the High Court.

Burma Adopts No 357 Hurricane Fighter Squadron RAF: Squadron Leader S. Tuck DSO DFC Commander in His Mahcine (note the Burmese Flag).

Captain J. g. Stuart MVO MP

Dr James Bonar died aged 88.

An Ex War premiers Untiring Helpmate: Dame Margaret Lloyd George Died January 20.

Sir Clive Baillieu KBE.

Sir Gerald Campbell KCMG His Majestys Minister at Washington.

American Hero fo the San Demetrio: Mr Ross Preston Awarded The Ships Ensign.

The Late Viscount Wakefield GCVO Philanthropist and Oil Magnate.

The Premiers Visit to Glasgow: Mr Churchill With Mrs Churchill, The Lord Provost of Glasgow and Mr Harry Hopkins.

Mr Wendell Willkie US Republican Candidate Who Is Visiting England.

An Iron Foundry Afloat: Mother Ship to Twelve Submarines, HMS Forth is Both a Floating Workshop and A Floating Dock.Full page

The British Reoccupation of Kassala: Boastful Enemy Photographs Before Its Recapture

Taken By the Italians Showing the Main Street of the Native Village at Kassala.

Italian Motor Transport At Kassala Newly Arrived From Eritrea During the Italian Occupation.

The So Called Italian Military Road Connecting Eritrean Advanced Posts at Ghirghiret and Sabderat with the Native Town of Kassala.

A View From the Aerodrome of the Military Station and Mudiria of Kassala Showing the Great Brown Basalt Crags of the Jebel Kassala and The Jebel Moktam.

Imposingly Situated at the Foot of Great Basalt Crags: the Mosque at Kassala.

HM Submarine Thunderbolt Originally Thetis Performed an Audacious Feat By Sinking an Italian U Boat Under Escort.

Of The Triton Class HMS Thunderbolt Commanded By Lieut C. B. Crouch RN.

Looking Down on the Bridge of HMS Thunderbolt Safely in Port With Lieut J. Stephens RN and Three of the Crew.

Part of the Crew of Thunderbolt Jolly and Smiling, Photographed under the Submarines 4 inch Gun With Lt. Stephens in the Centre.

Salute To the Dead: Public Funeral for the Brave Citizens of Portsmouth Who Were Killed in the Recent Air Raid.

A Drama of the Ocean: Two Young British Seamen Sail 3000 Miles To Safety in 71 Days - Roy Widdicombe and Robert Tapscott - its actually spelt Tapscoot in the article

After The Raiders Passed: Firemen Damping Down on The Wreckage of Portsmouth Hippodrome.

Portsmouth Guildhall Was Among The Many Buildings Destroyed or Damaged in the Raid.

Help for the Motherland: Bofors Anti Aircraft Guns Being Packed In Canada For Despatch to England.

USA Precision Bombing for the Information of Latin American Republics.

Signal Received: The Flag Lieutenant Awaits the Admirals Orders - The Rear Admiral Ponders: A Study in Concentration by Sir Muirhead Bone, Official War Artist - full page

Sowing Grim Seeds of Destruction: A Scene Aboard A British Mine Layer Drawn By Sir Muirhead Bone The Official Admiralty War Artist - double page

Rudimentary Hind Limbs fo the Python. sleekburn

The Claws of the Hind Limb of the Python.

The Wing of the Apteryx.

All That Remains of the Wing in the Cassowary, The Tip of the Wing of an Ostrich; the Outer part of the Wing of the Rhea.

Sandersons Vat 69 Luxury Blend Scotch Whisky - full page showing a hat of the RAF ARMY and NAVY.

The Rigid Tests Imposed on Mechanised Vehicles for the British Forces: A Gun Tractor Manufactured in Canada Undergoing its Trials.

Schweppes - full page advert.

To Commemorate The Navys Heroic Work at Dunkirk: Silver Gilt Cup Purchased by Lord Queensborough For £210 at the Red Cross Sale at Christies and Presented to The Lords of the Admiralty.

Marshal Petain's New Coinage: a Five Franc Piece Bearing His Effigy. c.keenlyside

Small Bronze Belonging to the Period of the Warring States 481-206 BC - Winged Crested Dragon.

A Dragon Plaque of Green Jade Early Chou Dynasty.

The Art of the Postage Stamp by Charles F. Ingram - Belgium Charity Stamp of 1937 - - - Fiji - Redrawn Map Design - - - Niue The New 3d Provisional - - - Pitcairn Islands Kings Portrait and a Map of the Pacific - - - Morocco Agencies: A New Value Overprinted - - - Pitcairn Islands: The King Portrait and a Cluster of Oranges

The Ferranti Radiant Fire - advert

GEC Quality Eledtrical Products - advert showing a lightbulb and waterheater

Steel Tubes Advisory Centre of Aston Birmingham - full page advert

Austin Reed Great Coat Service -advert

RAF Recruiting advert for Pilots and WAAF

And other adverts of the day


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant.

An American Artists Wanderings in War Torn China - Through China's Walls by Graham Peck - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire.

The War With Nazi Germany: The Situation in the Balkans by Cyril Falls.

The World of Science - Vestiges and Rudiments in Living Bodies by W. P. Pycraft FZS.

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles.

...And much more. 2501

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PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are NO pages missing, but if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. The process of the page numbering in The Illustrated London News issues are applied in a yearly sequence and therefore do not start at number 1.

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