1915 WW1 Print INDIA Sikh Punjabi Soldiers BAGPIPES

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1915 WW1 Print INDIA Sikh Punjabi Soldiers PIPES in unexpected places.
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A wonderful full page showing eleven photographic images entitled Pipes in Unexpected Places and show men from various regiments in the Indian Army playing bagpipes and drums:

Punjabi Pipers (Mohammedans)

Sikh Pipers From the Punjab.

Chacha Hazara Pipers.

Sikh Pipe Major.

A Sikh Piper.

An Hazara Piper.

A Kuttak Piper.

Tenor Drums of Indian Regimental Pipe Band.

Two Hazara Drummers.

Drummers of Indian Regimental Pipe Band .

A Sailor Playing Pipes on Board a British Patrol Ship of The Navy.

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Product Code Digital Image