1939 PICTURE POST Photo Journalism Magazine HITLER Tyneside Letters BARTRAM MILLS CIRCUS Scotland Yard (1200)
1939 PICTURE POST Photo Journalism Magazine HITLER Tyneside Letters BARTRAM MILLS CIRCUS Scotland Yard (1200)
1939 PICTURE POST Photo Journalism Magazine HITLER Tyneside Letters BARTRAM MILLS CIRCUS Scotland Yard (1200)
1939 PICTURE POST Photo Journalism Magazine HITLER Tyneside Letters BARTRAM MILLS CIRCUS Scotland Yard (1200)
1939 PICTURE POST Photo Journalism Magazine HITLER Tyneside Letters BARTRAM MILLS CIRCUS Scotland Yard (1200)

1939 PICTURE POST Photo Journalism Magazine HITLER Tyneside Letters BARTRAM MILLS CIRCUS (1200)

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Bertram Mills Circus Olympia, Clowns, Performers HITLER Tyneside Poverty Newcastle SCOTLAND YARD POLICE LONDON Paris Beggars GIRLS STAGE SCHOOL Swiss Guard Rome EDWARD HULTON on The Free Press



Original Vintage Photojournalistic Magazine

DATED 1939


This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

A French Poodle - full front outer cover photograph

Bertram Mills Circus at Olympia London (with article by Christopher Saltmarshe):

Kelly the Clown Taking Photographs in the Crowd - Part of the Bertram Mills Circus Act From the USA - full front page - info. Emmett Leo Kelly

The Seven Ortans - photograph showing five of the ortans performing

The Cristiani Riders.showing five of the Italian Bareback Riding Family on two horses - names mention are Lucio - Belmonte - Mogador and two sisters not named

The Two Reverhos - performing on a wire balancing and duggling etc

John Roland.s Sea Lions.

Six photographs in a row showing happy, smiling childrens, watching the performance

Clowns Performing: Charlie Rivels - Alfredino - Pauli - four scenes on a double page of the three clowns performing - info. CR Spanish born aka Josep Andreu i Lasserre.

The Four "Queens of the Air" About to Perform.

The Four Queens Far Up in the Roof Performing the Turn They Were doing When the 1933 Los Angeles Earthquake Shook.

The Four Queen As You Don't See Them - In Every Day Clothes After A Performance.

France - The Latin Quarter and The Beggars Association.

President or Chief of the Association with others in a cafe.

The Italian Cafe Owner - Chief of Commissariat and Owner of the Cafe Which Forms the Headquarters.

Members Asleep in the Cafe ...

A Member Having paid His Subscription, Marks His District.

Man Trying on an Artificial Limb - a man with two wooden stumps.

A Member of the Brotherhood (with a pint of beer) With Curious Curls Said To Keep Away Evil Spirits.

Man Drinking a Glass and Making a Toast.

The Beggars Barber: For A Cigarette of a Few Cents He Shaves His Fellow Members.

The Shoemender.

A Street Accident in London - seven photographs, taken by a Picture Post photographer who happened to be at the scene. It shows the actual accident involving a pedestrian and a motor vehicle; the ambulance arriving and him being taken to St Barts Hospital etc - double page

Six photographs (as above) showing man admitted to hospital and operated on and being nursed afterwards, operating theatre scene with equipment etc - the patient is named Tom Jones, don’t know if this is his real name - double page.

As Above - four photographs.

The Stage Girls Club or Hostel in the Bloomsbury Residential Club for Actresses - eight photographs showing some of the young actresses and the warden at the hostel, Persse House in Gordon Street and they include: Sylvia Saetre - Joan Lea - miel - Bridget Page - Joan Grant - Joy Sheridan - Joan Sandilands - Mildred Turner - Nessie Tierney - Eileen Belyea - Freda Salkeld - and the Picture Post Journalist interviewing the girls

Boys Enlist as Shadow Airmen; The Watford Air Defence Cadets:

The Air Cadets Looking at a Vickers Vildebeest.

On Parade in Uniform.

Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John Salmond Inspects the Cadets.

Newcomers Lined Up ...

At Ease ...

The Day in the Life of a French Poodle Dog - sixteen photographs: Out for Walks - Having a Shower and Blow Dry - Being Clipped - Waring a Coat, Shoes and Goggles etc

USA: A Chicago Board of Education Driving Course - two photographs.

Rome andThe Pope's Bodyguard:

The Swiss Guard Outside the Vatican - near full page photograph.

Plus ten other photographs in various locations: Great Bronze Gate - Kit Inspection - Guardroom - A Guard Meeting Mussolini Constable - In Full dress Uniform - With Halberds and Breastplates - New Recruits.

Marching to Night Duty - full page


Caractacus Led Captive Through Rome - By George Frederick Watts - half page pencil drawing

Professor Legros by G. F. Watts - Etching.

Love and Life by G. F. Watts in 1885 - near half page in color

For He Had Great Possessions by Watts - near half page in color - mark to centre

Roman Lady - by George Frederick Watts - full page in colour - marked to centre

Noah Building the Ark - By Watts.

The Bowler in Cricket - by Watts -

Odalisque - by Watts.

Meat for Hot Dogs Pouring Out of a Mincing Machine - full page plus an inset photograph of President Roosevelt eating a hot dog.

Jimmy Kennedy the Composer and "Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree" (with article by Tom Harrisson titled The Birth of a New Dance):

At A Summer Camp - King George VI Singing Along with The Boys and Doing The Actions to the Shanty "The Village Blacksmith" ...

Jimmy Kennedy the Song Composer at his Piano.

The Song Team At Piano - Hamilton Kennedy - TommieConnor - Jimmy.

Peter Maurice - Jimmy Philips (Tin Pan Alley or Denmark Street - sitting in armchairs listening to piano.

In the Publishers Office Working Out the Dance Steps - Miss Adele England - Tommie Connor - Hamilton Kennedy - Peter Maurice.

At The Dance Circuit - C. L. Heimann - Byron Davies Publicity Man Reive - Jimmy Philips.

Miss Mills - Mister Quinn Practising the Dance.

Reg Roney and Band at the Locarno, Streatham with Miss England Explaining the Steps.

Band Leaders: Billy Cotton and Others Preparing to Plug the New Tune.

The Arrangers For Big Bands: Stan Bowsher - Bert Thompson - Gus Mitchell - Arthur White -

Children Doing the Dance at Streatham Locarno.

Chimpanzee Taught by Lew Stones Brother Fred Stone at Sheerness with Jimmy Kennedy Accompanying on the Accordion.

Ladies Doing the Dance.

Sheet Music of the New Tune Being Sold.

Physical Exercises for Babies - six photographs on a double page showing babies and women

Members of the Society of Thermogenic Therapy in Chicago - Lady Suffering from Spring Fever Being Treated - with seven others watching on.

Troupes of Child Dancers - Laidler's Sixteen Sunbeams - nine photographs of the little girls at their large house in North London and during rehearsals - ref. to Francis Laidler.

Patients at The Hospital of St John of God at Scorton in Yorkshire:

Man Playing Billiards.

Man Feeding Chickens.

The Front of the Hospital.

Brother Herbert Serving Meals.

Joe England The Shoemaker Giving Lessons to Thomas Porthouse.

Playing Chess - Thomas O'Hara and Fred Carlton.

IN the Laundry.sleekburnc.

The Wireless Room.

Father Anselm the Prior with George Sampson.

Brother Simon in the Dispensary.

Brother Clement at the Organ.

Mr Ludwig Koch - Keeper Bates and The Camel at Whipsnade Zoo - four photographs

Plans For Air Raid Protection Shelters etc:

Diagram Showing Entrances to Shelter.

A Kearney Tube ARP Shelter - diagram.

The Kearney Tube Railway Shelter - diagram showing split diagram

Inclined Planes of a Station - diagram.

War and Peace Use - Sections of Tunnel.

Kennington Map - The Kearney Tube Shelters.

Barcelona After A Bomb Has Fallen the Rescuers Go to Work - two photographs probably 1937.

The Police:

Air Vice Marshal Sir Philip Game - Commissioner of Police.

Sir John Moylan - The Receiver of Police.

Colonel The Hon. Maurice Drummond - Deputy Commissioner.

Head of "A" Department - Brigadier General J. Whitehead.

Head of B Department - H. Alker Tripp.

Jack Sands Detective Superintendent of The West End of London.

F. S. Bennet - Kings Cross Gang Smasher.

H. E. Helby.c.keenlyside.

G. W. Yandell of the Flying Squad -

Sir Norman Kendal - Head of C Department.

Sir Robert Peel - from old print.

Tom Jones the Novelist and Magistrate.

Sir Charles Warren Who Tried to Catch Jack The Ripper - from an old print.

The Bow Street Runner.

Charley - The Nightwatchman.

Robert Peel's Peelers.

London Bobby of Today.

The Real Scotland Yard From Across the Thames.

Steve Hills a Porter at Port Victoria Railway Station in the Isle of Grain Kent.

Hitler as He Was in 1923 and As He Appears in 1939 - two photographs.

Quick Quaker Oats - advert.

The World Famous Health Ray Lamps - advert.

Maxalding - full page bodybuilding advert showing A. M. Saldo - W. J. Hunt - etc.

Bravingtons the Jewellers -0 Watches - full page advert - back page.

Alister Maynard Ltd - fireplace - full page advert.

New Air Floated Face Powder - advert.

Foster Clark's Soups - advert.

Odol Toothpaste - advert.

Cuticura Soap - advert.

R. H. Hall of 270 Paddock Wood, Kent - photograph of Robert H. Hall and His Sheds - advert.

Pelmanism - advert.sleekburnc.

De Reszke Minors - full page cigarette advert.


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

Do We Need a Free Press - By Edward Hulton.

Storm Over Tyneside - a full page with letters from readers:

William R. Wallace the Lord Mayor Of Newcastle upon Tyne

Arthur W. Lambert Kt MC DL JP 10 Kensington Terrace Newcastle on Tyne

Gerald S. F. Ritson of Newcastle and Gateshead Incorporated Chamber of Commerce, Newcastle upon Tyne 1.

Eain G. Ogilvie of North East Development Board, Northumberland house, 162 Northumberland St. Newcastle upon Tyne.

Phyllis Atkinson an Exiled Geordie of 19 Clarenden Cres. Edinburgh 4.

G. Harvey of 46 Ringwood Rd, Eastney, Portsmouth.

Marjorie E. Driffield of 6 Curtis Rd. Fenham, Newcastle upon Tyne 4.

John J. Ellis of 4 Elmcroft Estate, Staines Rd, Bedfont, Middx.

Mrs Clare Jarman of ST Claire, Church Rd, Burton Joyce, Notts.

E. A.Graham of 14a Selborne Rd, Hove 3, Sussex. c.keenlyside.

Mister Alan G. Banks of Holme Slack Farm, Preston, Lancs.

The letters were in response (for and against) to a PP article on the poverty on Tyneside; in Newcastle on Tyne etc

The Sports by Evelyn Waugh - Taken from Decline and Fall; a description of the sports at the crazy school, Llanabba, Wales. Approx 4600 words.

A Porter Without Passengers: Port Victoria in the Isle of Grain Kent - mainly about Steve Hills the porter on the Isle of Grain Railway Station but also mentions - Mr and Mrs Tall of Tufnell Park Rd London - Mr Henry Bonhanm Carter of Hyde Park - etc.

Notes Inspired by a Dentist - by John Langdon Davies.

We Hadn't Heard of Hitler - Can You Tell a Man Who Is One Day Going to be a Dictator When You See Him? - by F. A. Rice - basically an article on how news of Adolf Hitler was covered in the English press over those previous fifteen (1920's-30's) or so years - it mentions Daily Chronicle - The Times - Dr Goebbels Hitlers Impressario - Evening Standard - Misspelling of Hitlers and Goebbels Names - Daily Telegraph - Mr W. A. Appleton - etc. Approx 1400wds.sleekburnc. 0701


Picture Post was a photojournalistic magazine published in the United Kingdom from 1938 to 1957. It was co-founded by Stefan Lorant and Sir Edward G. Hulton and was considered a pioneering example of photojournalism.

This is an original but USED vintage magazine, not a scan and not a later re-print. If there is a particular date you require in regards to this item eg. For a birthday or anniversary etc please ask. The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only.

Approx 40 pages (80 sides). It measures approx 340x250mm (13.5x9.75inches). The spine is rubbed/worn with some binding witness marks. There is a little age yellowing. Some of the pages are loose, and have handling marks, blemishes due to their great age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. The staples had been removed. The images vary in size. PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are no pages missing, so if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK.

The above description details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page."Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text. This item will be packaged in a tube and sent RM small parcels.

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