1901 COUNTRY LIFE Magazine SEDGWICK PARK HORSHAM Daisy Princess of Pless THAMES SALMON (6220)
1901 COUNTRY LIFE Magazine SEDGWICK PARK HORSHAM Daisy Princess of Pless THAMES SALMON (6220)
1901 COUNTRY LIFE Magazine SEDGWICK PARK HORSHAM Daisy Princess of Pless THAMES SALMON (6220)
1901 COUNTRY LIFE Magazine SEDGWICK PARK HORSHAM Daisy Princess of Pless THAMES SALMON (6220)
1901 COUNTRY LIFE Magazine SEDGWICK PARK HORSHAM Daisy Princess of Pless THAMES SALMON (6220)

1901 COUNTRY LIFE Magazine SEDGWICK PARK HORSHAM Daisy Princess of Pless THAMES SALMON (6220)

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PRINCESS HENRY OF PLESS Sedgwick Park Horsham LONDON SALMON Broom House Fulham Gardens




Original Antique Weekly Magazine

DATED 1901


This first part of the description features a list of images/photographs etc:

Princess Henry of Pless - full front page photograph by Fellows Willson - info. Daisy Princess of Pless nee. Mary Theresa Olivia Cornwallis-West

Restocking London Salmon in the Thames:

Salmon Parr at the Lea, Denham - photograph by W. B. Boulton

Denham Parr Destined Reive for the Thames - salmon

Discussing the Outlook - group of men, probably the Thames Salmon Association - photograph by A. S. Rudland

Ready for a Start - men in rowing boats about to take the containers of salmon into the river

Assembling at the Weir - rowing boats full of men and containers of the salmon

A Bow of Thames Salmon

Notable Gardens - Broom House at Fulham The Residence of Miss Sulivan:

The House and Garden

View of the Grounds SleekburnC.

The Gardens and Walks

The Flower Beds and Lawn

Shrubs and Flowers

Info. now the grounds of The Hurlingham Club (Broom House was demolished c1912).

Lupins - photograph by J. Bradbury

Countess Erdody and Her Child - from a drawing by Esme Collings

Yorkshire Bird Life - photographs by T. A. Metcalfe:

Merlin on Its Nest

Cock Water Hen on Nest

Curlew on Nest

Stone Curlew on Nest

Song Thrush and Young

Sedgwick Park at Horsham in West Sussex- Seat of Mrs Henderson:

The South West Front of the House and Garden

View From the Terrace - The "Fortifications" and "The White Sea" ... a woman in long Edwardian style dress in the gardens next to a large water feature, possibly Mrs Emma Henderson, shrubs and plants - Full page

The "Quarter Deck" ..- path in the garden with shrubs and hedge, garden seat at end of path

The "Upper Deck" - View in the Garden - shaped ivy style hedge, steps up to terrace etc

The "Bulwarks" - View in the Garden - full page - the various gardens seem to be named on a nautical theme

View of the Garden and Pond

A Garden Seat and Statue

The Entrance and Gardens

The "White Sea" ..- beautifully clipped hedges and water feature

From the "Masthead" - View from the House Over the Garden and Surrounding Countryside - full page - a beautiful view possibly looking down from an upstairs window, statues below and laid out garden, terrace with hedges etc. and countryside beyond

The Portholes - a hedge, flower border, path etc

The Chief Cabin - garden with archway and shrubs, small hedge etc

Beware of the Dog - a puppy in a big kennel

Working Horses - Three Respectable Equine People - photograph by Emil Frechon

Pellisson Leads the Way Miel - Race Horse and Jockey etc - photograph by W .A. Rouch

The finish of The City and Suburban - horse race

- Australian Star Led in - horse racing

The Members Stand at Ludlow - race course

Correspondence page - Photographs from Readers:

Lligwy River in Anglesey: An Old Bridge - a drawing sent in by Lady Boston or C. C. Boston

The Church at Whitwell, Isle of Wight

Row of Cottages at Whitwell near Ventnor.


This second part of the description lists regular features and articles (no images unless specified above):

The Rural Exodus - with mention of Mister Hanbury Minister of Agriculture - Mr Balfour - Mr Grenfell - Mr Chaplin

Country Notes includes mention of Emperor William at the Training Ship Charlotte at Kiel - - Mr A. J. Balfour and The Education Bill - - The Coal Duty - - Eastling Sparrow Club - - Tottenham Hotspurs - - Sculling Performance of Mr Spencer Gollan etc

London Salmon by F. G. Aflalo

A Great Shire horse - "Harold"  c.keenlyside.

May - Poem by C. H. Lee

Broom House in Fulham - Residence of Miss Sulivan - info. Miss Charlotte Sulivan

Traps an Captures - by W. H. Rainsford - short story

Gardening Column

Bird Life in Yorkshire - by Oxley Grabham

Sedgwick Park

Habits of Game

The Beaver Colony at Leon Ardslee in Sussex

Polo Notes

Racing Notes

Motoring Column

Correspondence - Letters from Readers:

Curious Lining for a Rook's Nest - From Miss Ouchterlony of The Gwynd, Arbroath, NB (Scotland)

Gulls at Bemersyde - From C. E. Haig of Orchardwood, Ascot

Eaton Hall - From H. Webber

Habits of the Magpie - from James Hiam

Ancient Bridge in Anglesey - From C. C. Boston SleekburnC. 0405


Edward Burgess Hudson (1854 -1936) was the founder of Country Life magazine in 1897. This is an original USED vintage magazine not a scan and not a later re-print. If there is a particular date you require in regards to this item eg. for a birthday or anniversary etc please ask.

Approx 16 pages (32 sides). It measures 360 x 240 mm (14 x 9.5 inches ). The titled, priced and dated frontispiece page is present; but the outer cover, property, and advertising pages have been removed as it was bound without the exterior cover or advertising pages. The spine has been reinforced/repaired at some time. The pages are loose with binding marks through-out. There is a little age yellowing but this apart, the pages are clean. The images vary in size and are in b/w unless otherwise stated. PLEASE NOTE: There are pages missing; but what I have described above IS present - but if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. The process of the page numbering carry on from the previous issue, therefore do not start at number 1.

The description of the contents above are in my own words and not necessarily what is written on the original page."Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text.This item will be packaged in a tube and sent RM small parcels (too big for lge. letter). Please note that I don't make profit on postage and packing; it is done at cost. The only profit made is by ebay as they charge me approx. 10% on what I charge for postage.

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