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The Illustrated London News

Original Vintage Newspaper

DATED 1938

This is an amazing insight into the historic events just prior to WW2. Profusely illustrated with many photographs etc.


This first part of the description features a list of Images i.e. engravings, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

Mr Chamberlain Returns from Munich: Standing on the Balcony of Buckingham Palace - full front page showing him standing on the balcony acknowledging the crowds with Mrs Chamberlain, George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

The Duce with the Premier at The Fuhrer's House, Munich: Signor Mussolini Meeting Mr Neville Chamberlain - full page (fp) showing them shaking hands; another man in the background.

Neville Chamberlain the Prime Minister - wonderful double page photograph by Vandyk, of London; a supplement with a blank reverse in sepia style subtitled He steered his vessel towards the Port of Peace. This is loose with an as published centre fold; it was designed to be removed and framed.

Author of Two Appeals to Herr Hitler: President Roosevelt Who Pleaded with Hitler that the Czechoslovak Problem be Solved by a Resort to Reason, Rather than Force - fp photograph by Harris-Ewing.

Westminster Cathedral: High Mass for Peace on the Day of the Munich Conference - fp.

Westminster Abbey: Prayers for Peace at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior on the Day of the Conference - fp.

The PM Leaving Heston Aerodrome for Munich - fp showing x3photos:

Count Grandi of Italy Shaking Hands with Chamberlain at the Airport; Lord Hailsham in the Background with others.

Lord Halifax, Sir Kinglsey Wood, and The South African High Commissioner (Sir William Henry Clark), and others.

Mr Chamberlain Waving as He's About to Leave - over half page (hp) photograph by Planet; also showing Sir Kinglsey Wood, Lord Hailsham, Lord Maugham, Sir John Simon, Mr Hore-Belisha, Lord Halifax, Mr Vincent Massey of Canada, Sir philip Sassoon,. Mr W. S. Morrison, Mr Duff Cooper, Mr Leslie Burgin, Mr Walter Elliot, and Mr Oliver Stanley.

The Five Men Who Accompanied Chamberlain on His Flight to Munich: Sir William Malkin - Mr Ashton-Gwatkin - Lord Dunglass - Sir Horace Wilson - Mr William Strang.

The Most Dramatic Scene in the House of Commons Since 1914: Chamberlain Making His Unexpected Announcement to The House "I have now been informed by Herr Hitler that he invites me to meet him at Munich Tomorrow Morning; He has also invited Signor Mussolini and M. Daladier" - a double page Drawn by Our Special Artist Bryan De Grineau

IN Session in the Fuhrer's House at Munich: Mr Chamberlain, Herr Hitler, Signor Mussolini (from behind), Count Ciano (from behind), Herr Von Ribbentrop and M. Daladier - double page photograph by Wide World.

Signing of the Four Power Agreement - fp showing x3photos with article:

Mr Chamberlain Signing the Agreement Regarding the Sudeten Territory in Czechoslovakia.

M. Edouard Daladier the French PM Signing the Agreement; with Herr Von Ribbentrop Looking On - with others.

Signor Mussolini Signing for Italy; With Ribbentrop Looking On.

Munich - fp showing x6photos:

M. Daladier, Herr Von Ribbentrop, Followed reive by Mr Chamberlain Leaving the Fuhrer's House at Munich - info. Führerbau.

Totalitarian Representatives: Herr Hitler, Signor Mussolin, Followed by Count Ciano, Field Marshal Goring and Herr Himmler - leaving the Fuhrerbau.

German Chief of Staff General Keitel in His Car; a Man Carrying The Map Used at the Conference Which Decided the Chechoslovak Bondary Questions.

Signor Mussolini (in civilian clothes) Starting For the Conference with Count Ciano on the Train as It Left The Station at Rome.

M. Daladier France's Representative Driving From The Airport wityh Herr Von Ribbentrop the German Foreign Minister.

Smiling Group: Dr Schmidt (interpreter), M. Daladier, Baron Von Neurath, M. Francois-Poncet, and Herr Hitler.

Herr Hitler Studying the Terms of the Munich Agreement Before Signing.

Hitler Signing the Munich Agreement Between Germany, GB, France and Italy.

The Fuhrer's House Munich: Signor Mussolini, Herr Hitler, Field Marshal Goring, Dr Schmidt,, and Mr Chamberlain - fp photograph by Hoffmann; sepia style.

Mr Chamberlain's Return - fp with subtitleI Believe It Is Peace For Our Time showing x6photos:

Mr Chamberlain Being Welcomed by Mr Hore-Belisha, Lord Halifax and Other Cabinet Colleagues, at Heston Aerodrome.

Lord Clarendon the Lord Chamberlain Welcoming Mr Chamberlain as He Steps off the Plane and Delivers a Message from the King.

Heston: Holding the Declaration Bearing Herr Hitlers and His Own Signature

Mr Chamberlain Leaves Heston Airport for Buckingham Palace.

The Document Mr Chamberlain Read at Heston Bearing His and Herr Hitlers Signature.

Mr Chamberlain Looking Out from an Upper Window at No. 10 Downing St. With His Wife and Speaking to an Excited Crowd "I recommend you to go home and sleep quietly in your beds".

Crowds Cheering Outside Buckingham Palace After Chamberlains Return - hp.

People Surrounded His Car Singing For He's a Jolly Good Fellow - hp.

FP entitled On the Balcony on Peace Night showing x6photos:

The King and Queen with Mr and Mrs Chamberlain - plus five other similar photos.

FP titled M. Daladier's Return to Paris - fp showing x2photos

M. Daladier Standing in His Car as He Left Le Bourget Airport o his Return from Germany.

M. Daladier the French PM Drives Through the Streets of Paris on His Return from Munich.

German People Acclaim the Peaceful Solution of the Sudeten Problem, Expressing Their Relief by Salutes and Cheers: A Section of the Immense Crowd That Welcomed Herr hitler On His Return to Berlin from Munich - dp.

Benito Mussolini Returns to Rome - fp shwing x3photos:

Huge Crowd in the Piazza Before the Palazzo Venezia.

The Duce Chatting with King Victor While His Train Halted at Florence.

Mussolini Standing in His Car as He Is Driven Through the Streets from the Staion to The Palazzo Venezia.

Germany Occupies the First of the Four Czech Zones - fp showing x2photos:

German Occupation of the Czechoslovak Frontier Zones Designated by the Munich Pact: An Advance Guard on the Alert at Waldhausel - hp shows a a line of German troops prone on the ground while local men, women and children gather to watch; a German swastika flag hangs from a building. The caption mentions General Ritter von Leeb.

German Troops Enter into The First Zone o the SW Frontier of Bohemia as The Barrier is Raised for the Infantry to March Through - hp.

German Troops Cross the Frontier i Bohemia - dp showing x3pics:

German Infantry Troops Goose Stepping through Rumburg in Northern Bohemia; Crowds Giving the Hitler Salute to the Troope - hp photo. Info. Rumburk

Local Peasants, Men Women and Children Welcome German Troops near Waldhausel - hp. The caption mentions Tetschen (Decin).

Entry of German Troops into Sudentenland: the March into Friedland with Crowds Saluting - fp photo by Keystone.

Herr Hitler in Sudetenland - fp showing x2photos:

Hitler Enters Sudetenland at Waldenau with Herr Henlein Commander For the Sudeten Area Walking Beside His Car - hp.

Hitler Welcomed at Asch Border Town Lined with Saluting Soldiers and Locals - hp. Info. aka now Aš or As a town of the Cheb District in the Karlovy Vary Region.

A Torpedo Carrying Bomber Flying Above a Submarine - a wonderful full page colour photograph by Central Press Ltd.

Science Page: Long Nosed Bandicoot - Kangaroo - Skeleton of Left Hind Foot of Kangaroo - x3 photos by F.. Martin Duncan; E. Pedder.

M. Edouard Daladier Inspecting a German Guard of Honour on his Arrival at Munich - fp photo.

The British Navy Which Was Mobilised as a Precautionary Measure; With Vessels of Other Navies of the British Commonwealth - a wonderful three page pullout Specially Drawn by Dr Oscar Parker OBE. The far left side and border of the pullout is missing; see scan.

The Duce and The Fuhrer at Munich: Signor Mussolini with Herr Hitler - fp sepia style photo showing the two men walking together; also with Field Marshal Goring and others. The caption states .......Signor Mussolini wore the uniform of Corporal of the Fascist Militia, while Herr Hitler was in his usual bronw uniform.......

The Fuhrer's House at Munich: The Union Jack and Tricolour Displayed on the Portico of the Fuhrer's House of the Nazi Party - fp sepia style photograph by Planet. Info. Führerbau, Arcisstrasse 12, Maxvorstadt, Munich; now it houses the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München (University of Music and Performing Arts Munich).

Theatre page - fp showing x4photos (plus article) of scenes from Troilus and Cressida by the London Mask Theatre showing: Ruth Lodge - Robert Harris - Frank Linson - George Woodbridge - stephen Murray - Richard George - Arthur Ridley - Robert Speaight - Miel - Oriel Ross - Max Adrian

Air Raid Precaution Preparations in London - fp showing x6photos:

London Embankment: Marking Trees and Other Obstructions with Whitewash.

Liverpool Street Station: Men Installing and Testing Emergency Loud Speakers on Mobil Trolleys.

Waterloo Underground Station Closed for Urgent Structural Works - busy street scene.

Heavily Sandbagged Entrance to Snow Hill Police Station.

A Gas Proof Chamber for Pets Operated by Air Bellows - shows a dog inside.

Westminster: A Row of Men With Sandwich Boards Plus a Loud Speaker Van Advising People Where to Got to Get Gas Masks Fitted.

Crisis Precautions - fp showing x6photos:

Victoria and Albert Museum: Officials Detaching a Rare Tapestry From Its Boards for Removal to Place of Safety.

Bales of Foodstuffs Bing Loaded into HMS President and a Notice Board Giving Recruiting Info for Naval Services in the Event of Hostilities (RNVR).

Territorials Being Inspected Before Leaving Barracks After War Office Had Issued Orders Calling Up Certain Unitis as a Precautionary .

Crowd Outside The Territorial Army Recruiting Office After Mr Chamberlains Broadcast Appeal.

Search Light in Position in a London Park as a Precautionary Measure.

Territorials Getting Their Anti-aircraft Gun into Position in a London Park.

Page titled Looking Back: Personalities and Occasions of the Recent Crisis - fp showing x6photos:

Mister Duff Cooper, with Lady Diana Cooper, Leaving the Admiralty for the House of Commons After He Had Resigned as First Lord.

M. Daladier Visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Arc De Triomphe.

USA: President Roosevelt Discussing the European Crisis with His Cabinet.

Buckingham Palace: Mr Chamberlaind and His Wife with George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

Guildhall Square Portsmouth: Admiral of the Fleet Earl of Cork and Orrery Reading the Lesson at a Thanksgiving Service for Peace - the caption article mentions Dr Frank Partridge Bishop of Portsmouth.

Downing Street: Floral Tributes Received by Mrs Chamberlain Being Collected by Ambulance to Be Taken to Westminster Hospital.

Czechoslovak Gobernment Accept Polands Claims - fp showing x6photos:

The Last Train to Enter the Station at Teschen During the Suspension of Traffic Between Poland anc Czechoslovakia.

Demonstration in Warsaw: Colonel Beck the Polish Foreign Minister, Addressing a Crowd at the Ministry.

Entry of Polish Troops into Czechoslovakia: Infantry Crossing the Czecho-Polish Frontier into Teschen.

Discussion Between Officers of the Czech and Polish Armies on the Old Frontier Bridge atTeschen.

Line of Polish Tanks During the Entry into Teschen - crowds of people watching the line of tanks.

President of Czechoslovakia Dr Benes with General Syrovy, the Prime Minister.

Page entitled The Crisis "Fever" Chart - Nuremberg Speech to Munich Agreement; A Diary of the Crisis - fp showing the chart and varies stages showing Hitlers Nuremberg Speech - Henleins Ultimatum to Prague - Sudeten Party Suspended - Mussolini's Demands - Chamberlain - etc.

Map showing Czechoslovakia's Sacrifice for European Peace: Zones Given up to Germany and Poland; and Plebiscite Areas - a double page (dp) Drawn by Our Special Artist G. H. Davis showing how the Munich Agreement is being fulfilled Frontier Zones Which German is Occupying in Czech; Teschen; Plebiscite Areas; Comparison of the Anglo-Franch and German Proposals or Godesberg Memorandum etc.

Page titled A Human Triumph Millions Bitterly Regret: The First Plane - fp showing x2photos:

The First Controlled and Sustained Flight By Orville Wright: At Kitty Hawk, California 1903.

the Wright Brothers Monoplane IN Which the First Flight Was Made, Stored During the Crisis at the Science Museum, South Kensington.

FP showing x9photos:

Air Raid Precautions at Wesminster hospital.

Sandbag Defences at the London Fire Brigade HQ.

Duke of Kent A tthe Building Exhibition at Olympia Examing a Method of Supporting ARP Trenches.

Eton College: Boys Preparing Sandbag Defences to Protect Windows.

Epsom College: Boys in Football Kit Hard at Work Digging Trencyhes to Accomodat 700 People in the Grounds.

The Royal Naval College: Erecting a Wall of Sandbags.

Next to the Maidstone War Mamorial: Trenches Being Hastiley Constructed for Protection of Civilians.

A Mechanical Excavator Working on Trenches in St James's Park.

Liverpool Street Station: Members of the Clerical Staff Building a Sandbag Barricade.

Double page Londoners digging trenches; showing x13photos:

Digging on Hampstead Heath.

Streatham Common Trench Digging Close to Road and Shops.

Hackney Downs: Men at Work opn Trenches with Boarded Sides.

Near the Mall: Lining Trenches with Wood near York's Memorial.

At Lewisham Besige the Local War Memorial.

Islington Green.

Guys Hospital: Cheerful Party of Nurses and Medical Students Digging Trenches.

Londons ARP Measures: Digging of Lines of Trenches in St James's Park.

Men Digging Trenches in Hyde Park.

Westminster School: Digging Up the Playing Field.

Night Work on ARP Trenches in Wandsworth by the Light of Flares.

Men Working on St James's Park Trenches with the Foreign Office Behind.

The Evacuation of London Children - fp in sepia style showing x5photos:

Boys From Dulwich Preparatory School Sleeping in an Old Oast House on a Farm Near Cranbrook, Kent.

Children from St Marys School, Tavistock Square, Loading Cases into a Coach, Leaving for the Country.

Very Small Children Evacuated by the LCC; Labelled Toddlers from the Sherborne Nursery School, Kentish Town, At Euston Station.

Children from Dr Barnardo's Homes in London, Clutching Paper Parcels, at Paddington Railway Station About to Leave for the Country.

Evacuated by Coach: Mother Kissing Her Daughter.

Women and National Defence - fp showing x6photos:

Applicants Enrolling in the Womens Legion at The HQ in North Row, Park Lane. ckeenlyside.

Chief of the Womens Auxiliary Service Commandant Mary S. Allen with Applicants.

Lady Londonderry Enrolling Expert Women Transport Drivers at Her Home, Londonderry House, Park Lane.

Women Applicants for the Fire Brigade Section of the WVS Attending a Demonstration Showing Method of Working a Fire Engine Pump.

Recruits at an Enrolment Centre in Bloomsbury for the ATS.

An ATS Recruiting Depot Opened by the Womens Transport Service (F.A.N.Y.) in Grosvenor Place.

The Royal Mail Post x4pics: Early Victorian Coach Picking Up the Mail - a Postboy of 1670 - Sir Brian TUke First Master of of the Post Appointed by Henry VIII - Weapons and Other Equipment Carried ont he Last London to Edinburgh Mail Coach.

Collectors Page - four sketches by Jacques Callot of Minorca, Sicily in 1620; Gypsies; Mediterranean Holiday seascape.

New Wolseley 18-85hp Saloon at Castle Donington. sleekburnc.

New Humber Super Snipe.

Sir Walford Davies and Sir Henry Wood Unveiling a Bust at Queens Hall - bust of Sir Henry Wood.


Wills's Gold Flake Cigarettes - fp showing a couple in a restaurant with waiter lighting their cigarettes; fp on red and black.

South Africa Travel Advert - fp.

Elizabeth Arden Powders - fp showing line drawing of a woman; artwork unknown.

Hoopers Rolls Royce - half page (hp).

Vi-Spring Mattress - hp.

Plus other smaller adverts


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

Our Not Book page by Arthur Bryant.

Parliament and the Climax of the European Crisis.

Signing of The Four Power Agreement at Munich.

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles.

Science: Evolution and Environment by W. P. Pycraft FZS.

Theatre by Ivor Brown.

The Romance of The Post. Haste, Post, Haste! by George Walker. An Appreciation by Sir John Squire.

Collectors page by Frank Davis.

The Playhouses - reviews of Official Secret at the New Theatre - These Foolish Things at The London Palladium.

Motoring by H. Thornton Rutter.

Music page by Francis Toye: Sir Henry Wood's Jubilee - this article is incomplete.

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This is an original 80 year old vintage newspaper not a scan and not a later re-print. The Illustrated London News was a magazine founded by Herbert Ingram with the first edition of the Illustrated London News appearing on 14 May 1842.

32 pages (64 sides). It measures approx 357 x 265 mm (14.5x10.5inches). The Chamberlain supplement photograph comes loose. There is a little age yellowing. Some of the pages are loose, and have handling marks, blemishes due to their great age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. The staples are rusty leaving witness marks. The images vary in size. There is no outer advertising cover. PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there is one page missing, so if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. The process of the page numbering in The Illustrated London News carry on from the previous weeks issue and therefore do not start at number 1.

The above description details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page."Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text. This item will be packaged in a tube and sent RM small parcels or RM INternational Standard. IMPORTANT: If you choose the RM Special Delivery, the price does not include Friday posting for Saturday delivery; please contact me for price if Sat. delivery is required. The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only.

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