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The Illustrated London News

Original Vintage Newspaper

DATED 1937


This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photos, sketches, drawings, maps etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

Camouflage for Aircraft: A Fairey Battle Light Bomber Aircraft Against the Landscape as Seen From Another Plane Above - full page (fp) frontispiece.

Science Page: The Stag Beetle - x4photos.

Armoury House Grounds London and a Delegation from the Ancient and Honourable Artillery Company of Boston at the Parent Body's Four Hundredth Anniversary: The Colour Party with the Union Jack, Stars and Stripes and State Flag of Massachusetts.

Bowmen of the Fraternity of St George in 1537, A Stuart Musketeer and Infantrymen of 1829 at the hon Artillery Companys Anniversary at Armoury House.

Divided Palestine and New States Planned by the Royal Commission: A Pictorial Map Showing in What Degree the Proposed Jewish State Corresponds with the Jewish Owned Land; and The Allocation of the Fertile Coastal Plain - a full page pictorial map with caption article (approx. 220wds). The map shows Gaza - Ascalon - Jaffa - Tel Aviv - Haifa - Tyre - Beersheba - Hebron - Bethlehem - Jerusalem - British Mandate - Nablus - Tulkarm - Galilee - Lebanon - Syria - Khanzira - Dead Sea - Proposed Arab State - Proposed Jewish State - etc.

Palestine to Be Bisected and Places Concerned in the Partition Scheme - double page (dp) showing x11photos:

Aerial View of The Jewish Colony of Nahalal on the Road Between Nazareth and Haifa

A Jewish Enterprise Which the Jews Complain is Included i the Proposed Arab State: The Potash Works on the Shores of the Dead Sea.

The Jordan Power Station for Inclusion in the Arab Area under Partition.

Aerial View of Acre.

Near Jaffa: Orange Trees Enveloped in Tarpaulins and Fumigated; A Form of Cultivation Practised by Arabs.

Panoramic View of the The Jordan Power Station.

Near Nazareth: Group of Women Workers at the Jewish Agricultural School on the Plain of Escraelon.

Aerial View of Bethlehem.

Aerial View of Jerusalem.

General View of Nazareth.

Overlooking Haifa to Be included in the Jewish ARea.

On The North West Frontier - dp showing x12 photos:

Supplying Troops by Aeroplane with arachutes Falling Bearing Provisions in Waziristan.

Cave Hiding Place of the Fakir of Ipi.

Sorting Out Parachute Borne Supplies: Loaves of Bread etc.

Blown Up by British Troops: the Cave Hiding Place of the Ipi in a Hillside in the Shaktu Valley.


The Rubble After British Sappers and Miners Had Dealth with the Fakirs Cave.

A Native Tower Market for Destruciton by a British Soldier.

The Tower Blown Up as Retribution for Anti Gobernment Activities.

Soldier Examining a Hole Blown in a Bridge by Means of a Dud British Shell.

Artillery Coming into Action Against Tribesmen; 6inch Howitzers etc.

Inside of a Sandbagged Army Shelter.

Negotiating with the Tribesmen at a Mahsud Jirga.

The Demand for Scrap Iron: Scrap in a Pennsylvania Yard Awaiting to be Melted Down.

Big Scrap Iron Yard in America: Rows of Old Buses or Trams Waiting To Be Melted Down.

A Huge Pancake Magnet Handling Steel Junk in an America Yard - fp photograph by Fortune Magazine from Pictures Incorporated.

Smashing Old Castings By Dropping a 2000lb Iron Weight from a Magnet in an American Junk Yard - fp photo.

King Thakombau of Fiji in 1876.

Relic of King Thakombau's Cannibal Youth Used as the Mace of the Fijian house of Comons: Old War Club the Blood Bather.

A High Born Lady of the Islands of Fiji. sleekburnc.

Land Crabs Offering Snakes to an Incarnation of Their Ancestral God fro a Fijian Legend Illustration.

Horse Racing at Night at Longchamp, France - fp showing x3 photos.

The Royal Visit to Scotland - dp showing x7photos:

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth at the Edinburgh Summer Race Meeting at Musselburgh, Leaving the Royal Box.

Bellahouston Park Glasgow: George V with the Queen Unveiling an Obelisk.

A Smiling Queen Beside the King in Bellahouston Park: admiring The Model Buildings foir the 1938 Empire Exhibition.

King and Queen with Mister Walter Elliot the Secretary for Scotland and Others in Bellahouston park.

Dumbarton Castle Where the Keys Wer Presented to George V: The King About to Open the Door, and The Queen Ascending the Steps.

Murrayfield Ground Edinburgh: The Great Youth Rally Attended by the King, Queen, Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret - aerial view.

The Queen Invested as a Doctor of Laws of Edinburgh University: Ceremony in M'Ewan Hall Signing the Sponsio Academica.

The Bombing of The German Cruiser Deutschland on Ibiza, Balearic Islands by the Spanish - fp showing x2photos:

Seamen in the Deutschland Hosing Down a Fire After the Explosion - hp

Searching for Their Comrades Amongst Debris in the Seamens Mess - hp.

People in the Public Eye - fp showing x12photos:

The Mufti of Jerusalem - info. Mohammed Amin al-Husseini.

Lord Wemyss - info. Hugo Richard Charteris.

Mr George Pirie President of the Royal Scottish Academy.

Mr George Gershwin Noted American Composer Dies.

Mr G. T. Barham Cattle Breeder.

Sir Eliot de Pass President of the West India Committee.

Eton v. Harrow Match: J. P. Mann - and two others during the game.

Oxford and Cambridge v. Harvard and Yale: British Team before They Left England.

J. P. Mann and J. F. Boughey Bastsmen in the Eton v. Harrow Game.

Royal Visit to the English and Australian Womens Test Match: Duchess of Gloucester with the Australian Players.

Henry Cottong of The Ashridge Club with the Trophy for British Golf Op Championship at Carnoustie.

Winner of the Ashburton Shield at Bisley: Winchester College Team incl. Lance Corporal F. D. S. S. Malden; Lance Sgt R. St G. Maxwell - and ten others in a group photo.

Miss Margaret Lane Winner of the Femina Vie Heureuse Prize for the Best Literary Work of Imagination Congratulated by Sir William Rothenstein.

Plotting a Bombing Course for 40ft RAF Target Boats: The Smoke Screen and Wireless Equipment.

British Museum: Two Reindeer Carved in Mammoth Ivory from Bruniquel, France.

Howland Island in the Pacific to Which Miss Earhart and Captain Noonan Were Flying When they Disappeared.

Training the Egyptian Army: Unit Receiving Instruction in the Use of a Light Tank From the Royal Tank Corps.

Rehearsing for the Test Black Out at Soputhampton During the Coast Defence Axercise and An Anti Gas Squad Decontaminating a Street.

Assassination Attempt on Dr de Oliveira Salazar Prime Minister of Portugal: Crater Csuded by the Explosion of the Bomb in Lisbon.

To be Built on the Site Where Princess Elizabeth Was Born: Proposed Blocks of Buildings in Berkeley Square.

IN a House to Be Demolished: An Old Lead Water Tank at 16 Bruton Street, Bearing the Date 1761.

Lowestoft: the Duchess of Kent Inspecting the Lifeboatmen.

Duchess of Kent Receiving a Latvian Lady Mme Zarine wife of the Latvian Minister at the Red Cross Bazaar at Central Hall Westminster.

Queen Mary Visits a School at Wrotham: The Queen with a Group of Children.

Queen Mary at St Bartholomews Hospital: Passing Through a Guard of Honour of Nurses.

The Four Hundredth Anniversary of The Fraternity or Guild of St George, The Hon.ourable Artillery Company - dp showing 13 old images/engravings etc.

Opening of the New National Library of Wales - fp showing x7photos; interior and exterior.

The LMS Royal Train Used In the Royal Visits to Scotland and Wales:

On Board the London Midland and Scottish Railway Royal Train: Kings Bedroom.

Queens Bedroom.

Kings Day Compartment.

Queens Boudoir.

Interior of The Royal Train in Queen Victoria's Day.

The Kings Dressing Room and Bathroom.

The Greffulhe Art Sale at Sotheby's London - fp showing x6pics.

Reconstruction of Battleships: HMS Warspite - fp showing x3photos of the ship from 1920-1937; with various upgrades.

Exhibition of Modern Nigerian Art at the Sqemmer Gallery, London - x3photos of wood carvings by Enwonwu.

Rescuing Old British War Horses in Belgium by Our Dumb Friends League - fp showing x6photos:

Cavalry Mare Once of the 11th Hussars Bought in Belgium by Our Dumb Friends League: A Complete Wreck and Starved.

Very Lame Bay Cavalry Gelding After Working in the Mines; Bought in Charleroi Market. c.keenlyside.

Early Morning Scene in Brussels Market Where the Leagues Buyers Find Many British War Horses and Mules: Lines Of Horses Tied up for Sale.

An English Groom Introducing a New Arrival to Other Rescue Horses at the Chateau of the Dowager Duchess de Croy; Out at Grass for the First Time in Eighteen Years.

Two British War Horses Now Inseparable Companions in the Safety of the Chateau Grounds after Ill Treatment and Neglect.

The Dowager Duchess de Croy Talking to a Rescued Pack Pony and Small Pony Mascot.

Info. Our Dumb Friends League now k.a. the Blue Cross an animal welfare charity.

Scene from the Russian Ballet at Covent GardenDanilova and Massine as the Can Can Dancers in La Boutique Fantasque.

Scene from To Have and To hold at the Haymarket with Kenneth Kent - Basil Radford - Marie Ney - Dorothy Hyson - Hartley Power - Mignon O'Doherty.

Scene from Women of Property at Queens Theatre with Griffiti Jones - Nancy Hornsby - and another.

Russia: Kiev Cathedrals Restored Frescoes - x15photos.

Painting of ships entitled Grisaille by Elder Van de Velde; Acquired by the Maritime Museum at Greenwich - fp showing x2pics; plus article.

Clovelly and Surrounding Area in North Devon - wonderful aerial view on a hp; for a fp advert for Worthington Brewery of Burton on Trent.

Collectors Page showing x3pics by Samuel palmer, J. M. W. Turner, Thomas Rowlandson.

Vauxhall Car - fp advert.

Terraplane Cars (x3) Built by Hudson Motors - fp advert.

Indian Railways Bureau Travel Ad: Meenakshi Temple, Madura; A Sikh as He Reads the Granth Holy Book.

Motoring Column: A Morris Ten Outside the 15thC Cottages at Bibury - Hillman Minx de Luxe Saloon.

Austin Reed Tailored Clothes - fp advert.

Travel Column: Old City Hall Clock Tower and Square at Cracow, Poland - Wallachian Church at Lwow, Poland Photo by Henryk Poddebski.

Plus various adverts.


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

Our Note Book Page by Arthur Bryant.

Divided Palestine; Partitioning; Royal Commission - various

The North West Frontier - caption article approx. 240wds.

Scrap Metal Industry in USA - caption articles approx 240wds.

The Astonishing Reign of Cacobau Rex Being an Appreciation of King of the Cannibal Isles by A. B. Brewster.

Royal Visit to Scotland - approx 240wds.

Bombing of the Deutschland Light Cruiser Ship in Spain - caption article approx. 200wds.

Books of the Day - reviews by Charles E. Byles.

Rescued War horses in Belgium - caption article approx. 170wds.

The Theatres by Ivor Brown.

A Great Rediscovery of 11thC Byzantine Art: Revelations by Scientific Cleangin of Fresco and Mosaic in St Sophia Cathedral, Kiev, Russia - by Professor Victor Lasareff

Collectors Page: Three Aspects of the British Temper by Frank Davis.

Finances and Investment - various by Hartley Withers including: Reserves in British Industry - Problem of Costs - Example of Steel - Industry and Investors.

Motoring Column by H. Thornton Rutter.

Travel Column by Edward E. Long - Summer in Poland. sleekburnc. 1707



This is an original but USED vintage newspaper not a scan and not a later re-print. If there is a particular date you require in regards to this item eg. For a birthday or anniversary etc please ask. The Illustrated London News was a newspaper founded by Herbert Ingram with the first edition of the Illustrated London News appearing on 14 May 1842.

21 pages (42 sides). It measures 358 x 250 mm (14 x 10inches). There is no outer advertising cover. There is a little age yellowing. Some of the pages are loose, and have handling marks, blemishes due to their great age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. The images vary in size. There are no outer advertising pages/cover unless otherwise stated. PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are no other pages missing, so if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. The process of the page numbering in The Illustrated London News carry on from the previous weeks issue and therefore do not start at number 1. The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only.

Quotation or speech marks in the text signifies the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page."Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text. This item will be packaged in a tube and sent RM small parcels. Unlike ebay we dont make any profit on postage and packaging; it is at cost.

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