1898 TIGER by Edmund Caldwell - Antique Print from Photogravure

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An 1897 antique print showing a tiger. A photogravure of the work by artist Edmund Caldwell.
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An 1898 print entitled TigerA photogravure of the work by the British artist Edmund Caldwell (1852-1930). It is from a series of prints produced by the Swan Electric Engraving Co. It is a very finely detailed and warm engraving process and gives a very smooth and extremely life like result. The process was invented by Joseph Wilson Swan born in 1828 at Pallion Hall in Bishopwearmouth. he print bears the indent markings on the borders from the engraving printing process and is a feature of prints of this time. 


It measures 260 x 180 mm (10.25x7inches) approx. overall including borders. The engraved area measures 175mmx114mm. There are a few age spots and handling marks to borders, and some age yellowing overall. It is on good quality paper with a blank reverse. The borders bear the indent markings from the engraving and printing process, typical of prints of this time. This print is suitable for framing.


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Product Code B.8
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