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The Illustrated London News

Original Vintage WW2 Newspaper

DATED 1941


This first part of the description features a list of Images i.e. engravings, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:


The Right Hon. Viscount Halifax KG Britains New Ambassador to The United States of America - front page, Info Edward Frederick Lindley Wood.

Air Marshal Sir Arthur Murray Longmore KCB DSO Commander in Chief RAF Middle East.

Air Marshal Longmore Inspecting Armoured Car Units in the Western Desert.

The Right Hon. Anthony Eden MC MP Who Returns to the Foreign Office As Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

Right Hon. Viscount Cranborne MP.

Captain The Right Hon. David Margesson MC MP The New Secretary of State for War.

Roll Out The Bombers: A Further Selection of RAF Badges Belonging to Various Bomber Squadrons - wonderful double page

Eighty Four Year Old Marshal Petain Leaving Toulouse Cathedral with M. Baudoin.

On Steps of the City Hall at Lyons: Marshal Petain

Armistice Day Memorial Service on Nov 11 At The Cathedral of Clermont Ferrand: M. Xavier Valat - Gen Huntziger - M. Y. Bouthillier - M. Gaziot.

Marshal Petain Accompanied By General Huntiziger Receiving Flowers From a Lorraine Girl in National Costume.

When Visiting Cerilly near Vichy,The Aged Marshal MEt an Older Veteran of Ninety Two Who Fought The Germans in the 1870 War.

War Veterans of Two Wars Gathered at the Place Des Terreaux in Front of the City Hall at Lyons.

With Young Refugees From Alsace Lorraine: At THe Monument to the Dead of 1870 Where Childrens Flowers Were Lad With The Wreath by Marshall Petain.

The Choir in the Thirteenth Century Cathedral At Lyons Marshal Petain and the Flag of an Alpine Chasseurs Regiment.

French Children Greeting Marshal Petain at Montauban.

Three Generations of a Silk Weaving Family: Marshal Petain Receiving Flowers Presented by a Workers Little Daughter at Lyons.

The Bombing of the Middle Temple: An Exterior View of the Library Showing Damage Sustained in a Recent Raid. - - - The Wrecked Interior of the Middle Temple Library.

In The Barbaric Attempt by Nazis to Destroy London by Fire, Grave Damage Was Done, But St Pauls Ringed With Flames Withstood The Onslaught. Full page of St Pauls shrouded in smoke

A Diagrammatic Picture of the Historic Guildhall, Completely Destroyed During The Germans Attempt to Destroy London.

The Great Hall of the Guildhall, The Famous Oak Roof of Sir CHristopher Wren Totally Destroyed By Fire.

Carved By Capt R. Saunders in 1708 This Uncouth Wooden Figure of Gog Destroyed.

All that Remains of St Giles Cripplegate, Famous as the Burial Place fo Milton and Where Oliver Cromwell Was Married.

Magog, The Other of the Two Classic Wooden Figures.

The Burnt Out Shell of St lawrence Jewry Built By Wren Destroyed by The Luftwaffe, 1940.

Looking up at the Spire, St Brides Church Completely Burnt Out.

Inside The Shell of St Brides Church, The Cathedral of Fleet Street.

The Guildhall a Ruin: Havoc of the Citys Historic Edifice - full page of the ruins

A Famous British Submarine Presumed Lost HMS Swordfish.

A British Destroyer Sunk: HMS Acheron, (Lieut J. R. Wilson RN).

The Harbour of Bardis From the Mediterranean, Shelled by The British Fleet, Bombed By The RAF and Besieged by General Wavell.

The Seaport of Bardia, In The Foreground is The Quay.

Bardia, Italy Easternmost Libyan Port: Another View from Inland Looking towards the Sea, General Berti's HQ.

Port Bardia - An Admiralty Chart.

General Maxime Weygand, Supreme Commander of the French Armed Forces at The Time of the Fall of France with General Nogues on Their Arrival at Rabat.

At Montevideo: The Damaged Bridge of the British Armed Merchant Cruiser Carnarvon Castle.

Proceeding in to Montevideo Harbour for Repairs: Another Radioed Picture of the Carnarvon Castle.

Britains Great War Leader: Right Hon. Winston Churchill MP - full page photograph by Cecil Beaton. With a blank reverse.

Three Italian Generals Who Were Captured With Their Staffs, Photographed on their Arrival By Air At Cairo.

The Italian Generals Made Prisoners at the Fall of Sidi Barrani on December11 Brought to Cairo by The RAF, Walking across the Aerodrome, Accompanied by BRitish Intelligence Officers.

A Remarkable Picture Showing Masses of Italian Troops Captured at Sidi Barrani on December 11 Being Marched Away to Willing Captivity - double page

Two Members of the Australian Imperial Force in the Middle East Examing Abandoned Italian Tanks After The Battle for Sidi Barrani .

Part of the Immense Stores Which Fell into The Hands of General Wavell.s Army: Captured Italian Lorries at Sidi Barrani.

Italian Prisoners of War Marching Through The Dust of the Western Desert into Captivity.

A Few of the 38000 Odd Prisoners Being Transported in One of their Own Lorries To a Prisoner of War Camp.

AFter The Fall of Sidi Barrani: A British Commanding Officer With His Staff, seated Amid The Debris, Viewing The Scene.

The Aftermath of the Battle for Sidi Barrani: An Italian Tank Left Abandoned on the Shor of the Mediterranean.

Italian Barracks at Sidi Barrani After They Were Made The Target of the British Fleet.

A Striking Picture of Cheerful Looking Libyan Prisoners Resting After A Long March.

Equipment Abandoned at Sidi Barrani.

An Italian Naval Gun Mounted on a Lorry Left Behind at Sidi Barrani miel.

A Squadron of Fast Infantry Tanks, Proceeding at Top Speed into Action Against The Enemy - wonderful double page drawn by "Our Special Artist Captain Bryan De Grineau From Details Supplied By Tank Officers.

British Soldiers and Airmen Being Carried Shoulder High Through the Streets of Athens.

On Board The Battleship " Averoff ": the Patriarch Conducts a Service of Thanksgiving for The Greek Victory.

A Regiment of Greek Infantry on the March.

Wounded But Happy - Soldiers of the Victorious Greek Army are Welcomed Hoe by Wildly Cheering Crowds on their Return from the Pindus Front.

Italian Engineers Working Desperately To Build A Temporary Bridge Across an Albanian Stream.

Showing Italian Troops Fleeing From the Advancing Greeks and Frantically Urging on a Mule Drawn Wagon.

Valona - An Aerial view of Italys Vital Albanian Port, Taken Just Prior to a heavy Raid by RAF Bombers.

Valona, Italys Key Port in Albania, During a Hurricane of Bombs By The RAF.

Hurdler and Air Ace - Squadron Leader D. O. Finley.

Enthronement of the New Ruler of Mysore, His Highness JAyachamaraja Wadiyar.

The Rev A. C. Don DD.

Admiral Darlan French Minister of Marine.

Sir Nevile Wilkinson Died In Dublin.

Mr Churchill With Mrs Churchill, In the City After The Nazi Raid of December 29.

Dr Risto Ryti, Elected President of Finland.

M. Kyosti Kallio Died Suddenly at Helsinki.

Sir R. Dorman-Smith MP Appointed Governor of Burma

Mr C. D. Howe, Canadian Minister of Munitions and Supply with Mr E. P. Taylor, Joint Director and Other Survivors of the Torpedoed Western Prince .

Mr William Knudsen Appointed Director of Production Management for Defence.

..."Return at Dawn" Wellington Bombers of No. 75 (New Zealand) Bomber Squadron RAF Returning From Operations in the Early Hours of the Morning July 1940. A Presentation Painting by Charles Cundall ARA Which Marshal of the Royal /Air Force Sir Cyril Newall is Taking Out to New Zealand.

The Douglas B19, The Most Colossal And Powerful Military Plane in the World Now Being Constructed for the US Army - - - Another View of the Air Leviathan Looking Along its Port Wing to the Fuselage. Douglas B19 - full page

The Dreadnought of The Air: The Douglas Super Bomber: Posed In Front is One of the Three Crews of Technicians, Working in Relays in the Final Assembly Hanger. Photo by courtesy of the Douglas Aircraft Company USA - full page

The Working of The German Lotfe 7B Bomb Sight: A Highly Complicated Piece of Mechanism Embodying Intricate Devices For Accuracy in Aiming and for The Automatic Release of Bombs -full page. (Info. aka Carl Zeiss Lotfernrohr 7).

Germanys Mechanical Bomb Sight: details of the Lotfe 7B - full page

Frontal Aspect of a Duck Billed Platypus Photographed After Surviving Captivity For a Year At Healesville nr Melbourne Australia - - - The Sockets in the Lower Jaw. - - - .The Forepart of the Upper Jaw, The Beak etc.

Decency - The Nuffield Organization.

French Warships Cooperating With The Royal Navy Visited By The Leader of the free French Forces: General De Gaulle, Accompanied by Admiral Muselier.

RAF Motor Transport Being Unloaded at A Greek Port with Heavy Calibre Bombs and Other War Material.



This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

The War With Nazi Germany: The Opening of a New Year by Cyril Falls

Captain Compton Mackenzies Sonnets From the Dodecanese. Aegean Memories by Compton Mackenzie. An Appreciation by Sir John Squire

The World of Science - the Duck Billed Platypus - A Patchwork of Past and Present by W. P. Pycraft FZS

........ And much more. Sleekburnc.

17 pages ( 34 sides). It measures 370 x 260mm (14.5 x 10 "). The outer advertising back page is missing; and the front red outlined front page is present, but detached and substantially torn.There is a little age yellowing. The staples are rusty. The photos, sketches etc. vary in size. The images are in black and white unless otherwise stated.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present As far as I can tell there is 1 page missing, but if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. The process of the page numbering in The Illustrated London News issues are applied in a yearly sequence and therefore do not start at number 1. The content description above is in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page. "Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text.The four digit number in brackets in ebay title is for my ref only.

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