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JOAN MARCHIONESS CAMDEN John Charles Henry Pratt SALONIKA GARDENS Thessaloniki Greece BERKELEY CASTLE GLOS Lancret Tapestry Cartoons




Original Weekly Magazine

DATED 1916

Approx 19 pages (38 sides).


This first part of the description features a list of images, photographs etc.

Marchioness Camden With Her Son, The Earl of Brecknock, and Elder Daughter Lady Irene - full front page photograph by Speaight of 157 New Bond Street London W - info nee Lady Joan Marion Nevill with John Charles Henry Pratt and Lady Irene Helen Pratt

Soldiers Gardens Round Salonica - Thessaloniki:

The Legion of Honour - The French Soldiers Garden in Salonica - flower beds laid out in the pattern, soldiers stand next to the flower beds - photographed from a low flying aeroplane

Gloire a Notre France Eternelle - the french camp with smart tents surrounded by flower beds with motto style patterns

Garden at Hospital No. 4 - men tending the flower beds with the hospital huts behind

In the French Aviation Camp - view of a flower bed from the air with airmen looking on, the motto in flowers says "Gloire carcassonne pour l-eminent Chef qu-elle nous a donne"

The Naval Signallers - Roof Garden on the White Tower -

A Typical Parterre - three French soldiers standing in the garden

Garden of the Mechanical Transport Corps

Fishing on a Trout Stream - The Sid:

The Ham Pool sleekburnc.

The River Sid near Sidmouth

Man Fishing

Back At his Own Familiar Job - a soldier on leave, sitting on a plough or tractor style carriage pulled by two horses - a drawing by I.E. or E.I.

All Racing the Falling Glass - getting hay in - drawing as above I.E.

A Welcome Interlude - a picnic scene in a farmyard, as above

A Change From Parade - an officer on leave using a scythe on his farm - as above

Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire the Seat of Lrod Fitzhardinge - Part II:

Outer Wall and Castle

The Hall - Inner Gate with Portcullis- full page

Outer Walls and Towers

Chapel of St Mary Interior

The Hall

Chapel Gallery

Chapel interior - full page

Spoil of a Veteran Angler - Caught at Meikleour on River Tay by Lord Fitzhardinge 38lb - a salmon

A Flower Border at Munstead

Sisyrinchium Striatum

Antirrhinum Hendersonii

Correspondence Page - Photographs From Readers:

River Traffic at Singapore - From CM - a photo showing small boats crammed on the river with buildings along the quayside behind.

Heather Plume and His Late Owner - Mister Robert Nicholson of Gilt's Farm, Crosby Ravensworth - on a hrose with a bull

Swans Stealing Cygnets at Mapledurham - from W. E. Taylor

A Precocious Young Tit - From Captain F. T. Burkitt

A Gamekeepers War Time Day Work - From F. L. W. - ploughing a field

Andrew Russell Ltd of 8 Clifford St. Bond St. London W - full page advert

Tapestry Cartoons by LAncret - x5 scenes

Tailored Top Coat by Burberrys of Haymarket London, and Boulevard Malesherbes Paris - half page advert

HOliday Shirt from Debenham Freebody - adv.

Tea Frock at Debenham Freebody - adv.

Allens Durobelle Fadeless Fabrics - advert

Viyella Shirts and Pyjamas - advert

Seaside Tea Frock from Marshall and Snelgrove Miel

Manfield and Son Army Boots x5 - advert

Nobel's Sporting Powders Reive - advert

Lightning Gunpowder Cartridges by Schultze Co. Ltd - advert

The Old Bell Inn at Oxted in Surrey - car parked outsidE

Goodrich Safety Tread Tyres - full page advert

Napier Cars, Big and Small - car plus a childs pedal car


This second part of the description features a list of articles and features, not accompanied by illustrations unless mentioned above. They include:

"Speed The Plough" Comments on A Study on British And German Agriculture by Professor Middleton

Country Notes includes:

Reclamation at Methwold with mention of Dr Edwards

The Second in Command - To CFS Killed in Action 29 Jun 1916 - Poem by A. T. S. C.

Murder of Captain Fryatt

Austria - Should Be Driven to Surrender ...

British Village Industries with mention of Mr J. L. Green

Comment on an Arcitle by Major Harvey Jarvis

Death of a Country Life Contributor Mr J. A. Harvioe Brown of Dunipace house Stirling, the ornithologist

Mr Austen Fabbof the Cambridge Review - numbers of "Cambridge" (university) men killed, wounded, missing VC's, DSC, DSO, etc

Dusk - Poem by A. T. C. H.

Captain H. B.B. Hammond-Chambers the Golfer, Killed in Action

The Gardens of the Soldiers at Salonica by CMVS

Fishing on a Trout Stream by Melville Mackayt

Farm Labour Problems by Amy J. Drucker

The Vocal Powers of the Fox by H. Mortimer Batten

Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire Part II by St. Clair Baddeley

On Certain Differences Between Wasps and Bees by A. E. Shipley

Gardening Column by Gertrude Jekyll

Gardening Correspondence Letters from Readers incl. from Frances Keyzer amongst others

Literature - Books Reviewed c.keenlyside.

The Shire (Horses) On Its Trial - Correspondence From Readers including Edgar I. Appleby - - Dudley C. Ward - - T. W. B. - - "Fairplay for All Breeds"

Correspondence Page - Letters From Readers incl:

The Methwold Reclamation - From C. S> Edwards

Methwold Experiment - From D.

Village Industries: Basket Making - From J. L. Green, Secretary, The Rural League, 21 Surrey Street, Strand, London WC

Afforestation of Scremerston Pit Heaps - From A. H. D.

Should Weasels and Stoats by Killed or Spared? - From Horace G. Hutchinson

Rabbits and Forestry - From Arthur O. Cooke

Farm Women - From Annie Fox

Another Riddle - From William Elwell, CF, 8th Div, Ammunition Column, BEF, France

Curious Conduct of a Heron - From Burleigh D. Kilburn

Moor, Field and Covert - Keeping Down the Vermin - by H. G. Hutchinson

Motoring Column - Our Fuels by H. W. Sleekburnc. 0508

Edward Burgess Hudson (1854 -1936) was the founder of Country Life magazine in 1897. This is an original USED vintage magazine not a scan and not a later re-print. If there is a particular date you require in regards to this item eg. for a birthday or anniversary etc please ask.

It measures 360 x 235 mm (14 x 9.25 inches ). There is no outer advertising cover, but the main inner front page with date and titles is present. This issue has had the Property For Sale Supplement, advertising pages, and other pages removed. The spine has been repaired/reinforced with paper.There are some splits on the spine. The pages are loose with binding marks throughout. There is a little age yellowing. The first six pages have a small nick to the diag. edge which have been repaired with paper. The original advertising cover and supplement pages have been removed, approx five pages. PLEASE NOTE: There are pages missing; but what I have described above IS present - so if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. The process of the page numbering carry on from the previous issue, therefore do not start at number 1.

The description of the contents above are in my own words and not necessarily what is written on the original page."Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text.This item will be packaged in a tube and sent RM small parcels (too big for lge. letter). Please note that I don't make profit on postage and packing; it is done at cost. The only profit made is by ebay as they charge me approx. 10% on what I charge for postage.

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