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Original WW1 Magazine Detailing Events in the Great War Dated 1915 Bruno Garibaldi DEAD HORSES RUE FAIDHERBE LILLE Romania GARIBALDI BROTHERS Turkish Artillery CHASSEURS ALPINS Mine Laying TURKEY MAP Belgium Dunes. Plus much more; see main description


Original First World War Magazine

DATED 1915

Twelve pages (24 sides)

This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, sketches, maps, drawings:

The Argonne France: Garibaldi Brothers (Bruno and Constante ) Die for France - full front page from a drawing showing a soldier comforting the dying Bruno in a wood in the Argonne - with accompanying caption article approx. 80 words

Berlin - Statue to Heinrich von Treitschke.

St Genevieve - Military Engineers of the Allies Repairing a Damaged Cottage Done by the "Bosches" - The Owners at Work Within the House.

Lille, France - A Scene Street Fighting, with Many Dead Horses on the Pavement and Road - photograph - info. taken at Rue Faidherbe I think.

A British Batter Under The Supervision of Members of the Headquarters Staff Somewhere on the Continent.

The Same Battery Opens Fire - "Exclusive" Photograph.

Rheims - French Soldiers with Their 75's Capturing a German Trench - full page from a drawing showing a German gunner chained to his machine gun

Belgian Artillery Lined Up on the Sand Dunes in Northern France to Block the German Advance on Calais - x2

Belgian Lancers on the Sand Dunes of Northern France.

Belgian Louvain Lancers on the Coast Line in Northern France - x2 photographs

Belgian Scout Pushing his Motor Bike on the Sand Dunes.

Belgian Scout on the Look Out in the Dunes.

The Grand Hotel Des Dunes - Belgian Soldiers Move out of the Resort - info. There is another hotel opposite advertising Gaufres (waffles)

King Victor Emmanuel of Italy.

Company of Italian Alpine Infantry on Skis.

The Heroic Garibaldi Brothers: Bruno - Constante - Peppine and Ricciolti - with two other men

An Italian Carbineer on Sentry Go.

Italian Officers Say Good Bye to French Comrades off to the Front.

Four Members of the Iatlian Bersaglieri.


Rumanian Chasseurs on a Recent Inspection in a Town.

King Ferdinand of Rumania.

Rumanian Cavalry and Infantry - x4 photographs

Rumanian Batter Practising with Big Guns.

Two Peasant Women of Serbia Carrying In a Wounded Soldier on a Stretcher to a Tent Hospital.

Serbian Regimental HQ in the Field.

Serbian Officers Standing in Front of Shrapnel Proof Screens.

Talaat Bey the Chief Conspirator in Dragging Turkey to the Support of the Germans.

Turkish Artillery.

Turkish Troops Erecting Barbed Wire Entanglements.

Turkish Soldiers Digging Trenches.

The Turkish Army near Sarykamisc: The Misguided and Hapless Soldiers Attacking the Russians - full page from a drawing by J. F.

Chasseurs Alpins in The Vosges Mountains, Alsace Firing on German Soldiers - full page from a drawing by A. W. showing a snow scene with soldiers on skis firing on a German camp

One of the French 75mm Guns Used by the French.

Two Abandoned German Mortar Guns at Pervyse, near Dixmude.

German Guns Destroyed by the French 75mm.

A Group of German Soldiers Singing in the Belgian Sand Dunes, While a Comrade Keeps Look-out.

A Brave Belgian Soldier Plays Piano While the City Burns.

A Ruined Piano in a Bombed House in Pervyse.

Deutschland uber Alles underground - German Soldiers Sing Around a Christmas Tree in a Trench in East Prussia.

German Band Guarded by Armed Escort, Parading Through Antwerp.

French Cyclist Patrol.

German Outposts Together With Dutch Soldiers, Avail Themselves of the Warmth from a Guards Fire on the Frontier Line.

An Enemy Scouting Party in Belgium Take Cover reive in the Snow.

Prussian Patrol Scouting in the Argonne Woods.

Prussian Cavalry Patrol About to Sample A Local Womans Food.

A Chateau Serving as The British Headquarters on the Franco Belgian Frontier.

British Army Headquarters at a Farm in a French Village.

Princess Patricia's Light Infantry: The Canadian Regiment During Recent Manoeuvres.

Members of the 2nd Battalion Queen's Westminster on Exercise Before Departure to the Front - x2. Info. 16th (County of London) Battalion, The London Regiment (Queen's Westminsters)

Colonel Gordon Clark Training the Territorial Regiment.

Queens Westminsters Practising Their Markmanship Skills.

An Impression of the Damage Done to a North Sea Steamer by the Explosion of a Mine.

Member of the Crew of a Mine Sweeper Wearing the New Hat Ribbon Issued by the Admiralty.

Page entitled Indian Heroes from Trench to Breezy Brighton - four photographs:

Indian Soldiers in Their Trenches Defending a French Frontier Village.

King George V and Queen Mary Leaving Brighton Pavilion After Visiting the Wounded Indian Soldiers.

Several Wounded in the Left Hand Through Grabbing German Bayonets.

Wounded Indian Soldiers Await the Arrival of the King and Queen at the Royal Pavilion, Brighton.

The Fletchett is a Small steel Arrow in Use by French, Russian and German Aviators Used to Drop of Unsuspecting Soldiers from a Height.

Wounded Soldier at The Manchester Military Hospital Drawing Caricatures of his Friends on the Blackboard.

A Comb and Paper Musical Quartette of Wounded Soldiers at the Princess Christian Convalescent Home, Bisley.

A Private in a Hospital at St George's - Doing a Jigsaw Puzzle.

Lance Corporal F. Russen of Queen's West Surreys Measuring a Sweater, Knitted by himself at St Georges Hospital.

British Wounded Soldiers Take a Hand at Nap on Board Ship - card game

Sketch Map: Area of Turkish Activities - full page showing part Egypt - Sinai Peninsula - Syria - Damascus - Cyprus - Sleppo - Mesoptamia - Persia (part) - Arabia - E'Riad - Medina - Asia Minor - Armenis - Miel - Caucasus - Black Sea - Sea of Azov - Czernovitz - Odessa - Astrakhan - etc.


This second part of the description features articles etc (not images):

The Teachings of Heinrich von Treitschke - Article by Joseph McCabe

Article by F. A. McKenzie, Daily Mail War Correspondent - info. Frederick Arthur McKenzie

Naval Article by Commander Carlyon Bellairs

Article by C. G. Grey

Plus many caption articles to accompany the images.sleekburnc. 2301


A very descriptive publication, printed on a light quality paper priced 6d. A cheaper option to some of the more popular illustrated magazines of the day, such as Illustrated London News etc. but more down to earth and detailed. Although it contains articles, the main focus is on photographs, drawings, maps etc.

It measures 285mmx220mm (11.25 x 8.5") approx. Spine is loose with binding witness marks. There is age yellowing/toning and some marking. Some creases etc to corners and handling marks to edges. Images, photos sketches etc. vary in size.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. The outer cover is missing; but as far as I can tell there are no other pages missing. If you're looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. If you require information on size of articles (i.e. number of words), sizes of images, please ask before bidding or buying. This item will be packaged in a board backed envelope. The descriptive text in my listing, details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page.

"Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text.

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