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The Sphere

Original Antique Newspaper

DATED 1900

The first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

The Late Duke of Saxe Coburg Gotha (Prince Alfred Duke of Edinburgh) - the Queens Dead Son - full front page SleekburnC.

Duke of Norfolk Being Greeted by the People of Arundel

Miss Baden Powell Firing a Maxim at a Garden Party reive Held at Stoke Park

American Gentleman Whip Mr Johnson Who Has Driven This Coach and Six Through The Streets of London

Wolverhampton - The New Hospital Wing of the Orphanage c.keenlyside

Tod Sloan on The Horse That Injured Him at Liverpool - jockey

Centenary of the Royal College of Surgeons in the Theatre of the University of London

Duke and Duchess of York Passing Through Wolverhampton, (coming up to The Empire Palace and The Red House)

Leek Technical and High School Opened by the Duke and Duchess of York - from a drawing

Bremerhaven and The German Emperor Reviewing Troops in Khaki on Their Way To China - full page from a drawing by Sidney Paget

The King of Servia s Bride - Madame Draga Maschin

King Alexander of Servia Sleekburnc.

His Mother Ex Queen Natalie

His Father Ex King Milan

Balloons in War Time

Sending up a Pilot Balloon

The Ascent of the Balloon

The Balloon - Rev. J. M. Bacon - Admiral Fremantle - Mr Fred Bacon - Mr Percival Spencer

How the Birmingham Corporation Gas Works Chimney at Saltley Was Taken Down - three photographs in succession by W. H. Bargutt

Death of Queen Victorias Second Son

The Dead Duke of Saxe Coburg

Where the Duke Died - Castle of Rosenau at Coburg

New Duke of Saxe Coburg - Queen Victorias Grandson the Duke of Albany

Dead Dukes Daughters - Princess Marie - Princess Victoria - Princess Alexandra - Princess Beatrice

Dead Dukes Wife - Daughter of Alexander II of Russia

Dead Dukes Son - The Late Prince Alfred d. 1899

Prince Ernest of Hohenlohe

Prince Ferdinand of Roumania

Ernest, Grand Duke of Hesse

Lord Roberts At Work on the Lawn of the British Residency at Pretoria - full page drawn by R. M. Paxton

Tear to the bottom of this page, only affecting the border

Progress of the War in South Africa

British Attempt to Cut off miel the Boer Communication with Delagoa Bay

Oxen Crossing a Drift in the Transvaal

Temporary Trestle Bridge at Ingogo ... Tear to the bottom of this page, only affecting the border

Duke of Roxburghe and the Earl of Wicklow Recovering from Enteric Fever at Greenhill Convent

Greenhill Convent at Bloemfontein - the Sisters and the Medical STaff Sleekburnc.

Private Martin Hanlon CIV - Reported to Have Won the VC

Captain Matthew Fontaine Maury Meiklejohn VC

Sapper Short - Died at Kroonstad

British Flag Raised at Kroonstad

Portland Hospital at Bloemfontein

China plus the Protection of the Yangtse River

Sir Claude MacDonald at the Cottage in the Hills After Lunch - With Mr Burton and Mr Grosvenor

Sir Claude And Lady MacDonald ant eh Diplomatic Staff at the Door of the British Embassy at Pekin

Officers and Men on Board the HMS Woodcock (gunboat) Celebrating Miel The Queens Birthday

Officers of The Woodcock and Woodlark with the British Consul Mr Fraser Receiving an Official Visit of the Chung-king Taotai (Intendant of Circuit)

Bridge in Suchwan

Bamboo Rope Bridge in the North West of Suchwan

Gorge View on the Yangtse There is a substantial tear to this page, this illustration is affected

How Foreigners Travel in Suchwan

View looking East into the Feng-Shiang Gorge

Passenger Junk There is a substantial tear to this page, this illustration is affected

Cargo Junk Descending River

China - How the Yellow People ar Represented in LOndon

Chinese Embasy In London 49 Portland Place W ...

Chinese Ambassador in London - Sir Chichen Loh Fengluh

Chinese in the East End of London - The Shop of Wong Chung Lee at Limehouse

Chinese Quarter in London - Limehouse Causeway

Chinese Grave in East London Cemetery - There is a substantial tear to this page, this illustration is affected

New Japanese Minister to the Court of St James - Baron Tadasu Hayashi - full page photograph

Pretoria and A Body of Mounted Infantry Galloped Through the STreets in Pursuit of a Boer Gun - double page "Drawn by Our Special Artist Mister W. B. Wollen RI"

Some of the MEn Who Have Described The South African War

E. F. Knight of The Morning Post

Winston Churchill of The Morning Post

Angus Hamilton of the Times in Mafeking

Late Mr G. W. Steevens of the Daily Mail

Benet Burleigh of the Daily Telegraph

Julian Ralph of the Daily Mail

Charles Hands of the Daily Mail

M. H. Donohoe of theDaily Chronicle

Melton Prior of the Illustrated London News

W. T. Maud of The Graphic and Daily Graphic

Frederic VIlliers of the Literary and Art Agency

A. G. Hales An Australian for The Daily News

J. B. Atkins of tThe Manchester Guardian

Rene Bull of The Black And White Sleekburnc.

Ernest Smith of The Morning Leader and The Star

Filson Young of The Manchester Guardian

Full page

The Sphere Special Correspondents in the Transvaal and China

W. B. Wollen RI ...

Ernest Prater ...

R. M. Paxton

John Schonberg

Stafford Ransome

Earl of Rosslyn

Thomas Baragwanath

Lieutenant Colonel Hoskier

Gilbert James - small tear to this page only affecting bottom border

Tomb of Juliet at Verona small tear to this page only affecting bottom border

Shah s Palace at Teheran

British Embassy At Teheran

Shah of Persia and His Suite at Contrexeville

Review of The Shahs Troops at Ispahan The Old Capital of Persia

Cripplegate Ward School

Cripplegate Boys Boxing

Shooting - To Train the Eye

Cripplegate Ward Schoolboys

Cripplegate Boys in Camp - The Morning Tub

Preparing Dinner in Camp

Illustration by Fred Roe for "In the Palace of the King (chapter 5 of a serialised story)...

Statue of President Washington in Paris

Illuminations at the Paris Exhibition - Completing the Electric Star Which Surmounts the Palace of Electricty Half page - The Hall of Illuminations - half page

Lady Randolph Churchill

Dr Thomas Myles Preisdent of the Dublin College of Surgeons

Mdme Clara Novello Davies of the Welsh Ladies CHoir

Lieutenant M. H. Hodges RN of "The Powerful

Lady Constance Mackenzie

Frederick Harrison General Manager of L&NW Railway

Dr W. Church Pres. of Royal College of Physicians

Sir David Richmond Ex Lord Provost of Glasgow

Professor D. J. Cunningham Prof. of Anatomy at Trinity Colldge Dublin

Lord Justice Romer of the Court of Appeal

Tragedy of The West Australian Pearl Fisheries

Captain of the "EThel" - Mr J. A. Reddell

Pooh Ah Ming The Chinese Boy

The Pearling Schooner "Ethel"Sleekburnc.

Murderers of the Captain of the Pearling Steamer Ethel Sebiro Garcia (Acquitted) - John Baptista - Maximino Royaz - Lock Up Keeper Waters - Hugo Magdalojo - Peter Perez - Pedro de la Cruz

Accident to an Excursion Train at Hindley Near Wigan - two photographs

Collision in Belfast Lough Showing How the Steamer " Alligator " was Damaged - two photographs

Raising of the " Ibex " at Guernsey After Lying Six Months at the Bottom - two photographs

Fashion - The Latest Millinery - - - Pretty Delaine Gown and Hat

Jewellery From Mappin Brothers advert - eight designs

Teak Parquet Floorings - Howards Patent advert ( 2 very small tears to bottom of this page)

The Traveller advert Sleekburnc.

2 (4 sides) page supplement on the Late King of Italy

Humbert 1 of Italy assassinated (at Gaetano Bressi) July 29th 1900 - full page

Double page showing The Royal Family etc with 7 photographs showing: Where the King will be Buried - The Widow Queen Margherita - The Quirinal in Rome where the King lived - The Heir to the Crown Duke of Aosta - New Queen of Italy Nee Princess Helene of Montenegro - The New King of Italy Victor Emmanuel 111 - Future Queen of Italy, The Duchess of Aosta

Full page article on The Career of King Humbert, with a family Tree and a small photo of The Palace at Turin (where the King was born).


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

What To See In London Theatres

The Newsletter - London Week By Week

Marriage of the Boy King of Servia to a Widow - His Mothers Lady In Waiting

Progress of the War In South Africa - Boar War

What is Happening In China - England and The Yangtse

A Literary Letter by CKS

From Cockayne to the Country by W. B. Joynt Conway

In The Palace of the King: A Love Story of Old Madrid by F. Marion Crawford - Chapter V

Tragedy of the W. Australian Pearl Fisheries by "Our Special Correspondent Mr Stafford Ransome

Wills of Dead Officers WHo Have Died at the Front - Francis Walter Galpin of 1 Palace Houses Bayswater and 81 Farringdon Road EC - - - Captain Petert Robert Denny of Helenslee, Dumbarton NB - - - Herbert Faunce De LAune of Startsted Court In KEnt - - - Captain Cortlandt Gordon Mackenzie

Womans Sphere Sleekburnc.

Great Western Railway Timetable

Letter From St Petersburg Russian Workman by A R Ropes. sleekburnc. 0408



The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only. This is an original USED Newspaper not a scan and not a later re-print. A similar publication to The Illustrated London News. If there is a particular date you require in regards to this item eg. For a Birthday or anniversary etc please ask.

18 pages (36 sides). It measures 425 x 300 mm (16.75 x 11.75 inches). There are binding witness marks to the spine. There is some age yellowing. The images are in black and white unless otherwise stated. Some of the pages may be loose, and have minor cuts tears and blemishes due to their great age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. The engravings vary in size. Please feel free to ask any questions, we will try to answer promptly. Quotation or speech marks in the text signifies the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page"Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the text. PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are pages missing, so if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. If you require information on size of articles (i.e. number of words), sizes of images, please ask before bidding or buying. The process of the page numbering in The Sphere issues run on from the previous issue and do not always start at number 1.

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