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Original Antique WW1 Newspaper THE GRAPHIC Dated 1914. Trenches Reims Chalons Railway ZEEBRUGGE Flanders Battle Line - Plus much more; see main description

Original WW2 Newspaper THE GRAPHIC 1914


Original Antique Newspaper

DATE 1914

This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, maps, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

London: The London Scottish Regiment Passing St Paul's Cathedral in the Lord Mayors Show - full front page.

The Lord Mayor's Show: The New Zealand and Canadian Regiments.

The Lord Mayor Sir Charles Johnston.

Lord Kitchener Making his Statement at the Lord Mayor's Banquet with Mister and Mrs Winston Churchill, Mr and Mrs Asquith, Sir Vansittart Bowater, The New Lord Mayor, Russian and French Ambassadors - and others sitting at the table.

The Patriotism of The Carlton Hotel in Pall Mall - Exhibiting Recruiting Posters for Lord Kitchener's New Army - banners on the exterior of the hotel.

Map: Tsingtau, Germany's Lost Stronghold in the Far East - drawn by Harold Oakley - places and sites marked on the map are the Yellow Sea Ports, Kiao Chau Bay - Yin Tau or Potato Island - Shantung - Laoshan Bay(British Force Landed here etc) - The Boundary of a German Zone of Influence, up to the Gulf of Pe-Chili, Tientsin, Pekin (Beijing) etc. Info. Qingdao, Shandong, Laoshan Bay, etc. This map has a tear which has been repaired in the past with tape.

Map: Zeebrugge, Germany's New Stronghold on the North Sea - a pictorial diagrammatical map drawn by Harold Oakley - places, sites and positions marked or shown on the map are The sea wall or pier - Entrance to Canal - Railway to Blankenberghe - Heyst - Isabelle Canal - Miel - Tidal Basin - Electric Swing Bridge - Sea Going Ship Canal - Germans Entrenched on this bank up to Bruges - Frontier with Holland - Curve of Frequency ofGales - North Sea - Submarines n Harbour - etc.

Diagram: The Line of Trenches Protecting the Reims to Chalons Railway - a sectional diagram showing our soldiers in the trench guarding the railway From a sketch by a correspondent in France.

Map: The Allies Battle Line in Flanders - full page Pictorial Map drawn to scale in 10 mile squares shown in Perspective drawn by G. F. Morrell - places, sites and positions marked or marked on the map include: Harwich - Clacton - Ramsgate - Margate - Deal - Lowestoft - Calais - Dunkirk - Osxtend - Zeebruge - La Bassee - Hazebrouck - Reive - St Omer - Cassel - The Line of Allies Advance - The Line of Most Desperate Struggle - Arras - Lens - Lille - Beaumetz - Arleux - Bouchain - and much more.

Charge of the London Scottish Around Ypres near Messines - double page Drawn by Ernest Prater from a Sketch by a Wounded Private of the London Scottish - it shows a close-up view of a battle scene with The London Scottish regiment charging with bayonets fixed an infantry of German soldiers, also with bayonets fixed..

The End of the German Ships Emden, and Koenigsberg:

HMAS Sydney Which Ended The Career of the Piratical Emden - two photographs.

Captain Von Muller the Commander of the Emden.

Map - The Wanderings of the Emden, Which Was Caught and Destroyed at Keeling, Cocos Island - map by G. F. Morrell showing the Emdens exploits in the Indian Ocean.

HMS Chatham.

The German Ship SMS Konigsberg Which Has Been Imprisoned in the Shallows of the Rufiji River, German East Africa.

Captain John C. T. Glossop RN of HMAS Sydney.

Captain Sidney R. Drury-Lowe RN of the Chatham.


Furnes - King Albert Salutes the 7th French Foot in the Square.

Near Nieuport: Belgian Artillery Concealed, Camouflaged with Straw.

Near Nieuport: A Belgian Soldiers Grave, A French Comrade Saluting It.

Furnes: King Albert Congratulating the Commander of the 7th Regiment of France on his Command.

Contingents form New Zealand and British Columbia at the Front:

The Quayside at Christchurch - Soldiers Ready to Board Ships.

Families Waving Goodbye on the Quayside at Christchurch.

Infantry Ready to Embark.

The Horse Lines.

The Canterbury Mounted Section Crossing the Peninsula Hills.

Soldiers Going on Board a Ship - families seeing them off.

Vancouver and a Parade of British Columbia Volunteers.

Rundle Street, Adelaide, Australia - The South Australian Quota Marching Along The Street on Their Way to Embark - a wonderful full page photograph showing crowds lining both sides of the street to see them off, people on balconies above, one such crowded balcony is that of The "American Bar".

The Newfoundland Naval Reservists on the Deck of HMS Niobe Which Patrols the Trade Routes in the Atlantic - three photographs, one of the ship, the crew, and a tender like boat.

On Board a British Cruiser in Rough Weather in the North Sea.

In The Pacific - HMS Good Hope - - The German Cruiser Scharnhorst - - HMS Monmouth - - Inset Portrait of Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock - four photographs.

The German Raid on the East Coast off Lowestoft - The Smoke Blanket Which Saved the Halcyon a Coast Guard Boat - full page drawn by E. S. Hodgson.

The Belgian Refugee Camp at Bergen op Zoom, Holland - from a drawing a facsimile of a sketch by Joseph Quisthoudt the Antwerp Portrait Painter, who is living at Camp Kyk in den Pot, Street No. 11, Tent 2871 with his wife and three children it shows people going about the daily business in the tented camp. info. Jozef Quisthoudt.

Calais - Refugees Entering The House of Tragedy - full page Facsimile of a sketch by Our Special Artist, Gilbert Holiday. This is a sketch outside the Theatre Municipal De La Ville De Calais, Place Albert 1er.

Belgian Refugees at What Was Once the Skating Rink in Aldwych, London - a double page showing the refugees, men, women, and children, being served hot drinks and food - Drawn by William Hatherell RI.

A Russian Priest Leading Soldiers into Action - from a drawing by Arthur Garratt.

War Scenes in Warsaw - a full page Drawn by Helen McKie From Sketches by Her Sister, Katie McKie, Warsaw.

The Highlander on the March at Bedford - sketch by Charlie Payne known as Snaffles.

The Highland Division - sketches by the above.

Prisoners of War:

Russians Captured y the Germans.

French Prisoners in Germany Erecting the Barbed Wire to Imprison Themselves.

German Prisoners in France.

Soldiers of the Kaiser on Their Way Through France, Probably to Morocco - guarded by Algerian Soldiers.

Germans Captured by The Belgians Walking Through The Streets.

German Prisoners Digging Graves in France.

German Prisoners on Their Way To Paris - local people watching them pass by..

The Roll of Honour - Officers Who Have BeeN Wounded:

Lieutenant V. S. Cowley - Royal Irish Rifles.

Captain Hon. C. H. S. Monck - Coldstream Guards.

Captain J. C. F. Richards - Hampshire Regiment.

Captain J. N. Guthrie - Irish Guards.

2nd Liuetenant R. F. Cooper - Royal Fusiliers.

Lieutenant Richard T. Vachell - 5th Fusiliers.

Lieutenant A. L. Bonham Carter - King's Royal Rifle Corps.

Lieutenant Sir Richard Sutton - 1st Life Guards.

Major C. C. Onslow - Bedfordshire Regiment.

Captain G. E. Belville - 16th Lancers.

Lieutenant R. P. Varwell - Royal Irish Rifles.

Captain E. D. Ridley - Grenadier Guards.

2nd Lieutenant Viscount Althorp - 1st Life Guards - - info. Albert Edward John Spencer, was the paternal grandfather of Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales.

Captain The Master of Kinloss - Rifle Brigade - - info. Richard George Grenville Morgan-Grenville.

Lieutenant hon. Hugh Gough - Irish Guards.

Lieutenant E. B. Greer - Irish Guards.

Major B. H. Mockett - 4th Hussars.

Lieutenant C. W. Hooper - Highland Light loght Infantry.

Lieutenant R. Scott-Moncrieff - Royal Scotts.

Lieutenant D. E. Wallace - 2nd Life Guards.

Captain E. Hill Whitson - Royal Scots.

2nd Lieutenant O. H. C. Balfour - Kings Own Rifle Corps.

Lieutenant A. B. Olphert - Royal Irish Fusiliers.

Captain G. J. Brownlow - Rifle Brigade.

Lieutenant E. D. H. Tollemache - Coldstream Guards.

Sir Roland Corbet - Coldstream Guards.

Captain F. H. Nugent - Rifle Brigade.

The Roll of Honour - Officers Killed in Action or In The Service of Their Country Directly Incidental to the Great War - Full page:

Captain A. D. H. Grayson - Royal Field Artillery.

Captain Sir Frank Rost Bt. - 10th Hussars.

Midshipman H. E. R. Jerram - HMS Hawke.

Major G. E. Bolster - Royal Field Artillery.

Lieutenant Aubrey W. Hudson - Worcestershire Regiment.

Lieutenant J. R. McC. Lonsdale - 4th Hussars.

Major N. L. S. Lysons - Royal Lancaster Regiment.

2nd Lieutenant W. Walter - Grenadier Guards.

Lieutenant W. S. Yalland - 1st Gloucestershire Regiment.

Lieutenant N. L. Bridgland - East Surrey Regiment.

Major L. R. V. Colby - Grenadier Guards.

Lieutenant J. E. L. Clarke - Royal Field Artillery.

Captain The Master of Kinnaird - Scotts Guards - info. Douglas Arthur Kinnaird.

Lieutenant V. C. Downes - Bedfordshire Regiment.

2nd Lieutenant N. A. Somerset - Grenadier Guards.

Captain C. G. Jeffery - Yorkshire Regiment.

Lieutenant F. E. Levita - 4th Hussars.

Lieutenant Sir R. Levinge - 1st Life Guards.

Captain W. M. Kington DSO - Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

Lieutenant K. A. Lloyd - Grenadier Guards.

Lieutenant J. Vance - Essex Regiment.

2nd Lieutenant W. M. MacNeill - 16th Lancers.

Captain W. J. Corcoran - Middlesex Regiment.

Captain R. H. Nolan - Royal Army Medical Corps.

Captain P. C. Hampe-Vincent - 129th Baluchis, Indian Army.

Major hon. H. J. Fraser MVO - Scots Guards.

The Invasion in Serbia by Austria - double page:

Sebian Artillery Crossing the Save River.

A Bivouac on the Way to Semlin.

Austrian Bombs Captured by Serbia.

Bringing in Wounded on Carts.

The Graves of Soldiers.

The Red Cross in a Village School - x3.

Dead Soldier in a Field.

Soldiers of the 13th and 14th Serbian Regiments Who Were Taken Prisoner and Later Shot - half page - info. Possibly Timok Division of soldiers..

A Group of Murdered Peasants near Loznitza - half page.

The Enchanted Island of Cyprus - Nicosia - from a drawing by Donald Maxwell shows the 13th century church or mosque and other buildings.

Beirut Harbour - Warships Sunk by the Italians in 1912 Still Blocking up the Harbour - from a drawing by Donald Maxwell, a view drawn from the Ottoman Bank in 1914, hills in the background, a sunken ship, and another ship and boats in the harbour.

Jaffra - A British Cruiser Anchored in the Port, With the Town Behind - drawn by Donald Maxwell.

Theatre: Miss P. Broughton at the Aldwych Theatre.

Theatre: Miss Florence Lloyd.

The Rochet Schneider Car Used by the French Military.

20hp Sizaire Berwick Limousine Supplied to Mr A. G. Hordern of Sunningdale - car only.

Battle Scene nr La Bassee - A Charge of French Lancers - half page Drawn by M. Chartier From The Sketch By His Son Who Was Fighting There.

HM Submarine E9 Which Sunk the German Cruiser Hela off Heligoland Commanded by Lieutenant Commander Max K. Horton - advert for Players Navy Cut showing the submarine and an inset drawing of the Commander.

John Pound and Co. Rolled Hide Dressing Case etc - half page advert.

Robinson and Cleaver Handkerchiefs - advert.

Austin Ambulances £646 - advert.

Universal Coffee Percolators from Landers, Frary and Clark - advert.

Zenobia Lily of the Valley Perfume - advert.

And more adverts of the day.


This second part of the description features items of news, articles etc. but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

The Way of the War - full page. 2" tear to page repaired with tape at some time, although you can still see the text as it only affects a tiny part of the page..

The Charge of the London Scottish Regiment - caption article approx 130 words..

The Flight from Stricken Belgium - Refugees in Holland and England - by Margaret Chute a journalist.

Russia and Some new Books About Her.

The Highland Division of Territorials at Bedford.

The Theatre.

Remember Maubeuge! - Poem by W. K. C..

Motoring and Aviation by Edwin Campbell.

Plus many caption articles to go with the maps/drawings/photographs etc.

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