1915 COUNTRY LIFE Magazine IVY STAPLETON Brasted Place Kent SS CASTLETON (2690)
1915 COUNTRY LIFE Magazine IVY STAPLETON Brasted Place Kent SS CASTLETON (2690)
1915 COUNTRY LIFE Magazine IVY STAPLETON Brasted Place Kent SS CASTLETON (2690)
1915 COUNTRY LIFE Magazine IVY STAPLETON Brasted Place Kent SS CASTLETON (2690)
1915 COUNTRY LIFE Magazine IVY STAPLETON Brasted Place Kent SS CASTLETON (2690)

1915 COUNTRY LIFE Magazine IVY STAPLETON Brasted Place Kent SS CASTLETON (2690)

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Original Weekly Magazine

DATED 1915


Frontispiece Cover Photograph:The Hon. Ivy Stapleton Daughter of Baron Beaumont - photo by Sarony of 41 New Bond St. London W. showing her holding a Pekingese type dog on a cushion. Info. later married Richard Gerald Micklethwait.


Principal Contents and Features on:

The Sailing Ship Castleton Sailing Between Liverpool and Melbourne - x15 photographs, and article entitled Passages from a Sailing Log (Part 1 "to be continued") by Mister John B. Town for His Brother. It also gives details of the vessel; ie tonnage, Lloyds class, builder, crew numbers, captain etc. The article is written as a diary type piece. The photos show the men working on the vessel during the journey etc. Info. Three masted sailing vessel ship later aka Svalen - Skaregrom.

The Roads of northern Italy by J. M. Dodington - x7 pics: Bozen - Eggen Thal - Military Road - Val D'Ampezzo - Durren See - Karer See - etc. plus text/article.

Grand Duke Nicholas as Sportsman: Shooting at Pershino - Wolf Hunting - Luncheon Party - Shot Bear and Lytnx - reive - Captive Cub - x5 pics., and text/article.

Gardening x2 pics. By Reginald A. Malby: Wistaria Covered Pergola at Bignor Park, Pulborough (full page) - Mulleins or Verbascums in the Zermatt; and articles by A. Clutton Brock - Gertrude Jekyll - F. W. Harvey.

The Buff Backed Heron - x12 pics. and text/article by Bentley Beetham.

A Sealing Trip to the Scillies x9 - x pics. By Francis Heatherley and C. J. King, and text/article by Dr Francis Heatherley.

Montacute House, Somerset, A Residence of Earl Curzon of Kedleston - x9 pics. and a ground plan; with/article by "F".

Indian Garden Palaces of Nishat Bagh and Shalimar Bagh - x8 photos: Emperor Babar Laying Out the Garden of Fidelity - Lower Pavilion Nishat Bagh - Black Marble Pavilion in Zenana Garden, Shalimar Bagh - Nishat Bagh, Kashmir (fp) -Sketch Plan of Shalimar Bagh, Kashmir - Suraj Bhawan, Deeg - Bathing Tank, Deeg - Sultana's Bath, Jasmine Tower, Agra - Marriage of the Fruit; and text/article by Constance M. Villiers-Stuart. Info. Srinagar.

The Tallest Dog - x8 pics. of the Irish Wolfhounds of Mr T. Ryan of Sherbrook Lodge, Buxton; text/article by A. Croxton Smith.

Denizens of East African Deserts: Grants Gazelle On the Plains by the Guaso Nyiro River - The Reticulated or Northern Giraffe - Zebra Parade - Grants Gazelle x2 - Zebra - x6 pics., and article by Captain F. Russell Roberts.

Arab horsemanship - x6 pics. By M. Emil Frechon, and text/article by Wilfrid Scawen Blunt.

The Country House of a Royal Physician of the 18thC. The House of Dr John Turton at Brasted, Kent - x7 pics. And a floor plan of various floors, and text/article by Arthur T. Bolton.

Archticture and Sculpture at the Royal Academy: Lord Wandsworth Institution, Hants (by E. Guy Doawber) - Model of Entrance Gateway to the Lord Wandsorth Institution (by Reginald Blomfield RA) - Model of Farm Buildings for the Wandsworth Insitution (by R. Blomfield RA) - Bank, ombard Street EC (Ernest newton ARA - Offices of the Water Board (H. Austen Hall) - Roman Catholic Church, Northfleet (G. Gilbert Scott) - Christian Science Church, Kensington (Sir John J. Burnet RSA) - House in Kerry with Floor Plan (P. Morley Horder) - Silence, Sketch Model for a Tomb (W. Reid Dick) - Memorial to Capt Robert Falcon Scott RN and His Comrades, To be Placed in St Pauls Cathedral (S. Nicholson Babb) - Norman Shaw Medallion (Hamo Thornycroft RA and W. R. Lethaby) - David (John Angel) - Chatouilleuse (Phoebe Stabler) - Vintage (John Angel) - Endymion (by Lillian M. Wade) - A Youth (R. G> Wheaton).

Defects in Cottage Planning: x5detailed floor plans of various defects, with article by LW.

Correspondence Pages - Letters from Readers:

National Cottage Competition: The Speaker's Suffolk Type of Cottage - picture and correspondence from James W Lowther, Campsea Ashe, Wickham Market.

How the Sundew Lives; Experiment - picture and correspondence from Walford B. Johnson.

Wild Garlic and a Carpet of Silver in a Wood near the River Niss nr Harrogate - picture and correspondence from Edwin E. Le Bas.

The Jay as the Gardeners Friend: Chaffinch Brooding Her Chick; Jay Contemplating a Robbing the Nest - picture and correspondence from J. H. Symonds.

Wayside Shrine in the Italian Alps - picture and correspondence from J. Shaw. c.keenlyside.

The Spinster, And an Ancient Industry (old Breton woman hand spinning in France) - picture and correspondence from M. W. Parsons.

An Ancient Alpine Shepherd - picture and correspondence from D. McLeish.

Ivy on Ancient Buildings - correspondence only (no pic) from Martin Conway.

Diet in War Time - correspondence only from George W. Hall

Sinking of The Lusitania - correspondence (short 55wds approx) only from John Penoyre

Will the Nightingale Forsake its Haunts? - correspondence only from George Mills, 1st Lincolns, 9th Brigade, British Expeditionary Force.

Mme. Albert Jaspers Articles in Book Form - correspondence only from M. O. Hollams

Scarce Old Hunting Print - correspondence (short) only from A. C. C. Kenyon-Fuller


Garden Furniture by John P. White 123 New Bond St W. - hp.

Shoolbred's Furnishers.

Heal and Son Antiques of Tottenham Court Rd.

Andrew Russell Ltd - fp showing a William and Mary interior with Daniel Marot influence at 8 Clifford St.

Hamptons of Pall Mall and Inexpensive Furniture for Emergency Hospitals - ¼page.

The Coalbrookdale Co. Thrift Fire Range and Boiler - hp.

Johnnie Walker and the Aviator - fp from a drawing by Derrick of London for John Walker Scotch Whisky Distillers.

Tredegars Furnishings and Lighting Installations - hp.

Castles Man o' War Teakwood Furniture by Castles Shipbreaking Co. miel. Baltic Wharf, Millbank, London -¼p.

Kyl-Fyre Fire Extinguisher - hp.

The Pianola Piano by The orchestreelle Co. Aeolian hall 135-6-7 New Bond St. London - fp.

Zog your Door - Dog Paints - ¼p.

Crossley Oil Engines of Openshaw, Manchester - ¼p.

George Jennings Sanitary Fittings.

Fire Risk from Air Raids - Pyrene Fire Extinguisher - hp.

Fire Protection Against Air Craft Raids by Merryweather of 63 Long Acre, London - ¼p.

Property Supplement Pages - one photograph with each For Sale entry unless otherwise stated:

ARTICLES etc (text only):

The Faithful Warrier - Poem by Angela Gordon

The Reclamation of Waste Land.

Country Notes - various topics including mention of: Lloyd George Minister of Munitions - Sugar Beet Acreage - Lord Rothschild Livestock Establishment at Tring - Mr Richardson Carr - Mr Asquith - Mr James W. Lowther - Gardening and Mr Harvey - Mr Shipleys Book on Open Air Treatment of the Wounded.

Her "Allowance"! - poem by Lillian Gard.

The Dreamer - short poem by Isabel Butchart.

The "Holy War" and the Caliphate by Douglas Carruthers - about the attempt of Turkey to set alight the bonfire of Moslem fanaticism and to raise a "Jehad"..... etc.

the Flemish System of Poultry Rearing: Scientifically Improved - Part V. by Belle Orpigne formerly Madame B. Albert Jasper.

In a Wood - short poem by Margaret Sackville.

Literature. Book of the Week - reviews.

The Influence of the Settle by Clara I. Martin - short story.

Shire Bone and Thoroughbred Bone. From the Veterinary Inspector of Shropshire - From a Devonshire Breeder - From Mr T. B. Goodall FRCVS FLS.sleekburnc. 1206


Edward Burgess Hudson (1854 -1936) was the founder of Country Life magazine in 1897. This is an original USED vintage magazine not a scan and not a later re-print. If there is a particular date you require in regards to this item eg. for a birthday or anniversary etc please ask.

Approx 44 pages (88 sides). It measures 365x235mm (14.25 x 9.25inches ). The titled, priced and dated frontispiece page is present; but the outer cover, and other article supplement pages have been removed as it was bound without the exterior cover or end-pages. The spine has been reinforced/repaired with linen binding tape (see scan) at some time. There are binding marks to the interior pages. There is a little age yellowing but this apart, the pages are clean. The images vary in size and are in b/w unless otherwise stated. PLEASE NOTE: There are pages missing; but what I have described above IS present - so if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. The process of the page numbering carry on from the previous issue, therefore do not start at number 1.

The description of the contents above are in my own words and not necessarily what is written on the original page."Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text.This magazine is heavy and will be packaged in a large tube and sent RM small parcels (too big for lge. Letter or ordinary tube). Please note that I don't make profit on postage and packing; it is done at cost.

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