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The Graphic, an original WW1 Dated 1915 and detailing recent events of the war including: Bombed Zeppelin LT. WARNEFORD RN West Sandling Camp (nr Folkestone) Canadian Battalion GASSED VICTIMS The Artists Rifles Camp DARDANELLES. Plus much more; see main description for detail.

WW1 ANTIQUE NEWSPAPER Bombed Zeppelin LT. WARNEFORD RN West Sandling Camp (nr Folkestone) Canadian Battalion GASSED VICTIMS The Artists Rifles Camp DARDANELLES


An Original WW1 Weekly Newspaper

DATED 1915

This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, maps, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

Full page (fp) frontispiece photograph by C. Bulla of Petrograd titled Tortured by Germans: A Russian Scout Whose Ears Were Cut Off . It shows NCO Panasuk with a nurse in a Petrograd hospital; with caption approx 75words.

The Way of the War page showing x14photos:

The Men Who Bombed the Zeppelin Shed at Evere: Flt. Lt. J. S. Mills RN and F./Lt. J. P. Wilson RN - x2photos.

The Late Dr W. H. Cummings the Musician.

Zeppelin Destroyer Sub Lt. Warneford RN VC.

Italy: Civilians Going to Enlist; and Soldier Being Seen Off By his Family x3photos.

The Torpedoing of the American Ship Nebraskan x3photos.

Sir Muir-Mackenzie.

Mr A. H. Crosfield MP for Warrington.

Knights: Mister James Murray An Ardent Populariser of Art; Mister William Forbes Manager L.B. and S.C.R. - x2photos.

Map: North East Italy and Trieste etc - a fp map drawn by G. F Morrell titled All Roads Lead From Rome: Italy's Face to the Foe. Places and postitions shown include: Venice - Gradisca - Arrows Showing Main Lines of Italian Advance - Treviso - Cortina - Pieve di Cadore - Austro Italian Frontier - Malborghteeo - Lienz - Villach - Tarvis - Pontebba - Railway Lines - Caporetto - Plezzo - Cividale - udine - Laibach - Franzdorf - Neumarkt - Crafenstein - Klagenfurt - Moistrona Pass - Grado - Bombarded by Italian Fleet - Monfalcone - Grignano - Caorle - Reive - Porto di Cortellazzo - Piave Vecchia - Port Lido - Gulf of Triest - Pirano - Cappodistria - Pirano - S. Lorenzo - Citta Nova - parenzo - Rovigno - etc.

The First Zeppelin Bombed in Mid-Air: Flight Sub-Lt R. A. J. Warneford Destroying a Zeppelin Between Brussels and Ghent - a fp reconstruction drawn by E. S. Hodgson from Admiralty report showing the Zeppelin exploding in mid air and the British aeroplane flying above.

With the Canadians at West Sandling Camp - dp showing x24photos:

Buglers and Drummers of 18th Battalion.

Pipers 21st Bt.

Lizzie the Mascot of the 19th Bat.

Lieutenant F. Duckworth the Location Officer.

Lt. Col. R. Gordon Stewart.

21st Batt. O Parade.

Colonel S. Denison ADC.

Group of Young Soldiers Outside Their hut.

Men of the Staff Transport and Signallers 19th Batt outside Their Hut.

The Butcher and his Mates.c.keenlyside.

Quarter Master Captain G. H. Emery.

Captain Lawson in the Stables.

Bayonet Exercise.

Lorry Bringing in Bread Supply.

18th Batt Changin The Guard.

Two Soldiers Stirring Large Vats In the Kitchens.

Plus other photographs. Info. near Folkestone Kent

How the 90th Winnipeg Rifles Kept the huns Out of Ypres: The Scene of Their Charge on the German Trenches at Festubert - nr half page (hp) sketch by J. Dodsworth from a description from a wounded Canadian.

A Wounded Canadian Pipers Final Tune near St Julien - from a sketch by J. Dodsworth from a description by Private Spalding, 90th Winnipeg Rifles.

Gassed! Victims of Scientific Savagery - fp Drawn by Steven Spurrier From a Sketch by an Officer with the British Expeditionary Force showing men affected by poisonous gas, retreating along a road and field. Small tear to left border only just affecting print.

Progress in the Dardanelles - dp showing x4 images:

Panoramic sketch of the positions of ships and shore positions; with a caption showing words by Mr Winston Churchill. The ships and land positions incl. HMS Implacable - HMs Canopus - Cape Suvla - Hill of Sarimait - Gabe Tepe - HMS Queen - Ridge Held by Australians, New Zealanders etc - HMS Dartmouth - Observation Balloon Ship - Gaba Tepe Where Australians Should Hav Landed but Did Not - Bacchante Ship - miel - etc.

Seddul-Bahr: Inside the Dismantled Fortress x2photos.

Church Service on Board HMS Queen Elizabeth in the Shadow of the 15 Inch Guns.

Wall Surrounding Seddul Bahr. A tear to border of this only just affecting photo.

Barbed Wire Entanglements.

With the Westminster Dragoons in Egypt: Swimming Horses Across the Nile near The Barrage - fp showing x2photos.

German Uhlans and Horses Caught in a Russian Barbed Wire Entanglement - fp Drawn by J. Wladimiroff Our Special Artist in Russia and Passed for Publication in The Graphic by the Russian Censor - Info. Ivan Alexejevitch Vladimirov was a Russian Soviet painter.

The German Trenches Seen Through a Periscope - dp drawn by Ralph Cleaver During a Visit to the British Trenches

Faugh a Ballagh! The Charge of the Royal Irish Fusiliers at St. Eloi There were lads from Galway, Louth and Meath Who went to their death with a joke in their teeth Rudyard Kipling. A double page from a drawing by Charles J. Payne Our Special Artist in France

The Conscript Horse: A Scene on a Rainy Night at a Camp in England.

Lieutenant Oliver Hogue Australian Imperial Force; the Orderly Officer 2nd Light Horse Brigade, Australian Defence Force - from a sketch impression by N. Hadden

Wolves Attacking horses at the French Chateau de Monjustin Between Vesoul and Villersexel - fp from a drawing by John Charlton.

A Grenade Attack on a German Saphead: How Three of the Black Watch Made a Diversion at Night - fp from a drawing by Ernest Prater from a British soldiers description.

Piccadilly Circus in Plug Street: How British Soldiers Live in a Belgian Wood - fp from a drawing by W. Hatherell From a sketch by Ralph Cleaver during a visit to th eBritish trenches.

The Artist Rifles in a Camp near London - fp showing x12photos:

Having a Shave.Sleekburnc.

The Sanitary Section at Work.

Colonel Horsley.

Men in Part of the Transport Section.

Men of The Machine Gun Section.

Plus more.

The Roll of Honour - Officers Killed in Action or In The Service of Their Country Directly Incidental to the Great War - Full page:

2nd Lt. Philip D. Weinbert - 1/4th Battalion Black Watch.

Lt. Charles Trevenen Holland - Royal Field Artillery.

Lieutenant Victor H. Hardy - 1st Yrok and Lancaster Regiment.

Major G. F. Muller - Royal Marine Light Infantry.

Lt. Harold Barton - 1st Royal Scots Fusiliers.

Captain F. H. L. Morgan - Royal Field Artillery.

Lt. Raymond de Lusignan - 1st Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

Lt. C. G. Butcher - Dorset Regiment.

2nd Lt. Edward Mason - 3rd Northamptonshire Regt.

Capt. C. F. H. Twining - Hants Regt.

Capt. E. H. Brocklehurst - 6th Kings Liverpool regt.

Lt. Col. Charles A Vivian - 15th Sikhs.

Captain T. V. T. Neville - 3rd Dragoon Guards.

2nd Lt. Charles William Peel - 2nd Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

Lt. John F. Greenwood - 1st K.O. Royal Lancaster Regt.

Lt. T. B. Renwick - 6th Rifle Bigade.

Major Charles h. Corbett - 18th Queen Mary['s Own Hussars.

Capt. R. A. S. Allen - 5th Batt. Canadian Contingent.

Captain H. V. B. Byatt - Royal Army Medical Corps.

Lieut. Leonard F. Stern - Princess Louise's Regiment.

Lt. E. J. A Carr - 5th Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regt.

2nd Lt. W. E. Sadler - 3rd South Lancashire Regt.

Lt. W. E. Pollard-Urquhard - 1st Royal Sussex Regiment.

Lt. Robert Selwyn Pryor - K. O. Royal Lancaster Regt.

The Big Guns in Battle: Italian, Austrian and German Artillery at Work:

I the Carpathians witn Austrian Artillery x2photos.

Italian Artillery in Action.

Effect of German Guns on a Galician Town of Gorlice - the dead lying outside a house.

The Kaiser Receiving the Reports of Brigade Officers During the Second Battle of Ypres.

Przemysl - fp showing x2photos by C. Bulla of Petrograd:

Group of Nuns from the Convent - plus inset photo of General Selivanoff.

Some of the Arms Taken from the Austrians After the Capture.

A Belgian Soldiers Playing a Borrowed Violin in a Barn to Soldiers - from a drawing by Charles Garratt.

Mrs Ewing, Wife of Local MP, Presenting Colours to the Canadian Mounted Rifles at Alberta.

A New Zealand Nurse x2photos showing two ladies.

Theatre Scenes: Armageddon with Herbert Dansey and Maud Rivers etd - - The Call with Ethel Irmving and Frank Esmond - plus others x5photos.

Prince and Princess Ouroussoff in Their 30-35hp Napier Car.


Dunlop Co. - fp.

Wrights Coal Tar Soap - hp

Plus many other smaller.


This second part of the description features items of news, articles etc. but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

The Way of the War Page.

The Little Balck Devils Who Faced Hell at Ypres; the Story of Private L. L. Spalding, Machine Gunner of the Canadian 90th Winnipeg Rifles - fp article including two sketches (see list of images above).

Gun Horses.

An Australian Lieut. Oliver Hogue.

Books of the Day includes: Wookey Hole: Its Caves and Cave Dwellers by Mr Herbert E. Balch. - - Juliette Drouet's Love Letters to Victor Hugo selected by M. Louis Guimbaud in English by Lady Theodora Davidson - - The Conquering Jew by Mr John Foster Fraser.

Ladies page by Candida.Sleekburnc. 1206


This is an original USED newspaper not a scan and not a later re-print.

14 pages (28 sides). A publication similar to The Illustrated London News, The Graphic was a weekly illustrated newspaper published by H. R. Baines and Company Ltd of Tallis House, Whitefriars, City of London. If there is a particular date you require regarding this item eg. for a birthday or anniversary etc please ask.

The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only. It measures 395 x 285 mm (15.5 x 11.25inches).There is no outer advertising cover. There are binding witness marks to the spine. The main frontispiece page is present with The Graphic header banner, date, price etc. Some of the pages are loose with binding witness marks. There is some age yellowing. Some of the pages are loose, and have minor cuts tears and blemishes due to their great age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. The images vary in size. The images are NOT in colour unless otherwise stated.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are no other pages missing (as well those stated above), so if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. If you require information on size of articles (i.e. number of words), sizes of images, please ask before bidding or buying. The process of the page numbering in The Graphic issues carry on from the previous issue therefore do not start at number 1. This item will be packaged in a tube unless otherwise requested.

The descriptive text in my listing, details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page. Please be aware there maybe typo/spelling errors etc. "Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text. Historical and family history societies, ancestry research, historians, archivists, curators, university research, collectors, historical decorators and interior designers, etc

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