1939 PICTURE POST Photojournalism Magazine DURHAM MINER Hanselmann St Moritz (62)
1939 PICTURE POST Photojournalism Magazine DURHAM MINER Hanselmann St Moritz (62)
1939 PICTURE POST Photojournalism Magazine DURHAM MINER Hanselmann St Moritz (62)
1939 PICTURE POST Photojournalism Magazine DURHAM MINER Hanselmann St Moritz (62)
1939 PICTURE POST Photojournalism Magazine DURHAM MINER Hanselmann St Moritz (62)

1939 PICTURE POST Photojournalism Magazine DURHAM MINER Hanselmann St Moritz (62)

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DURHAM MINER LOCATES Beauty School ICESKATING Cafe Hanselmann St. Moritz VICTORIA RAILWAY STATION LONDON German Luftwaffe Parachutists



Original Vintage Magazine

DATED 1939


This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

The Life of a Railway Station:

London Victoria Railway Station - Frontispiece photograph; People on the Platform Waving Off a Train - plus seven other photographs on following pages showing people saying goodbye at the station

The Man Who Taps the Wheels.

Station Master and His Assistants.

The Porters.

The Ticket Man.

People Standing in Queues at the Ticket Boxes .

Luggage Office.

Milk Churns Being Loaded onto Train.

Night Mail Being Loaded.

Looking Out from the Station.

The Last Train

Two Little Girls in a Compartment.

The Boat Train - plus five others showing scenes on the platform

Sun Streaming Down on Victoria Platforms.

Signalman Watching his Chart.

The Signalman and His Levers.

Luggage Waiting in the Customs at Victoria.

Two Conflicting Signals.

The Maze of Points.

The Glenville Express Comes into Victoria.

A Busy London Street Scene - Near Victoria Palace Theatre.

A Yawning Baby - front outer cover photograph.

Types of Goldfish - Black Moor - Telescope - Lion Head - full page photograph

Carassius Varietas Japonicus Gold Fish - full page photograph

Training in Parachute Jumping in the German Airforce:

Men Practising Falls During Parachute Training - With Luftwaffe Planes in Background .

Men of the German Luftwaffe Practising Falling by Numbers.

Recruits Being Trained by Instructors.

The Forward Role.

Learning to Jump from a Platform.

In the Schoolroom.

IN the Workshop Being Shown How the Parachute is Stowed etc.

Training on the Suspended Gear.

Training in a Harness inside a Hangar.

The End of The Training.

Lined Up Ready to Board for Reive First Jump.

A Practice Leap from the Stationary Plane.

Their First Jump in the Air.

Men of the German Air Force Make a Mass Descent by Parachute - full page photograph

The Helene Rubinstein Beauty School:

Women Standing on a Table to Ensure a Graceful carriage.

A Model Looking into a Dermascope - x2

Beauty Experts Practise on Themselves.

The Massage.

Cleaingin The Pores.

Electro Tonic Treatment for Sagging Chins.

A Beauty Expert Doing Her Exercises.

St Augustine's Bay Florida - Two Porpoises Catch Their Dinner.

An Elderly Gentleman Takes Lunch - Man Balancing His Bread on His Head.

The Scottish Painters Exhibition at Burlington House - nine photographs showing members of the public looking at the paintings

Art by Walter Greaves:

Old Battersea Bridge: A Pencil Drawing By Walter Greaves 1879 - near half page.

The Green Dress - by Walter Greaves - Courtesy of the Tate Gallery - half page in colour.

Walter Greaves and Alice Greaves on the Embankment at Chelsea - half page colour.

Hammersmith Bridge on Boat Race Day - half page in colour - "Courtesy of the Tate".

Scenes of Old Chelsea Etched by Walter Greaves - two prints - "courtesy of Ernest Alden".

A Pencil Study.

An Unemployed Durham Miner Gets a Fresh Start in Reading:

Nathan Turner Unemployed for Fourteen Years at His Local Employment Exchange; Accepted as Tenant for A Cottage Homestead at Reading.

Neighbours Helping the Turners Carry Furniture to the Railway Van.

Little Boy Watches as The Furniture is Loaded - Boy with a Bike in the Background.

Nathan Turner and His Wife in their Home.

The Mine Where He Once Worked - Mr Turner now 54 Looking at the Pit in the Distance.

Mister Turner Picking Up His Railway Warrants at Durham Employment Exchange.

Mrs Turner Saying Goodbye to Her Friend.

The Family Waiting on The Platform of Durham Station with Five of Their Six Children.

Boarding The Train.

The Family's First Sight of Their New Home - The Land Settlement Associations Caversham Estate.

Moving Their Furniture In.

First Meal in Their New Home.

The Youngest Boy Goes Exploring on his Tricycle - a three or four year old.

Two Girl Iceskaters - full page photograph - plus ten other photographs showing various ice skating moves.

A Pastry Shop in St Moritz Switzerland - A distinguished Visitor Causes a Stir - seven photographs of the famous pastry shop of Hanselmann and customers etc - the article refers to Nancy Astor but not sure if she is in any of the photo's.

Daybreak at Crystal Palace - eight photographs on a double page showing the statues.

Fashions -TheWimple Returns - six fashion shots showing various hats in the Wimple design.

Women Mud Wrestling at Akron in Ohio - Mildred Cyclone Burke and Leona Babe Gordon in the Ring, with Referee Ernie Maddock - three photographs showing various stages of the fight.

The Civil Service:

Head of the Civil Service Sir Warren Fisher.

Sir Horace Wilson.

Hon. Sir Alexander Cadogan.

Sir Robert Vansittart.

Sir Herbert Creedy.

Sir Thomas Gardiner Director General Post Office.

Sir Thomas Phillips. c.keenlyside.

Sir George Chrystal.

Sir Donald Fergusson.

Sir Evelyn Murray.

Sir William Brown.

The Ministry of Labour in the 19thC - Child Labour - from an old print.

The GPO in 1873 - Sorting Letters - from an old print.

The Stamp Department at Somerset House - The Printers.

Fishery Protection and Mining - HMS Dee In Ramsgate Harbour After Escorting a French Fishing Smack Found Fishing in British Waters.

Civil Service Sports At the White City.

Whitehall - viewed from a tall building.

Bournvita - advert.

Capstan Navy Cut Cigarettes - advert.

The Wolseley Luxury Ten Car - full page advert.

Brylcreem - advert.

Milk for Sturdy Limbs and Rosy Cheeks - half page advert showing a little boy on his toy scooter.

Catarrh - Energen - advert.

Rheumatism, Arthritis, Gout etc - coupon from Molly Montague of 19 Farringdon St London - advert.

TheNew Liverpool virus for Rats and Mice - advert.

Childs Character Reading - Free! - advert for Cow and Gate Milk.

Kolynos Dental Cream - advert.

The Sunbeam Shavemaster Eletric Razor - advert.

Bronchitis etc - Angiers - advert.

Pepsodent with IRium - advert.

Dettol - advert.

Phosferine Tonic Wine - advert.

The Rabaldo Electric Shaver - advert.

Ford Prefect and Ford Eight - advert.

Foster Clark's Soups - advert.

Wrights Coal Tar Soap - advert.

Curly Top Natural Curls - Vosemar of Bury LAncs - advert.

TheHealth Ray Su Lamp - advert.

Spratts Dog and Cat Food - advert.

Guinness - advert.

William Shakespeare 16thc.

William Shakespeare 20thC - A page Boy in a London Club from Grimsby Lincolnshire - went to Holm Hill School.

Brooms Body Building - advert.

Remington Electric Shaver - advert.

Seagers Egg Flip - advert.

The Eavestaff Minipiano - advert.

Bob Martins - advert.

Ann Seymour Editor of Woman and Beauty Recommends Pears Soap - full page advert.

Kellogg's All-Bran for Constipation - advert half page.

Vedonis Girdles - half page advert.

Ponds Cream - half page adv.

The Bennett College of Sheffield - half page advert.

Bovril - advert.

Portable Typewriters - British Typewriter Manufacturers Association - advert.

Dermina Reducing Cream - advert.

Nufix Hair Dressing - advert.

Jaz Alarm Clocks - advert.

Glymiel Miel Jelly for the Hands - advert.

Craven A Cigarettes to Prevent Sore Throats - advert.

Lobelline for Coughs and Colds from Branches of Timothy Whites, Boots, Taylors etc - full age advert.


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

The Life of a Railway Station - Victoria, London.

Parachute Jumpers in the German Air Force.

Is Our Trade Menaced? By Edward Hulton.

Walter Greaves the Painter. sleekburnc.

Unemployed: Industrial Transfers - How families from the Special Areas were re-located to districts where they can find work.

The Civil Service by HUmbert Wolfe.

What The Readers Say - Letters from Readers:

Testomonial for Alf Smith of the Spray Enamel Industry - From H. Fraser of 15 Compton Ave, East Ham London E6.

Alf Smith Gets a Job - Fronm Alfred Smith of 52 Leo Street, Old Kent Rd, Peckham SE15.

Public Works re. Photographs of Tyneside etc - From Robert Dukes of 70 High St. Amblecote, STowbridge.

We Want Work - From Leslie Allan 84 Peckham Park Rd. SE15.

The Bad Old Days and Unemployment - From F. M. F. of Brighton.

The Hardships of a Man in Work - From T. Schofield of 19 South Cres. Clayton. Manchester.

Public School Men and the Army - Fron Ex Public School TA Officer of 79 Cambrdige Rd. Wimbledon SW20.

Secondary School Men and The Army - M. Meredith 85 Whitford Rd nr Tranmere, Birkenhead, Cheshire.

What the Average Soldier Thinks - Ex Soldier of 36 Shirley Rd, Southampton.

The Army and Liddell Hart - From H. Lethbridge Alexander Major General Rtd. Of Aldermoor, Beaulieu, Hants.

Who is the Minister? - From E. E.Thornton of West Hill, Epsom.

Field Punishment No. 1 - From L. A. Downton of 61 Wilberforce Rd. Finsbury Park N4.

Have I Caught You Out? - From Geoffrey A. Abrahams aged 14 of 16 Saxon Rd, Great Crosby, Liverpool 23.

From a Supporter of Leslie Henson - From David Murray 52 Wilson St. Motherwell.

Are We Spoiling Britain? - From D. H. Komlosy B.Sc. (Lond.) Associate Member Town Planning Institute 23 Shrublands Close, Chelmsford.

Make Believe Messiahs - by Kathleen Hewitt.

Our Earth Was an Accident by John Langdon-Davies.

William Shakespeare - A Page Boy of the 20thC - by John Fisher.

Founded by Stefan Lorant and Edward George Warris Hulton in 1938 and ran until the 1950's. Photographers and other contributors to the magazine during this time included Kurt Hutton aka Kurt Hübschmann - Felix H. Man - Francis Reiss - John Chillingworth - Leonard McCombe - Sydney Jacobson - Humbert Wolfe - Kathleen Hewitt - John Langdon-Davies - etc. sleekburnc. 1102



Picture Post was a photojournalistic magazine published in the United Kingdom from 1938 to 1957. It was co-founded by Stefan Lorant and Sir Edward G. Hulton and was considered a pioneering example of photojournalism.

Approx 40 pages (80 sides). It measures approx 340x250mm (13.5x9.75inches). There is a little age yellowing. There are binding witness marks to the spine. Some of the pages are loose, and have handling marks, blemishes due to their age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. The staples had been removed at some time. The images vary in size. PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are no pages missing, so if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK.

The above description details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page."Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text. This item will be packaged in a tube and sent RM small parcels.

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