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Original WW1 Magazine dated 1915: Nis Serbia BRITISH ARMOURED TRAIN Dardanelles Sea Battle FRENCH INFANTRY VOSGES Pont-a-Mousson SMS EMDEN GERMAN SHIP Kitcheners Army Brighton Training JAMES V. CREAGH Suez Canal


Original First World War Magazine

DATED 1915

Twelve pages (24 sides)

This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, sketches, maps, drawings:

Near Ypres with Field Marshal Sir John French Risking His Life to Rally His Men in a Wood - A full front page from a drawing showing him holding onto a wounded soldier while shells explode around them, a battle scene..

Map - The Masurian Lakes Region Showing Reive the Area of the German Attack on Prasnysch or Przasnysz.

French Reserves - French Territorials Being Inspected Before They Leave for the Front.

New French Infantry Setting Out for the Eastern Front Accompanied by Relatives and Friends.

General Gouraud Who Was Wounded But Still at the Front.

Young French Recruits at a Ceremony in Paris Vowing Their Allegiance to France at the Statue Symbolising Strassburg.

Admiral Sir David Beatty's Race on a Destroyer During The Dogger Bank Battle - view of a battleship, a deck scene with sailors getting ready for battle..

Near Pont a Mousson: French Soldiers Storming a Blockhouse and Germans Trying to Retake It - full page from a drawing by Dudley Tennant..

Wounded Belgian Soldier With a Pistol Taken From a German Oficer - the soldier in hospital.

A Dog Drawing a Mitrailleuse Gun with His Belgian Handler.

Three Belgian Soldiers Handling a Gun They Call a Pa-m Pa-m Put at Their Disposal By the British.

Three Belgian Soldiers with The Remains Miel of a German Ammunition Waggon After Bing Shelled by Belgian Artillery near the Village of Caeskerke near Dixmude or Diksmuide.

Interior of the English Church at Calais, Turned into a Red Cross Hospital - Patients, Doctors and NursesKeenlyside..

The Aisne District - Row of Cabins Erected for Preparing Food and Other Domestic Work, A Column of Artillery men i the Background Exercising Their Horses.

Temporary Shelters of French Gunners Constructed with Mud, Straw and Corrugated Iron.

French Soldiers Seated by an Ammunition Waggon, Replenishing Cartridge Belts for their Mitrailleuse (guns).

French Soldiers Enjoying a Boxing Match.

Egypt and Nigeria:.

Ferdan Cabin and Three British Officials near the Scene of the Fight for Suez Canal.

Transportation of German Prisoners from Warri in Nigeria to Lagos Under Escort by Native Soldiers of the Warri Land Contingent.

Ottoman Soldiers at Stretcher Drill. sleekburnc.

Detachment of the Bikanir Camel Corps Somewhere in Egypt.


A Military Ox Waggon Passing Along a Flooded Road in Nish.

Serbian Cavalryman Cloaded nad Hooded and Riding Along a Flooded Road in Nish.

Servian Soldiers Sheltering Under an Improvised Tent at the Rear of a Transport Wagon.

Wounded Serbian Soldiers Drinking at a Camp Water Cart.

Trains in War:.

British Armoured Train Firing Big Guns While Travelling at High Speed.

A Sinister Looking Train Passing Through a Wayside Station near The Battlefront.

An Austrian Steel-plated Train in the Carpathian Mountains. c.keenlyside.

Two Wagons of a French Armoured Train SectionArmed with Long Range Guns and Mitrailleuses exclusive photograph.

The Germans as War Time Woodlanders Exclusive photographs:.

Aisne - German Soldiers Chopping Down a Tree.

Group of German Soldiers Rolling Along a Large Cut Down Tree Trunk.

Aisne - Germans Soldiers Rolling a Log to a Captured Saw Mill ad Cutting It Ready for Use.

The Allied Armada Forcing The Dardanelles - Ships: HMS Cornwallis - French GAulois - HMS Vengeance - French Suffren Replying to the Fire of the Turkish Forts - a double page drawing, artwork unknown.

Full page entitled Tommy Endears Himself fo the Frenchwomen - tear to bottom of page on border:.

Frenchwoman Serving British Soldiers with Coffee.

A Young British Tommy (soldier) Flirting with A Young French Woman While examining His Rifle.

A Jolly Group of British Soldiers With a Frenchwoman, Her Daughter, and Her Grandaughter.

French Apple Women Selling Apples to British Soldiers.

Full page entitled Impromptu Music at the Theatre of War - tear to bottom border of page:.

Germans in the Argonne Greeting Field Marshal Count Haeselar With a Son on His Birthday.

German Band with Home Made Instruments.

A Cheery Wounded Flautist Soldier in a French Hospital Playing a Gay Air.

Group of Germans Practising Their Bugle in a Belgian Town.

A Merry Party of Franch Aviators Playing on Home Made Instruments.

Group of Soldiers with their Instruments.

Full page entitled The French Assault in the Vosges - tear to bottom of page on border - Four snow scenes showing soldiers.

How the Trenches Are Assaulted Underground - a full page from a drawing. It shows a sectional drawing of a scene with french soldiers laying explosives in a tunnel directly beneath a German trench.

The Smallest Member of the French Aviation Corps Walking with the Two Tallest.

Recruits at Brighton - four photographs on a full page:.

Kitcheners New Army - Recruits Marching Along the Front at Brighton.

Rifle Practice on the Beach.

Shooting Lessons for Commissioned Officers.

Recruits on the Beach at The Eastern End of the Lower Parade.

The U12 in Dock Before Being Sunk by HMS Ariel.

HMS Ariel with an inset photograph of Lieutenant Commander James V. Creagh.

The Battered German Ship SMS Emden with Keeling Island In the Background - plus two other photographs of the ships damage caused by the guns of HMAS Sydney..

Serbia: Passes Being Issued to Serbian Soldiers to They Can Leave Nish for Their Homes on Leave.

A British Cruiser About to Take a German Prize in Tow.

HMS Gloucester Bombarding the Dardanelles Forts, Firing A Broadside.

Two Small Maps - Illustrating the Area of Naval Operations in the Dardanelles etc.


This second part of the description features articles etc (not images):

Small article on Egypt and Nigeria approx 150 words.
Actions in the Dardanelles - caption article approx. 240 wds.
Article by Carlyon Bellairs RN on the war at sea.
Air warfare by C. G .Grey.
Przasnysz and the Battles of the MAsurian Lakes.
Article on the War by F. A. McKenzie a Daily Mail War Correspondent.

Plus many caption articles to accompany the images. sleekburnc. 2003



A very descriptive publication, printed on a light quality paper priced 6d. A cheaper option to some of the more popular illustrated magazines of the day, such as Illustrated London News etc. but more down to earth and detailed. Although it contains articles, the main focus is on photographs, drawings, maps etc.

It measures 285mmx220mm (11.25 x 8.5") approx. Spine is loose with binding witness marks. There is age yellowing/toning and some marking. Some creases etc to corners and handling marks to edges. Images, photos sketches etc. vary in size. PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. The outer cover is missing; but as far as I can tell there are no other pages missing. If you're looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. If you require information on size of articles (i.e. number of words), sizes of images, please ask before bidding or buying. This item will be packaged in a board backed envelope.

The descriptive text in my listing, details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page. "Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text.

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