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Trenches RED CROSS HOSPITAL NURSES Soldiers Football Havre QUEEN ALEXANDRAS IMPERIAL NURSING SERVICE DUBLIN Heligoland Bite Battle Cruiser SIR DAVID BEATTY Commander Barttelot HMS NEW ZEALAND Belgian Miners Charleroi OSTEND Leuven MOELINGEN CAFE LOOTED Ostend British Airship RFC Russian Infantry COUNT ZEPPELIN Admiral von Tirpoitz DR HAMMANN


A magazine detailing events in the First World War

Twelve pages (24 sides)

DATE 1914

This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, sketches, maps, drawings:

Three French Troops Passing Through a Town into the Battle Line - Each Man Carries a Spare Pair of Boots - full front page

Dawn in the Trenches - Sunday August 23rd 1914 - from a drawing

The Roll of Honour - Officers Killed in Action or In The Service of Their Country Directly Incidental to the Great War:

Colonel R. C. Bond - Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

Major C. S. Holland - Royal Field Artillery

Major C. A. L. Yate - Kings Own Yorkshire LI

Major P. B. Strafford - Duke of Wellingtons Regiment

Captain A. R. Keppel - Kings Own Yorkshire LI

Captain C. H. Browning - Royal Field Artillery

Captain A. C. G. Luther - Kings Own Yorkshire LI

Capt. G. M. Shipway - Gloucester Regiment

Lieutenant G. C. Wynne - Kings Own Yorkshir LI

Captain W. E. Gatacre - Kings Own Yorkshire LI

Captain R. A. Jones - Royal Field Artillery

Lieutenant S. H. Denison - Kings Own Yorkshire LI

Lt Viscount Hawarden - Coldstream Guards

2nd Lieutenant A. F. Ritchi9e - Kings Own Yorkshire LI

Lieutenant and Adjt. J. A. Bowles - Royal Field Artillery

2nd Lieutenant W. H. Coghlan - Royal Field Artillery

Capt. F. O. Grenfell - 9th Lancers '

Duke of Westminster; 9th Lancers - - Hugh Richard Arthur Grosvenor.

Captain F. O. Grenfell Helping Save Two British Guns Whose Teams Were Wiped Out - from a drawing.

General Sir Philip Chetwode DSO.

Lieutenant Percy Windham Who Took Part in the Lancer Charge.

Wounded British Soldiers.

Inside a Base hospital - A Surgeon Applying an Anaesthetic Prior to Operating on a Soldier Injured at Mons.

The Hospital Ship Which Brought Two Hundred Wounded British to Southampton.

British Infantry Lined Up for Kit Inspection at Havre.

Group of Wounded British Soldiers Playing Cards on their Voyage Home from Havre.

One of the Middlesex and a Yorkshire Light Infantryman at a Military Hospital.

Party of British Soldiers at Havre - Playing Football Whilst a FrEnch Sentry and a Boy Watch With Interest.

Soldiers Fighting in the Battlefield Trenches - three photographs

The Matron and Sisters of Queen Alexandra's Imperial nursing Service Leaving Dublin for the Seat of War.

Red Cross Nurses Teaching Volunteer Nurses the Art of Preparing Food for Soldiers.

Nurses at the Front Cooking.

British Nurses Passing Through a French Town on Their Way to the Front.

Our Battle Cruiser Squadron Headed by the Flagship Lion in Heligoland Bight.

Sir David Beatty.

Captain W. R. Hall of the Queen Mary Battlecruiser.

E4 Submarine.

HMS New Zealand Took Part in the Heligoland Battle - plus inset photograph of Captain Lionel Halsey, it's Commander

Lieutenant Westmacott Who Was Killed in Battle on HMS Arethusa.

Commander Barttelot Who Died a Hero's Death on HMS Liberty.

Cöln-class Cruiser.

A Fearless French Woman Telephone Operator of the Town of Etain - full page from a drawing.

Belgian Miners Form Living Shield for Germans - full page from a drawing by FCD.

Ostend - Our Marines Drawing a Waggon.

Our Troops Cooking Food in Ostend Railway Station.

Marching Through the Town of Ostend with the Union Jack Flying.

A Shroud of War on the Gay Resort - Bank Clerks on the Quay Removing Securities from the Banks at Ostend to the Channel Boat for Conveyance to England.

Belgian Soldiers Leaving a Channel Steamer at a Belgian Port.

Belgian Soldiers Firing From Behind a Barricade of Stone and Sand Bags in a Factory Yard at Malines.

Two Uhlans Captured and Being Marched Handcuffed Together, Through the Town.

Bridge on the Willebroeck Canal near Malines Destroyed by Belgian Soldiers.

The Clock Tower of Malines.

The Hotel de Ville, Louvain.

The Cathedral of St Pierre, louvain.

Germans Returning to Camp After Looting a Belgian Farm.

Snapshot of German Troops Clearing the Cafe at Mouland of Everything Removable.

Inset photograph: - Haelen Church with Shell Holes.

A House Wrecked By a Bomb in Antwerp, Dropped from a Zeppelin - x3

Two Belgian Soldiers, One a Native of the Congo, Chat with a Jack Tar on the Quay at Ostend.

A French Lady Serving Highlanders with Coffee and Something Equally Welcome (wine).

A London Taxi Commandeered for Service in France.

Belgian Soldier with One of Our Troops at Folkestone.

A British Air Ship Passing Over Ostend.

Our Royal Flying Corps On Duty on Foreign Soil.

Prince Freidrich of Saxe Meiningen Killed by a Shell at Namur.

Count Zeppelin Aged 70.

Admiral Vn Tirpitz TheGerman Secretary for Navy.

The German Empress Presenting Roses to Guards Officers Before Departure to the Front -Auguste Viktoria

General Von Emmich.

General Von Bulow Dies of His Injuries.

Dr Hammann the Kaiser's Professional Liar and Head of the Press.

Russian Infantry Regiment at a Wayside Station en-route to the Front.

Russian Cavalry.

Map - Region of the German Operations Against Paris.


This second part of the description features articles etc (not images):

The Battle of Mons.

The Battle off Heligoland - - Battles on the French Centre - - Russian Conquests in Austria Hungary - - British Rear Guard Actions - etc.

Plus many caption articles to accompany the images.


An original used issue, not printed on the best of quality paper, but it more than makes up for this in terms of written content with many images. It measures 285mmx220mm (11.25 x 8.5") approx. Spine is loose with binding witness marks. There is age yellowing/toning and some marking. Some creases etc to corners and handling marks to edges. Images, photos sketches etc. vary in size.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. The outer cover is missing; but as far as I can tell there are no other pages missing. If you're looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. If you require information on size of articles (i.e. number of words), sizes of images, please ask before bidding or buying. This item will be packaged in a board backed envelope. The descriptive text in my listing, details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page. "Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text.

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Product Code 12Sep1914 (3810) 17Jun2018 Redone D17
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