1907 MAP PACIFIC OCEAN Cables DEPTH Troughs Trenches BELKNAP Ladrone NERO DEEP

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This listing is for an original circa 1907 map produced by George Philip and Son for the London Geographical Institute

Pacific Ocean - Cables and Ocean Depths
It shows submarine telegraph cables, land heights, soundings and equatorial limits of iceberg migration There are four insets: One showing detail of the Fiji Islands and The Tonga Islands along with the Fiji Basin in general. An inset showing New Caledonia and the New Hebrides (or Melanesian Islands inc. Miel Vanuatu etc), Solomon Islands, Guadalcanar. Inset showing sectional diagrams along Equator, North Latitude and South Latitude. An inset with references to sea level etc. Keenlyside
It names all the major trenches or deeps etc known at that time. Some of the detail on the map includes Tuscarora or Japan Trench - Aleutian Trough - Maury Deep - Albatross Deep - Glover Deep - Gray Depression - Atacama Pit - Enterprise Depression - Antarctic Deep - Belknap Depression - Tonga Trough - Toga - Penguin Deep - Kermadec Trough - Jeffreys Depression - Nero Deep (modern day aka Mariana or Marianas Trench) - Ladrone Basin - Wyman Deep etc.
It has an original fold to the centre and blank on the reverse (blank apart from titles and a key map). It measures overall 510 x 393 mm ( 20 x 15.25 inches ) approximately, and is ideal for mounting and framing. It originally would have been in an atlas, edge mounted so as to avoid damage to the map, and not stapled. This map will be sent rolled in a protective postal tube. I try to describe the maps as accurately as possible, however I am prone to the occasional typographical error so if you are looking for something in particular please contact me.

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