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Forty page (80 sides) issue of:


Dated 1939

Photographs and Images include:

' A Girl in the Snow ' photographic study of a woman on a snowy slope – full front cover

' Unemployed – Alfred Smith Queuing at the Peckham Labour Exchange ' front page showing a group of men

' Men Inside the Peckham Labour Exchange – Alfred Smith Draws His unemployment Pay '

' The Line of Men inside the Labour Exchange '

' Outside the Labour Exchange the Wife and Children Wait ' woman with four children

' Alfred Smith Talking to the Clerk inthe Exchange '

' Alfred Hands Over The Money to his Wife - £2 7s 6d per Week '

' Alfred Smith's Wife Buying Clothes For Frances, Peter and Edna at the Street Stall '

' Unable to Afford Blankets – Alfred Smith and His Children Shopping '

' The Smith Children – Edna, Frances, Peter and John – Watching and Listening to Street Music '

' Alfred Smith at The Public Library Looking Through the Small Advertisements in the Newspapers ' x 2photographs

' Looking at a Job Notice Board '

' The Picutre of Our Time – Alone Walking for Miles Trying Reive to Find a Job ' a foggy street scene – a very atmospheric photograph by Kurt Hutton

' Asking a Foreman for a Job '

' After a Day Looking or Work – Alfred Smith Comes Home ' his wife hands him the front door key from the basement window

' The Family Sit Down to a Meal ' Reive

' The unemployed chain Themselves to the Railings of Hose of Mr Ernest Brown the Minister for Labour '

' Demonstrators Stop Traffic by Lying Down in Oxford Circus – Covered in Posters '

' Digging His BackYard ... Where Nothing Grows '

These photographs were by Tim Gidal and Kurt Hutton amongst others

Paris by Night:

' Outside the Opera in the Heart of Paris '

' The Street Lamps Being Lit '

' The Eiffel Tower and the River Seine '

' Traffic on the Boulevards '

' The Elysee palace Guard Change '

' Marshal Ney in the Mists of Montparnasse ' statue

' A Gargoyle '

' Lady Plans a Purchase from a Lingerie Shop Window '

' The Gendarme Directing Traffic with his White Baton '

' Customers In the Bistro – The Barman and Customer '

'Tired Man Reading Newspaper '

' Two Girls '

' Crowds Studying the News on the Electric Newspaper '

' Young Man on an Autobus '

' A Game of Cards in a Bistro – The Barman Takes a Hand and A Gentleman Has Miel Done a Deal in Poultry ' dead poultry on the next table

' Asleep on a Bench in the Metro ' next to a Menier chocolate machine

' The Famous Bal Tabarin Cabaret ' topless women dancers

' In an Old Fashioned Bal Musette in the Rue de Lappe – Couples Dancing '

' In a Modern Bal Musette – Couples Dancing '

' In the Music halls – Jeanne Aubert Presents '

' In the Cheap Bars Workmen Order Coffee and Cognac '

' Having Supper in an Expensive Restaurant ' ' Dancing in a Cabaret House '

' In a Famous Restaurant '

' A Gala Dinner – M. Bonnet the Foreign Minister is Present in the crowd '

' Back Stage at the Folies Bergeres '

' The Carts with Tomorrows Vegetables '

' At Les Halles Fruit and Veg. Market '

' The Milman Loads His Trolly '

' The Last Turn of the Cabaret - Gils Performing '

' Carpentier the Boxer Having a Drink '

' Making Wax Doubles – Miss Katharine Stubergh Working on a Model for Lila Lee ' full page showing four photographs

Deanna Durbin Aged 16 -;

' The Young Girl in Her Swimming Pool – Her Dog Watches On '

' Deanna Durbin With Her Favourit Dog in Her Swimming Pool at her Mansion in Hollywood '

' Deanna Drinking Her Milk ' – born Edna Mae Durbin

' In Her Music Room '

' Practising Her Typewriting Skills '

Ten photographs of a pair of budgerigars

Foggy London – Smog:

' Trafalgar Square in the Fog '

' Lighthouses Guide Pedestrians ' keep left signs inthe middle of the road and a traffic light

' A Man On His Way Home ' Miel

' London Buses in Oxford Street Smog '

' Around a Lamp-post ' Sleekburnc.

' Emergency Lighting – A Policeman Next to the Apparatus '

' A Car Headlights Looms Out of the Fog '

' Ezekiel – by Edward Burne-Jones ' from a Wood Cut

' Summer Snow – by Edward Burne Jones '

' Love and The Pilgrim – by Burne Jones '

' King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid – by Edward Burne-Jones ' colour print

' Sidonia Von bork – By Burne Jones ' colour print

' Sponsa De Libano - by Edward Burne Jones ' half page in colour

' Four Designs for a Stained Glass Window by Edward Burne Jones – For the English Church Berlin '

' The Wheel of Fortune – Nude Pencil Sketch by Burne Jones '

' Depths of the Sea – Nude Pencil Sketch by Burne Jones '

In and Around Birmingham:

' The Market hall Clock '

' A Producer of Cars – A Factory Car park '

' The Bull Ring Street Sellers '

' Chamberlain Place '

' A Typical Outlying Street '

' A Snow Scene on a Canal Towing Path 'man in barge in built up area

' Lord Austin the Motor Car Magnate Exmaines a Bombingh Plane with Sir Kingsley Wood '

' The Trades Unions Meet '

'; Alderman James Crump the Labour Lord Mayor '

' Men Having discussions in the Bull Ring '

' In the Snack Bar of the Grand Hotel '

' In the Casino Dance Rooms '

' The Audience at The All-in Wrestling '

' At the Commercial Travellers Dance at the Grand Hotel '

' Relaxing Between Dances at the Commercial Travellers Association Dance '

' The Austin Works – Men and Women Leaving the Factory '

' The Technical Section of the Free Public Library '

' Sunday Afternoon in the Art Gallery – Men Relaxing in the Warmth '

' Birminghams Famous Repertory Theatre Founded by sir Barry Jackson ' a scene on stage

' The Hospital Centre on Land Given by Cadburys '

' A Ward in the Hospital '

' Class 14 o the Adult School at Severn Street ' men having tea toast and scones etc

' The Dunlop Factory – Women on the Tennis Ball Production Line '

' Bicycles – Sir Malcolm Campbell Visits the Hercules Firm '

' Men inthe hockley Districk Jewellery Trade ' two men working

' Cars – The Wolseley Factory Cars Stacked Up '

' Aero Engines at the Wolseley Factory '

' Weighing machines at the Avery Factory ' men calibrating machines

Back in the wings of the Palace Theatre London:

Ten photographs showing dancers, chorus girls etc backstage – people shown include Mister Jack Hulbert the sound man – Pweggy Watson, Lola James and Vivien Tandy the dancers – Cicely Courneidge actress etc

Our Cities as Bombing Targets:

' A Barcelona Street Scene Where a 500Kilo Bomb Was Dropped '

' This Can Happen in London Too! - A Barcelona Street Scene After Bombing'

' A Perfect Target for Aerial Bombing – the Junction of City Road and Old Street in London ' aerial photograph

' A Modern Death Trap in London – Back to back Houses '

' A Modern Plan for Paris – According to Le Corbusier '

' A Modern Plan for London – Finsbury Blocks of Flats, Open Plan Fewer Children Killed ...'

' A New Main Road with Under and Over Traffic Crossings, flats in the Foreground etc '

' Hyde park Corner Traffic Jam '

' Ribbon Development Outside London '

' Hitler Bans All Ribbon Building – Wide Double Track Speedways to Evacuate Population and Shift War Material '

' Germany Solves Modern Traffic Problems - New Road Layouts '

The Bank of England: Keenlyside.©

The Governor of the Bank of England The Right Hon. Montagu Collett Norman '

' The Banks Founder William III of Orange '

' The Banks Inventor – William Paterson a Scotsman '

' The First Governor Sir john Houblon by Descent a Dutchman '

' The First Bank of England '

' Sir John Soane the Bank's Architect '

' The Bank Nun – Sarah Whitehead Whose Brother Was Executed for Fraud in 1811 '

' Charles Price the Swindler '

' The Bank of England Has Its Own Guard – Leaving the Wellington Barracks '

' The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street '

' The New Lady of Threadneedl;e Street by Sir Herbert Baker '

' The Banks Lost Garden '

' Messengers Run With News of a Change in the Bak Rate '

' The Old Lady of Herself , Britannia '

' The New Lady – Charles Wheelers Statue '

' Replica of Princes Street Entrance as a Vestibule ' x2


' Fur Coats that Zip to Pieces ' double page showing five designs

' The Coloured Jazz Band at the Old Florida Night Club in London: Pianist Fela Sowande - - - Tenor Rudi Evans - - - Double Bass Bruce Vanderpuye - - - Drummer Edmund Ross - - - Guitarist Frank Deniz - - - Alto Sax Mumford Taylor - - - Trumpeter Leslie Hutchinson - - - Clarinet Fred Grant ' double page

' The Beauty Bath ' woman in bubble bath with mask on

' Cecilia Colledge Trains for the Ice Skating Championships ' two photographs

' Fresh Air Stubbs – froma Painting by Reginald Brundrit '

' Her Serene Highness Princess Natasha of Mukhrani - Roses Lime Marmalade ' advert

' Remington Close Shaver ' advert

' Remington Home Portable Typewriter ' advert

' Pontings Certofit Overcovers for Furnishings ' full back page advert

' Jack Hobbs the England and Surrey Cricketer ' advert for Quaker Oats – a photograph of the man playing cricket and a photo. of him as a little boy

' Cuticura Soap ' advert

' The Goblin Wizard Cleaner - - Hoover Cleaner – at Southern Electrical Products ' advert

' Remington Electric close Shaver ' half page advert

' Shredded Wheat ' advert

' Lady Neish '

' De Reszke Minors ' full page cigarette advert.


Articles and Features Include:

Unemployed – The Daily Routine of Alfred Smith of 52 Leo Street, Peckham – the article gives a run down of how much is spent on rent, clothes, heating etc – Article by Sidney Jacobson

Deanna Durbin – with mention of Lancashire blacksmith named Durbin etc

Are We Spoiling Britain – by Edward Hulton

Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Birmingham By Harold King

A Realistic Plan for ARP

The Bank of England by Kate Frankl JP

Prison Bars – A Short Story by J. Geoffrey Stewart

Legal Advice by Humerous Writer Richard Lockridge

Letters from Readers:

Left Bias in Hulton and B. H. Liddell Hart ? – From Russell Steele MB BS of Penrhybn Lodge, Gloucester Gate, London NW1

ARP, A Warden's View – From James Donne the Senior Warden 48 Sector of Bexhill on Sea

Kearney Tubes, A Suggestion – From L. Bell of 12 Kendall Street, Carlisle, Cumberland

What a Boy Wants – From Barry Whitaker age 12 of 146 Deans Lane, Edgware

Tyneside Once More – In response to the objection of the Lord Mayor and member of the Chamber of Commerce to photographs published in the PP of scenes of depravation – From John Bristo of 10 Byre Rd, Sydenham

No censorship by Dictators – From J. C> Stevenson of 33 Haytor Rd, Wrexham, Denbighshire

He Paints for Picture Post – From Ernest W. Jacob of Durham Hill School, Downham, Bromley

What Follows a Street Accident ? – From Fred May of 31 Fairmount Ave, Breightmet, Bolton, Lancs

Comment from America – From J. R. M. Heigh of The College, Buxton Derbyshire

Back to Front Reader – From R. G. Legler of Green Shutters, Spring Woods, Virginia Water

Railway Claim, The Solution – From John A. Seton of Conservative Club. St James' Street London SWI

Hypnotism in Dentistry – From Kenneth McAlpin of Crafnant, Crowborough, Sussex

Credit to Longfellow – From W. J. Miller of 49 Pulleyns Ave, East Ham London E6

A Warning to Mothers – From H. L. Trafford of Blythe Cottage, Austen Rd, Guildford, Surrey

Fresh Air Stubbs – William Stubbs of the Black Horse in a Yorkshire Village nr Grassington

2 – P-Aminobenzenesulphonamido Pyridene – by John Langdon-Davies – info. k.a. M & B 693 – it was one of the first generation of sulphonamide antibiotics used to treat pneumonia.


The Picture Post was one of Britains first photo-journalistic magazines, was founded by Stefan Lorant and Edward George Warris Hulton in 1938 and ran until the 1950's. Photographers and other contributors to the magazine during this time included Kurt Hutton aka Kurt Hübschmann - Felix H. Man - Francis Reiss - John Chillingworth - Leonard McCombe – Sydney Jacobson – Humbert Wolfe – Kathleen Hewitt - John Langdon-Davies – etc.

The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only.

It measures 340 x 250 mm (13.25 x 10 inches). The spine and some pages are loose with binding witness marks. Some of the pages may be loose, and have minor cuts tears and blemishes due to their great age. The photographs vary in size. The images are in black and white unless otherwise stated. This item will be packaged in a tube.
Quotation or speech marks in the image description signifies the image title in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page. "Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text.
PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I
have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are no pages missing, but if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK.

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