1916 WW1 Magazine SOMME Vosges GINCHY Asquith H.G.WELLS War BATTLE Italy (1110)

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POW Maurapas SOMME ADVANCE Over the Top YPRES Trenches GREEK BORDER Gorizia YPRES Royal Navy MACEDONIA Italy Val d'Assa BOMBING PARTY BALKANS Mine Crater H. G. WELLS Soissons ASQUITH Guillemont



A magazine detailing events in the First World War


12 pages (24 sides)


DATE 1916


This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, sketches, maps, drawings:

The Somme: An Arrogant German Officer Taken Prisoner Receives Food by a French Soldier - full page

Digging and Mining Along the Somme:

A Big Gun Being Hauled into Position Along a French Road

Mine Explosion - inset

Behind a Smoke Screen: - British Soldiers Digging in Full Range of Enemy Guns.

Full page.

Construction Work in Preparation of the Coming Winter Campaign - Building Huts

In the Area of Maurepas in France:

Men Going Over the Top as The Signal for the Advance is Usually by Word of Mouth

A Slow Ordered Advance in the Face of Danger

Advancing Infantry Clip at a Row of Barbed Wire

Lieutenant General Sir Herbert Plumer and Officers Standing on the Edge of a Mine Crater

Canadian Soldiers Under Review by General Sir Sam Hughes Who Is Taking the Salute

German Prisoners Carrying a Wounded British Soldier on a Stretcher

One More into The Breech: Several Men Engaged in Hoisting the Shell into the Breech of a Howitzer Gun - full page photograph

Full page entitled Premier and Prophet in the Arena of War:

Filling Up Water Carriers for the Troops

An Aerodrome at the Front

Mister Asquith Looking at Some Great Howitzer Shells at the Front

Mr H. G. Wells the Author of "The War of the Worlds" at Soissons

British Sentry at the Junction of Two Trenches; Gourlay Trench and Gordon Alley

Writing a Letter Home: Lying Next to a Large Shell, A German Dud.

Light Railway for the Transport of Munitions in the Vosages Sector - full page showing four photographs

Wounded Coming in Through Barbed Wire Entanglements After Taking Guillemont Village

Unloading Timber to be Used as Props in Trench Construction

Men Over their Knees in Mud Hauling Reive Heavily Laden Cart

A Brush With the Bulgarians on the Greek Border: Fighting in a Village onthe Lower Struma - full page drawing; artwork unknown

A Murderous Bayonet Attack on A Wounded Sergeant by a German - full page drawing by A. W.

A Russian Welcome to the British Army: Contingent of Troops in Moscow

French Artillery Rushing a Batter of "75s" Up to The Front

French Cavalry Spurring Along The Somme

Ruins at Gorizia

The Cloth Hall at Ypres

A Bridge at Monte Sabbotino

Monte San Michele on the Italian Front: Debris in a German Dug Out

Italian Infantry Advancing through the Val dAssa

Prisoners Who Survived the Italian Bombardment of Gorizia

British bombing Officer Lobbing a Mills Grenade Somewhere in the Balkans

Trench Gunners Awaiting the Signal to Fire: Man With Periscope

Assembling Bombs in a Trench

in the Danger Trench Where the bombers are Assembling Fuses to Boms and Rifle Grenades

General Sarrail CinC of the Allied Forces in Macedonia with the Italian General Pettiti

French Machine Gunners on a Bridge Built Centuries Ago by the Romans

The Drinking Water Problem in Macedonia: A Well and Drinking Trough with Wash-house and Bath-house Beyond

Drinking Water Problem: Model Cars for the conveyance of Pure Water. c.keenlyside

French Lines onthe Macedonian Front

Fatigue Duty and The British Soldier: Conveying Stores from PlaCE TO Place

Shells Bursting: The Balkans

A Cortege of The Monster Gun

On Board a Warship:

Hammocks and Bedding Laid out Miel Aboard Ship for Inspection

Lashing Up After the Inspection of Bedding - six sailors

Stokers Aloft Cleaning the Funnel of a Warship

Provisions Being Stored On Board

Full page

Wounded Soldiers Entertain:

A Corporal Giving Bugle Calls

Some Convalescent Soldiers Entertained To Tea on the Beach Turned Entertainers,Singing Songs Popular at the Front

Bethnal Green Military hospital Visiting Day Open Air Concert

The Roll of Honour; Officers Killed in Action or In The Service of Their Country Directly Incidental to the Great War:

Brigadier General The Earl of Longford of the Life Guards

Lieutenant Colonel Albemarle Cator Annesley - Royal Fusiliers

Major William La Touche Congreve DSO - Rifle Brigade

Major W. J. Dobson - Canadian Infantry

Captain J. Foley - Northumberland Fusiliers

Captain Edward Villiers Briscoe - Royal Warwickshire

Major A. Young - Canadian Infantry

Captain C. R. Limbery - South Staffords.

Captain S. Thomson - Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

Captain P.W. T. MacGregor-Whitton - Royal Scots Fusiliers

Captain J. A. H. Brown - Gordon Highlanders

Lieutenant H. J. Quanbury - Canadian M. R.

Lieutenant Raymond Asquith - Grenadier Guards - The Prime Ministers Eldest Son

Lieutenant N. S. Stewart - Rifle Brigade

Lieutenant G. S. Walley - KRRC

Second Lieutenant T. J. A. OBrien - RFA

Second Lieutenant A. C. Boyd - Royal Sussex Regt

Second Lieutenant E. J. Pusch - Royal Warwicks

Second Lieutenant W. O. E. Morris - Liverpool Regt.

Second Lieutenant L. L. Moody - Royal Sussex Regt.

Second Lieutanant A. H. Page - Suffolk Regt.

Full Page showing 21 photographs by Speaight, Elliott and Fry, Lafayette, Lambert Weston, Russel, Swaine.



This second part of the description features articles etc (not images):

An Unauthorised Visit to the Front - an account by War Correspondent Frederick Arthur McKenzie

The Capture of Ginchy by Max Pemberton

The Royal Dublin Fusiliers - The Record of a Regiment - with a Heading By Sir A. Conan Doyle "The Great Boer War" - article by A.W. Holland - with mention of Lieutenant Colonel Doughty-Wylie - Colonel R. A. Routh - Ladysmith - Corporal F. McNamara - Lt H. D. O'Hara - Sergeant W. Cooke of the 2nd - Sir Bryan Mahon.

Plus many caption articles to accompany the images. Sleekburnc.3009

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