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Original Vintage Magazine

DATED 1939


This first part of the description features a list of Images i.e. photos etc. (these sometimes have accompanying articles but not always). They include:

Melitta Brunner the Ice Skater – Performing a Dance at Arosa, Klum. Full front cover photograph by Brandt at Arosa

The January Sales – A Woman Sees a Bargain. Full front page – wonderful photograph showing an older woman at the sales, something catches her eye

His First Experience of sales - Young Sales Boy.

In the Shoe Department – A Bit Tight at the Toes Madame ... But It Will Stretch.

Fits You Like a Glove Madam – In the Corset Department.

IN the Hat Department – How About This One Henry?. Full page

Men Patiently Waiting - While Women Must Fight.

In the Glove Dept.

Plus eight other photographs of "The Sales"

A Day in the Life of a Film Extra:

Stephanie Jane's Alarm Goes off at Six.

Corinne Lewis - Stephanie Janes - Pat Prior – Three Film Extras Putting Make-up On – On the Train.

Queue Up at the Gates of the Film Studio.

At The Denham Studios Just Outside London – Girls Get Into Their Costumes.

The Make Up Man Applying Stephanie Janes Make Up.

Stephanie Janes Waiting.

Still Waiting at Mid Day.

Time Off for a One and Six Lunch With Her Friends.

On Set'

Being Signed Off to Get paid.

Queuing For Their Salary.

Children and Victims of Panic. six photographs taken by a German Lecturer showing two hundred children sitting quietly in their leture room listening to their teacher, and what the next minute can bring – it mentions the effects of panic on children in the Paisley Cinema disaster of 1929

The French Foreign or Quai D'Orsay in Paris-:

M. Georges Bonnet the French Foreign Minister and His Wife Arrive home to the Quai d'Orsay to Their Apartment on the First Floor.

Chauffeur and Official in The Office.

M. Georges Bonnet at Work Inside the Ministers Office.

In the Ante Room – M. Francois Pietri the Former Finance Minister Waiting to See M. Bonnet.

In the Waiting Room. two photographs

Daily Press Conference – M. Toris of the Quai d'Orsay Staff Handing Out Communiques.

Officials and Journalists – M. Bressy Chef de Cabinet to M. Bonnet Assisted by M. De Carbonel – and M. Toris Talking Over the Days News.

The Dutch Ambassador Writing a Note – M. Landon. sleekburnc.

Djmil Mardam Bey the Prime Minister of the Syrian Protectorate Waiting.

The Daily Diplomatic Mail.

American Newspaper Men Hoping for a Chat – Studying the Famous Clock inthe Salle d'Horloge.

M. Aime Leroy the Minister to Lisbon Talks to M. Bressy Dir. Of Press Department.

M. Coulondre the French Ambassador to Berlin Talking to the Ambassador to Spain M. Jules Henri.

Talks in the Salon of the Quai d'Orsay.

. The Salle d'Horloge – Von Ribbentrop and Bonnet Sign the Franco German Pact. with others

General View of the Salle d'Horloge.

Little Alain Coming Down the Stairs – Private Appartments of the Bonnet Family Reive.

M. Loze Director du Protocole Going up Stairs to Discuss Details for an Official Dinner Party With Mme Bonnet.

M. Bonnet Accompanied by M. Boossanger Under Governor of the Bank of France – Waiting For his Car.

Still Waiting for the Car.

M. Bonnet in the Courtyard of the Foreign Office Still Waiting for His Car – In the Background M. Jules Henri and Diplomatic Correspondent Jules Sauerwein.

The Private Detective Destroys All Blotting Paper Used.

Photographs of the Great Frost of 1895 – Taken by Paul Martin:

Uncle Wilberforce at Richmond Park - Penn Ponds. with others, strange chairs on sledge runners in background

Strand on the Green – Small Boat in the Ice.

The Thames Embankment – Horse and Cart.

A Tug Breaking Up Pack Ice on the Thames.

Leslie Henson Reviews the Situation and Forecasts the Course of Events in 1939. wonderful series of ten comical photographs on a double page with various headings showing Leslie Lincoln Henson the English comedian, actor, etc. entitled: The General Outlook - - Foreign Affairs - - Home Affairs - - Personal Affairs - - Finance - - Sport - - Love - - The OpenAir - - Disarmament - - ....For the Future

Art Pages – Paintings and Work by J. E. Millais

The Deluge by J. E. Millais. near half page – marriage feast in progress as the waters of the Flood begin to rise .....

Study of an Ass – by Sir John Everett Millais.

Mr First Sermon - In Academy of 1863. in colour - little girl in red cape, his five year old daughter Effie

My Second Sermon – 1864. in colour - little girl asleep in same red cape, his daughter

The North West passage 1874. in colour - girl reads a story of arctic adventure to her father ...

St Stephen 1895. Full page in colour

Study for Jephthah's Daughter in Pencil 1867. over half page

The Young Mother. Keenlyside. ©

The School Boys Exhibition at the Royal Horticultural Hall Westminster – by a school boy named Peter:

Sea Scouts.

The Boy Who Wasn't Deceived – Boys Listening and Watching a Demonstration.

Boys Looking Right Through the Inside of a Motor Cycle Engine.

Boy Who Pulled the Trigger – A Bren Gun.

Telling Them About Naval Guns – The Boys Who Understood ....

And the Boy Who Didnt.

The Tea Brokers Association: First Photographs Allowed Inside - four photographs

The Weekly Tea Auctions in London:

A Woman Weighing Out a Sample.

Man Mixing the Blends in huge Drums.

Special Water From Each District – Perth, Bristol etc IN baskets. woman pouring the water into a kettle

The Tea Taster Tasting the Blends.

Tea Taster Describing the Quality at the Greenford Factories of Lyons.

Out of Work Visitors to the Silver Lady's Cafe in Trafalgar Square:

Dan O'Connor Born Belfast and Aged 19 with a Cup of Tea.

Joseph McInulty - Been in London a Week Looking for Work in Engineering ...

Patrick O'Leary Born in Co. Donegal ...

Daniel Sweeny from Glasgow ...

Crowds Queue at the Silver Lady's Kitchen.

Daniel Kelly Returned from Canada ...

Jack Brown a Seafaring Man ...

John Hall an Army Man from Bedford.

Aussie Who Worked on a Farm in Australia ...

Thomas Kemp Was a Fisherman born Dublin aged 40.

Edmund Adams Was a Grocer ...

Joe Was in the Dockyard in Cardiff ...

Double page plus a full page of wonderful photographs - Silver Lady's Cafe set up by Miss Betty Baxter in 1927. Info. although not stated the photos were by Kurt Hutton.


From Monk to Mannequin. Full page showing the newest craze – a woman wearing " The Hood" and flowing cloak.

Hood Trimmed with White Fur.

Dress with Hood Attached.

Jacket with Hood.

Hodds for Ski-ing.

Fur hooded Jacked. Full page

A Night in a Bus Garage Depot:

the London buses Being Washed.

Bus Conductors Paying the Days Takings in to the Cashiers.

'Drivers and Conductors Having a Game of Snooker after The Days Work.

Vacuum Cleaning the Seats.

Disinfecting – Evert Bus is Sprayed Out Every Night.

A Game of Dominoes in the Canteen.

The Busmens Letter and Notice Board.

Topping up Oil.

Pasting up Advertisements.

The control Tower – The Clerk in the Roof of the Garage.

The Clean Buses Waiting for the Next Days Work.

A London Transport Claims Agent Discusses an Accident with the Driver and Conductor.

At the Dentist. two photogtraphs with a verse by famous humorist F. W.Thomas about the dentist chair

Royal Wedding in Malaya:

Prince Tungku Kadir the Groom, Arrives miel Carrying a Ceremonial Knife at His Waist.

The Wedding Breakfast – Barefooted Cooks Prepare the Wedding Breakfast of Rice and Curry in Great Cauldrons ...

The Bridal Bed of Three Tiered Dais ...

After The Wedding The Royal Bride and Groom Receiving Guests.

The Medical Profession:

Joseph Lister the Founder of Modern Medicine.

The Right Hon. Walter Elliot – Minister of Health.

Lord Dawson of Penn – President of the Royal College of Physicians and Physician in Ordinary to Queen Mary. – inf. Bertrand Edward Dawson

Physician in Ordinary to King George VI – Lord Horder. - info. Thomas Horder

Lord Addison the First Minister of health Appointed 1919-21. - info. Christopher Addison

John Hunter – The Founder of the hunterian Collections.

Earl of Athlone.

Sir Frederick Menzies – Medical Officer of Health to the L.C.C. - info. London County Council

Dr Robert Hutchison – President of the Royal College of Physicians – Great Ormond St and London Hospital etc.

William Harvey Demonstrates to Charles – Discoverer of the Circulation of the Blood. from an old painting

Sir Charles Hastings Founder of the British Medical Association. fro man old painting

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson the First Woman Member of thge BMA – A Caricaturist's Impression.

An Annual Representative Meeting of the British Medical Association. c.keenlyside

The Lesson in Anatomy – From the painting by Rembrandt.

Bone Setting in the Thirteenth Century. from "old plates taken from an early surgical treatise"

Joy Ward a Kennel Maid with St Bernard Dog - Dogs Kennels at Thames Ditton in Surrey.

Ovaltine – Be On Your Guard!. advert

Milk -advert

The Energen Dietary Service of Willesden London -advert

Bournvita. advert

Capstan Navy Cut Cigarettes Medium Strength - advert

Cow and Gate Baby Milk - advert

The Sunbeam Shavemaster from the L.R. Supply Co of 11 Oat Lane, Noble St London EC2 - advert

Kolynos Dental Cream - advert

Phosferine Tonic Wine - advert

Homesun Sunlamp by Hanovia of 3 Victoria St. London SWI. advert

Spratts Dog and Cat Foods - a dvert

Milk of Magnesia Tablets - advert

Infra Red Rays; Heat Lamp for Rheumatism, Sciastica etc. health Ray Co. of Havelock Chambers Southampton.

Photographic study of a baby in a pile of clothes – "Why Can't I Find Something to Put on?"

Danderine for the Hair.advert

Ladye Jayne Slumber Helmet. advert

Wilkinson's Pontefract Cakes. small advert

Nufix For Hair Dressing for Men. advert

Thorns Portable Builodings of Brampton Rd. Bexley Heath.

Jifix Fastener for Belts. Advert.  

Foster Clark's Soups. advert

The British Institute of Practical Psychology Ltd of 1 Ludgate Hill. Full page advert – back page

Bovril. advert – inner front cover

Deep Penetration Rays – The Ray o Therm Lamp. advert

Grips Pastilles.a dvert

Glymiel Jelly. advert

Tokalon rose Skinfood with Biocel. advert

Vick Vapour Rub. advert

Remington Electric Close Shaver. advert

the World Crisis 1911-1918 by Winston S. Churchill. Full page advert for book – with a photograph of Churchill by Vandyk

De Witts Pills for Backache, Kidney and Bladder etc. advert

J. D. C. Mackay and the Direct Way to Success – School of Accountancy 25 Bush House London WC2. advert showing photograph of the man named above etc

nursing Illustrated – Diary from Nursing Illustrated of Shoe Lane London. advert

the Halo Sleeping Helmet. advert

The New Super Transatlantic Mr Rap Radio – Servace RAP of 145 Ewell rd, Surbiton. advert

Berkeley Superlax Chair – From H. J. Searle of 70-78 Old Kent Rd London . advert

Dont be Frightened ... To Copy This – A Caricature of Hitler – Percy V. Bradshaw, The Press Art School Tudor hall Forest Hill. small advert showing caricature of Hitler

Remington Dry Electric Shaver. small advert

Mr Davies of Ystradgynlais near Swansea and His Collie, Moss Holder of the Daily Mirror Collar for Bravery - Bob Martin's Condition Powders. advert – near half page

Quick Quaker Oats. advert – half page

Craven A Cigarettes – Made Specially to Prevent Sore Throats. near half page advert

Urillac Tablets. Full page advert.

Nicky Henson Adam Henson


This second part of the description features articles etc. but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

High Street Sales

Day in the Life of a Film Extra – by Oswald Skilbeck

Panic – with ref. to the Paisley Cinema Disaster of 1929 in which sixty children were killed. The article also describes the photographs, taken by a German lecturer, of children in a similar situation – aka Glen Cinema Disaster - final death toll was 71

Quai D'Orsay or The French Foreign Office – with ref. to M. Georges Bonnet etc – By A. J. Cummings

The Great Frost of 1895 Sleekburnc.

Latin America - Will the USA Found a New League? – By Edward Hulton with mention of 58 Calle Carlos – A. Mendoza – Association of Japanese Barbers City of Panama – Fascists - Nazis at Cali in Colombia – The Eighth Pan-American Conference at Lima – Nichi Nichi Shimbun – Mr Mackenzie King PM Canada - etc

Sir John Everett Millais

They Sent Me to an Exhibition at the Royal Horticultural Hall Westminster – by a school boy named Peter

The Tea Brokers Association

Tea Buying at a Weekly London Tea Auction – And What happened to it Afterwards

Worklessness in London and The Silver Lady's Cafe in Trafalgar Square founded by Miss Betty Baxter – aka Silver Lady


Correspondence Page – Letters from Readers:

A Little Boy Found – From B. Shaw of 2 Kenilworth House, Castle Court, Cardiff – about the German child refugees at Dovercourt

Nazis and Humanity at Its Lowest – From W. K. Murdoch of 33 Muswell hill Rd London N10

Pheasant Shooting and Benefits – Mister Norrie Ward of Brancepeth, Gildersome, Leeds

Why Slaughter the Lamb? – from Miss M. Miall of 92 St. James Rd. Sutton, Surrey

Culture and Hans Johst – from M. W. Jones of 3 Regent Square, London WC1

Apology to Artemus Ward – From A. Alman of 39 Walford Rd. London N16

A Bubble That Won't Burst – From G. L. H. Steede of 62 Wellington Park, Belfast

Recognition of an Aunt in The Magazine – E. Rayner of 48 Butts, Coventry

Anschluss Without Tears – From H. Kary of 30 Oakley St. London SW3

Scottish Self Rule – from A. L. Henry of Avonroy, Westerton, Dumbartonshire, Scotland

How It Was Done? – Charles L. Kohn of 50 Hepworth Rd., Streatham SW16

Mistakes in the Merchant Navy Article – M. Leworthy of Maesyberllan, Pencader, Carms.

White Square on the Cover – James A. cook of Spencers Rd,. Crawley, Sussex.

Announcement - Apology to H. H. Finch Ltd wine merchants of 105 Great Titchfield St. Marylebone

It Won't Hurt – Verse by F. W. Thomas the Famous Humorist – about the dentist

The Medical Profession

Joy Ward a Kennel Maid – by John Fisher

I Was Hitler's Prisoner – by Stefan Lorant

Science Page - Are We Alone in the Universe – by John Langdon-Davies

The Genius by William Saroyan- story in the series of the work of the great humorous writers.

sleekburnc. 1401


Picture Post was a photojournalistic magazine published in the United Kingdom from 1938 to 1957. It was co-founded by Stefan Lorant and Sir Edward G. Hulton and was considered a pioneering example of photojournalism.

This is an original but USED vintage magazine, not a scan and not a later re-print. If there is a particular date you require in regards to this item eg. For a birthday or anniversary etc please ask. The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only.

Approx 38 pages (76 sides). It measures approx 340x250mm (13.5x9.75inches). The spine is rubbed/worn. There is a little age yellowing. Some of the pages are loose, and have handling marks, blemishes due to their great age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. The staples had been removed. The images vary in size. PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are no pages missing, so if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK.

The above description details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page."Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text. This item will be packaged in a tube and sent RM small parcels.

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