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The Illustrated London News

Original Vintage Newspaper

DATED 1932


This first part of the description features a list of Images i.e. engravings, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

Brazil – One Thousand Million lb. In Weight Of Coffee Destroyed – Two Workers up to Their Waists in Unwanted Beans full page

Coffee Beans into Fuel Bricks - Device Used for Spraying Surplus Brazilian Coffee with Creosote Oil to Render it Unpalatable

For Use as Fuel in Locomotives – British Machinery in Brazil Used to Stablise Prices by Turning it Into Fuel

Coffee in Brick Form to Be Used as Fuel sleekburnc.

Mixing a Mountain of Coffee Beans with Tar to Make it Unpalatable and Not Worth Stealing

Four Workers Mixing Tar with the Beans to Make It Valueless in the World Market and Useless To Theives

Jettisoning a Cargo of Coffee Beans into The Atlantic From A Ship

Photographs of the Coffe Bean Crisis by Dorien Leigh-Munkacsi

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth With Mourning Ring on her Little Finger After the Death of Her Favourite, Leicester – by Marc Gheerardts the Younger, Acquired for the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich

Photograph Showing the Crystal Palace Taken from a Roof Top in the Strand By Means of a Long Focus Lens and Infra Red Plate and Filter

Photograph Taken From the Same Roof Top in the Strand Using an Ordinary Lens and Plate

At Lourdes - Vanishing Types of Architecture in Model Form, A Pyrenean Village:

Model of a Basque Farm House with Water Pool, A Type Popularised by Rostands Arnaga

Model of Farmstead at Campan in the Valley of Bigorre, Pyrenees

Model of the Prison at Sort

Model of a Farm in Leon in Spain Showing a View of The Granary

Model of Houses at Salies de Bearn in the Basque Country

A Complete Aragonese Viullage in Model Form sleekburnc.

Mme Le Bondidier The Architect of the Models, At Work on the Aragonese Village

The Pyrenean Village on the Old Castle Terrace at Lourdes

A Model House in the Aragonese Village

Model of the Fortified Church of Templars at Luz ...

The Skull of a Bloodhound ant the Large Olfactory Cavity

Section of a Human Skull Showing the Comparatively Great Size of the Respiratory Chambers and The Smalloer Olfactory Chamber

Skull of a Leopard Seal and the Nasal Cavity

Ottawa – An Aerial View Showing the Parliament In Which the Imperial Economic conference is to Be Held, The Chateau Laurier and The Rideau Canal ...

Ottawa Canada – Aerial View Showing the Chateau Laurier and The New Confederation Building Under Construction

Full page – photographs by the Royal Canadian Air Force

The Fisheries of the Hadramaut:

A Fisherman Winding in the Line Rapidly Round His Head While Hauling It In

A Hadramaut Native Collecting a Pile of Sun-dried Sardine in a Bag for Use on Caravan Expeditions

A HAdramaut Fisherman Bringing home His Sardines in a Bag c.keenlyside.

Dwellings of Plaited Straws Inhabited by Red Sea Fishermen on the Yemen Coast

A View from Inside a Fishermans Hut – Boats with Decorated Sterns Pulled Up on the Beach

A Beduin Who has Bought Some the Sardine Scattered on the Sand to Dry

Strings of Fish Hung From a Yoke Carried by a Hadramaut Fisherman

A Big shark Caught With a hook

Million of Small Sardine Like Fish Spread on the Sand to Dry and Decompose – Food for Human and Camel Consumption

Piles into Which the Fish Are Collected on the Beach ...

Camels Feeding from the Dried Fish

Double page – photographs by Herr Hans Helfrit supplied by Akademia of Berlin

Info. Yemen Hadhramaut Hadramawt Fishermen

Three Scenes from "The Road to Life" at the Cambridge Theatre

Ancient Nubian Art:

Bronze Standard Lamp

Ancient Nubian Decorative Harness and Trappings

Silver Ear-Rings Set with Amethyst and Coral Fopund in a Leather Bag Beside a Sacrificed Slave Girl

Figure of the Goddess Isis on a Silver Saddle Pommel

An Iron Knife with Ivory Handle in the Form of the God Bes

The French Navy:

The First Aircraft Carrying Cruiser War Ship – " Comandant Teste " .. fro a drawing by Albert Sebille

French Submarine " Henri Poincare " – The Crew Assembled on Deck with Seaplane Overhead

Patches of Oil From the Sunken French Submarine " Promethee " ... aerial view

A Buoy Marking The Spot Where the Promethee Sank During Trials Off Cherbourg

Commander of the Promethee – Lieutenant Commander Gouespil Du Mesnil, Who Survived

Naval Reductions Proposed in Britains Disarmament Gesture:

Smaller Ships, Lower Gun Calibre – The British Pland and Previous Numericla Reductions a full page of pictorial drawings of ships etc. by G. H. Davis

The Nazi Movement in Germany – The Masses Swearing Fidelity to Hitler in the Berchtesgarten at Berlin huge crowd giving the nazi salute or Hitler salute Hitlergruß

The Royal Yacht "Victoria and Albert" In Weymouth Bay in King George V Review of the Home Fleet the yacht steaming down the lines of war-ships including an aircraft carrier

In Honour of the Kings Visit – searchlights of Ships of the Home Fleet Weaving Patern in the Sky Over The Bay as seen from the front at Weymouth

Home News:

Haileybury – The Duke and Duchess of York at The Opening of the War Memorial hall and Memorial Tablet view of the ceremony

At Rievaulx Abbey – Pontifical High Mass Being Celebrated

The Runnymede Outrage – The Memorial Gates Sprayed with Creosote Just Before the Unveiling by the Prince of Wales

Fish Pollution in the River Trent Ner Derby children playing with the dead fish at the rivers edge

The Miniature Railway Accident at Scarborough – One of the Trains and carriages Before the Accident

The Miniature Railway Accident at Scarborough – The Wrecked Trains, After Colliding Head On, in Which One of the Drivers Was Killed the accident occurred on the loop near North Bay Station

Personalities of the Week Page:

The English Explorer The Late Mr Reginald Livesey

The Co-Inventor of the Gillette Safety Razor Dies – Mr K. C. Gillette

Author of The Wind in the Willows Dies – Mr Kenneth Grahame

The Czechoslovakian Shoe Magnate Killed Near Zlin – Mr Thomas Bata

Mr James McNeill – Governor General of the Irish Free State ...

Kapitan Hashagen and Commander N. Lewis of The Cancelled " Hazard" Broadcast by The BBC

The Kings Cup Air Race – A Fox Moth Aeroplane and Captain W. L. Hope (inset) sleekburnc.

The American Attempt at a Record World Flight – Mr Mattern and Mr Griffin Welcomed Miel at Berlin by Captain Coehl – info. James " Jimmie" Mattern - Bennett Hill Griffin

British Olympic Runners at Stamford Bridge – Miss V. Webb – Miss N. Halstead – Miss Porter – Miss E. Johnson – Miss E. Hiscock

Sir Richard Threlfall Dies – Developer of the Smoke Screen and Tracer Bullet

Winners of the Ashburton Shield – Kings College School, Wimbledon eight pupils of the school – the chalk board which they are holding lists their names, Fitch – Barrus – Powell – Lloyd – Granger – the others I cant make out

The Heat Wave in London:

Sun Bathers by the Serpentine o The Lansbury Lido

Horses Allowed a Cool Walk in the IN The River Thames at Low Tide, Near Lambeth Bridge two horse and carts with their owners

Thousands of Bathers at The Lansbury Lido by the Serpentine

Toddler Outside Lords Being Offered a Sunshade ...

Two Young Children Sunbathing Amongst the Pigeons in Trafalgar Square

Beach suits and Bathing Dresses Reive in hyde Park

Lido Bathers in Swimming Costumes in Hyde Park Envied by the Less Enterprising Onlookers, Who Nevertheless Gives them a Smile

Swimmers Enjoying a Cooling Drink at the Open Air Bath at hornsey

A Beach Suit on the Thames Embankment a fashionable lady in her outfit with sunhat

A Young Boy Asking a Policeman the Way to a Cool Spot"

A Policeman Calling a Young Woman and Her Children Out of a Fountain in Trafalgar Square

A Rehearsal At York – the March Past of the Massed Bands for the northern Command Tattoo

A Battle Scene by Searchlight at the Northern Command Tattoo at York

A henry VII Table Desk Sold at Christies ...

Elizabethan Pageant on Plymouth Hoe Keenlyside ©.

The Panel of Embroidered Silk in the Victoria and Albert Museum

Solario The Racehorse Sold for a Record Price ...

An Albino Python From Singapore At London Zoo

His Return from Lausanne - The Prime Minister Ramsey Macdonald - Mr Baldwin – Mr Neville Chamberlain – Miss Ishbel Macdonald – At Victoria Railway Station

A New Electric Train for the Reigate and Three Bridges Extension Railway

Procession of The New Archdruid of Wales Proclaimed at Wrexham

The Belgian Mining Strikes - Women Banner Bearers at Cuesmes

Intimidation During The Belgian Strikes – The House of a Non Striker Daubed With Tar

The Belgian Strikes – Armoured Cars in Charleroi

The First Diving Bell for Public Use Aboard the "John Smith" off The Coast of California

The New RAF Short Biplane Flying Boat Taking Off on the Medway

The Lausanne Conference Cancelling Reparations - the Beau Rivage Hotel, Ouchy -:

German Hats on a Lobby Table Outside Ramsay Macdonalds Room – Count Schwerin von Krosigk the Finance Minister – Herr Von Papen The Chancellor – Baron Von Neurath Foreign Minister during private talks with Ramsay Macdonald

French Hats on a Lobby Table – Monsieur Germain-Martin Finance Minister – M. Herriot Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs – M. Bonnet Former Minister during private talks with Ramsay Macdonald

In Mister Ramsay Macdonalds Room inthe Hotel Beau Rivage – Count Schwerin von Krosigk – M. Jules Rnekin Belgian Premier – Signor Dino Grandi Italian Foreign Minister – Baron von Neurath – Herr von Papen – M. Herriot French Premier – Mr E. D. Sandys British embassy Berlin – M. Georges Bonnet French Ex Minister – Mr Ramsay MacDonald – Sir Maurice Hankey – An Interpreter – M. Germain-Martin – M. Francquie Belgian Minister of State sitting around the table smoking cigars

Watching From a Balcony in the Hotel – Miss Ishbel Macdonald – Mr Butler Private Sec. – Ramsay Macdonald

Conversation Between Germany and France in a Quiet Corner – Monsieur Herriot – Herr Von Papen – info. Franz von Papen – Edouard Herriot

The Hall of the Beau Rivage Hotel – Herr Von Papen Signs the Convention Bearing the Seal of a 16c Treaty of Fraternity all the delegates around large table and many others standing behind

Ramsay Macdonald Making a Speech at the Final Session of the Conference shows many of the other delegates etc

New Discoveries at Nineveh -:

A Stone Mace Head of KAdashman Enlil a Kassite King of Ashnunnak Found in the Temple of Ishtar

Disc of Baked Painted Clay Inscribed in Cuneiform

Dangerous Diggings in a Pit 90ft Deep ...

Pavements in The Temple of Ishtar

The Prism of Esarhaddon King of Assyria – A record of Events After the Murder of Sennacherib

Cuneform Prism with Records of Sennacherib

Records of Ashurbanipal – Piece of Cuneiform Prism

Hittite Hieroglyphic Texts of the Ninth-Seventh Centur4ies BC ...

Stone Hittite Record Found at Nineveh Probably Brought from Carchemish ...

The So-called "Bone Age" Specimens of Mnikow Poland, The Work of Forgers

Specimens of Iconoliths Forged Fossils Which Deceived Professor Huber in 1725

Relics of "Flint Jack" a Yorkshire Forger of the 19th Century

Anniversary of the Bombardment of Alexandria 1882:

Armoured Train Mounted with Nordenfeldt Gun – From a Sketch by Our Special Artist in 1882

Naval Armoured Train Outside Alexandria in July 1882 photograph

Interior of the Lighthouse Fort at Alexandria After The Bombardment – Sketch

Photograph of Ras-el-Tin Fort After the Bombardment

Bombardment Viewed fron the Sea with British Ships in Action – HMS Alexandra – HMS Sultan – HmS Superb drawing from an ILN of 1882

Five British Ships Seen From Ras-el-Tin on 11 Jul 1882 photograph

The Oak Parlour at Sulgrave Manor in Northmaptonshire – Geroge Washington Bicentennial:

Room in the Elizabethan Home of George Washingtons Ancestors

The Hitchcock Spinet in the Oak parlour

Queen Anne Chair in Black Lacquer

The Memorial Orchard at Sulgrave

Queen Anne Walnut Settee

Queen Anne Mirror

Queen Anne Clock of Kingwood

Spinet by Thomas Hitchcock

Seventeenth Century Picture Board Dummy – Little Boy

Marble Bust of Nelson Presented to The Society for Nautical Research Greenwich

Sir Francis Drake – Portrait By Marc Gheerardts the Elder

Cravan A Cigarettes full page advert showing a cricket match at Lords and a sketch of the Arcadia Works

Geives of 21 Old Bond Street - Poplin Shirts advert

Silver King Golf Ball advert

Grants Scotch Whisky advert

Players Airman Navy Cut De Luxe Tobacco advert

Rowlands Macassar Oil advert

Sanatogen Conquer Nerve Troubles – Nerve Cell Magnified 600 Times advert

Lucas CAV Rotax Battery Service advert

Van Heusen Semi Stiff Collars for Shirts advert

The Great Eight Reading Room in Berlin advert –small photograph

Castrol .... Campbell Chose It full page advert for Castrol Oil shows a picture of a man sitting on a fence, smoking a pipe, watching cars go by – Campbell in the ad. refers to Malcolm Campbell

Bell Howell Filmo Cine Camera advert

Aertex Health Belts fro Boots advert

Lady Lavery in Her Black and Ivory Armstrong Siddeley

The New 1933 Lanchester 15-18 Six window Saloon

The Standard "Little Twelve" Six Cylinder Model

Captain T. Yates Benyon with The Hillman Minx In Which He Is Attempting the Overland Journey from London To Calcutta

Janey Gaynor - Britannia and Eve Magazine full page advert

Douglas Stuart of Stuart House, Shaftesbury Avenue, London full page advert on back cover – info Famous House for Credit Accounts, Tote or SP

King George IV Whisky advert

Cerebos Salt advert

Kings Cross for Scotland railway travel advert for LNER


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:


The Coffee Crisis

Note Book Page by G. K. Chesterton

Science Page by W. P. Pycraft

The World of Kinema Page – Cinema includes a Russian Sound Film "The Road to Life" by Nicolai Ekk

Discoveries in Nubia by Egyptian Government Archaeological Society under Mr Walter B. Emery

Quo Vadis Germania ? – info. Article by Signor Ferrero dealing with the politics and the rise of the Nazi Movement, National Socialism, and Hitler etc

Lausanne Conference – info. An agreement to suspend WWI reparations payments imposed on defeated countries by the Treaty of Versailles

The Diggings at Nineveh – by R. Campbell Thompson Direct. Of the British Museum Excavations

Les Fraudes en Archeologie Prehistorique by A. Vayson De Pradenne

Book Review Page by Charles E. Byles – Filibusters in Barbary by Wyndham Lewis - - - Winters of Content by Osbert Sitwell - - - Sicily by Gabriel Faure - - - Trivial Adventures in the Spanish Highlands by Michael H. Mason - - - Three Lands on Three Wheels by Jan and Cora Gordon - - - Cape Town to Clyde by Richard Humble – etc

Collectors Page by Frank Davis

Music Column by W. J. Turner

Car or Motoring Page by H. Thornton Rutter – with ref. To The Alvis Speed Four Seater - - etc. sleekburnc. 1607



This is an original but USED vintage newspaper not a scan and not a later re-print. If there is a particular date you require in regards to this item eg. For a Birthday or anniversary etc please ask. The Illustrated London News was a magazine founded by Herbert Ingram with the first edition of the Illustrated London News appearing on 14 May 1842. The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only.

22 pages (44 sides), It measures 358 x 250 mm (14 x 10inches) There is a little age yellowing. Some of the pages are loose, and have handling marks, blemishes due to their great age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. The staples are rusty leaving witness marks. The images vary in size. There are no outer advertising pages/cover unless otherwise stated. PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are No pages missing, so if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. The process of the page numbering in The Illustrated London News carry on from the previous weeks issue and therefore do not start at number 1. Sometimes the newspaper would have supplements which were numbered specially (eg. roman numerals or such like).

The above description details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page."Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text. This item will be packaged in a tube and sent RM small parcels. IMPORTANT: If you choose the RM International ECONOMY (surface) Mail option, it can take up-to 56 days; Royal Mails aim is to deliver within two weeks to Western Europe, four weeks to Eastern Europe, and eight weeks outside Europe.

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