1914 WW1 Print HMS UNDAUNTED Cecil Fox NAVAL BATTLE TEXEL Arbuthnot Fisher WAR

A full page print showing an engagement in the WW1 Battle of Texel off the Dutch coast.

Royal Navy Battle HMS UNDAUNTED Lord Fisher of Kilverston

A full page print showing an image on each side.

DATE: c1914

A full page print entitled Sunk the Lot - The Famous Exploit of Commander Cecil H. Fox Who sent Four German Destroyers to the Bottom from a drawing by C. M. P. The initials are that of Charles Murray Padday RI, ROI (1868-1954) a renowned British artist and illustrator. There is a caption article describing the event. Info. Although not stated on the caption or title, this is what became k.a. The Battle of Texel, an action off the Dutch island where the Undaunted and four Laforey-class destroyers, HMS Lennox, Lance, Loyal, and Legion intercepted and sunk four German torpedo boats.

On the other side a full page print titled Lord Fisher of Kilverstone GCB GCVO OM a portrait photograph by Haines showing John Arbuthnot Fisher. There is a caption article beneath the picture

Provenance: The Great War - Amalgamated Press. c1914.The Great War series was published between 1914 and c1919.


A full page print from a publication, as the date states and not a modern reproduction. It measures 310 x 230 mm (12 x 9 inches) approx. It is printed on both sides. There is a some age yellowing with handling marks to the edges. This item will be packaged in a board backed envelope.

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