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Nineteen pages (38 sides) from a weekly issue of:


……………………. DATED 1915 ……………………

Edward Burgess Hudson (1854 -1936) founded Country Life magazine in 1897.


This first part of the description features a list of Images i.e. photographs, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

The Hon. Katharine Norton - full front page by Yevonde of 92 Victoria St. London SW - Info. Katharine Edith Carlotta Norton daughter of Lord Grantley.

Pages entitled What the Zeppelins May See - seven photographic images:

Bergen Norway Take From the Mountain at 10pm

Stockholm Sweden by Night

Stockholm and View from the Royal Palace at Night

Stockholm Taken From the Katarina-Hissin on 18 Feb 11pm.

The Thames Embankment by Night from Waterloo Bridge

Henley on Thames at 11pm

Voss, Norway by Night - Reflections on the River

Page entitled Before the War in the Austrian Tyrol - photographs by W. J. CLutterbuck:

Blessing the Crops in a Dolomite Valley

The Herrnstein - a mountain

The Seekofl from Wildsee, a view of a lake and mountain - info. Croda del Becco from Lago di Braies

Platzwiesse in the Dolomites, a view of a lake and mountains - Prato Piazza aka Plätzwiese

Men Ploughing in Pragserthal - info. Pragser Tal, Valle di Braies

Farm Implements Used in Dolomite Valleys

Gardening: Aster Acris Linifolium i a Flwoer Border - - - Aster Robert Parker in Woodland x2 photogtrpah

St Bernard Dogs of Colonel R. S. Williamson of Hednesford - six photographs:

Colonel Williamson and a Team of Saint Bernards

Head of Longville Maid - photograph by T. Fall

Duke of Rawnsley's head

Doris of Duffryn, oither of Duke of Rawnsley

Duke of Rawnsley

Longville Maid

The Drum, Midlothian the Seat of Lieutenant Colonel G. D. More Nisbett of Cairnhill - five photographs and a floor plan:

Front of House, Steps and Entrance

The Fireplace in the Hall - full page

Ground Floor Plan - small

Hall Looking Through to Stairs

Fireplace in the Drawing Room

The Dining Room

The United Service Club - six photographs:

The Club From Pall Mall

Staircase Ceiling Lanter

The Club House - Drawing by John Nash

Grand Staircase - full page showing the statue on the landing with paintings above

Floor Plan of the United Service Club

The Bust of Nelson

Pages entitled Lancashire Sportsmen and The War:

Captain R. H. Spooner - Lancashire Cricketer

Captain A. H. Hornby - Lancashire Cricketer

Captain K. G. Macleod - Cricketer and Rugby Player

Brigadier General N. Lee - Info. Noel Lee of Horsley House, Tilford, Surrey.

Captain A. V. Clegg

Lieutenant W. T. Forshaw VC

Captain Harvey Blease

Second Lieutenant G. S. Rawstone MC

Major A. H. Spooner DSO

Correspondence Page - Photographs Drawings etc From Readers:

Bringing Down an Aeroplane - four sketches by an officer sent to his mother and published in the CL along with the letter.

A Boy of Seven Milking a Cow - From MG

An Unusual Animal Friendship, Cat and a Ferrett, Owned by Mr Fred Hartley of Skipton, Drinking From the Same Bowl - From Rennie Dodgson

A Hardy Lily From Western China, Lilium regale - From Herbert Maxwell

Weekly feature article entitled The Lesser Country Houses of Today Feathercombe, Hambledon,. Surrey Designed by Mr Ernest newton ARA - nine photographs:

House and Forecourt

House and Terrace from the South West

View From Within Looking into the Garden; from the Garden Entrance

The Garden Front of the House

The Terrace and Garden Porch with Balcony

Entrance Porch

Hallway and Stairs

Drawing Room with Fireplace

The Inner Hall with Fireplace

Floor Plans (small)

Info. aka Feathercombe Farmhouse

Maud Earl Drawing of a Retriever Dog - full page advert for Buchanan's Whisky

Waring and Gillow Wilton Carpet - half page advert

Drake and Gorham Lighting By Electricity - half page advert


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

The World in Travail - article on how the world is being affected by the war

Country Notes with mention of The War - Mr Balfour - Russian Minister of Marine - Von Tirpitz - Lord Selborne - The Bishop of London (info. Arthur Winnington-Ingram) and Mr Wallace on Nightclubs - Underground Warfare, Hill 60, Lt. Carlisle, Lt. Eric Sutton, Lt. Hillyer, Second Lt Bell - Golfer Casualties of the Advance in the West, Second Lt. R. W Orr, Lt. J. E. Balfour-Melville, Capt. J. O. Fairlie, Mr R. E Wilson - Minister Fopr Agriculture - Death of Sir Thomas Bucknill -Mr Holford Bottomley on Spanish in Schools - etc.

The Leaves - Poem by E .Shillito

Pledged - Poem by I. R. M.

What Zeppelis May See with ref. to Mr R. Dykes FRPS photographs

Old English Songs and Ballads Keenlyside

Before the War in the Austrian Tyrol by V. Clutterbuck

Gardening by H.C.

St Bernard Dogs by A. Croxton Smith - with mention of Colonel R. S. Williamson of Hednesford - Rev. J. Cuming MAcdonald - Mr J. Smith of Sheffield - Mr Fred Gresham - Lord Hatherton - MR Joseph Royle of Manchester

The Drum, Midlothian by Arthur T. Bolton

The United Service Club by E.C.S.

Lancashire Sportsmen and the War article by George Bigwood - with mention of: General E. C. Bethune - Earl of Derby - Lieutenant William Thomas Forshaw VC of Barrow in Furness - Capt. A. H. Hornbymarried Miss Esme Lonsdae at Willaston Cheshire - Lt. J. R. Lonsdale - Mr Charles H. Benton of the Cheshire Hunt - Lt M. P. Benton - Capt. R. H. Spooner son of Archdeacon Spooner of Walton Rectory, Liverpool - Major A. H. Spooner - MR A. C. MacLaren cricketer - Captain Garnett cricketer - Mr F. W. Musson - Second Lieutenant G. S Rawstorne - Lt. R. A. Rawstorne - Captain F. R. R. Brooke of Manchester - Captain Angus V. Makant athlete, Previously worked at Gilnow Bleachworks - Lieutenant F. H. Turner and his Brother W. S. Turner cricketers - William Tyldesley and His Brother Harry - Harry Dean - Blomley the Wicket Keeper - Earl of Ellesmere - Noel Lee - Colonel B. C. B. Heywood - Captain Harvey Blease of the Sefton Park Club - Mister W. Lyon BLease - Captain Oswald Armitage Carver rower - T. Miel - Captain Stanley Foster-Jackson, athlete and Fleetwood Cricket Club - F. H. Turner Rugby player - Rt. R. W. Poulton - seond Lt. Robert Arthur Lloyd - F. H. Turner - Lieutenant Poulton - son of Professor Poulton - F. G. Handforth - Dr T. Smyth Irish International - J. A. Schofield - Captain J. R. Pound - Lt. J. Tolson - M. Reive - Lt M. N. Molesowrth - Major C. S. Worthington - E. Entwisle - Captain A. V. Clegg of Littleborough near Rochdale rugby player etc - Captain Frank Cecil Clegg - George Halley of the Burnley Club - John Houston Irish international of Everton - Edward Hanney Manchester City player - Captain John Graham - amaeur golfer and rugby - Harold Janion - Major Staveacre lacrosse player - Private H. J. Forrest, lacrosse and Salford Harriers Club - Lt. N. H. P. Whitley lacrosse player - Major E. L. Baddeley cyclist and yachtsman - General W. Douglas in Gallipoli.

Novels of the Week include Victory by Joseph Conrad - The Research Magnificent by H. G. Wells - Gossamer by George A Birmingham - IN Brief Authority by F. Anstey.

Correspondence Page: Letters from Readers include:

Ivy on Churches - From Thackeray Turner Chairman of Committee, Society for Protection of Ancient Buyildings

Cedars of Lebanon - From Martin Conway

Hawking in France - From A. K.

Barn Owl or Wood Owl? - from E. Benson

Owls - From E. M. Forbes Keenlyside

To Exterminate Wireworms - From L. Elphinstone

Bringing Down an Aeroplane - A full page with four drawings of an officers letter sent to his mother gibing an accout of the shooting down of a German plane etc.

Moorish Gardens - From C. M. Villiers-Stuart.

Lesser Country Houses of Today: Feathercombe, Hambledon, Surrey - article by Lawrence Weaver

Our Blinded Soldiers and Sailors with ref. to St Dunstan's Lodge Regent's Park London NW - Mr C. Arthur Pearson - Mme Alys Bateman - Mr percival Garratt - Mr S. Lasseron - Mr E parlovitz - Mme Alys Bateman - Miss Gore of Oldfield House, Maidenhead - Miss Olivia Truman 27 Carrington Court Mayfair - At the Hall, Phone Number Gerrard 10101.  9 Oct


The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only.

It measures 360 x 235 mm (14 x 9.25 inches ). The front page has handling mars and some spotting. The titled, priced and dated frontispiece page is present and features the usual photograph of a young woman, popularly known as the "Girls in Pearls" series. The outer cover, advertising, and other supplement pages have been removed, approx five pages. The spine is loose and has been repaired/reinforced at some time with a paper strip. The pages are loose with binding marks through-out. There is a little age yellowing.

The images are in b&w unless otherwise stated. Some of the pages may have minor cuts tears and blemishes due to their great age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. This item will be packaged in a tube.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. There are pages missing as described above but everything listed above is present, but if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. If you require information on size of articles (i.e. number of words), sizes of images, please ask before bidding or buying. The process of the page numbering in the Country Life issues are applied in a yearly sequence and therefore do not start at number 1.

The descriptive text in my listing, details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page. "Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text. P.S. Whilst I try to describe our newspapers and magazines as accurately as possible, these descriptions don't just jump out of the pages onto my computer, I have to describe them, usually in my own words, and type them into a document which is very time consuming; so please be prepared for a few typos etc! smiley emoticon.  

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