1915 COUNTRY LIFE MAGAZINE Wolmer Wood House Marlow WINGFIELD MANOR George Heremon Wyndham WW1 (7690)
1915 COUNTRY LIFE MAGAZINE Wolmer Wood House Marlow WINGFIELD MANOR George Heremon Wyndham WW1 (7690)
1915 COUNTRY LIFE MAGAZINE Wolmer Wood House Marlow WINGFIELD MANOR George Heremon Wyndham WW1 (7690)
1915 COUNTRY LIFE MAGAZINE Wolmer Wood House Marlow WINGFIELD MANOR George Heremon Wyndham WW1 (7690)
1915 COUNTRY LIFE MAGAZINE Wolmer Wood House Marlow WINGFIELD MANOR George Heremon Wyndham WW1 (7690)

1915 COUNTRY LIFE MAGAZINE Wolmer Wood House Marlow WINGFIELD MANOR George Heremon Wyndham WW1 (7690)

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PRINCESS MAY OF TECK Les Martigues on Etang de Berre France SOUTH WINGFIELD MANOR DERBYSHIRE George Heremon Wyndham PERCY WYNDHAM Lady Margaret Sackville's Toys FLEMISH POULTRY REARING Golfers on Active Service SCOTTISH HEATHLAND




Original Antique Weekly Magazine

DATED 1915


This first part of the description features a list of images/photographs, drawings etc:

Princess May of Teck - full front page photograph by Speaight of 157 New Bond Street, London W. - Info. daughter of Prince Alexander of Teck and Princess Alice

Seven photographes by W. J. Clutterbuck over several pages for an article on Les Martigues, a village on the Etang de Berre in the South of France:

The Great Triangular Sails of a Fishing Boat at Martigues - near full page

The Old Colour Washed Houses on the Edge of the Waterway

Fishing Boats and Houses on an Inlet of the Etang De Berre

Sail Boats Moored on a Quayside Walkway in Front of Houses The French Venice

The Large Lateen Rigged Boats Touching the Quayside

Two Women Chatting Mais on dit .....

Jules, Marie and the Quayside Cats - elderly couple sitting on a seat

The Late Lieutenant George Heremon Wyndham

The Late Lieutenant Percy Wyndham

Wild Life on a Scottish Heath:

Gulls Following a Crofters Plough

Courting Common Gulls - photograph by Miss E. L. Turner

Black Backed Gull

Plus four other sea birds

A Building Wren

Article entitled Lady Margaret Sackville's Toys - Made for the "Friends of the Poor" designs for toys:

Wights from Elfland

Queen Mab's Navy

The Child's Eden

Where Are You Roaming To? - a train pulling carriages with other toys

A Giraffe and Other Animals Pulling a Carriage

South Wingfield Manor, Derbyshire Owned by Major Tristram - nine photographic images:

Porch Entrance Arch to the Great Hall

The North Courtyard Gatehouse - full page

The Tower and West Wing c.keenlyside.

Hall Porch to State Apartment

A View in the North Courtyard: The Great Tower - full page

The Hall Oriel from the InteriorKeenlyside

The Hall Oriel From the Exterior

Hall Porch Window

Hall: Cellar or Undercroft - full page

Floorplan etc. South Wingfield Manor House, Derbyshire circa 1435

Gardening: London Pride Alongside a Path - - - Pinks Edging a Path

The Officers Training Corps:

University College School, Hampstead Team Group Photograph: Cadet E.J. C.Kirby - Cadet R. N. Ray - Lance Corporal E. A. R. George - Cadet J. D. Gulich - Cadet W. B. Clarke - Cadet S. Hirsch - Sergeant G. B Buchanan - Quarter Master Sergeant P. L. Sugden (capt.) - Captain G. A. Millward (leader) - Captain G. Scott-Lowe(OC) - Company Sergeant Major F. R. P. Hinderlich - Lance Corporal R. H. Walmsley

Exeter Team Group Photograph: Captain E. T. England - Lance Corporal W. J. G. Marsh - Corporal J. Moulding - Corporal L. C. Williams - Lance Corporal F. C. Simmons - Second Lieutenant E. F. Hall - Cadet F. J. C. Rybot - Sergeant A. K. Goard - Cd. miel - Corporal S. R. St. L. Blackney - Cadet C. D. Clapp - Lance Corporal R. P. Williams - Cadet J. C. Upright

Miniature of Landscape Target for Exeter School, and Result of Firing

Section of University College School Target Showing Description Point X

Miniature of Landscape Target of University College School and Result of Firing

Golf - Golfers on Active Service - photograph of each man:

Mr H. D. Gillies

Mr Gordon Barry

Mr L. H. Alison

Mr E. Martin Smith

Lieutenant Colonel A. E. Williams

Mr J. E. Tomkinson

Mr R. P. Humphries

Tom Fernie

Mr Walter Glover

Mr V. A. Pollock

Mr R. Harris

Mr H. W. de Zoete

The Hon. C. N. Bruce

Mr Gordon Lockhart

Mr Angus Hambro MP

Mr W. G. Pringle

Mr F. M. Richardson

Mr B. Hammond-Chambers

Correspondence Pages - Photographs from Readers:

The Fly Approachin the Venus Fly Trap x3 enlarged photographs - From S. Leonard Bastin

Dolis From Peacham's Minerva Brittana; Dolus at Blickling - From J. - a drawing and a photograph

Sir Hugh Bell's Cottages: Built From Country Life Prize Plans - from Hugh Bell. Info. Built from Mr E. Poley's design (accordin to the letter) for the North Riding of Yorkshire type

A Wandering Curlew Quite at Home on the Boom of SS Star of Australia off Capte Finisterre - From M.

A Tame Fox - from F. H. Gurney - info. The fox is sitting on a boys shoulders reive

Ferret Caring for Her Babies - From Carslake Winter-Wood

The Virginian Rail at Saskatchewan - From H. H. Pitman of Wauchope, Saskatchewan, Canada

Lesser Country Houses: Wolmer Wood, Marlow Common, Buckinghamshire, Designed by Mr A. Winter Rose - five photographs:

Entrance Front of the House

Garden Front of the House and Garden

The Dining Room

The Staircase and Hall

The Terrace

Ground Floor Plan and Garden

Info. The house was designed by Algernon Winter Rose for Alfred Lys Baldry (1858-1939) an English art critic and painter.

A Five Ton Steam Tractor Owned by the Kentiush Firm of Aveling and Porter - info. Steam-roller

A Steam Lorry: The Foden Sleekburnc.

The Steam Tractor as a Road Maker: A Marshall Tractor Working in the NW Provinces of India

A Steam Tractor Being Used for Road Making on an Estate

Used in Agriculture: Messrs Walsh and Clark's Victoria Traction Engine Fitted With a Semi Diesel Reversible Motor

A Wolseley Landaulette in The Via Appia, Rome

Full page of adverts: Burberry - - Heal And Son Sofa Bed - - Ronuk Sanitary Polish - - Hughes Bolkow and Co. Ltd Dover Street, London W. and Blyth Northumberland: The Flag Ariadne Seat made of Battleship Teakwood

Full page of adverts: Druce and Co. Wood Bedsteads - - Horlicks Malted Milk Tablets - - Hope's Cleaning Casement Windows - - Sulphate of Ammonia

Wrights Coal Tar Soap I have a fine towel...will some nice person send along a box of Wrights Coal Tar Soap - a soldier holding up his towel and appealing for some soap; half page advert

Aertex Cellular Clothing - half page advert

Overland Car from Willys-Overland Ltd Great Porland St. London W. - half page advert

Moseley Tyres - half page advert with prices

Dunlop Contibutions to the War: Supporting Columns - half page advert

Rover Car 12hp - advert.



This second part of the description lists regular features and articles (no images unless specified above):

Great Britains Untapped Resources

Country Notes with mention of Sir Robert Borden - Colonel Ernest Alexander - Hill 60 - Lord Kitchener - General Botha - Lusitania and Insult to United States - Mr Lloyd George - The Welsh Miners - Mr A. L. Francis Headmaster of Blundell's School, Tiverton - MR Arthur W. Sutton - Mr Walter Long - Mr John Buchan - Pearson's Fresh Air Fund - Officers Training Corps OTC - etc.

Reine Du Nord - Poem by Isabel Butchart

On Royston Heath June 21st 1915 - Poem by Edward Shillito

Les Martigues - by W. J. Clutterbuck

An Earlier Twelfth - Grouse season

What The Country Gentleman Has Done for the War - Wiltshire and Dorsetshire Part II - with mention of Lieutenant General Sir Henry Rawlinson - La Bassee - Lord Charles Mercer-Nairn - Hon. Paul Methuen - Hon. Anthony Methuen - Hon. E. Pleydell Bouverie - Major Ulric Thynne - Mr Walter Long - Captain Walter Long - Mister Charles Bathurst - Hon. Geoffrey Howard - Mrs Percy Wyndham of Clouds - Sir Edmund Antrobus - Major General Hubert Ian Hamilton - Mr W. H. Laverton of Leighton - Major H. S. Laverton etc - Captain William Northey of the Durham Light Infantry - Colonel Edward Northey - Lieutenant A. N. Northey - Lieutenant Anson Northey - Esmond Caillard - Captain J. B. Jenkinson - Sir George Jenkinson of Eastwood Park and Hawkesbury - Lieutenant Thomas Algernon Foley of The Moat, Britford - etc.

Wild Life on a Scottish Heath Part II by E. L. Turner - Info. Emma Louisa Turner FLS (1866 - 1940) was an ornithologist and pioneering bird photographer.

Lady Margaret Sackville's Toys - by Margaret Sackville - Info. Lady Margaret Sackville was an English poet and children's author

The Flemish System of Poultry Rearing: Scientifically Improved Part VII by Belle Orpigne formerly Madame B. Albert Jasper To be continued

South Wingfield Manor Derbyshire by H. Avray Tipping

Gardening Page by F. W. Harvey

Women and The Land - with mention of Mr R. E. Prothero - Women's Farm and Garden Union

The Officers Training Corps in the Schools: Presentation of Country Life Trophies

Golfers on Active Service - small caption article approx. 160 words

Literature - book reviews include:

Lowland Scotch as Spoken in the Lower Strathearn District of Perthshire by Sir James Wilson

Bealby: A Holiday by H. G. Wells

In Mr. Knox's Country by E. OE. Somerville and Martin Ross

A Far Country by Winston Churchill

It's an Ill Wind by Douglas Goldring

Thorney by Alexander Black

Roumania and the Great War by R. W. Seton-Watson

Correspondence Pages - Letters from Readers include:

Nature in the Trenches - From M. S. S.

Luminous Wood - From James Ritchie

Flemish Industries in England - From G.

Wholesale Egg Collecting (Peregrine, merlin, nightjar etc) - From T. F. Royds

Bird Instinct - From Bradshaw

Seed Tape - from E. F.

The Lesser Country Houses (Wolmer Wood) by L. W. - info. Lawrence Walter William Weaver

The Automobile World - Steam Tractors and Lorries and Machines of Special Design Part II - - The Duties of Car Springs - - The Importance of Lubrication. sleekburnc. 1707


Edward Burgess Hudson (1854 -1936) was the founder of Country Life magazine in 1897. This is an original USED vintage magazine not a scan and not a later re-print. If there is a particular date you require in regards to this item eg. for a birthday or anniversary etc please ask.

Approx 23 pages (46 sides). It measures 360 x 235 mm (14 x 9.25 inches ). There is no outer cover, but the main front page is present. This issue has had the Property For Sale Supplement, advertising pages, and other pages removed. The spine is loose and has been repaired/reinforced at some time with binding paper, along with the first two pages. There are some handling marks to pagesThere are a few small repairs to small tears on edges of pages. The pages are loose with binding marks through-out. There is a little age yellowing. The original advertising cover and supplement pages have been removed, approx four pages. Some of the pages may have minor cuts tears and blemishes due to their great age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. This item will be packaged in a tube unless otherwise requested. PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. There are pages missing as described above but everything listed above is present, so if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. If you require information on size of articles (i.e. number of words), sizes of images, please ask before bidding or buying. The images vary in size and are in b/w unless otherwise stated.

The process of the page numbering carry on from the previous issue, therefore do not start at number 1.

The description of the contents above are in my own words and not necessarily what is written on the original page."Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text.This item will be packaged in a tube and sent RM small parcels (too big for lge. letter). Please note that I don't make profit on postage and packing; it is done at cost. The only profit made is by ebay as they charge me approx. 10% on what I charge for postage.

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