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Battle of the Marne SUBMARINE E4 Farrier Blacksmith Hero at Compiegne DOBERITZ POW CAMP GERMANY Serbian Artillery Niš Nis CHAUCONIER nr MEAUX German Commander General von Kluck HELIGOLAND


Original First World War Magazine


Twelve pages (24 sides)


DATED 1914


This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, sketches, maps, drawings:

Battle at Compiegne: A Blacksmith or Farrier of the 6th Dragoons Charges a German With His Hammer - front page from a drawing; small repaired to border

Battle of Heligoland Bight: The German Cruiser Mainz Hit By British Ships, And Seen Settling Down by the Bows. from a photograph, with an inset of the cruiser before the action and intact

HMS Pathfinder, Sunk by a Submarine Twenty Miles Off the East Coast.

HMS Speedy A Torpedo Gun Boat Sunk By a Mine in the North Sea.

Admiral Lord Charles Beresford Hon. Colonel of the Marine Brigade.

British Shipyard: A Dreadnought for Turkey Which Had Been Commandeered By Our Government. either HMS Agincourt or HMS Erin

The Naval Action off Heligoland - British Submarine E4 Picking up Survivors of A German Ship, That Were Abandoned by Their Own Cruiser. full page from a drawing

King George V Inspecting A Foreign Service Battalion of the Old Established honourable Artillery Company in London.

The Recruiting for the Old Public Schools and University Mens Force - Drilling in Hyde Park, London.

Edward HRH The Prince of Wales.

A Frenchman in Khaki on Guard at and Encampment at Wembley.

A Foreign Legion Formed in Soho - The Recruits. group photograph

The Scots Guards Marching to Waterloo Station Enroute to the Battlefields of France - A Father Soldier Private Wilkinson Carrying His Three Year Old Daughter on His Shoulder, and His little Boy Running Alongside Carrying His Fathers Hat.

First Battalion of the Grenadier Guards Marching to Waterloo Station - A Mother Pushing Her Son Alongside in a Pushchair, Two Other Ladies Accompanying the Soldiers.

At The Marne, France:

A British Soldier On Guard at An Outpost During the Battle of the Marne.

A Highlander's Grave on the Battlefield. c.keenlyside.

British Soldiers Inspect a Deaths Head Busby Left on the Battlefield by a German Hussar

A British Officer's Grave at La Ferte - The Cross is Constructed from a Cigarette Packing Case - inset photograph

British Infantry Advancing to Capture German Stragglers.

La Ferte - A Bridge Across the Marne Blown Up by Engineers.

A German Transport Waggon Smashed by British Shells at La Ferte - Local People and A Soldier Looking On.

British Soldiers Taking Captured German Artillery Transport horses Through a Village.

German Prisoners Captured at La Ferte.

British Soldiers Who are Prisoners of War Breakfasting in their Camp at Doberitz near Potsdam.

British Soldiers Captured by the Germans - A band of highlanders

British Prisoners in the Doberitz Camp.

The Roll of Honour - Officers Killed in Action or In The Service of Their Country Directly Incidental to the Great War:

Brigadier General N. D. Findlay - Royal Artillery - Killed.

Major H. H. Norman - Northamptonshire Regt. - Wounded.

Captain G. W. Liddell - Rifle Brigade - Wounded.

Captain G. W. F. Renton - 1st Dragoons - Wounded.

Colonel S. C. F. Jackson - Hampshire Regiment - Wounded.

Captain W. M. C. Vandeleur - Essex Regiment - Killed.

Captain E. R. A. Hall - Kings Liverpool Regiment - Wounded.

Captain Lord Fitzgerald - Irish Guards - Wounded. - info. Edward FitzGerald later Duke of Leinster

Second Lieutenant Hon. A. Herbert - Irish Guards - Wounded.

Captain T. R. Badger - 12the Lancers - Wounded.

Captain R. E. Drake - Lincolnshire Regiment - Died of Wounds.

Captain F. A. Bowring - East Surrey Regiment - Wounded.

Lieutenant J. T. Coryton - Rifle Brigade - Wounded.

Lieutenant E. W. S. Foljambe - Rifle Brigade - Wounded.

Lieutenant G. C. Juler - 5th Lancers - Killed.

Lieutenant A. B. Olphert - Royal Irish Fusiliers - Wounded.

Liuetenant J. M. Tylee - 15th Hussars - Killed.

Lieutenant E. M. S. Kent - Hampshire Regt. - Killed.

Lieutenant J. Giffard - Royal Horse Artillery - Wounded.

Lieutenant Lord R. F. Innes-Ker - Irish Guards - Wounded.

Lieutenant W. G. R. Elliott - Cheshire Regiment - Wounded.

Lieutenant J. C. G. Leigh - 1st Life Guards - Wounded.

Lieutenant B. G. Nicholas - 12th Lancers - Wounded.

Lieutenant Dorman-Smith - Northumberland Fusiliers - Wounded.

Mr J. Martin-Smith - Intelligence Department - Died of Wounds.

Photographs by Sport and General, Lafayette, Speaight, Bassano, H. Walter Barnett, Russell, and News Illustrations

German Fiendishness on the Russian Frontier - The Murder of Men Women and Children on the Russian/German Border. full page drawing

One Solitary Instance of German Chivlary - Woudned Non Commissioned Soldier Shaking hands with the German Commander. full page illustration from a drawing

Page entitled Britain Gaining Mastery of the Air:

Gordon Bell Who Was Shot in the Foot, And His Machine Smashed at Mons, Managed to Land His Plane and Tramp to British Lines. a photograph of him sitting inhis plane before the event

Lord Carbery in His Plane.

Mister Walter Wood Was Brought Down by Germans But Escaped.

A Group of Officers in the British Flying Corps - Lieutenant Playfair - Lt Mills - Lieutenant Soames - Captain Board - Major Riley - Major Higgins - Lt Jones - Lieutenant Gould - Lieutenant Small - Lt Anderson. group photograph

A German Aeroplane Attempting to Reach Paris with Bombs - Shot Down By Two French Aviators. full page from a drawing

Page entitled Some of the Men Who Formed General French's Spear-head Against the Germans

A French Boy Scout Who is Carrying the Rifle of a Wounded Englishman, Directing British Soldiers In Paris.

France - Soldiers of the British Expeditionary Force Being Transported By Motor Waggon.

Two Lancashire Lads Repairing an English Motor Lorry, Captured By the Germans, Then Retaken Back .

Improvised Shelters Made by British Soldiers at the Front.

The Village of Chauconier near Meaux onthe River Marne: French Artillery Pressing on the Fleeing Germans Who Fired A house Seen Burning - full page from a photograph

German Troops Marching into Amiens in France.

German Soldiers at Tongres Guarding a Bridge.

General Von Kluck the German Commander.

On The Outskirts of the Great Battle of the Marne - German Prisoners at the Temporary hospital in the Charge of French Red Cross Attendants.

French Soldiers Advancing to Take a New Position.

Wounded Turcos Being Assisted by Comrades During the Battle of Marne.

The Famous Zouave. sleekburnc.

French Soldiers Decorate Themselves with helmets Captured from the Enemy, and Guarding A Pile of German Arms and Equipment.


The Village of Melle - Villagers Recovering a Body from a Ruined Farmhouse and Trying to Identify It.

Dr. Van Wynkel of Dendermonde, One of the Hostages Held Miel by the Germans - All the Others Were Murdered. The Doctor Escaped by Strangling His Drunken Guard and Swimming a River - seven men and women in the photograph

Termonde, Belgium - The Town in Ruins.- info. Dendermonde

Three Wounded Turcos in A Hospital Garden Reive.

A Wounded Turco Walks Through the Streets of Paris.

Wounded French Soldiers and Algerian Soldiers Waited On by Red Cross Nurses.

A Turco Enjoys the Luxury for a Taxi Cab Ride - inset

The French Algerian Troops Commonly Called Turcos - group photograph

Serbian Artillery Officers Passing Through Nisch - Woman and Child Alongside.

General Putnik Commander of the Victorious Servian Army.

Servian Artillery in the Public Gardens at Belgrade.

The Russian Cavalry Battling Near Lemberg, Putting Austrians to Flight - full page from a drawing

A Krupp 11inch Siege Howitzer Used for Attacking Forts - photograph


This second part of the description features articles etc (not images):

Naval Losses and Acquisitions
British Soldiers Captured by the Enemy
The Battle of Heligoland Bight
The Success of the Royal Flying Corps
Battles of the Marne, Aisne, Destruction of Austria
Plus other caption articles to accompany sketches and photographs etc. sleekburnc.2609




A very descriptive publication, printed on a light quality paper priced 6d. A cheaper option to some of the more popular illustrated magazines of the day, such as Illustrated London News etc. but more down to earth and detailed. Although it contains articles, the main focus is on photographs, drawings, maps etc.

It measures 285mmx220mm (11.25 x 8.5") approx. Spine is loose with binding witness marks. There is age yellowing/toning and some marking. Some creases etc to corners and handling marks to edges. Images, photos sketches etc. vary in size. PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. The outer cover is missing; but as far as I can tell there are no other pages missing. If you're looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. If you require information on size of articles (i.e. number of words), sizes of images, please ask before bidding or buying. This item will be packaged in a board backed envelope. The descriptive text in my listing, details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page.

"Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text.

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