1894 THE SKETCH Magazine MARION TERRY Clara Cummings DANDO Japanese Play Bill VICTORIAN (9500)
1894 THE SKETCH Magazine MARION TERRY Clara Cummings DANDO Japanese Play Bill VICTORIAN (9500)
1894 THE SKETCH Magazine MARION TERRY Clara Cummings DANDO Japanese Play Bill VICTORIAN (9500)
1894 THE SKETCH Magazine MARION TERRY Clara Cummings DANDO Japanese Play Bill VICTORIAN (9500)
1894 THE SKETCH Magazine MARION TERRY Clara Cummings DANDO Japanese Play Bill VICTORIAN (9500)

1894 THE SKETCH Magazine MARION TERRY Clara Cummings DANDO Japanese Play Bill VICTORIAN (9500)

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An original Victorian society magazine featuring Theatre MUSIC HALL Opera SPORT Marion Terry CLARA CUMMINGS Japanese Playbill WALTER PFEFFER DANDO plus much more; see main description

1894 The Sketch a Victorian society magazine; Theatre MUSIC HALL Opera SPORT Cartoons ROYALTY Comedy 



Original Victorian Magazine

Dated 1894

This first part of the description features a list of images i.e. photographs, sketches, drawings etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include:

Miss Marion Terry - full front page photograph by Lafayette of Dublin.

Boat Race, The Cambridge Crew: A. H. Finch, Third Trinity - - N. W. Paine. Third Trinity - - Sir C. Ross, Third Trinity - - H. M. Bland, Third Trinity - - L. A. E. Ollivant, First Trinity - - C. T. Gogg Elliot, Trinity Hall - - R. O. Kerrison, Third Trinity - - T. G. Lewis, Third Trinity' Complete with an article entitled "The Making of the Blue".

Boat Race, Oxford Crew: L. Portman, University - - W. E. Crum, New College - - E. G. Tew, Magdalen - - W. B. Stewart, Brasenose - - T. H. E. Stretch, New College - - J. A. Morrison, New College - - M. C. Pilkington, Magdalen - - H. B. cotton, Magdalen - - C. M. Pitman, New College.

Miss Marion Terry in Kit Marlowe.

Miss Terry and Mr George Alexander in Liberty hall .

Philip Chaloner, Jockey - horse racing.

Bassano's Types of English Beauty - Full page photographic study.

Menu Card of The Omar Khayyam Club Dinner drawn by J. J. Shannon .

Last Weeks Paris - at The Battle of Flowers Mentone and the carriage of Mdlle. Liane de Pongy. Full page by Villdebois ?.

The Field Fisher Quartette - photo by Hills and Saunders of Sloane St SW.

Master George Ernest Grant Govan - Playing golf aged five years.

Miss Clara Cummings as Arline in "The Bohemian Girl" - photograph by Karoly of Birmingham.

Miss Clara Cummings - aged fifteen.

Miss Clara Millard .

A Newsman of Old - from an old print.

A full page plus titled Captain Lugard's Contribution to Literature; reviewing the book The Rise of our East African Empire by Captain F. D. Lugard

Introduction to Mwanga (drawing or sketch) by G. D. Rowlandson.

Lake Nyassa by Moonlight loght ( Livingstonia Bay) from a drawing by Lugard. Info. Frederick John Dealtry Lugard.

Journals and Journalists of Today: Mr Albert Groser - photo.

Mister John F. Sheridan. - photo.

Mister Sheridan as Gaspard in Les Cloches De Corneville; Mr Sheridan as Mrs Block in Little Christopher Columbus; As a Lurcher in Dorothy - x3photos . Info. John F. Sheridan, Irish American variety, comic and music hall performer; born Providence, Rhod Island, USA.

The Costume of a Japanese Tea Maker and Her Attendant .

The Work of The Camera by H. Snowden Ward: Glacier D'Argentiere - Haute Savoi, France. Photogram by Mr J. T. Sandell on Sandell Multiple Coated Plate.

Lago Della Manzina, Photogram by Sella of Biella, Italy.

The Valsorey Falls, Near The Great St Bernard; Photogram by Sella of Biella - Full page.

Le Comte Villiers De L'Isle Adam - from a sketch. Info. Jean-Marie-Mathias-Philippe-Auguste

Karangour Glacier in The Caucasus, Photogram by Sella, Biella .

Bison in a Blizzard by F. A. Verner - from an old print.

Art of The Day: Chacun Veut en Sagesse Eriger Sa Folie by Jef. Leempoels - Chacun Veut En Sagesse Eriger Sa Folie, Exhibited at The Grafton Gallery - - The Leaders of The Skippers Guild, Allart Van Loninga - fp showing x3pics

Ian by Mouat Loudan at the Grafton Miel Gallery - - Afternoot Tea by J. E. Blanche at the Grafton Gallery.

Le Reveil Des Dindons: Paysage Nivernais by P. L. Martin Des Amoignes at the Paris Salon reive - Full page country scene.

A Japanese Playbill .

Miss Florence Levy - - Miss Levy as The Maid in The Girl I Left Behind.

The New Prime Minister: Lord Rosebery, Ex Foreign Secretary - small caricature by Grip - info. John Wilson Bengough possibly.

Frys Pure Concentrated Cocoa - wonderful full page engraving of a lady sipping cocoa from a teacup; advert.

Mr W. P. Dando - The Stage Manager of The Palace Theatre. Info. Walter Pfeffer Dando a British stage engineer and early film director.

Mr Robert Louis Jefferson, who is cycling to Constantinople.

QMS Murray, 2nd Battalion Scots Guards - An army footballer who has reached the semi finals of the Army Cup.

Ellimans Advert. Two prints of Young Ducks and Chickens. A tonic for Cramp in young chickens and ducks etc. Full page.

Brookes Soap - Monkey Brand - Full page advert. A full dressed monkey holding a frying pan and sitting on a gentlemans knee.

Miss Cora Poole as Miss Jevons Bailey in The Best Man.

Geraudels Pastilles - Full page advert.

Fashions - three dress designs.

Eton Suits by Peter Robinson - Advert.

Mrs Frank Rendle's Dress - Fancy Dress First Prize.

Hat or Bonnet Pin from Messrs Wilson and Gill's - from a sketch by Florence.

Plus smaller adverts


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include:

The Making of the " Blue " By Max Pemberton - Oxford and Cambridge boat race.

Chat with Miss Marion Terry.

The Omar Khayyam Club.

Small Talk.

At Random by L. F. Austin.

Miss Clara Cummings.

A Visit to Miss Clara Millard.

A Chat with Mr John F. Sheridan.

Mr Albert Groser and The " Western Morning News ".

The Work of the Camera by H. SNowden Ward.

A Japanese Theatre by Clement Scott.

Hors D'Oeuvres by Marmiton. Sleekburnc.

The Book and its Story.

Miss Florence Levey.

The Foreign Offie - Lord Roseberys Late Task.

How the Palace Tableaux Are Lighted. A Chat with Mr W. P. Dando.

The World of Sport by Olympian - Football - Cricket etc.

Racing Notes by Captain Coe.

Our Ladies pages by Florence - info Florence Fenwick Miller.

sleekburnc. 1403


The Sketch was a British illustrated weekly newspaper with a high photographic content, published between February 1893 and June 1959, by the Illustrated London News Company. It was primarily a Victorian society magazine with regular features on royalty and the aristocracy, theatre, sports and arts.

Twenty four pages (48 sides). It measures 360 x 250 mm (14.25 x 9.75 "). The orig. advertising wrap/cover is missing. The front page (frontispiece) is intact. The spine is loose with binding witness marks where once bound. There is some age yellowing with some spotting. Some of the pages may be loose, and have minor cuts tears and blemishes due to their great age - anything more than minor will be mentioned in the main body of the description. The engravings vary in size. The images are in black and white unless otherwise stated. This item will be packaged in a tube unless otherwise requested. The four digit number in brackets in title is for my ref only.

The descriptive text in my listing, details the content in my words and not necessarily what is written on the original page. "Info." in the description is my research, although relevant to the accompanying image or article, is not necessarily in the printed text.  

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the issue is complete 'as published' - but what I have described above IS present. As far as I can tell there are two other pages missing, so if you are looking for something in particular in this issue PLEASE ASK. If you require information on size of articles (i.e. number of words), sizes of images, please ask before bidding or buying. The process of the page numbering in The Sketch issues are applied in a yearly sequence and therefore do not start at number 1.

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