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Original WW1 Newspaper

DATE 1914

This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, maps, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

Bringing Down The German Eagle - Front page drawn by Donald Maxwell from a sketch by Private W Faulkner of the West Kent Regiment who witnessed the defeat of the German Taube by a French plane; scene shows a dogfight between two planes.

Page titled The Way of The War:

3 photos: A French Sentry at Wembley - Searchlights on the Embankment - A Naval Policeman at Crystal Palace.

A further strip of three pictures: Blessing The Ruthene Flags at Lemberg - A Manifestation in Favour of War (A street scene probably Hungary) - Ruthene Volunteers at Strzeliska.

Last Call up in Germany, Home Guard in Leipzig.

The King Visiting The Hon Artillery Company

There are also articles on the page.

Near Full page Map and 5 Portraits - Pictorial Map The Eastern or Russian Front plus portraits of Hotzendorf, Rennenkampf Grand Duke Nicholas , Russky, Auffenberg.

Near full page map with 5 portraits - Pictorial Map showing The Allied Lines as of 6th September betweern Paris and Verdun - with portraits of - Gen De Lisle, Haig, John French, David Henderson, H Smith-Dorrien.

Double Page Drawing by Arthur Garratt from Sketches by Auguste Van Ermen showing 'THE HUNS IN LOUVAIN'

A Drawing of Parisians collecting Fragments of a bomb dropped by a "Taube" (German Dove shaped airplane) from a drawing by Gilbert HolidayBelgian and French Soldiers off To The Front - 3 pictures showing - Belgians at rest at The Church of Zele near Ghent - Going to Action at Melle (The Girls They Left Behind) - French Cuirassiers Trotting Through The Streets of Paris (one shop showing a sign 'Concert Mayol'.

Page with 5 Photographs - German Soldiers On A Foreign Shore : Marching Through Amiens - Germans Captured By The Belgians Marching Through Antwerp - German Prisoners Captured at Marne - German Wounded on the Neutral Ground at Maastricht

British Soldiers On A Foreign Shore - 2 Photos showing: In France, Mr Atkins making himself comfortable - In Germany, Highland Soldiers Captured at Mons and interred at Doberitz near Potsdam.

The Handiwork of the Huns, Scenes of Destruction; 6 small images: Ruined Chapel at Termonde - Convent at Termonde - Church at Vise - Crossings at Meaux - Wetteren - Picquigny - And one large photo 'Cottage: The Ruined Homes of the Poor Peasants at Melle Belgium'.

Action in France - 2 half page drawings by Gilbert Holiday.

Driver of the Royal Artillery Saving His Gun.

British Cavalry going into action near Lille.

Double page drawing by J R Skelton showing the Germans being 'Flooded Out' by opening the Dykes near Antwerp in the environs of Termonde.

Scenes in Paris and at the Front - A page with drawings showing: Boulevard Rochechouart - Final honours to a Scots Grey at College Rollin - French and British retiring from Charleroi - Roll Call after battle - Incident at Peronne.

Page with 6 photos and four portraits; Portraits: Baron E Celli, Siugnor Villa, Signor Domenico Piazza, Mr Edward Hastings. The pictures: Royal Grenadiers leaving Canada for the front - South Africa, Defence force marching into the castle (doesn't say which but there is a building showing the words 'Castle Auctions' - Canada, a gift of wheat landing at Liverpool - India Volunteer corps with an inset of M. K. Gandi, also mentioning Mrs Sorajarni Naidu, Mr J N Sahai, Dr Cantlie - British recruits at Aldershot. Reive

The Roll of Honour - Some of the Scottish Losses:

Captain C. R. Lumsden - 1st Gordon Highlanders.

Lieutenant Leslie Richmond - 1st Gordons.

Major P. S. Allan - 1st Gordons.

Captain Frederic Bell - 1st Gordons.

Lieutenant Hon. A. A. Fraser - 1st Gordons - Missing.

Major A. A. Duff - 1st Gordons - Missing.

Lieutenant M. V. Hay - 1st Gordons - Missing.

Lieutenant Colonel F. H. Neish - 1st Gordons - Missing.

2nd Lieutenant D. W. Hunter Blair - 1st Gordons - Missing.

2nd Lieutenant Ian B .M. Hamilton - 1st Gordons - Missing.

2nd Lieutenant J. F. H. Houldsworth - 1st Gordons.

Brevet Colonel W. E. Gordon VC - 1st Gordons - Missing.

Lieutenant A. P. F. Lyon - 1st Gordons - Missing.

Captain Ivor Picton-Warlow - 1st Gordons - Missing.

Lieutenant R. D. Robertson - 1st Gordons - Missing.

Major C. J. Simpson - 1st Gordons - Missing.

Captain William Neish - 1st Gordoons - Missing.

Lieutenant J. K. Trotter - 1st Gordons - Missing.

Lieutenant C. M. Usher - 1st Gordons - Missing.

Lieutenant A. K. Maclean - Argyll and Sutherland - Missing.

Captain K. K. M. MacLachlan - Seaforth Highlanders - Wounded.

Captain E. Hill-Whitson - Royal Scots - Wounded.

Major A. G. Seymour - Royal Scots Greys - Wounded.

Captain L. D. Spencer - Scottish Borderers - Wounded.

The Roll of Honour - Officers Killed or Wounded in Action or In The Service of Their Country Directly Incidental to the Great War:

Lieutenant Colonel G. K. Ansell - 5th Dragoon Guards - Killed.

Major J. S. Cawley - 20th Hussars - Killed.

Lord Robert Innes-Ker - Irish Guards - Wounded and Missing.

Major H. F. Crichton - Irish Guards - Killed.

Lieutenant E. M. S. Kent - 1st hampshire - Killed.

2nd Lieutenant C. Garstin - 9th Lancers - Killed.

Captain W. Mellor - Royal Irish - Killed. Keenlyside

Captain W. M. C. Vandeleur - Essex Regiment - Killed.

Lieutenant J. M. Tylee - 15th Hussars - killed.

Major W. R. Chichester - Worcester Regt - Wounded.

Lieutenant Colonel St J. A. Cox - Royal Irish - Wounded.

Lieutenant G. Lambton - Coldstream Guards - Killed.- info. Hon. Geoffrey Lambton son of Frederick William Lambton, 4th Earl of Durham Anstruther-Gray, Weir,

Major A. E. Haig - Scottish Borderers - Wounded.

Captain H. E. L. Glass - Middlesex Regiment - Wounded.

Cp. Lord Desmond Fitzgerald - Irish Guards - Wounded.

Brigadier General J. E. W. Headlam CB - Colonel of Artillery - Wounded.

Lieutenant Hon. Francis Needham - Grenadier Guards - Missing.

Lieutenant Sir A. E. Hickman - 4th Dragoons - Wounded.

Lieutenant Hon. G. P. M. Sturt - 1st Coldstream Guards - Wounded.

Captain E. R.R. Lloyd - Inniskilling Fusiliers - Wounded.

Lieutenant Colonel M. L. MacEwan - 16th Lancers - Wounded.

Colonel H. McMicking DSO - Royal Scots - Wounded.

Lieutenant Colonel Hon. G. H. Morris - Irish Guards - Wounded.

Lieutenant Colonel A. Parker - 5th Lancers - Wounded.

Full page - as the war went on they didn't bother naming the wounded in the Roll of Honour, as there were too many dead.

Canada's Keenness To Do Her part - a full page with 9 photos : Sewell Camp - Horses at Camp - Canadian Officers - Canadian Soldier - Men outside Calgary News Telegram Office - The Bulldog Breed - The Staff - Wheat Field - Officer Giving Instructions

Canada in War Time - Picture of a Canadian Railway station (I think) - a picture of The Officers of The 105th Saskatoon Fusiliers - Picture of The Sergeant Major, Staff Sergeants and Sergeants of the 105th Saskatoon Fusiliers in Sewell Camp.

Germany's Campaign of Commerce Destruction - Two half page illustrations drawn by Oscar POarkes and H G Swanwick respectively - Destroying German Mines InThe North Sea.

The Sinking Of The Kaipara by The Kaiser Wilhelm Der Grosse.

How The War affected The United States - Full page with 4 drawings by Charles Dixon individually captioned : Olympic Approaching New York - The Disguised Laconia ( Passing |The Statue of Liberty) - Vaterland Tied up - Hauling up "Shamrock".

France : The Germans at Orchies from Sketches by Richard Cooper. 4 sketches, one of which is entitled German Uhlans and Infantry Swarming into Orchies.

Full page Drawing By Ernest Prater, from the description by Sapper Mugridge - The British Soldier As A Good Samaritan (At Mons).

Three small portraits first two with small Obituaries - The Late Mr Wilhelm Ganz - Lt. Hamilton Stratford Collins - Mr Julian Martin Smith (He gets a sentence), Followed by 3 small photos Play Scenes - Coliseum Patriots, Gallant Allies and A Scene from 'Europe, the war Ballet at The Empire.

A small picture of the Royal Baby Carriage 'The Easicar'.

Small advertisements for The Burberry, Dunville's Old Irish Whisky, Lewis 'Ariel' 12 Bore, Leveson's Reclining Chairs, J C Vickery Wind Screen Matchbox.

On The Back Page is a night scene at Speldhurst Kent (Photographed by C A V Headlights - also adverts for Standfast Scotch Whisky, Lyons For Tea - Lyons v. Liptons Action For Libel - Zenith British Automatic Carburetter.


This second part of the description features items of news, articles etc. but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

The Tragedy of the Austrian Court.

The Great War explained by an Expert.

France and Joffre - France and Tommy.

The War in Canada

Some Points of Interest.

Motoring and Aviation by Edwin Campbell. Sleekburnc. 1909


This is an original USED newspaper not a scan and not a later re-print.

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