1900 Antique Print CATERPILLARS Chrysalis PLANTS Flowers CHROMOLITHOGRAPH Colour

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A colourful 1900 antique print titled Caterpillars. The print is what is termed as a chromolithograph. Please browse our other items for gift ideas etc.

1900 Chromolithgraphic Antique Print of CATERPILLARS on Plants and Flowers

Title: Caterpillars
Print Method: Chromolithograph
Artist/Illustrator:Alexander Reiehert, Reiebert or Reichert.
Dimensions: Overall 245mm x 245 mm (9.5 x 9.5") approx.
Date: 1890-1900; from the date stated and not a later reproduction.
Provenance: Chambers's Encyclopædia: A Dictionary of Universal Knowledge for the People; W. & R. Chambers Ltd, London and Edinburgh; J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia USA - Printed in Saxony. (1890-1900).

A beautiful colour print showing plants and caterpillars, they include:
Deilephila Elpenor on Yellow Bedstraw
Psyche Unicolour
Lophopteryx Camelina
Aglia Tau young adult on Beech Twig
Thecla quercus sleekburnc.
Stauropus fagi
Hybocampa Milhauseri
Catocala sponsa reive.
Cheimatobia brumata on Oak Twig
Eupithecia oblougata
Papilio Machaon, Chrysalis on Meadow Saxifrage
Harpyia vinula on Willow
Cucullia scrophulariae on Figwort
Caterpillar, Magpie Moth, plus Chrysalis on Gooseberry
Saturnia pyri on Pear Twig miel.
Acronycta alui on Lime Twig
Argynnis aglaia on Dog Violet
Melanargia Galatea on Spear Grass
Zygaena filipendulae on Red Clover
Spintherops spectrum on Broom Twig



It measures approximately 320x265mm (11.5" x 10.5") including borders. There is an "as published" fold to centre. Condition is good, with a little age yellowing around the edges. It has a blank reverse.

Our use of the term "an original print" meaning: a pictorial image made in a manner which allows it to be multiplied, and originating from the date stated. This includes examples of various methods of printmaking including engravings, etchings, woodcuts, chromolithographs, etc. Inevitably many of these prints would have originally been bound in books as was this one.

Info. in the description relates to my research and not necessarily what is printed on the engraving, as many species/objects etc were reclassified/renamed in modern times.

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Product Code B13 - 14 (7Nov2019)