1910 THE SPHERE Illustrated Newspaper PLAGUE IN CHINA Elizabeth Gaskell SARAH BERNHARDT (7550)

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The Sphere

A Weekly Newspaper

19 pages (38 sides)

DATED 1910

This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

Army Manoeuvres - full front outer cover drawn by George Morrow in red

Winchester - Army Manoeuvres and Military Trains Passing Through the West Gate - full front page

The Newsletter Page:

The "Parramatta" Leaving Portsmouth for Australia - The New Australian Destroyer With Lates Wireless Telegraphy Apparatus on Board

Miss C. Webber at The Whetstone North Middx Ladies Golf Meeting

Miss Powell at the N. Middx Golf Meeting

The Lyon Rose at the National Rose Society s Show at Royal

The Amalgamates Society of Railway Servants New Headquarters in Euston Road

Mrs Alfred Heinemann s Pekinese Winner Reive at the Woodstock Dog Show

The New Army Dirigible Built at Mm. Lebaudy s Works at Moisson to the Order of "The Morning Post"..

The "Morning Post" Hangar for the New Dirigible

The Car of "The Morning Post" Dirigible

Personalities of the Week Page:

Mr Ernest Wilson of the London Hospital, A Martyr to X-Rays

M. de Nelidoff the Russian Ambassador to France

Mr H. Rassam the British Representative to King Theodore of Abyssinia - info. Hormuzd Rassam

The Late Sir G. Bartley Former MP for North Islington info. George Bartley

The Sultan of Sulu in the Philippine Islands info. Jamalul-Kiram II

Mr George Howell Famous Labour MP and Author

A Statue to Theodore Mendel

The Late Archbishop Maclagan - The See of York

A Dog that Saved Fife Lives at King s Lynn info. Fox Terrier

Dr thomas Drury Bishop of Soder and Man

Dr Sheepshanks - Bishop of Norwich

Right Rev. Dr Chase - Bishop of Ely

Rev. Professor Swete

Arch. Cunningham of Ely

Canada s Military Visit:

The Canadian Regiment Passing T%Hrough Oxford Circus

The Canadians Entertained by the City of London at the Guildhall - Sir James Whitney - Colonel Pellatt - The Lord Mayor - Lord Strathcona - Postmaster General of Canada

Medallions to King Goerge and Queen Mary on the Front of the Guildhall, Lichfield - the Mayor Mr Godfrey Benson and Others

The Canadians Arriving in Front of the Guildhall - full page

The Launch of HMS "Falmouth" at Dalmuir

The Abortive Attempt to Cross the Alps by Plane from Brigue to Milan by M. Chavez

Prince Henry of Prussia Playing Golf at Blamoral in Scotland two photographs of him in a kilt

Queen Alexandra s Departure for Copenhagen Info. the Queen Mother with Princess Victoria and Prince Christopher of Greece on Craig Pier, Dundee

The Boy Scout Movement in America boys in the American style uniform

The Plague in China:

Dr Wu Lien De the Famous Chinese Doctor info. Dr. Wu Lien-teh (伍连德, Wu Liande, Gnoh Lean Tuck, Ng Leen-tuck, 1879 -1960)

Dr Paul Haffkine and Dr Anna Sniezshikoff in a Hospital Ward at Harbin info. nephew of Waldemar Haffkine - could be Anna Snitkoff

The Chinese Doctor and His Assistant Who Attended 1600 Plague Victims at Harbin

Brave British Volunteers Fighting the Plague at Harbin - Dr Aspland - Dr J. M. Stenhouse and Another

Brave Chinese Policemen and Cartmen Who Work at Carting Disinfectants and Removing Dead

Destroying an Infected Modern Building by Fire

Chinese Firemen Burning an Infected house Miel at Fu Chia Dien

Four Scene from "A Fool There Was " by Porter Emerson Browne at the Queen s Theatre

The African Railway - One of the Many Giant Ant Heaps in the Belgian Congo, Cut Away to Make a Passage for the Katanga Railway

Natives Laying Down Metal (antproof) Sleepers ont he Katanga Railway - Approaching the Star of The Congo Mine

This page (2 sides) has a 4½inch tear to centre.

Some of the Trophies of Big Game Shot in Assam by Major H. S. Wood IMS Civil Surgeon at Tezpur, Assam (in the foreground) two photographs on a full page, one of the photographs is torn

This page has a tear as above:

Cause of the Gloomy Summer of 1910: How the Coolness of the Gulf Stream has Brought About the Distressing Summer two diagrams, one a weather map

Scene From "The Man from Mexico" at the Strand - Mr Stanley Cooke and Others affected by tear by apprx 2ins

Scene from "The Crisis" at the New Theatre: Mr Norman McKinnell - Missevelyn Millard

Scene from "King Henry VIII" at his Majesty s Theatre: Miss Laura Cowie - Mrs Calvert

End of page with tear

The Military Manoeuvres Supplement to The Sphere:

A Scene at Whitehall full page showing a guardsman talking to a little boy in uniform

Changing the Guard three soldiers

Colonel Capper Escorting the Russian Attaches to The Army Airship at Basingstoke airship not in photo.

How the British Army is Run: Viscount Wolseley - Earl Roberts - Duke of connaught - Sir H. E. Wood - The Houses of Parliament - Major General Sir C. F. Hadden - General Sir W. G. Nicholson - Lord Lucas - Right Hon. R. B. Haldane Sec. of State for War - Mister F. D. Acland MP - Lieutenant General Sir C. W.H. Douglas - Major General Sir H. S. G. Miles - Divisions in Bragates, Battalions Companies and Sections (diagram) - Sir G. S. White - Lord Grenfell - Sir C. Brownlow - Viscount Kitchener - Tommy Atkins (soldier) a full page showing photographs of the various commanders, MP s, Diagrams of the chain of command etc

Physical Training in the Army, Staff Instructors: Captain Trueman, Lieutenant Betts and others in a group photograph plus twelve other photographs of soldiers during physical training

Artillery Passing Through Country Lane During the Manoeuvre Season full page photograph

The Death Ride of Von Bredow double page with text showing a famous picture painted by Aime Morot illustrating the value of shock tactics - with inset photograph of The First Regiment of Imperial Guards

The Royal Army Medical Corps: A Soldier in an Open Air Consumptive Department with His Nurse

RAMC - Sick Soldier in Hospital and a Convalescent Seated in a Chair

A Sketch Map of the Divisional and Command Manoeuvre Area of 1910 Showing the Marching Powers of the British Soldier map shows the area from Romsey - Andover - Whitchurch - Basingstoke - Pdoja, - Farnham - Petersfield - Corhampton - B. Waltham - Southampton etc

Detachments of Troops Passing Through a Hampshire Village - Locals Watch On full page

The Humorous Side of Army Manoeuvres: Member of the RAMC attending a Victim - A Little Boy and Girl a half page comical cartoon drawing by Charles Pears

Elizabeth of Baden the Russian Empress - full page from a Painting by Marie Louise Elizabeth VIgee Lebrun

A Brass Memorial at Broadwindsor to Thomas Fuller of the "Worthies" .. photograph by Singer of Frome showing the plaque which was made by funds raised by Telamon Cuyler of Atlanta City, Georgia, USA., and A. M. Broadley of Bridport

The Centenary of Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell - Full page showing various photographs including:

Old Houses in Knutsford four photographs

Mrs Gaskell from a Drawing by George Richmond

Bust of Mrs Gaskell on the Gaskell Memorial Tower, Knutsford

The Old Unitarian Chapel in Knutsford

The Interior of the Chapel

Bas-relief of Mrs Gaskell

Mrs Lumb s House, Knutsford

Memorial Tablet to Mrs Gaskell in Cross Street Church, Manchester

Sandlebridge House, Knutsford

Tatton Park, Knutsford - Entrance

Knutsford Church

Shop in Knutsford Reputed to be "Miss Matty s Tea Store" of Cranford

The Mrs Gaskell Memorial at Knutsford

84 Plymouth Grove, Manchester

Assembly Rooms, Knutsford Vividly Described in "Cranford" ..

The Grave of Mrs Gaskell in the Unitarian Churchyard

Plus a Chronological List of Mrs Gaskell s Life and Works

The Town of Zermatt photograph

A Fountain Exhibited in Berlin - "Durst" by Mr Hans Dansmann

Golfing - Johnnie Walker Whisky full age advert

Fashion - An Early Autumn Tailor Made Costume with Hat photograph by Manuel

Fashion Sketch - An Afternoon Costume with Hat

Scrubb s Ammonia advert

Bengers Food advert

Oxydonor No. 2 by Dr H. Sanche advert showing the device

The Phoenix Muffler advert

Elliman s Embrocation advert

Plasmon Cocoa and Oats advert

Watson s No. 10 Whisky advert

Officers at Military Manoeuvres

Mine Laying in Rivers at the Recent German Manoeuvres officers, with a man laying the mine in the water

The Bread Supply of the Army two soldiers carrying a large board of bread during the manoeuvres

Grosvenor Hotel London - Gordons Hotels Ltd half page advert showing the hotel and surrounding area

Broadwood Player Pianos half page advert showing the Grand Player Piano model

Motoring - Mr E. Genna on His 16-20hp Sunbeam Carat Greenhow hill, Pateley Bridge Organised by the Yorkshire Automobile Club

Mr G. H. Woods on His 20hp Crossley on Greenhow hill

The Voiturette Cup race at Boulogne - Mr Lewis of England on a Calthorpe Car Taking the Saint Martin Corner

Th eVoiturette Cup Race - Pilliverdie of Spain on his Hispana Suiza on Saint Martin Corner at Full Speed

Portrait of Mr Harvey du Cross from a Painting by Tennyson Cole

Anew Car Built for Queen Alexandra - De Fronted 50hp Six Cylinder Wolseley etc

The National Cyclist Union Meeting at Herne hill - Competitors on Their Bicycles riding what look like pennyfarthings Carters Little Liver pIlls advert

Crown Lavender Salts advert

Mr C. E. Brooks Who Has Been Curing Ruptures for over 30 Years advert

Madame Sarah Bernhardt as L Aiglon - From a Painting by M. Rostand

Carters Bath and Invalid Chairs advert

Dr Barnardo s Homes advert

Waterman s Ideal Fountain Pen advert.

Back cover adverts in red outline:

Smith s Glasgow Mixture for Aviators - advert back page

Cadbury s Cocoa

Quaker Oats advert

The back cover is tatty.


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

List of Hotels to Visit

News Letter Week by Week Page

Canada s Military Visit to the City of London

The Plague in China - small caption article

Dead Letters by A. A. Milne

Our Ten Guinea Short Story - The Garden of Eden

A Song of Faithfulness - Poem

How We Run the Army by a Military Correspondent (?)

Improved Physical Training in the Army

Shock Tactics - The Death Ride of Von Bredow by T. H. Manners Howe

The Great Advance of the Royal Army Medical Corps Since the South African War - by a Military Correspondent (?)

Increased Marching Powers of the British Soldier

A Few Days Ago: Random Chronicle by V. V. V.

A Literary Letter: Goldsmith as Conversationalist Distinction Between a Man an dHis Work the Shakspere-Bacon Craze Again Macmillan Autumn Books by C. K. S. Clement King Shorter

Saturday to Monday by A. A. Milne

Woman s Sphere and Interests by Angela - with mention of Mrs Margaret Heitland the Journalist - Professor Kanazeiwa - etc

Military Notes includes: The New German Uniform - - The new Ambulance Tactics - etc

Motoring Page by R. P. Hearne

Dramatic and Musical Notes of the Week.



The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only. It measures 425 x 310 mm (16.75 x 12"inches). The spine is worn. The original outer advertising cover is present, but is tatty. Some of the page edges are tatty with handling marks. Some of the inside pages are loose, and the staples are rusty.

Quotation or speech marks in my descriptive text signifies the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page. "Info.” in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text.PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete as published - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there is one page missing, so if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. If you require information on size of articles (i.e. number of words), sizes of images, please ask before bidding or buying. The process of the page numbering in The Sphere issues are applied in a yearly sequence and do not always start at number 1.

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