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Canadian Capture of Vimy Ridge SOMME Battle ARRAS OFFENSIVE Empress Zewditu Abyssinia RUSSIAN REVOLUTION Petrograd


The Illustrated London News

DATED 1917

An Original Weekly Newspaper: 17 pages (34 sides)


This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, sketches, drawings, maps etc. (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

Vimy Ridge: Canadian Machine Gunners Using Shell Craters as Cover - full page (fp) frontispiece photograph. The page has a tear across the centre approx. 20cm.

Royal Engineers Clearing Away Obstructions on the Somme - front cover within advertising.

America's Entry into the War:

American Flag and National Anthem on Sale in London: A Street Vendor with Stars and Stripes Flags.

The Flags Outside the Mansion House.

The Prime Minister at an American Gathering at The Savoy in London: Lloyd George - Dr Walter Hines Page - Marquis Imperiali Italian Ambassador - Colonel H. W. Thornton - Mr F. E. Powell - Mr Arthur Henderson. Tear to photo. Approx 6cm.

The Great Canadian Exploit: The Taking of Vimy Ridge - double page (dp):

Canadian Light Horse Troopers Going into Action.

Canadian Soldier Attending a Wounded Comrade on The Vimy Ridge - tear to edge of photo. as above.

Battery of Canadian Horse Artillery Getting into Action.

Canadians Searching the Captured Trenches for Germans.

Light Railways for the Transport of Casualties: German Prisoners Assisting reive in the Work of Collecting Wounded and Placing Stretcher Cases on Trucks.

The Canadian Capture of Vimy Ridge - dp:

Captured German Machine Gun Emplacment: Canadians on the Arras Lille Road.

Canadians Digging New Trenches in the Shattered German Lines.

Canadian Horse Artillery Making an Emplacment for a Gun and Bringing Up Ammunition.

They Went at Dawn at the Taking of Vimy Ridge: Canadian Troops Advancing at a Steady Pace Over No Man's Land under Heavy Fire.

Canada's Glory at Vimy: The Opening Bombardment - fp:

Heavy Artillery Shells Hitting the German Lines and Trenches on the Lower Slopes towards Vimy Ridge.

Shells Bursting in Succession Along the German Trench Lines.

Shell Firet Destroying the Enemy's Defences.

The Victor of Arras: Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig British CinC - fp from a photograph by Bassano.

British Troops Attacking at Arras - dp:

British Infantry Moving Out to the Attack at the Beginning of the Battle on the Western Front.

British Troops Getting Out of Their Trenches as Their Wave of Infantry Was Due to Advance.

A British Artillery Heavy Artillery Howitzer Nicknamed Granny miel Being Prepared for Firing.

British Cavalry on The Move; Captured German Trenches in the Foreground.

Plus a caption article approx 290 words with references by Philip Gibbs, and Mister Beach Thomas.

The Somme Advance: British Field Batteries With Eight horse Gun Teams Toiling Through Thick Mud, and Batteries in Action - a wonderful dp from a drawing by H. W. Koekkoek from details received form an eye-witness. With caption article approx 200 words.

Prisoners Taken at the Battle of Arras - dp:

German Prisoners Bringing in a Casualty.

German Prisoners Coming in Across the Trench Lines, Under Guard.

A German Stretcher Party Taking Charge of a Badly Wounded German, Making Up an Improveised Carrying Litter.

Prisoners Being Given a Meal By Their Captors near the Battlefield.

German Prisoner Stretcher Bearers.

Prisoners Bringing Up Their Own Machine Guns at the Entrance to a Captured German Dug Out.

The Hour of Deliverance in a French Village on the Arrival of British Troops - dp drawing by Lucian Jonas; a young lad being carried on the soldiers of a British soldier, as a party of men march through a ruined village; other villagers watching on.

A Flooded Street in recapture Noyon Caused by the Germans to Impede French Advance; An in the Rue des Tanneurs x2photos.

The Prince of Wales and General Nivelle at an Investiture at the French City of Beauvais, IN the Place de L'Hotel de Ville - fp showing x3 photos.

The Russian Revolution: Scenes in Petrograd - dp:

A Revolutionary Car with Soldiers on the Footboard.

Members of the Old Police Captured by The New National Police.

A Snow Scene Showing a Barricade Erected Across One of the Main Streets.

Outside the Duma Building: Crowd Listening to a Deputy Outside the Tauris Palace.

One of the Police Stations Burnt by Revolutionaries

A Barricade Protected by Field Guns Under Military Guard in the Snow.

Regiment with the Red Flag Outside the Tauris Palace. Sleekburnc.

Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and Coronation Scenes - dp:

Street Scene in Addis Abeba on the Eve of the Coronation.

Abyssinian Troops with Picturesque Shields, Line the Approach.

The New Empress Zeodita With Her Ladies in Waiting: Before the Palace at Addis Ababa After Her Coronation.

Eve of the Coronation: Entry of the Regent, Ras Taffari, into Addis Abeba. c.keenlyside

The Empress Zeodita, Daughter of Menelek, With Ras Taffari, Regent and Heir to the Throne - fp French Official photograph.

Officers on The Roll of Honour - photo of each man:

Major G. Washington Hart - Royal Field Artillery.

Captain C. M. C. Barker - Indian Infantry.

Lieutenant Colonel A. A.Chase - Royal Sussex Regt. (Major Royal Engineers).

Capt. R. S. Bullock - Indian Infantry.

Lt. Col. D. W. Figg - Royal Fusiliers.

2nd Lt. R. A. F. Grantham - Lincoln Regt.

Lt. Col. William Evelyn Maples - duke of Wellington's Regt.

Capt. Roger F. Hughes - Australian Army Medical Corps - of Sydney NSW.

2nd Lt. Eric White - Royal Engineers.

Commr. C. P. Wilson RD RNR - of Sunderland.

Lt. J. S. MacLachlan - Canaian Mounted Rifles - of Guelph, Ontario.

Lt. Colonel Clive Victor Martin - M. G. Corps and Indian Cavalry, Indian Army.

Capt. W. R. Birch - Oxon and Bucks Light Infantry - of Corville, Chester.

Lt. H. L. Lascelles - Royal Flying Corps.

Captain John Alexander Rose - West Yorks Regt.

2nd Lt. G. I. Wilson - Queen Own Yorkshire Dragoon Yeomanry attd. RFC.

Lieutenant R. J. Hosei - Canadian Infantry - of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

2nd Lt. A. Harmer Steele - RFC.

2nd Lt. A. L. M. Shepherd - RFC. - info. Arthur Lindsay Moore 11th Squadron 6th Bn. - b. Antigua

2nd Lt. R. M. S. Shepherd RFC. - info. Richard Malcolm Sisnett 70th Squadron - b. Antigua

Lt. W. G. D. Fisher - Australian Imperial Forces - of New South Wales, Australia.

Major James S. Skinner - Kings Shropshire Light Infantry.

Cloth Coat Frock - fashion sketch by Margot.

Captured in Tilloy: German Machine Gun Emplacment on Wheels.

Floods on th eroad near Tincourt, Western Front.

A 30hp Daimler Farm Tractor at Work.

A Wolseley Car at Balaclava Cross Roads, South Carnarvonshire - woman in traditional dress in foreground.


Greys Cigarettes - back cover with red outlines.

Sunbeam Car.

Daimler Car.

Hupmobile by Hupp Motor Car Corporation, Detroit USA - hp.

Vauxhall Cars - hp.

Tootal - fp.

Plus many other adverts.



This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:


Science Jottings: The new Treatment of Wounds - by F. L.

Ladies Page by Filomena.

Our Allies the Russians by W. P. Pycraft.

The Playhouses: A New Barrie Play at the New Theatre - Double Dutch at the Apollo - etc.

Motoring: home Produced Fuel Shoud Be Encouraged - Developing The Topics by Motor - A New Vickers Enterprise - by W. W.

Plus many caption articles to accompany images.

SleekburnC. 2104

This is an original but USED antique newspaper not a scan and not a later re-print. If there is a particular date you require in regards to this item eg. for a birthday or anniversary etc please ask. The Illustrated London News was a magazine founded by Herbert Ingram with the first edition appearing on 14 May 1842.

The four digit number in brackets in title is for my reference only. It measures 400 x 290 mm (15.75 x 11.25). It retains the outer outlined red advertising cover. There is age yellowing to the pages. There are two pages with tears as stated above. The images are in black and white unless otherwise stated. Some of the pages may be loose, and have minor cuts tears and blemishes due to their great age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. The images vary in size. This item will be packaged in a tube unless otherwise requested.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are no pages missing, but if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. If you require information on size of articles (i.e. number of words), sizes of images, please ask before bidding or buying. There are no colour images unless otherwise stated. The process of the page numbering in The ILN carry on from the previous issue therefore do not start at number 1.

The descriptive text in my listing, details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page."Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text. This item will be packaged in a tube.

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