1910 Antique Print FAIRY Elves EDWARDIAN A. Duncan Carse FRANK HAVILAND

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EDWARDIAN STUDIES Duncan Carse and Frank Haviland

An original full page from a weekly Edwardian magazine:

The Sketch

Dated 1910


One side is a study in colour by artist Frank Haviland and titled: The Incarnation of England's Loveliest Season and subtitled Flaunting summer, flush'd in ripen'd Pride; the words are from the poem A Pastoral Hymn to Janus. On the Birth of the Queen. by John Cunningham. It shows a lady with roses, flowers and butterflies.

On the other side is from a drawing by A. Duncan Carse entitled None but Fairies Here are Seen with subtitles ON the tawny sand and shelves, trip the pert fairies and the dapper elves line from the poem Comus by Milton. It shows a fairy with elves etc..Provenance: The Sketch (magazine) - Published: The Illustrated London News and Sketch; Printed by George Routledge; London 1910

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