1939 Illustrated Sporting & Dramatic News SAUMUR Cadre Noir OTTERHOUNDS (4443)

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Contents include: Captain Bizard SAUMUR Cadre Noir OTTERHOUNDS at CROWHURST Deva Cayzer Horse Paintings WEE BURN COUNTRY CLUB CONNECTICUT Golf etc.
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Original Magazine
DATED 1939

This first part of the description features a list of Images i.e. photographs, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

Captain Bizard - The Famous Show Jumper from Saumur France - full front page.

Saumur Where the French Cavalry Officers are Trained:.

Levade: Separate Horses Known as SAuteurs are Kept for these Airs - group of horses rearing up.

The Accoutrements of a High Officer of the College, And the Stirrup Used by the Cadre Noir.

Chief Instructor Colonel Lesage Mounted on 'Bel Armand' ...

Skeleton of a Horse ...

Presenting the Standard to the Spahis.

A Demonstration Jump - Captain Bizard.

Schooling of Jumpers - a Samur Officer Making a Jump.

Double page.

The Territorials at Lords - full page showing four photographs of them playing cricket.

Paying Out at a Race Course.

Private Boxes .

Cricket Sleekburnc..

Watts of Surrey.

Scott of Gloucestershire with Bill Reeves the Umpire Looking on .....

Oldfield the Lancashire Batsman.

Fishlock of Surrey In The Police Reserve, On Duty at Wimbledon.

Morris Nichols as an ARP.

The Middlesex Still a Team - W. Wignall - G. Hart - W. Harrington - A. W. Martin (groundsman) - D. Compton - T. Smith (staff) - W. F. Price - Leslie Compton - A. Thompson - Are in the London Police Reserve .


The Wightman Cup Presentation - Mister Julian Myrich - Mrs George Whightman Alice Marble - Helen Jacobs - MAry Arnold - Dorothy Bundy - Sarah Palfrey - Mr Myrich - Betty Nuthall (english captain ) - Valerie Scott - Mary Hardwick - Nina Brown - Freda Hammers'ey - Kay Stammers.

Helen Moody.

Kay Stammers beat Helen Jacobs in the Wightman Cup.

Valerie Scott - Sarah Fabyan.

Davis Cup - The US Defenders - Bobby Riggs - Frank Parker - Joe Hunt - Jack Kramer.

Davis Cup Winners - Adrian Quist - Harry Hopman - Jack Crawich - John Bromwich - Australians .

Otterhounds at the Crowhurst at Sevington Bridge Sleekburnc..

Mr S. W. Varndell of Copthorne Master of the Pack, With the Tally Pole.

The Crowhurst Otter Hounds High Black Van - with the hounds and Mr S. W. Varndell.

Otterhounds in a Stream ...

Crossing a Fence ...

At The Meet Captain F. Heasman an dOthers.

Hounds Beginning to Feather on a Drag ...

THe Hounds Downstream with th eMaster.

A Brief Rest - Miss K. Y. Varndell and Mr and MRs Richard Heniniker at Mersham.

Hounds Moving Off of The River Stour ...

Miss Deva Cayzer at Work Daughter of Sir Charles Cayzer MP - winner of the Gold Medal at the Childrens Royal Academy, the young lady is painting at her easle in front of a fireplace.

...'Over They Go' an Indicent at Perth Racecourse in 1937 When the Hurdles Were knocked Down - a colour print painted by Miss Deva Cayzer when she was fifteen in 1937.

...'His Mount' Seen at the Second day of Perth Races 1938 - colour print by Deva Cayzer ( later wife of Lt.-Cdr. John Studholme Brownrigg ) when she was fifteen in 1937.

Racing on the Sussex Downs - Ethland Winning the Kemp Town Selling Plate As Seen from the Grandstand Looking Out to Sea Over Saltdean - double page photograph with rusty staple witness marks.

Stag Party - Johnnie Walker Whisky - full page colour advert.

Cubbing - The Albrighton Woodland pack with Their Huntsman Bob Pool - And Above the Pack on the Way to a Draw After Early Morning Meet at Park Gate, Hurcott near Kidderminster - two photographs.

Golf - Johny Bulla The American Professional - eight photographs of him taking a show in sequence.

W. J. Cox Professional at Wimbledon Park - eight photographs of him taking a show in sequence.

Golf - Three photograph on how not to play.

Boxing - Joe Louis.

Boxing - His Opponent Bob Pastor .

Golf at Wee Burn County Club Connecticut.

The Highlights of the America Womens Open.

Winner Putting on the 17th Green at the WeeBurn County Club Connecticut - Miss Betty Jameson Putting, While Miss Dorothy Kirby Rests on the Bank.

Miss Pam Barton.

Mrs Estelle Lawson Page ...

Miss Beatrice Barrett .....

Doing Almost Everything Possible to Lose - ON the way to the 11th Hole - Mioss Betty Jameson - three photographs.

At The Fourteenth - Miss Jameson - Sleekburnc..

The Wee Burn - At The 16th Miss Kirby on the Edge of the Water HAzard - two photographs.

Miss Kirby Looks Sorrowfully at the Silver Trophy Which Miss Jameson is Holding.

Double page.

Some of the Staff From Buckingham Palace and Their Luggage Moving to th eCountry.

Football Enthusiasts Nov InUniform Watching the Last of League Football at Upton Park .....

A Composite Photograph fro The Sporting and Dramatic of 2 Jan 1915 - Gladys Cooper - Seymour Hicks - Ben Davies - Ellaline Terriss.

Miss Ellaline Terris Singing 'Thank Your For All You Are Doing' in the Military Hospital Boulogne 1915.

The Soldiers Theatre in France of 1915 .....' sketch by G. Merry.

Three scenes from 'Golden Boy' - William Holden - Barbara Stanwyck - Adolphhe Menjou (possibly) - Joseph Calleia (possibly).

The White Horse Inn at Hertingfordbury.

Group of Lorna Countess Howe 's Pointers and Setters.

Pictorial Record of Gilbert and Sullivan Operas - full page advert.

Chilham Castle Estate nr Canterbury Kent - x2 photographs; advert for the sale of the property by auction by Knight, Frank and Rutley of London.

The Spalding 'Spectre' Steel Shafted Squash Racket - Advert.


This second part of the description features items of news articles, advertising, Classified Ads. etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

Where to Stay - Hotels Guest Houses include Porthledden Hotel S tJust Conrwall - Bedford Hotel Tavistock Devon - Bishops Offley Mannor Eccleshall Staffs.

Horses HArness Etc, Hunting Stables and Riding Schools include Captain and Mrs H. N. Witting at Seckington House Winkleigh - - - Bullaven Farm nr Ivybridge - - - Hawkhurst Court Ltd Wisborough Green In Sussex - - - Rogues Roost Poundsgate, S. Devon - - - Chalk Farm Riding School Willingdon - - - Cadogan Riding School - W. J. Smith Ltd.

Postage Stamps for sale.

Rapier on Racing.


Henry Cotton on Golf

Boxing page by B. Bennison includes Pastors Title Fight With Joe Louis.

Theatre Column - Blacking Out the Footlights.

Trust Houses Great And Small - by hotel columnist Ashley Courtenay.

Dogs of Today by A. Croxton Smith.

And many more adverts of the day.

A wonderful insight into sport, hunting, farming and other activities of the day relating to the country in general.

17 pages (34 sides)from a weekly issue. It measures 320x240mm (12.5 x 9.5 inches). It has retained the original advertising cover/pages which are loose (tucked it inside magazine); and also has a 3 inch or 7.5 cm tear to it, and a cup mark to centre. There is a little age yellowing with some spotting. The staples are rusty with staple witness marks. Some of the pages may be loose, and have minor cuts tears and blemishes due to their great age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. The engravings vary in size. Please email for more information if required. PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are no pages missing - if you are looking for something in particular PLEASE ASK..


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