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Original Antique WW1 Newspaper THE GRAPHIC Dated 1914 The Gordon Highlanders FRANCE MAPS Brussels LOUVAIN Henri Lanos PARIS GARD DU ORD Refugees CRACOW Lemburg Lviv - Plus much more; see main description

WW1 Newspaper THE GRAPHIC 1914 Gare du Nord GARE D'ORLEANS Refugees LOUVAIN DESTRUCTION Douai ANTWERP Prisoner Rev B. G. Bourchier Vicar of St Judes Hamstead


Original WW2 Antique Newspaper

DATE 1914

This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, maps, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

Battle of Mons, Belgium: Charge of the 9th Lancers - full front page "Drawn by Dudley Tennant From Notes by a Trooper" - a battle scene showing the 9th Lancers charging on the Germans and their guns. Info. This is possibly the charge that took place near the village of Audregnies..

HMS Speedy and HMS Pathfinder Sunk in the North Sea by Mines With a Loss of 272 Men - two photographs of the ships before the event - plus a smaller photograph which shows the effect of a mine explosion.

Plymouth: Lieutenant Colonel William Eagleson Gordon VC Riding With The Gordon Highlanders as They March Through The Streets Just Before they Sailed - - info. this is possibly Napier or Gordon Terrace, alongside the railway embankment near the railway station.

Valcartier Canada: The Canadian Highlanders Disembarking from a Train - the caption mentions the 48th Toronto Highlanders.

Captain Francis M. Leake - Commander of HMS Pathfinder.

Cardinal Della Chiesa - The New Pope Benedict XV.

General Gallieni - Military Commander of Paris.

Cardinal Mercier - Archbishop of Malines.

M. Gilbert the Famous French Aviator - info. Eugène Gilbert.

Map: Paris, The Great Objective of the Germans - full page by G. F. Morrell, pictorial relief map drawn to scale in five mile squares shown in perspective. It shows many of the forts etc. Places named on the map include Amiens - Noailles - Clermont - Compiegne - Meaux - Vally of the Oise - Senlis - Fort De Vaujours - St Cloud - Mont Valerie - Fort de Rsny - Fort de Villeneuve - Reive - Outer Chain of Forts and Inner Cahin - Line of Old Fortifications of Paris - Streets of Paris - etc.

Map of N. France - Diagram Showing The Spirited Advance of the Allies and How The Germans Were Forced to Retreat - full page pictorial relief map drawn by G. F. Morrell. Drawn to scale in fifty mile squares shown in perspective.

An Engagement off Heligoland - Saved By a Submarine - a double page drawn by E. S. Hodgson showing an open boat full of men being rescued by HM Submarine E4. There is a caption article describing the scene.

The Porte De Versailles, Paris - Trees Being Used as Barricades - from facsimile sketches "By Our Special Artist Gilbert Holiday".

Paris - An Aeroplane Action Over Paris, German Plane, and a French Plane Giving Chase - by Gilbert Holiday, as above.

London - Mister Asquith Speaking at the Great Meeting in the Guildhall.

Somerset House London - Territorials Drilled on the Roof.

London - First Sitting of the Prize Court.

2nd King Edward's horse for Colonials.

The Roll of Honour - Officers Killed and Missing in Action or In The Service of Their Country Directly Incidental to the Great War:

Captain C. H. Browning - Royal Field Artillery - Killed.

2nd Lieutenant M. F. Broadwood - Royal West Kent Regiment - Killed.

Colonel R. C. Bond DSO - Yorkshire Light loght Infantry - Killed.

2nd Lieutenant W. H. Coghlan - Royal Field Artillery - Killed.

Captain W. E. Gatacre - Yorkshire Light Infantry - Killee.

Major C. S. Holland - Royal Field Artillery - Killed.

Viscount Hawarden - Coldstream Guards - Killed.

Captain A. C. G. Luther - Yorkshire Light Infantry - Killed.

Captain G. M. Shipway - Gloucester Regiment - Killed.

Lieutenant G. C. Wynne - Yorkshire Light Infantry - Killed.

Major C. A. L. Yate - Yorkshire LI - Killed.

Major F. Sweetenham - 2nd Dragoons - Killed.

Lieutenant & Ad. J. A. Bowles - Royal Field Artillery - Killed.

Lieutenant H. M. Soames - 20th Hussars - Killed.

Captain R. J. Cahill - R.A.M. Corps - Missing - - info. RAMC.

Lieutenant E. F. V. Briard - Norfolk Regiment - Missing - <p - Major Chandos Leigh DSO - King Own Scottish Borderers - Missing.

Lieutenant J. B W. Pennyman - Kings Own Scott. Borderers - Missing.

Captain W. W. Roche - Connaught Rangers - Missing.

2nd Lieutenant H. B. Hibbert - Yorkshire LI - Missing.

Captain H. H. Shott - Berkshire Regiment - Missing.

Lieutenant R. Joynson - Kings Own Scottish Borderers - Missing.

Lieutenant Colonel H. N. Thompson R.A.M. Corps - Missing.

Captain W. L. E. R. Dugmore - Cheshire Regiment - Missing.

The Roll of Honour - Officers Wounded and Missing in Action or In The Service of Their Country Directly Incidental to the Great War:

Lieutenant C. F. Blacker - Connaught Rangers - Wounded.

2nd Lieutenant G. H. Broadhurst - Royal Field Artillery - Wounded.

Captain H. Buckle - Royal Field Artillery - Wounded.

Lieutenjant Hon. W. Amherst-Cecil - Grenadier Guards - Wounded.

Lieutenant E. E. Calthrop - Royal Engineers - Wounded.

Lieutenant Colonel J. A. C. Gibbs - Duke of Wellingtons Regiment - Wounded.

Captain T. H. Gibbon - RAMC - Wounded.

Captain R. G. B. M. Hyslop - Dorsetshire Regt. - Wounded.

Lieutenant H. NM. Openshaw - |Norfolk Regiment - Wounded.

Lieutenant Hon. R. O. D. Keppel - Coldstream Guards - Wounded.

Lieutenant G. R. F. Rowley - Coldstream Guards - Wounded.

Captain F. O. Grenfell - 9th Lancers - Rescued by Duke of Westminster (Major Hugh Arthur Grosvenor) - Wounded '-..

Captain L. Simpson MVO - Yorkshire LI - Wounded.

Captain H. R. Sandilands - Northumberland Fusiliers - Wounded.

Lieutenant A. J. Brown - RAMC - Missing.

Captain A. J. L. Dyer - Cheshire Regiment - Missing.

Lieutenant Colonel A. W. Abercrombie - Connaught Rangers - Missing.

Captain E. R. Jones - Cheshire Regiment - Missing.

Captain B. E. Massey - Cheshire Regiment - Missing.

Lieutenant C. A. K. Matterson - Cheshire Regiment - Missing.

Lieutenant H. C. Randall - Cheshire Regiment - Missing.

Lieutenant T. K. O. Reynolds - Yorkshire LI - Missing.

Lieutenant L. M. Routh - R.A.M. Corps - Missing.

Lieutenant W .H. De W. Unett - Yorkshire Light Infantry - Missing.

Page entiled With the Allied Armies in the West:

Amiens - French Artillery Leaving the Town for the Frontier.

A Black Soldier on Commissariat Duty 'Sleekburn.

The Reservist as a Family Man - Soldier with his Wife and Baby.

Wounded German Prisoner on the Way to the Amiens Barracks.

Wounded Belgians at Havre.

The Place Notre Dame, Rouen - A Gathering of British Soldiers.

A Soldier Carrying a Wounded Highlander on His Back Who Kept Firing At the Enemy As miel They Ran to the Rear - a full page sketch by "Our Special Artist, Gilbert Holiday".

Our Artist Under Arrest - referring to Gilbert Holiday - a small rough sketch of him being led away by a group of Chasseurs Alpins a few miles from the front.

On the Front at Dinard - Wounded Soldiers Chatting With the Crowd From the Balcony of a Fashionable Hotel - half page drawn by Gilbert Holiday.

The Chaussee de Louvain - German Officers Having a Brief Rest - street scene half page.

German Infantry Passing the Glorious Pile of St Gudule - half page.

The Destruction of the Old City of Louvain - double page photograph taken from outside the Maison Americaine, Leuven.

The Damage Done at Malines - two photographs.

German Officers and Their Unrestrained Laughter Amid Louvain's Loss and Loot - over half page photograph - info. Leuven.

English Nurses Arriving at Dieppe - a group of urses on board a ship.

Dieppe - Refugees Arriving from Paris - a family on a hand drawn cart with their belongings.

Dieppe - Refugees Waiting for the English Boat.

Rouen Railway Station Closed to a Crowd of Refugees Flying From the Germans.

Paris - Refugees Leaving for England by the Last Train From the Gare Du Nord - a wonderful full page "Drawn by Ralph Cleaver From a Sketch by Louis Tallet".

Paris - Crowds of Refugees at the Gare D'Orleans Railway Station - a full page showing crowds at the station with soldiers or gendarmes on guard "From a Facsimile Sketch by Henri Lanos".

Damage to the Church of Notre Dame at Malines - x2.

Bomb Damage to a House at Malines.

Douai - Damage to Houses in te Town.

Antwerp - Damage to a farm From Bombs Dropped from a Zeppelin.

Antwerp - Damage in the City to Houses.

Antwerp - Digging Up a Cobbled Street and Piling Them Up to Impede the Advancing Invader.

Termonde - Destroying the Gates to Allow a Clean Sweep for the Guns.

Malines - Belgians Entrenched Outside the Town.

Antwerp - Homeles Families Compelled to Live in the Open - a row of girls and boys, mothers holding babies, with their menfolk.

Malines - A Barricade of Barrels etc.

Willebroeck - Soldiers Firing Over Barricades at the Station near Malines.

A full page showing four sketches entitled A London Vicar in the Hands of the Huns :

Hasselt - The Prisoners Marched Between Troops Through an Angry Mob: The Rev. B. G. Bourchier, Vicar of St Jude's, Hampstead Garden Suburb Who Was Working for the Red Cross in Belgium.

Being Stripped and Searched by the German Authorities.

The Governor of Aix La Chapelle Cursing the English While Rev Bourchier and His Comrades Listen.

Confined in a Prison Cell with Dirty Straw.

Four sketches by W. B Wollen RI from Material Supplied by the Rev. B. G. Bourchier - info. Basil Bourchier.

Page entitled On the Easter Frontier - The Dream of Poland Five sketches and a map drawn by Donald Maxwell:

Cracow - The Castle Picturesquely Situated on a Bend of the Vistula.

Lemberg - The Plain on Which the Russians Put to Rout the Austrain Army - a man and woman on a cart, horse and rider behind, passing a row of cottages.

Lemberg - The Bernhardiner Platz.


Near Czernowitz - One of the Huge Irrigation Wheels.

Map - The Dream of Poland.

The Belgian Scout Joseph Louis Leyssen - small photograph.

Colonel Caldwell - Master of Corpus, Cambridge - - info. Robert Townley Caldwell.

Sir John Henniker Heaton The Postal Reformer - Father of the Universal Penny Post.

Lord O'Brien - Former Lord Chief Justice of Ireland - - info. Peter O'Brien.

A Nurse in Trews - A Picture Taken Before the Nurse Sailed for Antwerp - small.

Antwerp - Removing Ruben's Masterpiece "The Descent From the Cross" from the Cathedral, to A Place of Safe Keeping.

The First Flag Captured from the Germans.

Louvain - The Ruins.

Miss Yvonne Garricke in "My Aunt" at the Vaudeville Theatre.

Irene Vanbrugh as Catherine Parr at the Garrick.

A Napier Car in the new Forest - a family in a field watch the car drive past.

A Scene on the Yorkshire Cliffs - A Volunteer Look Out - drawn by Frank H. Mason RBA - shows a look outhut in a remote part of the Yorkshire coast.

The Lights are Burning Bright - All's Well! - Drawn by Frank H. Mason - shows ships on patrol at night.

Calox Tooth Powder - advert.

Three Nuns Tobacco - half page advert.

John Pound and Co. - The Wolseley Valise in Best Waterproof, Rot Proof Canvas - Combination Knife Fork and Spoon - Empty Roll Dressing Case - Fitted Canvas Companion - advert.

Lea and Perrins Sauce - Original and Genuine Worcestershire - advert.

Vaseline - advert.

The Motor Burberry - Ladies Coat Design - - Burberrys Cleaning Works (Reading) - advert.

Swan Fountpens - advert.

Pullars Cleaners and Dyers, Perth - advert.

Cuticura Soap Shampoos - advert.

Fishing - BL Scotch Whisky, Bulloch, Lade and Co. Ltd - advert with a sketch by John Hassall.

Ladies Costume No. 969 36/6d from Egerton Burnett Ltd - advert.


This second part of the description features items of news, articles etc. but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

About a London Hospital (book) - with mention of Charing Cross Hospital - Dr William Hunter - Dr James Galloway - Dr Golding - etc

The Great War Explained by an Expert

The Experiences of Our Special Artist Gilbert Holiday: Arrested - Released - And Hard at Work

Motoring and Aviation by Edwin Campbell

Sleekburnc. 1209


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