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Sixteen page issue (32 sides) of:

A Magazine Detailing Events in the Second World War

DATED 1940
It is printed on a light quality paper priced 6d.- A cheaper option to some of the more popular illustrated magazines of the day, such as Illustrated London News etc. but more down to earth and detailed - Please see condition report at end of descriptions.

This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

A Messerschmitt Bringing Down a Barrage Balloon on the South East Coast of England - full page photographic image by Planet News.

An RAF Lead Gunner in His Kit, and Ready to Load up with Ammunition - front page with titles

The War in North Africa:

Map: Showing the Route The Italian Troops Would Face if They Invaded Egypt - small

Libya: A Scene on The Strategic Road Which Runs The Length of the Coast, Which Mussolini Opened in 1937.

Egyptian Soldiers on Manoeuvres in the Desert.

Photographs by Sport & General, and Keystone.

British Troops in the Near East - full page showing four photographs:

Men of the South Staffordeshire Regiment in Egypt, Training with Bren Guns etc. on the Desert.

Men of the York and Lancaster Regiment Taking Refreshments of Cold Water Out of Local Water Carrier Vessels.

A Gun Crew in Practice in Palestine: Men Stripped to the Waist But Still Wearing Their Steel Helmets etc.

Men of the King's Own Yorkshire Regiment Concealed in a Gun Emplacement in the Desert.

Map of the Near East Showing Arrows Indicating the Planned Drives of the Axis Powers - a map drawn by Bip Pares showing arrows sweeping down from Germany and Italy, Through Turkey, N. Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Arabia, Aden. Abyssinia to the South. Info the Axis powers at this time refers to the German Italian pact. Illustrator Ethel "Bip" Pares (b. Clewer 1904 - d.1977).

Lieutenant General Sir Philip Neame VC IC British Forces in Palestine ant Transjordan

AN Italian Pilot Officer Being Examined by a British RNR Surgeon, and a Nurse in a Hospital in the Near East.

The Air Battle of Britain:

A Spitfire Being Put Through a Final Test by RAF MechanicsAfter The Engine Had Been Overhauled.

RAF Leader of a Hurrican Fighter Squadron Who Was Rescued by a Minesweeper, But Was Rescued by a Minesweeper.

Another Fighter Pilot Just After Action Who Earlier Brought Down Five Nazi Aircraft in a Single Day.

A Sergeant Pilot of a Hurricane After He Had Landed after a Successfull Encounter with Messerschmitts.

On this page there is also a list of the German and British Aircraft Losses up to 30 April 1940.

An Aerial Attack on Barrage Balloons o the Channel Coast Whith Shells From Anti Aircraft Guns Bursting and Forcing the Nazis to Fly High.

Two Barrage Balloons Falling in Flames...

Ground Staff Mechanics, Known by the Mysterious name Irks, Maintaining a British Plane - photograph shows the mechanic working on the engine.

An RAF Armourer Loads up Magazines for Eight Gun Fighter Aircraft.

Dramatic Photographic Image Showing a Scene During the Great Air Battle over the English Channel...


Earl of Athlone Governor General of Canada Inspecting A Guard of Honour at Ottawa.

A Small SHip That Ensures Strict Examinations Are Carried Out on Every Vessel Approaching Ports on Canada's Eastern Coast

Canadian Guard at a Bren Gun Factory at Toronto Inspecting a Visitors Pass.

A Big Gun at a Fort near Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Canada's Finance Minister Colonel Hon. J. L. Ralston Presenting the Dominion's Billion Dollar War Budget to the House of Commons in Ottawa: Rt. Hon. E. Lapointe - Rt. Hon. W. L. Mackenzie King - Colonel Ralston - Hon. T. A. Crerar - Hon. Ian Mackenzie - Hon. C. G. Power - Hon. Norman McLarty - Hon. J. A. McKinnon - etc.

Royal Canadian Air Force Base at Ontario: A Parade of Flyers Who Underwent Training from The RAF.


Hong Kong, Britains Outpost in S. China is Now Cut Off by Japanese Occupied Territory: A Big Coastal Gun on the Island's Rocky Coast.

China's Generalissimo Marshal Chiang Kai-shek.

Map with Arrows Showing Japanese Aspirations in China and Japan - the areas on the map extending down to Philippines, with Singapore etc at the bottom

The Far East:

Somewhere in China: Japanese Troops Advancing in Pursuit of Men of Chiang Kai-shek's army. Photograph by Domei News Photo Service.

The Burma Road: The Steel Cable Suspension Bridge That Carries the 726 Miles Long Road over the Mekong River, Closed to War Traffic.

Chongqing, China: The Devastation Caused by Japanese Bombers - the photgraph shows a street scene; a policeman in the middle of the road amongs rubble etc, a man in the foreground.

London Docks, and German Claims the Port is Empty Made by Dr Goebbels Propaganda Machine:

An Electric Truck Laden with Flour From Australia Despite the Propaganda Put Out About the Port Being Empty.

Scene in One of London's Docks Two Days Before Convoy Raids When 61 Nazi Raiders Were Shot Down - photograph showing many ships berthed in the docks

Skipper Dick Amner of the Sailing Barge Lady Maudat The Wheel.

Cargo of Meat From New Zealand Being Unloaded.

Logs for Pulping Being Loaded into a Lighter After Coming In From Canada.

Bales of Wool, Stored in Warehouses,Which Britain Purchased Buying the Whole of the Australian Wool Clip.

Paper Being Unloaded After Having Arrived from Canada.

Goebbels Biggest Lie Answered: Germany Claims that Her Air Force Destroys British Convoys and Blockades The Channel and The Thames, But the Port of London Is Very Busy - a near double page showing many workers on the dockside, cranes unloading imports from ships etc. Sleekburnc.2308

Full page showing Haworths diagrams entitled Why The Bomber Often Misses the Convoy

Men of the Green Howards Manning Bren Guns in a Blockhouse on the Home Front.

Men of the Green Howards Jumping into an Anti Aircraft Post on The Home Front - inset photograph

Men of the Norfolk Regiment Moving Up a Comunication Trench on the home Front.

Men of the Norfolk Regt. in a Forward Trench on the Home Front Reive.

Young German Sailors in a Classroom at the Kiel Marineschule.

At Sea The Crew of a Nazi Motor Torpedo Boat Look Out for Suitable Prey Not Too Well Guarded.

A German Motor Torpedo Boat Going Full Speed Miel.

A German Sailor Stands by Each Torpedo Tube on the Motor Torpedo Boat as It Approaches its Quarry.

Some of the Nazi E-boats Seen at their Moorings in a Gaerman Harbour.

African Soldiers:

An NCO of the Gold Coast Regiment

AN Officer Carries the Colour of a Battalion of the Gold Coast Regiment.

A Drum Major of the Sierra Leone Battalion.

Men of the Sierra Leone Battalion Marching Through Freetown All Bear-foot.

Men of the King's African Rifles of the Nyasaland Battalion, A Class of Non Commissioned Officers at Drill.

Nyasaland Battalion: Men in Fatigue Uniform Drawn up for a Kit Inspeciton.

Flying Officer D. N. Grice of Ealing Who Sacrificed His Life, Had Been Married Only Nine Months.

Field Marshal Lord Milne Colonel CO of the Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps Talks to One of the Men Engaged in Heavy Work.

Berwick Between Eastbourne and Lewes: Young People Looking at a Messerschmitt Brought Down in a Cornfield. Info. a Bf 109 from the Jagdgeschwader 52 (JG 52) squadron of the Luftwaffe.

The Ship Scotstoun i Harbour as the Anchor Liner, Caledonia, She Sailed as a Merchant.

A Man Manning a Gun of a Merchant Ship.

Lance Corporal John Lee Warner Who Escaped From France

RAF and Army Bandsmen etc.:

RAF Bandsmen, Some of the Members of Famous Bands, at An RAF Station: The Squadronaires - photograph showing five bandsmen with trumpets.

The School of Military Music at Aldershot: A Fanfare Being Played on the Silver Trumpets Used at the Coronation, By Men Who Have Qualified as Bandmasters.

A Bandsman Playing the Drums and Percussion Instruments at Aldershot.

Seven Bandsmen in Training Playing Their Various Instruments.

The Right Hon. Clement R. Attlee PC MP.

The Right Hon. Albert V. Alexander PC MP.

Mr Frank Pick Director General of teh Ministry of Information.

Mr W. G. Weston MP for Macclesfield, Originally from Canada.

The Right Hon. Arthur Greenwood PC MP.

The Right Hon. Herbert S. Morrison PC MP the Minister of Supply.

Cartoon Drawn by E. H. Shepard: The Balkan Imbroglio - a cartoon published in Punch Magazine showing Hitler playing catch with children from various countries etc.

Full page advert on the back outer page for a set of encyclopaedic books.

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

Article by E. Royston Pike on Mussolini and Hitler in North Africa etc.

Article on Two Dictators Designs in The Near East; Hitler and Mussolini

Phase One of The Air Battle of Britain. With mention of Battle of Britain - Hurricane Squadron - Junkers and Messerschmitts - Dover - Dornier 17 - Spitfire - Southampton - English Channel - Thames Estuary.

Canada and the War. Double page with mention of the RCAF - Mr Vincent Massey - Canadian Destroyers, Assiniboine, Fraser, Ottawa, Restigouche etc - Air Marshal W. A. Bishop - Canadian Aviation Schools - Canadian Aircraft Factories - Mr C. D. Howe - etc.Sleekburnc.

Japan in China After Three Years etc. - Double page with mention of Guards at Marco Polo Bridge Peking in 1937 - Chiang Kai-shek - Nanking - Tientsin - Hwang HO Yellow River - Hannkow - The Burma Road - Yenanfu in Shensi - Dr Wang Ching-wei - Sun Yat-sen - Kuomintang - etc.

Dr Goebbels' Nazi Propaganda Machine and Teh Port of London - Article by John Pudney of the News Chronicle

(A very interesting) First Hand Account of a Dutch Seamans Experience in Hitlers Navy Being Paid 62 Pfennigs an Hour, Six Marks a Week Going on Compulsory Contributions - full page with mention of Captain Scharf - German Merchant Service - A Gefolgswchaft at the Deutsche Werke Ship Yard at Keil - Admiral von Waldegg of the Germania shipyards - Leutnant zur See - Scharnhorst - Kiel Marineschule - Gollmatrose from the Graf Spee - Hans Munschmeyer - Gestapo - Vollmatrose - - Aircraft Carrier Graf Zeppelin - Battleship Deutschland or Lutzow - Oberliet zur See - Katapultflugzeug - Auf Krankenurlaub chit.

Full page of War News includes paragraphs on:

New York Backs RAF

Flying Officer D. N. Grice Who Gave His life for Others

IN the Presidents Bad Books - with mention of Mr Sumner Welles - Mr John W. Cudahy

The Pilots We Cannot Replace - with mention of Mr Garfield Westo MP - Lord Beaverbrook - Fighter Aircraft subscribed by various companies etc.

G-Men HNunt the Saboteurs - with mention of Norwegian Cargo Steamer Lista enroute from New York to Liverpool - The FBI - Mister Edgar Hoover Chief of the G Men - etc.

Lord Milne and AMPC - with mention of Major General L. W. Amps - etc.

Haw Haw's Understudy. AsAmerican Journalist Mr Warren Irvin reveals; with mention of William Joyce (Haw-haw).

Australian Flying Calamity at Canberra - with mention of Brigadier G. A. Street - Mr J. V. Fairbairn - Sir Henry Gullett - General Sir Cyril Brudenell - Lieutenant Colonel Francis Thornthwaite - Mr R. E. Elford -

An Account of the Air Battle in the Channel by a Fighter Pilot

An Account by a Sergeant Pilot After Crash Landing a Bomber in the Sea on Return from a Bombing Raid on Kiel.

An Account of The Sinking of the North Atlantic Patrol the Scotstoun (aka Caledonia), by Signalman Ronald Gold.

An Account by Alexander Clifford of the Daily Mail - when he accompanied an RAF flying boat on patrol in the Mediterranean.

An Account by Lance Corporal John Lee Warner and His Escape Across France to Spain.

Poets and the War: Personal Valour by V. Sackville-West

A Diary Page of the War - listing RAF raids on various targets - Naval Raids etc - The Home Front - Allied Ships Sunk - Enemy Bombing Raids in UK - etc.

Snippets of War Interest at Home and Abroad - near full page including "Jews from Cracow Transferred to Lublin..." etc. Thirty four items comprising of a few lines only.


 This is an original but 'USED' Magazine not a scan and not a later re-print.

If there is a particular date you require in regards to this item eg. for a birthday or anniversary etc please ask.

The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only. It measures 285mmx220mm (11.25 x 8.5 inches) approx. This magazine is an original and used issue, not printed on the best of quality paper, but it more than makes up for this in terms of written content with many images. There is age yellowing and spotting/foxing and some marking. The staples are rusty leaving witness marks. There are some creases etc to corners. There are handling marks to the edges. The photographic images, sketches etc. vary in size.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are no pages missing, but if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. If you require information on size of articles (i.e. number of words), sizes of images, please ask before bidding or buying. This item will be packaged in a board backed envelope. The descriptive text in my listing, details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page.

"Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text. Supplier to Interior Designers Design Company Renovation Pubs Restaurants Clubs Television Company Corporate Companies

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